The Rescuer Pt. 04


Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. This story more so than most of my writing is proof that I write fiction. That means that no, I am not in the Army, I don’t live in Canada, I have never been on a dog sled, and this story will most likely never happen. It is a heck of a story, so check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is.

Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 15 — Getting My Orders

Two Secret Service men are waiting for me at the airport. I step off the plane and into a blacked-out limo that takes me to the Pentagon. I slept on the airplane, so I am wide awake and watching the men. They’re very professional, no talking, only answer with yes and no, nice suits, and they have concealed sidearms. Once inside the building they escort me to a briefing room. A mountain of exotic food and baked items await me. I am not bashful, I eat while I can. The meal is one of the best I have ever had. They eat well here.

My two buddies are never more than a few feet from me, one holds my rifles. They will not allow me to possess a firearm in the Pentagon, I can understand that. They still have not looked at either of my guns yet, that surprises me. I brought both my military issued rifle and my own personal rifle. They both have their uses. Without knowing the situation, I come prepared.

While I am eating, a small group enter the room and proceed directly to the food. My handlers look nervous about the new group but say nothing. I move away from the new group, I give them their space. I don’t talk to my two “friends” nor the sixteen men that came into the room. The sixteen are all good friends, kidding each other, telling jokes, and seem as impressed with the food as I am. They ignore me, but all of them know I am there. Like me, they are aware of their surroundings, and are naturally suspicious of a man being guarded by my two “friends.”

A half hour later, a five-star general in his dress uniform enters the room. We salute each other, the Seal team salutes him, but the general ignores them. I am all that interests him right now.

The general did not introduce himself and spoke only to me, “Welcome Brian. The others have been briefed, know the plan, and object strongly to you being included. My good friend George in Alaska says you are exactly what we need. You, your skills, your companions, and your weapons will all be key to this mission. If they weren’t, you wouldn’t be here.”

Before I can say anything, the general continues, “We know the President’s daughter, code name ‘Muffin,’ has been taken, hostage. To get her back, all we have to do is win a shooting contest.” Oh shit, a trap for me. “We believe this is a trap for you. Very little is known about this group other than we believe a woman heads the organization and she’s believed to be a sniper. However, that’s all rumor. They killed a lot of people to get Muffin. I don’t think they know much about you. The email wasn’t particular. It made mention that still and moving targets would be used and to bring a rifle. You are to show up at a castle in a desolate area of Russia near the far east coast, in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, I’m sure you are surprised.”

He has a smirk on his face when I smile at that comment.

He continues, “This Seal team is your backup. The area is heavily wooded, and we suspect there will be many unfriendly units in that region which you may have to fight through. It’s hard to say, they may let you walk right in. What little intelligence we have says the leader is ruthless, educated, and if you do win, will probably keep their promise and let you go. Notice I used the word probably.”

I sneer, “A walk in the park.”

The room gives me a quiet laugh.

The general continues, “Just because you are released, doesn’t mean you will be safe outside of the castle. Satellites confirm Muffin’s location. Her tracking device has not been disabled. However, we can’t guarantee it is still on her body or that her body is still in one piece. Intelligence believes that she’s alive and in one piece. She’s the bait to get you there. Nothing short of her would make us do this. They think this is some type of ego trip because the leader is a skilled sniper them self.”

We spend the next three hours going over the plan, the equipment, and the contingencies. They thought of everything. Well, everything but what will really happen. My experience with things like this is that they never go according to plan. At least we have an idea to get us started and have critical points for extraction.

There is no announcement, but I hear the door behind me open, and I know who’s there. I can hear them lick their lips. They walk up behind me, and I give the command to guard me. This will be a fun test. The sixteen men stare at my dogs, they are amused with my friends. One laughs and güvenilir bahis moves to play with Rocky. As he nears, Rocky growls. That slowed the man down. He has a piece of turkey with him, he reaches out with his hand to offer Rocky the meat.

Because I put the dogs in guard mode, food won’t work. As he reaches forward both dogs growl, Rocky barks, and his hair is standing straight up. He bares his teeth. He is wound up and ready to spring. The man stops, good thing, he was about to feel some pain.

I give the command, “At ease boys.”

Both dogs go back to being statues. No growling, no barking, nothing aggressive. The man backs off.

I snicker, “Sorry about that. I thought a little demonstration was in order. These are my partners, we work as a team. They are trained to smell explosives, drugs, recognize traps, tripwires, etc. They point at the enemy when they detect them, often they do it long before I can. They’re my second set of eyes in the forest. Where they point, that’s where you want to point your weapon. If my dogs stop on a dime and sit down, they have detected a trap, drugs, or explosives. Do not pass them, ever. I expect we will see lots of traps and snipers in the forest.”

The general says to me, “We already have outfits for you and the dogs, we anticipated that.”

I spend the rest of the day in a large gym teaching the Seal team to work with my dogs. I will not be taking them into the castle. I do want them to help us get there and especially back. I plan to walk in by myself, win the contest, and then rely on my friends to get us out. That will be the hard part.

I spend the night sleeping on a plane that is taking me to a base in Alaska. From there we take a helicopter to a submarine. Then the sub drops us off near the coast. We swim in and then walk through the woods to the castle. Coming in with the shortest path is dumb, they will have that covered. They will expect me to go a few miles up the coast. That is by the book. I change the drop point, and we will be much closer to the shortest distance possible.

This reminds me of the smart man in the movie, “The Princess Bride.” He goes back and forth between two options, overthinking the solution of which of two cups to drink from. He thinks only one contains a poison. His foe knows that both cops contain the poison, and he is immune to that poison. It’s quite likely there will be people every ten yards so that we are not missed. I might as well take the shorter path. However, just in case they outthink me, we will appear up the coast a bit.

Everything goes as planned with timing and moving us along. The dogs were not big fans of the submarine, but if carried they came inside with me. The Seals love the dogs, they all play and roughhouse together. The sub commander tried to keep the dogs in my room, but that didn’t work out. The dogs are curious about this new metal forest. I get some sleep.

Two hours before we pop up, we get the latest intelligence, satellite photos, and a hot meal. We are ready to go. It’s midnight, and we are up higher than they like. Typically, they go in just below the surface, and the Seals swim up. Due to the dogs, they go up higher in the water, so the tower is above the waterline. We all get out quickly, inflate a raft, and away we go. Two sailors come with us and then take the boat back to the sub.

We are in a foreign country without permission. It’s possible the authorities know we are here and don’t care because the other guys are criminals. The satellite photos show where homes, camps, and other humans are living. We stay well away from them.

We aren’t more than fifteen minutes in when both dogs stop. Everyone freezes. I don’t see anything. I step back and let the Seals look. No trip wires or visible traps. They suspect a minefield. They have metal detectors. They fan out and sure enough, land mines about every five feet for twenty yards in an angled pattern. That means that there are safe diagonal paths once marked. Had we walked straight; eventually, we would have hit a mine.

I ask the commander, “Who normally takes point?”

Paul tells me, “Morrison, he is our best. Why do you care?”

I smile, “Had my dogs not been here, Morrison would not have seen those, and now he’d be dead. I’ll have my sister add his name to my rifle. Let’s go.

Fifteen minutes later and we run into a series of trip wires. Rocky hit one and froze. They were under the new snow and were undetectable. A specialist disarms the trap, and the metal detectors are out again. Again, they used a diagonal pattern. I look at the commander again.

I don’t even ask before he says, “Fredricks.” I thank him. He continues, “I’m starting to like your dogs. I might have to book a trip and spend some time up in your woods.”

From then on, no more incidents. They have a defensive perimeter, and now we are inside it. We spend the better part of the day walking. The castle is so vast that we see it from a mile away. I change into civilian clothes, türkçe bahis sneakers, and am carrying my two rifle bags and a Sesame Street lunch box with four MRE’s. I have a red flannel coat on with a hat that has flaps on the sides to keep me warm. If you ever saw Johnny Carson, it’s the Floyd R. Turbo hat and coat. The Pentagon had a hard time coming up with that outfit. I sure as hell don’t own anything like that. I thought it would make me look wimpy, like an amateur, so they underestimate me.

I know they can see me coming. I had hoped that the castle’s inhabitants would send out a car, ATV, or even a reindeer and sleigh for me. Nope. They made me walk up to the castle and then up the long steep ramp. I had to knock on the drawbridge and yell out, “Hello there!”

A man yells down, “Who’s there?”

I answer, “Robin Hood!”

If they are going to follow the story by setting up a competition to lure me here, I will follow the story as well and be the character. The drawbridge is lowered just like in the movies. It’s slow and noisy. When I can see inside, they break from the script. A single woman stands there with a rifle pointed at me. This woman is stunning, I mean gorgeous. She makes Kim look almost ordinary. My mouth won’t work.

She has long brown hair that is curled. Her winter parka is open, and she is wearing a dark green blouse with a matching skirt. The shirt is stuffed with a mountain of breasts that want to spill out. Half the buttons are open and showing a ridiculous amount of cleavage. Her face is angular with high cheeks and amazing green eyes. Obviously, contacts are adding green, but they are stellar. Her eyes are enormous and wide open like they might fall out. She has a tiny nose and just enough makeup to make her eyes pop. This is one hot woman.

She looks at me closely, studying me, and then says in a thick Russian accent, “I was expecting something more. Your reputation says you are twenty feet tall, able to lift a mountain, and spit lava. You are a mere boy, not even a man.”

Her accent is Russian, but it’s off. Not quite right. It’s like she is chewing tobacco or hiding something. This is their leader. I am sure of it.

The lady says, “My name is Nikita. My friends call me … Nikita. My enemies don’t speak any longer. Are you my friend?”

I smile at her, “I do like breathing. You didn’t bring me here to be your friend though. Why did you really bring me here?”

Nakita smiles at me seductively. She takes my arm and walks me inside the castle where it is much warmer than the surrounding countryside.

She then plays with me, “I didn’t force you to come here. You came of your own free will. I am very disappointed that you did not bring your dogs with you. I wanted to see them. I love dogs.”

I play along, “I don’t endanger my dogs needlessly. They are with friends and being well cared for. You sent an invitation I couldn’t resist. Is she ok?”

Nakita purrs, “Oh yes, you will see her for dinner. I’m afraid we aren’t quite a five-star establishment up here on the edge of hell, but they make a stew that won’t kill you.”

I laugh, “Maybe I should have my MRE instead, they’re pretty tasty.”

Her smile is gone, “Oh we can do better than that. Stew, biscuits, and cake. Your friend doesn’t like our cooking, I don’t think you will mind, you have had much worse.” I am sure she is right.

As we walk into a large dining room, a large round table is set up with fine china, gold-rimmed stemware, and authentic silver utensils. The utensils have spots though, so much for class. Three rough-looking men and Muffin are already sitting at the table. On seeing me, Muffin starts to cry. I thought she might be happy.

As they take the gag off Muffin, she quickly yells, “It’s a trap, they’re going to kill you.”

Nikita laughs at Muffin, “Oh dear, he already knows that. I made your daddy an offer he couldn’t refuse. However, tonight is story time, and I want some answers. He will tell me the answers, or you will die. Tomorrow we will shoot for your life, the winner gets the girl and can do anything they want with her.

“If Brian wins, you both leave. I will give you a twenty-minute head start. My friends make bets with me, I think he will win. However, it’s a long way to the ocean, and the odds aren’t good that he will make it. Enough of that let’s enjoy a meal then we’ll have a late-night conversation with some awesome wine I have for this fine occasion.”

I have my rifles with me, and nobody seems to care. There are enough men around the castle watching us that I know I won’t get far. These look like mercenaries and former military. They are a whole lot rougher than I am. I think it’s best to stay with the plan and pray that Nakita honors her word. Besides, truth be told, I want to test myself.

Muffin is relieved to be allowed to speak, but Nakita has zero interest in her. She has eyes only for me. Muffin looks at me most of the time as well. She doesn’t seem worried. In fact, she güvenilir bahis siteleri doesn’t seem scared at all. That worries me, but I try not to let on. There is more going on here than I suspect.

After eating the meal, I wish I would have had my MRE. It was lousy, no seasoning.

Nakita comments, “You’re right, those MRE’s you brought in that cute lunch pail would have been better. I am keeping your food.” Now she looks me right in the eyes, this must be important. “I loved watching Sesame Street on TV as a child.” Then she is back to normal, kind of flakey. “Ivan will get the wine. Please, won’t you both follow me to the living room? I have a nice fire going so we can stay warm. I want to ask you my questions.”

They don’t show Sesame Street in Russia, that was important. Intel was correct, it happens once in a while. It was the sole reason for bringing the lunchbox. I am not looking forward to this. How do I stay alive and not give away any secrets?

We sit in a beautiful room that is furnished with ornate furniture that is fit for a king. On the walls are lovely paintings that must be worth a mint. The couch is near the fire with two chairs on the side. Nakita and I sit on the couch while Muffin is placed in a chair. She isn’t happy about that, she would rather sit next to me. Nakita insisted that she sit in the chair.

The dining room was cold. This room is hot, so we take off our coats. Nakita strips down to lingerie. A lovely bright red Victoria Secret bra and panty set. Kim has the same set, they are expensive. It looks brand new, not soiled or dirty from wear. Nakita snuggles up with me and licks my neck up to my ear. I tolerate her, but this is getting annoying.

Nakita playfully says, “I am chilly, please hold me tight.”

I pull her tighter to me, and she molds her body to mine. Her breasts envelop my arm and part of my chest. She is short and dainty where I am tall and broad. She seems to fall into my body. Her men seem concerned, but she tells them to stay away. She is enjoying herself.

Muffin looks disgusted with both of us. Her smile is long gone from dinner.

Nakita softly asks me a question, “What happened to my submarine?”

Oh shit. So, that’s why I am here. This woman is the smuggler boss. No way they are letting me leave alive. A chill ran down my spine. Coming here was a big mistake.

No sense lying, she knows I am responsible, or I would not be here, so I reply, “From over half a mile away, I put three slugs into the hull. Subs don’t like screen doors.” She has a look of disbelief; a normal round doesn’t do that. I answer her unasked question, “I have some depleted uranium tips. Most subs don’t have armor plating. I was up high, that gave me the extra distance.”

Nakita gave nothing away while listening to my reply. Muffin seemed not to know that was unusual.

Nakita explained for Muffin’s benefit, “A standard rifle is good for about 800 yards. His is good for 1,000. By being higher than the sub, he gets extra distance. The hard part is that nobody practices a shot with that much drop-off. That makes it an amazing shot. Now add to that he was using a heavier bullet, and not many people in the world could have made that shot.” Now Muffin is interested.

Nakita now asks, “How did you take out my boats?”

I might as well confess, “I snuck up on the beach, put three holes through each boat from the shore, all eight inches below the water line. I sat down behind a log and waited for them to realize they can’t keep up with the holes. They abandoned ship. Keep in mind, those were not military ships that have sections that can be closed off. Someone put guns on a civilian boat. That’s why military boats cost a lot more. It’s hard to sink a military vessel.”

Nakita had already figured that one out, she just wanted to ask the question. I think it was for Muffin’s benefit.

Nikita says, “Can you please explain why they call you 1-2-4-1? I have heard of many names, but that is a weird one. Then I want you to explain the setup on the 4-1.”

Damn, she knows a lot about me. Why ask?

I continue, “As you already know, one sub, two boats. The 4-1 is four men with one shot. I came up behind four men on my way to sink the boats. I use a bolt action rifle. I can’t kill four men quick enough to stay alive. I notice these are mercenaries. They work as professionals in that they cover each other. Two moves while two stays in position. They were moving horizontally which meant that they were going to cross paths. I moved in line with two then waited for the second set to cross paths, bang. Four dead soldiers. I can’t say I am too fond of that nickname. I don’t want to be remembered for killing people.”

Muffin spoke up next, “So if you are the best shot in the world, why aren’t you a sniper still?”

I was honest, “I don’t like to kill people. I had to fail some tests to do rescues rather than killing people. If forced to, I will kill, but I prefer saving people.”

Nakita takes a finger and runs it down my chest. She has a bit of lust in her eyes. OH SHIT!

Nakita uses a sexy voice, almost a purr, to ask her last questions, “They told me, but I do not understand. How do you shoot Mikey Mouse?”

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