The receptionist


The receptionistI’ve worked in a large company for over 10 years now and have climbed the corporate ladder to now be in a senior management position. Whilst there are many good looking ladies in our office, I’ve never been tempted to “fish off the company pier” in attempt to avoid any issues and impact my job. That is, until I met Sally…In my role, I quite often have guests come and see me for meetings. We have quite a big reception area where guests come to sign in and wait for their meeting. For this reason, I get the know the girls on reception quite well and normally have a quick hello and friendly chat. On this particular day, I walked into reception and noticed a girl I had never seen before and she was breath taking! She was just gorgeous, with long brown hair, olive skin, sexy green eyes with long eyelashes, and a body to just die for. About 5’4, very slim but with huge firm boobs and a cute bubble butt. She just oozed sexiness and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She introduced herself as Sally, and gave me a cute smile. I went and met my guest and went to my meeting but I couldn’t stop thinking about her. As the weeks went by I got to know Sally a bit better, she was 22, doing temp work on reception part time while she studied. On the last Friday of each month we had after work drinks and snacks on a big open floor office space in our building. I went down to get a beer and chat with a few mates when I noticed sarıyer escort Sally standing there looking sexy as always. She was wearing a while blouse with just enough buttons undone to show a good amount of her amazing cleavage and a skirt which came just above her knees. She noticed me and came over to chat and make small talk.Before we knew it, we’d been talking and drinking for over 2 hours and most of the people had left the office. I asked Sally if she’d like to get a bite to eat and she keenly said sure, why not. Sally could put away the beers pretty well for a petite girl. We’d both had about 5 beers or so and I was a little tipsy but I could tell Sally was pretty tanked by this point and staring to get quite flirty.We went upstairs to my office so I could get my things and leave. There was no one around on the floor at this point and it was dark outside but the office lights were all on. As I got my bag to leave, I brushed past Sally, and our eyes met and the next thing I know we were locked in a passionate kiss. She smelled and tasted amazing and our tongues danced as we groped our hands all over each other. Sally’s big firm tits were mashed into my chest and I grabbed her firm bubble butt and pulled her close into me. My cock was rock hard and straining in my pants to escape. Sally broke the kiss, went down to her knees and started undoing esenyurt escort my pants right there in my office. She said to me in a husky sexy voice, “I’ve been waiting for weeks to see this huge bulge in your pants and now I want it in my mouth”. She undid my zipper, pulled my pants and boxers down in one go and out sprang my big thick uncut dick. “Wow, even better than I could’ve imagined” said Sally as she grabbed my cock, gave it a big long lick and started sucking like a cock hungry whore! I couldn’t believe this cute, professional little receptionist was now a dirty little slut and I loved it! Sally continued to engulf my cock and I grabbed her hair and started to face fuck her. Sally was gagging with saliva going all over my cock as I moaned and told her what a good job she was doing.The thought of getting caught went out the window and I pulled Sally up to her feet so I could get those clothes off and see her gorgeous naked body. I undid her blouse as she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Her blouse came off to reveal a simple white bra struggling to contain those big beautiful tits. I buried my face in her cleavage as I reached behind and undid the straps and let the bra fall away. All I could say was Wow! Being a tit man, even I was impressed by those puppies! They were just a work of art and I used both hands to cup a boob each and suck and kiss them avrupa yakası escort all over. Her nipples were rock hard and she moaned as I sucked one and then the other. I pulled down her cute little white g-string to reveal a shaved pussy with just a nice landing strip above. I turned Sally around, laid her down on my desk and just inhaled that sweet pussy. Her pussy smelt and tasted amazing and I gave her a long lick from the top of her clit down to her opening and stuck my whole tongue inside her. Sally was sopping wet and my mouth and chin were absolutely covered in pussy juice as I licked her clit and started finger banging her tight little cunt.Sally was moaning and screaming in pleasure and yelled she was about to come. I stopped licking her got up and pointed my big throbbing cock at her opening and slid it in to the hilt. Sally went wild eyed and yelled, fuck me hard Dane! I put her legs up on my shoulders and started banging that tight little pussy with long deep strokes as Sally’s big tits jiggled back and forth. Sally yelled out out in pleasure, “I’m cummmming baby!” and screamed so loud I’m sure someone must’ve thought I was murdering her! She was shuddering and shaking but I started fucking her even harder as I felt the cum building up in my balls. I pulled out my hard cock with a pop from from her pussy and just unloaded a huge first shot which went in a perfect straight line from her chin right down to her belly. The next shot landed right on her left tit and over her belly. Sally was covered in my cum and started rubbing it into her tits as we both caught our breath and laughed at how awesome it was.We pulled our clothes back on and I suggested we go back to my apartment and get take away rather than go out for dinner….More to come….

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