The Ride Home


It begins to rain harder and he holds his briefcase over his head. He stands outside an upscale, Lower Manhattan restaurant just having finished a gathering with business partners. He looks down the street in hopes of taxi. Nothing.

“Cripes, I am going to be soaked to the bone.” he thinks as he begins to walk north towards the subway.

A block away he stops again, walks to the curb and takes a look up the street. As he begins to walk away, a limousine slows and pulls to the curb. He watches as it stops. The back window lowers, though he can’t see inside.

From inside the vehicle a woman’s voice says “Would you like to get out of the rain?”

Uncertain, he pauses for a moment and then says “Yes”.

He hears the doors unlock, reaches for the handle and opens the door. He ducks down and enters.

It takes a moment for his eyes to adjust to the dim light. He sees a woman about his same age, shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. She’s wearing a dark jacket and skirt that only partially hide her figure. It appears she is returning from a similar affair. He admires her legs.

“Where are you headed she asks?”

“Home, Upper West Side. 387 109th”.

“Nice area,” she responds, “Better make yourself comfortable though; it’s going to be a long drive. Traffic is slow going tonight.”

He pulls off his overcoat, and places it over his briefcase on the floor. She relays the address to the driver and asks him to raise the privacy window.

“You’re a handsome man”, she says as she watches him.

He lowers his eyes shyly and says “Thank you”.

They make small talk as they slowly move through stop and go traffic. Eventually she shifts herself and slides closer to him.

She turns toward him and places her hand inside of his suit jacket. She finds his tie, takes hold, slowly pulling him toward her. Their foreheads touch and they hesitate before kissing. His tongue darts into her mouth and she nips at it, reminding him to go slow. He shifts and begins to kiss down her jaw line to her neck, inhaling her perfume. It’s sweet and familiar, and fills his head as he makes his way to her ear lobe.

She runs her fingers up the back of his neck and into canlı bahis şirketleri his hair. He works his way back as she clutches at the back of his head. His hand finds its way down her side, searching for the edge of her skirt.

She lets out a soft moan when he finds it, signaling her approval. He feels the soft flesh beneath his finger tips and himself starting to strain at his trousers. She releases her hand from the tangle of his hair and soon after he hears the sound of the zipper on her skirt. He slowly pulls his head back from her neck and finds her looking into his eyes. As she nods her head she closes her eyes.

He slides off the seat now, kneeling in front of her he strips off his suit jacket. His hands run up the side of her skirt, she raises her hips off the seat, and he slides the skirt out from underneath her and down past her feet. He runs his hands up the inside of her thighs; he can hear her breathing hard. He continues running his finger tips lightly over her thighs and she begins to gently buck her hips with desire, beckoning him. He leans back to take in her full beauty.

Her chest heaves as she breaths hard, her blouse partially covering black panties. His hands run back up the length of her thighs, grasping hold of her panties. Again, she raises her hips to allow him to slide them off of her, revealing her neatly trimmed mound as she parts her legs further. His hands find their way back and he runs his fingers down her belly and into the soft tangle of hair. She lets out a gasp as he traces her folds. He begins to feel her moisture and gently parts her.

“Yes” she moans as he kisses his way up her thigh until he finds her mound.

He can’t wait to taste her. The sudden feel of his tongue on her causes her head to buzz. He pulls back and with one finger in side of her, he rubs her clit with his thumb. He buries his head again and draws her nub into his mouth.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck”, he can hear her slowly repeat as he gently sucks.

To give him more access she raises her leg, resting it against the side window. The driver looks in his mirror at the darkened window and smiles when he hears her foot rhythmically pushing against the canlı kaçak iddaa outside. Her hand is back in his hair again and she draws him into her tighter. With the other hand she finds a nipple through her blouse and bra, teasing it erect.

Finally she pushes him away, telling him “Not yet, I need you inside of me.”

He’s upright on his knees as she leans forward reaching for him.

“Damn it!” she curses as she struggles with the belt.

She can feel his hardness under the fabric. The belt comes lose and she yanks open the button before lowering his zipper.

“Finally” she says as he waits while she pushes away the clothes separating her from his cock.

“Shit!” he exclaims, his head falls back as she runs her hand down the underside of his cock.

She watches his face as she strokes him, his mouth agape. She reaches forward and cups balls, running her finger nails along the backside of them and tugging lightly.

“Come here”, she whispers as she pulls at his manhood. They kiss hard, tongues finding each other.

She guides him to her entrance. He slides right in. She lets out a gasp as she feels herself expand with him. His rhythm is slow at first. He uses the seat to push himself back and leans against it. With his other hand, he reaches for her blouse, tugging at it as he gropes her breast.

“A nice handful” he thinks, he grows frustrated with the buttons as he pumps in and out.

One pops off, and she laughs. Finally he has it open, and pushes a strap off her shoulder, exposing her pink nipple.

“Mmmmmm” she moans as he draws it into his mouth and teases it his tongue.

She grabs hold of his buttocks and digs her nails in, causing him to release her nipple and spurring him on deeper and faster. With her legs wrapped around him and hands in his chest hair, he buries himself to the hilt. She needs something more though. Her legs unwrap and she pushes him away.

“I want to cum” she tells him and moves to the floor.

She leans over the seat and presents her ass to him. “God, you are beautiful!” he says.

He spreads her cheeks with both hands to get a better look. He is breathing harder now. He takes his cock in one canlı kaçak bahis hand and pushes it against her slit. Teasing her, he rubs it up and down, just barely penetrating her entrance, coating the head with her juices before pulling it out and starting over. It seems like an eternity, but finally he plows into her pussy.

She lets out a loud gasp and exclaims “Yes!! Fuck Me!!”.

He is more than happy to oblige. He leans over her to reach around her hips and searches for her clit. His finger slowly circles it at first, but he can hear her growing more impatient and he begins to pull at it. He feels her walls pulling at him and then relaxing. She starts to shake underneath him and he feels her spasming around his cock. Her breaths are quick and erratic; he pushes in and out slowly as he lets her recover.

“Jesus!” she yells in a throaty voice.

She throws her head back and begins to push back against him. He grabs her hips and pulls himself in. His thrusts becoming faster and harder. The limo stops at a red light, and begins to gently rock each time he slams into her. He watches himself sliding in and out of her, as he kneads her cheeks in his hands. He can feel his balls starting to boil.

“Cumming!”, he says as he pushes as deep as he can go.

He feels it rushing through him and empties himself inside her. A few quick jerks and he is entirely spent. He’s aware of the feeling inside her now, like he’s hanging in mid air, her warmth all around him. He pulls out slowly and collapses on the floor. She turns to look at him and sees him smiling.

For the first time she notices his wedding ring. “Better not let your wife see that goofy smile on your face.”

He laughs and smiles broadly.

They find their clothes and make themselves presentable again just as the limo pulls to a stop in front of the row of brownstones.

“Thank you for the ride” he says.

She responds with “I was thinking the same thing.”

He smiles and lets himself out the door. A few steps across the sidewalk and he is climbing the steps to 387. She watches as he opens the door and disappears into the old place.

She wraps on the privacy screen and the limo pulls away, circling the block once more. It pulls up to the curb and stops. She pulls her over coat around her and steps out into the rain. Walking up the stairs to the brownstone she pulls out her own key to 387, places the key in the lock and lets herself in.

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