The ride

The rideI didn’t have anything but a motorcycle for years, and in Hawaii, that wasn’t a big deal. The bummer was that I often road alone, because my buddies didn’t have motorcycles, which often meant if I couldn’t find a girl to ride with me, I would head out alone. All that changed, when my friend (I’ll call him James) bought a new motorcycle. James is a well built, slim, muscular black man, (we were both in tip top shape, due to youth and military service), and had been a good friend for several years. When he got his bike, he told me he would ride with me anytime. We road together often, spending long, sunny island days, searching for sun tanned babes and nice beaches. One day we had a day off during the week and we decided to find an off the beaten path beach, to relax and catch some rays. We road for a couple of hours, until we noticed a narrow path, as we sped by. We looked at each other and signalled to turn back and find out where it went. We parked our bikes along the road and started down the path. Reaching the end of the path, the sand opened up onto a beautiful strip of absolutely deserted beach, with about 25 feet of perfect sand, before the surf met the sand. We decided to stay and enjoy the seclusion and the perfect Hawaiian sun and sand. aydın escort James and I both got our towels and gear laid out and took off our shorts to our bathing suits. I had on a tiny black thong, and James laughed that he was wearing a very similar black bikini. I laughed as well, and told him that I wanted to keep the tan lines to a minimum. We laid there chatting about work and what girls we were hot for and that kind of thing, until I got up for a cooling dip. The water was incredible and the waves liked gently at the sand. As I waliked up towards my towel, I noticed that James had turned onto his back and he must have been thinking of the girls, because he had a rather noticeable bulge in his speedo. I tried not to stare, but as I got close, he noticed my eyes. Embarrassed, I looked away and got back onto my towel. We lay there for awhile, and I kept stealing glances. His bulge was not going down and I couldn’t help but look at him , when I thought he wasn’t aware. I began to get hard in my thong, which didn’t leave much to the imagination in the first place. I tried to stop myself from looking, but I got busted once again, and this time I had a bulge of my own, that James couldn’t help but see. I must have blushed a bit, because James aydın escort bayan smiled and said with a laugh that I had nothing to be embarrassed about, that all the talk about the girls we knew, just had that effect. I looked away and tried to adjust my cock, so that it wasn’t so obviously about to burst out from the little pouch in my thong. James got up and went for a dip and came back with what was now a full fledied hard on. Me eyes were glued to it, and I could see his balls between the piece of fabric. At this point it was pointless to try to hide it, my cock was straining to get free. I told James that I couldn’t help it, his bone made me think of things, that were taboo. He said he couldn’t help but notice my interest. He shyly asked if I wanted to go without suits, to “get rid of the tan lines all together”. I stood up, removed my thong and stood there with my 8inch meat, throbbing in the sun. He did the same, and was about the same size as me. I was so hard, I couldn’t believe what I said to him, out of the clear blue. I said “you have a nice dick” and he said I did too. Then I said, I wanted to compare them beside each other. He nodded to come closer, and I stepped right up, face to face and we pushed our cock next to each escort aydın other. The moment our cock’s touched, it felt like a bolt of lighting ran through me. Except for skin tone, we were almost exactly the same girth and length. I felt him twitch and I just reached down and took them both in my hand and started to gyrate my hips. We both laid on his towel and I told him I wanted to suck it, I didn’t wait for a reply, I liked his cock head and before either of us knew it, I was slurping and pumping, the way I like my cock sucked. I knew it felt good, because he was slowly pumping my mout. like fucking my head. I ducked his cock for about 5 minutes, before he told me he was going to cum, and a moment later, his beautiful cock, was pulsing delicious, warm spurts right in my mouth. His seaman was delicious and I stayed there until he stopped pulsing, then I just swallowed and lay back in the sand. I felt him take my cock in his hand and a instant later, he kissed my tip and hummed, as he took me all the way in his mouth. I watched him as he sucked, moaning his name over and over, as he worked. I don’t know how long it went on. but it was wonderful. I began to feel myself getting ready, and I grone his name, as I filled his mouth. We spent several more hours there and we each made love to the others head 2 more times. We were never alone like that again, but we did exchange some secret looks, on the occasional rides with our girlfriends. I don’t know where he is now, but I think of him often.

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