The Right Time for a Wrong Turn


Jacob Bard

Coaching the girls swim team had been taking up way too much of Sandra’s time lately. The long hours at the aquatic center resulted in no social life, which meant no dates in …who knows when. This is not what she thought she would be doing at twenty-eight. Years before she had written out her “five year plan” for her life and nowhere did she plan on being single and coaching a swim team. She had thought that after graduating college and spending endless hours in the pool as a team member of the university’s swim team she would be far away from where she was now. She thought she would be married or at least in a serious relationship by now.

But, here she was once again, back at the aquatic center, still single, still trying to get her life moving and find a great relationship. Heck, she would just be happy to get laid! Counting up the months in her mind, she realized she had not had sex in nine months—and that time wasn’t all that great! One thing was certain, no matter how boring her life might have been she was no less horny—in fact, she felt hornier than ever! And the more she thought about being horny and not having had sex, the hornier she got! Unfortunately, she had no prospects—no options—other than her vibrator waiting for her at home.

At least it was time to lock up and she began her rounds at the aquatic center, turning off lights and locking doors. Lost in thought about how dissatisfied she was with her present circumstances, she was in her own little world. Passing by the men’s locker room and shower she noticed light coming from under the door.

“Those guys…” she muttered, “”Why can’t they turn anything off? I better check everything. They probably left everything on and running.” Annoyed and not thinking anyone else was there, she burst through the door leading from the pool straight to the showers intent on having to take care of one more thing someone had left for her to do.

The door opened with a bang as she shoved it open and it hit the wall! But the shower and locker room was not deserted as she thought! There stood seven members of the boys college swim team completely naked in mid shower! She had thought they were all gone by now. Of course, they whirled around at the loud sound of the door hitting the wall, too startled to think of covering themselves.

“OH…my goodness!” she gasped as she came to a full stop in mid stride, unmoving in her tracks, her eyes quickly fixated on these seven naked guys standing before her. Needless to say, they were surprised by her appearance and she was speechless and frozen by something akin to shock and awkwardness! The only thing that gave a clue that she was still coherent was the embarrassment evident on her face by the blush flooding her cheeks and face.

“I AM SO SORRY!” she finally blurted out. “I didn’t know you guys were in here!”

The swim team members stood frozen in shock as well—expecting her to whirl around and dash out faster than she came into the shower area. But she didn’t move.

By now it was evident, at least to the guys, that Sandra—”coach”—as everyone referred to her, was taking in every inch of their naked athletic bodies. Several had turned their backs on her and were looking at her over their shoulders. A few had both hands covering over their junk as they waited to see what she was going to do next.

Just then, Alex, one of the seniors on the team, stepped forward and spoke quietly to Sandra, “Are you okay?”

“Huh? Oh…What?” Sandra responded.

“Are you okay?” Alex repeated.

“Oh, yes, yes. I’m okay. Just a little startled. That’s all,” Sandra explained now becoming aware of what she had just done and feeling really awkward. Only about a minute, maybe two had passed. It all happened quickly, but Sandra now felt as if she had been standing there for an hour.

Just then she saw Alex smiling at her and heard some of the guys chuckle a bit while commenting to one another about what just happened. gaziantep rus escort She was about to withdraw with what little grace she could when she heard Alex say, “You can join us if you want!”

Sandra shot a confused glace back at Alex. “What?”

Repeating what he had just said he reiterated, “I said, you can join us if you want. We won’t hurt you. And we sure won’t mind! Will we guys?”

The rest of the swim team was now gazing at him as though he had lost his mind, and wondering if they had really heard him say what they thought he said. Now slowly turning their gaze toward “Coach” Sandra, most managed to mutter in chorus, “No, we don’t mind.”

“No. No. Sorry guys. I didn’t mean to barge in on you.” Sandra answered them.

Still, she did not move although now she was trying to avert her eyes more and only steal a glance at their bareness from time to time.

“The steam from the showers really makes it hot in here,” she observed abruptly. “Well. Better go now,” she said.

As she started to turn, Alex stepped forward grasping his erect cock and said, “We’d really like it if you stayed,” smiling, as he motioned for her to come toward him.

“I really shouldn’t,” she whispered.

“It’s okay,” he responded.

“Are you sure?” she questioned.

Alex only smiled and looking around at the other guys, they all nodded the affirmative in unison.

Sandra may have been a little horny when she walked in, but at that point she was so enticed that she could now feel a wetness between her legs that made her look down to make sure the crotch of her shorts were not wet.

“No one can ever know,” she demanded gently.

Shaking their heads to signify they agreed, Alex spoke for the group and said, “We will never say a word!”

Without another word Sandra began removing her clothes piece by piece, first she pulled her t-shirt off and then her shorts. Now she stood before the seven dumbfounded guys in only her white thong panties and her sports bra. As they watched in anticipation she removed her bra and then finally slipped out of her panties. All seven faced her, most slack jawed and in awe, all with solid erections pointing toward her like the needle of a compass points north. Sill silent, she smiled bashfully and slowly waded into their waiting embrace reaching out to greet each one by grasping their waiting cocks one at a time.

Still stunned and amazed at what was happening, the guys just milled around her, brushing up against her and lightly fondling her breasts and ass until she stepped under the spray of the shower and allowed her body to be soaked by the hot water. Standing back now completely mesmerized, slack jawed and stroking their cocks, the seven only watched as Sandra soaped her body. They watched intently as her hands moved in circular motions around her breasts and stomach, sliding back to her buttocks. One whispered audibly to another, “I never thought someone washing their butt could look so, so good.” Everyone heard and chuckled, adding a sporadic chorus of “Yeah,” in agreement. Sandra only smiled, a little more wickedly now, as she moved her hands around and began washing between her legs which was greeted with a collective, “Aw, man!” It was not clear if she was bathing or masturbating. Sandra just laughed casually as she watched them stroking their cocks.

Thinking to herself, I better not drag this out or they will all shoot their load before I can get…., she almost completed her thought but felt a little slutty thinking, before I can get fucked. But the truth was she was so horny at that moment she felt she had to have a cock in her no matter what!

Having rinsed the soap off, she now turned toward them and stepped out of the spray as once again Alex stepped forward first and she knelt down in front of him instantly taking his stiff manhood straight into her waiting mouth. Before she could stop herself, gaziantep rus escort bayan she had released a soft moaning sound. Her moans echoed in the shower once more as she began sucking Alex as though his cock was delicious and she had been deprived of this feast for far too long! The guys surrounding her were amazed at her lust-filled ravenous appetite for cock, but they were more than happy to provide all she wanted!

Finally opening her eyes and returning to the moment in which she was just lost, she saw a line of cocks to her left, hard and erect as if ready to stand inspection. Was this a dream? Everyone was thinking the same thing. It was no dream in the imaginary sense, but it was a dream that had come true for all involved. Unplanned, unexpected, improbable, but now that it was a reality, it was going to be savored!

Slowly she began working her way down the line, giving each young man his fair share of oral attention, stroking and pumping him as she swallowed and sucked each one as though it would be her last.

A couple of the guys were so stimulated that shortly after Sandra had gone down on them, while pumping their erections and sucking them for only a minute or two, suddenly released their load of cum—Sandra pulling their cock quickly from her mouth as their cum splashed all over her tits. Looking up at them with a smile, they looked down at her in utter disappointment with a tingle and pure pleasure. She knew what they were thinking. She was thinking the same thing. She would not get to feel their stiff erection inside her. I better get to the main event while they’re still hard enough to… there it was again, while they’re still hard enough to fuck me she screamed in her mind! followed by giving her rationale to herself in her internal debate. I don’t care how it sounds, I want them to fuck me! All this was running through her mind as she finished the last few waiting to feel the embrace of her lips and mouth.

The next twenty or thirty minutes is still remembered fondly by all involved and talked about in whispers among themselves and in private gatherings for years to come.

Having finished initiating each with a thorough blowjob they would long remember, Sandra found herself lifted up and laid down on the floor of the shower. At that point she became the recipient of their undying gratitude as they began to pleasure her with all their might. One young man immediately began eating, licking and lapping at her cunt, burying his mouth and face deeply in it at times, sending chills and spasms of pleasure up her body. Hands! Hands were everywhere, stroking her inner thighs, cradling her head gently while a hanging flaccid cock draped itself into her mouth while other hands roamed her body and some squeezed and massaged her tits. It was almost too much pleasure and too many sensations to absorb!

Then the fucking started as one after another took his turn entering her. Some were long, some were shorter but had fatter dicks that found her opening tight. They all felt good to Sandra. It had been so long and she had wanted it—well maybe not this—but wanted a cock in her so badly and now she was going to enjoy every moment. Some slid themselves in gently and smoothly before beginning to thrust themselves into her ready and waiting pussy laid open before them. Some plunged themselves in quickly and aggressively as they pounded her pussy! One boy had such a large scrotum and thrust himself so vigorously that she could feel his balls slapping against her butt with every forward plunge! She must have climaxed at least twice during the first ten minutes! Several of the guys let loose their load of cum inside her before giving way to the next guy— she felt each as their cock pulsated and twitched until empty!

Just when she thought it might end, she felt herself being raised to her feet and then pinned against the shower wall by one of the guys who had ejaculated escort rus gaziantep when she was blowing him—he was hard again and ready for action! Lifting her right leg, she grabbed his waiting pole and aimed it directly at its mark. He did not need any more encouragement, leaned forward, and entered her in one fluid motion sending a wave of yearning for more through her body! There they stood united and moving in unison making an undulating motion with their bodies, each moaning in pleasure as the others watched. Some tried what they saw another do. Some let Sandra direct them.

At one point Sandra found herself astride another of the guys who had cum prematurely riding him cowgirl style with great fervor–to his delight! He just lay there grinning from ear to ear, slowly running his hands up her torso and massaging her breasts while she rocked back and forth in ecstasy. Far too soon, after she had gotten her rhythm going she felt his release as he shot up into her like a geyser spraying its hot liquid upward!

She was running out of erections to milk. Just a few more and this bizarre, but fantastic, fantasy would be over. Although she was exhausted, it was still going to end too soon!

She rode one guy in the reverse cowgirl position facing away from him while grasping the dicks of two of his team members who came and stood in front of her. Using her grip on their dicks like handles to steady herself, leaning forward and sucking them one at a time, alternating from one to another as she rocked. One of them was able to cum again giving her tits one more soaking for the evening.

Alex appeared once again, taking her and leading her to position herself on all-fours. This guy just keeps on going, she thought to herself. Once on her knees she felt him enter her quickly and smoothly. She soon matched his forward thrusts with the backward lunge of her ass. Wow! That feels great! I could fuck this guy all night! she thought. But only moans and muted grunts were audible to anyone else as Alex rode her hard! Climaxing with a loud groan she felt his warm jizz shooting into her and sensed him relax as he eased himself out of her.

The last erection milked, the last stiff cock having been humped to the point of hanging limply down in fatigued ecstasy, she lay fatigued on the floor of the shower, surrounded by the seven young men who just gave her something to remember for a lifetime. Some kneeling. Some standing. All drained, both figuratively and literally! Looking down at her with a look of gratitude and admiration, Alex spoke up, “Well coach, that was some workout!” Laughter broke out and Sandra lay there giggling like a school girl, blushing and clasping her hand over her mouth to quiet herself.

Regaining her composure, she looked up smiling and replied, “Yep guys, I would say you’re in excellent shape. As for me, I don’t think I can walk!” Laughter once again erupted as the guys slowly began to file out of the shower into the locker-room to get dressed and head back to their dorm rooms.

Alex stayed behind, knelt down beside her, still running his fingers up and down her wet and naked body. As he stared at her, her hand lightly stroked his flaccid cock hanging down between his legs.

“You are amazing,” he said softly, “amazing and beautiful.”

Smiling and blushing, uncertain of the accuracy of his statement and uncertain of how to feel, she simply replied softly, “Thank you” giving his cock a gentle yank as he stood and she tried to sit up.

“Do you need help?” he asked with a smile in his voice.

“No, no. You can go ahead. I’ll be fine. Just need a minute,” she assured him.

She heard him say, “Okay,” and he was gone.

“Whew! I think I just need to lie here a bit longer,” she said talking to herself.

So, lying back staring at the ceiling of the shower room, a big smile broke across her face just as she became aware of the sensation of a stream of cum flowing out of her pussy. Reaching down to confirm, she thinks to herself, Sandra, you’re one dirty, freaky girl! The thought is followed with stifled giggles and a deep sigh.

“O, well,” she says to herself as she gets up to get dressed. The End

Post Script

Sandra and those same seven swim team members got together a few years after that night for a reunion of sorts, but that’s another story.

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