The Repair Guy

Camel Toe

The Repair GuyAfter a great night out, my wife and I were in bed sleeping it off when the doorbell went and I stumbled downstairs half-asleep. It turns out the repair guy decided to pay us a visit and fix our leaky radiator on our rest day. ho hum…I walked him upstairs and showed him to the radiator before going back to bed and wrapping the covers over myself and going back to sleep. And some time later I opened my eyes to see the repair dude standing over our bed and watching my wife’s exposed leg and ass hanging out of the covers.I closed my eyes again and re-opened them, just to make sure I wasnt dreaming, and sure enough this guy was oggling my wife right in front of me. I said to him “see anything you like?” to which I got a mumbled reply “oh aye! I’d love some o that mate”.Hearing this woke me up and I watched him for a bit while he checked out the missus, bahis siteleri and he wasn’t shy, that’s for sure. So I replied “ok then, go for it” and passed him a condom from the side and the KY.Before you know it he had already unzipped his trousers, removed his pants and rolled the condom onto his already massive cock, then took some of the KY and pulled the bedsheets aside to expose my wifes lower half, while the top half was happily sleeping under the rest.He slid his hand between her thighs and slowly rubbed the KY into her pussy, making it nice and wet with his gentle strokes, then rubbed the rest onto his cock and massaged it a little before taking the plunge.By this time I was hard myself, watching a complete stranger about to have his way with my wife, and started rubbing my own cock underneath my shorts. I watched him lean onto the bed and over her ass, slowly canlı bahis siteleri rubbing the head of his member between her ass cheeks and slowly touching her wet lips.He positioned himself and pushed slowly inside her as I watched his head disappear and bit by bit slid his cock deep into my wife. Probably realising that it was me, my wife pushed back as I watched her cute ass rub against his pelvis and his cock go ever deeper.Now I was totally horny and had already slipped my shorts off and was applying a little KY to my own cock while I slid my fingers up and down to the beat. I watched the repair guy rock back and forth, sliding his cock inside and hearing a muffled moan each time he did from under the covers.I happily wanked away and saw him watching me also, then he reached out and slid his fingers over my cock while his was busy fucking my wife from canlı bahis behind. Oh man! we were both horny as fuck and happily enjoying ourselves. I loved having my cock stroked and he was rocking ever faster in and out of my wife’s tight pussy.The sound of moaning got louder from under the covers as he buried his cock deep inside her and I watched the wet length disappear inside. He pushed hard and his hand clasped my cock and squeezed as he was cumming hard and feeling this my own cock swelled to bursting point as I came over his hand and the sheets.He bucked back and forth a few times with excitement as he came hard and pushed deep inside my sleeping wife, then slowly wanked me until my own orgasm increased and I spurted my load over and over until I was spent. I watched him grin as he slid out of my wife and disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes to clean up.He came back and leant over and kissed my wife’s cute ass before sliding the covers over her lower half, then smiling at me, he turned and saw his own way to the door, and from there I laid back and fell asleep once again.

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