The Road Trip


Hi everyone. I hope you’re all doing well. This is a little side story I ginned up while working on my other series. As always, all constructive feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Stay safe and healthy out there and enjoy!


There she was. Natalie. The prettiest girl in my intro PoliSci class. She had long golden blonde hair and an hourglass figure that made every guy’s and girl’s head turn as she walked into class. She had long slender legs and lithe frame with a pair of distractingly large breasts which she always failed to pack away from leering eyes. I’d been fortunate enough to work with her in a few in class group projects and I thought we got along well. Along with supermodel looks she had a sharp mind and as equally a sharp sense of humour.

I’d spent the last few weeks trying to find the courage to ask her out for a drink and maybe dinner and finally decided to just do it. And then I saw her in the campus cafeteria with another guy. They were obviously more than just friends with the way they were carrying on and holding hands. I turned and stormed off to my dorm room in a huff at the injustice of it all. But by the time I’d gotten there I was more mad at myself. Mad that I’d waited so long to try and make a move. Mad that I thought I’d have a chance with such a beauty and mad that I’d acted like such a petulant child when I saw her in the cafeteria.

Still, it was one extra bit of self-inflicted stress I didn’t need in my first year of university. Classes were hard, but I was keeping up. I was also managing to keep up with going to the gym and eating well so I didn’t succumb to the dreaded freshman fifteen.

But it was stressful nonetheless and there were few opportunities to really unwind. I’d gone to a few parties with my roommate but I hadn’t had any luck with the ladies there and so I didn’t have a lot of outlets to relieve my stress other than an occasional jerk. Which was even more disappointing. I promised myself that when I got to university, things would change. I’d stop being the shy, bookish guy I was in high school and start being sociable and less awkward. But old ingrained habits die hard and ruts are so comfortable and so hard to get out of.

As I stewed in my dorm room, I made the decision to go home for a bit for a change of scenery. Thankfully, my home was about a five hour drive away so it wasn’t a big undertaking to make the drive. Also, it was a Friday morning and I didn’t have classes till Tuesday. So I called my parents to let them know I was coming home for a few days only to catch them on the way out to a cabin with friends of theirs for the weekend. But they said they’d leave a key in the usual hiding place so I could get into the house and stay if I still ended up coming home.

As I was packing up to go, I heard a knock on my door and the girls from across the hall let themselves in which was our way. Mandy and Candy and I had become friends in our few short months on campus as we had some of the same classes and saw each other so often. We hung out at each other’s dorms which were across the hall from each other now and then and got along well. They both had boyfriends though, so I never thought of making a move on them.

Candy, who’s real name was Caitlyn and whom everyone called Candy for a reason I’d never learned or bothered to ask, was a short brunette with hair than ran halfway down her back. She had a cute face and vivacious personality. She could out drink a lot of guys when she wanted to, but she was also damned smart. She wasn’t the skinniest girl ever, but she was far from being any kind of overweight and though she usually worse loose-fitting clothes, I suspected she was hiding a big pair of tits away under them.

Mandy was tall and skinny with dark, slightly curly hair that went down to her shoulders. She was cute too with a joke always at the ready, usually at Candy’s expense which was fine seeing as they’d been best friends since middle school.

We shared a lot of the same interests and it turned out they grew up together as neighbours the next town over from which gave us something else in common.

They came to the bedroom and saw me packing causing Mandy to ask, “What’s up Ethan? You ditching us for the long weekend? That’s not cool man.”

“No I’m not ditching you. I’m just…going home for the long weekend. I need to get away from here for bit and depressurize.”

“So you are ditching us,” accused Candy playfully. She and Mandy looked at each other, then Mandy nodded in my direction. Candy nodded her head as to say yes and asked, “Can we come with?”

“Excuse me?”

“Can we come with you. Our hometown is just before yours, you can drop us off on your way.”

“Uh why though? Don’t you have plans with your boyfriends here or something?”

“Don’t you worry about them.” Answered Mandy with what sounded like a hint of guarded anger in her voice, “We’d love to go home too and get away from here.”

“Um, ok!” I answered to my own surprise as well as theirs, “How soon Göztepe Escort can you be ready to leave? Because I’d like to hit the road pretty soon.”

“Can you give us half an hour to pack?” Replied Candy with a smile

“Sure. That gives me time to fill up my car for the trip. Meet you in front in thirty.”

After I’d returned from gassing up my old but reliable little two door “sports” car I met the girls in front of the dorms. They were dressed casually in matching school hoodies and jeans, both holding a small duffel bag. I got out and let them in the backseat and off we went. Normally, I’d have some scream-o metal blasting, but I figured that wasn’t to their taste, so I let them control the tunes for the drive home. As we drove, they were silent as they played on their phones and I focused on the road and not crashing.

Halfway home, we hit a stretch of highway that went through a canyon and we all lost reception on our phones and the radio except for AM and we certainly didn’t want to listen to lame talk radio, so we started chatting amongst ourselves. We started with the usual prattle about how our classes were going, how our profs were and so on. But then Mandy cut right to the heart of the matter.

“So Ethan. What’s got you down so much that you feel the need to go home for a bit? You homesick?”

“A little bit it’s not that. It’s a bunch of little things. But what set me off today was a girl.”

“Really? Asked Candy, “Did you get dumped?”

“I wish. That would mean I’d actually had a girlfriend. There’s this babe in on of my classes I’ve had the hots for since day one. I finally summoned enough courage to ask her out today only to find out she already has a boyfriend. I just feel dumb for being naïve enough to think she was single and waiting for me or that I had a chance with her to begin with.”

It felt good to let that all out. “My turn. How come you two were so eager to come home with me?”

“Kinda the same.” Replied Mandy. “Boy trouble. My boyfriend was jealous of how close me and Candy are and suggested we’re secret lesbians. So I told him he could take his homophobia and fuck off out of my life.”

“As for me,” chimed in Candy, “It’s not that my boyfriend was an asshole. It’s just that he wanted to fuck me in my asshole all the time and I told him each time that wasn’t going to happen. Yesterday he got tired of being rejected and dumped me.”

“Wow. What a pair of dicks. I’m sorry to hear that you two.”

“Thanks Ethan. That’s so sweet of you to say that.” Acknowledged Mandy with a beaming smile. Then she furrowed her brows as I looked in the rear-view mirror. “Hang on. Did I hear that right before? You don’t have a girlfriend?”

“That’s right I don’t.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Uh, have you ever had one?” Continued Mandy with her questions

“Um…To be perfectly honest with you two, I’ve never had a girlfriend or any kind of experience with a girl for that matter.”

“What?!” The girls asked in near unison and surprise.

“But how?” Mandy asked, “Ethan. I say this in all sincerity, you’re a good guy and you deserve a good woman to be with you. You’re kind and respectful and smart and handsome too.”

“Thanks. But I dunno. In high school I was always bookish and shy. And while I certainly had the urges, I could never find the courage to talk to girls. I’d always get overanxious and scurry away when I was talking to a girl I was interested in. I hoping to make a fresh start in university, but old habits die hard it would seem.”

“Oh Ethan. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“It’s ok.” I said. Which was followed by a few minutes of silence.

Then I saw Mandy move over and whisper something in Candy’s ear. I saw her eyes bulge in the rear-view and quickly look at me before darting back at Mandy. Mandy whispered some more and I saw Candy nod her head in agreement with whatever had been said. We drove on some more until Candy broke the silence this time.

“I’m sorry to bring it up again Ethan, but if you’re a virgin, does that mean you’ve never seen a pair of these?!” She asked as she unzipped her hoodie, pulled up the tank top and bra she was wearing underneath and pulled her tits out for me to see. I swerved briefly into the oncoming lane at the sight, quickly grateful there was no oncoming traffic. Quickly darting my eye between the road and the backseat, I caught glimpses of Candy’s melons. I’d always suspected she was hiding a pair of juggs away because she almost always wore loose, baggy clothes. But now I had my wondrous confirmation.

“Those are amazing Candy but if you want to cause an accident, that’s a good way to do it.” I gasped as she zipped her hoodie back up. Catching my breath, I answered, “But to answer your question, no I haven’t seen breasts. At least not in real life. On screen sure, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count.”

“Well then we’ll have to make sure you get to see more in person then.” Said Mandy trailing off. Then she unzipped İstanbul Escort her hoodie and pulled out her tits for me to quickly gawk at as well. They weren’t as large as Candy’s, but they were still big and round with tiny nipples that were standing at attention.

“Those are also amazing Mandy. But what’s going on back there? Why are you doing that? Not that I’m complaining.”

“We’ve decided to help you out.”

“What do you mean?”

“We’re going to help you get your confidence around women up and help you get laid.”

“First things first is your self-belief. That’ll take time but I’ll say this: they way you treat us Ethan, is a great place to start. Don’t worry about trying to act cool or suave. Just be yourself. Being yourself is what made this next bit possible.” Mandy elaborated as I heard the zippers from their hoodies unzip again.

I glanced back and was stunned at the sight. Both of their tops were off and even more stunning was that their lips were locked in a passionate embrace as they began to make out in my back seat fondling each other’s breasts like long separated lovers.

“Oh my god that’s hot fuck you two. But I thought you dumped your boyfriend because he called you a lesbian Mandy?”

“I did. Nobody insults my best friend but me.” Mandy replied as she broke her embrace with Candy. “I suppose technically we’re bi since we’ve lezzed out a fair amount. But we still prefer dicks. We’ve just always enjoyed each other in many different ways over the years. Now if you don’t mind, keep your eyes on the road.”

I tried as best as I could to watch the road but that was mighty hard when there were two cute girls in my back seat making out and pawing at each other’s breasts. A short while later I looked back and both girls had their hands down each other’s pants, jilling each other off. I heard the girls start to moan and gasp as they probed each other deeper and harder until Mandys moans got louder and faster until it sounded like she’d orgasmed.

“Goddamn Candy that was good. It’s nice to feel a woman’s touch down there again.”

“No problem friendo.” She replied, “Oh Ethan did I just see a sign for a rest stop ahead? Would you mind stopping there? I have to use the little girls room.”

We pulled into a secluded rest area just off the highway and drove to the end where the restrooms were. The girls zipped themselves up and shimmied out of the backseat and towards the facilities. I got out of the car too so I could stretch my legs and to adjust my junk which had gotten painfully hard seeing Mandy and Candy lez out half naked in my back seat.

I was sitting on a bench next to a small creek when the girls emerged from the ladies’ room. They ambled over to the bench and Mandy spoke first.

“Did you like the show we put on just now?”

“Oh I think he did.” Exclaimed Candy as she looked at my crotch, “He’s still pitching a major tent.”

“Are you kidding? That was hot as fuck! I damn near came in my pants just watching you two.” I answered, my dick still harder than I’d ever known it to be. “But what was up with that?”

“We told you silly,” sand Mandy, “We’re going to help with your confidence around women. You’re too good a man to be be single or much less a virgin.”

“And we’re going to start right now,” said Candy as she strode over to me and kissed me firmly on the lips. The feeling was electrifying and one I didn’t want to ever stop. As she kissed me, Candy slowly slid her hands down my back until they reached my hip. She pulled her lips from mine and said, “That was nice start, but this is the next step Ethan.” and grabbed my crotch firmly, “Whoa, feels like we got a big one here Mandy.”

She unzipped my fly and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my underwear down off my hips exposing my manhood to the fresh air. Then she pulled back a bit, her eyes bulging.

“Holy shit!” Candy exclaimed with surprise in her voice.

“What is it?” I asked genuinely concerned there might be something wrong with my junk I hadn’t realized.

“This. Is a big dick! Look at this Mandy!”

“Oh damn!”

“You guys think it’s big?” I asked unsure if they were being honest or just fluffing my ego.

“Ethan, in all sincerity, this is a big dick. Maybe it’s not the longest ever. But it’s nice and thick.” Assured Candy. With that, she started slowly jacking it, “See? I can’t even wrap my hand around this monster.” Using some of my pre-cum as lubricant she started pumping it faster and faster. It felt so good to have a hand on my dick that wasn’t mine and I was already getting lost in the pleasure of the sensation when I heard Candy say, “It’s all yours now Mandy.”

I watched in amazement as Mandy and Candy switched places in front of me and then Mandy took my cock into her mouth, and the electricity that was flowing through my body before became even more intense. Mandy started by licking the tip and then the length of my shaft finishing by taking in as much as she could. Her mouth felt divine Anadolu Yakası Escort around my cock especially when Mandy used her tongue while it was in. She pulled off with a gasp and said, “Goddamn that IS a big cock. I damn near have to dislocate my jaw to get it in!” And then she went back to work, bobbing her head back and forth as she sucked on my dick and pumped my shaft. My eyes rolled back into my head as Mandy used her tongue while increasing her tempo.

I wished this feeling would never end but a familiar sensation in my balls told me that it was not to be.

“Oh god Mandy. I’m gonna cum!” And without missing a beat Mandy kept my dick in her mouth as it exploded. Shot after shot after shot of cum flowed into her hungry mouth and only when I was finally done did she take it out with a quick lick of her lips and an exaggerated swallow.

I was still recovering when Candy spoke for both of us. “Goddamn girl! Did you swallow ALL his cum just now?”

“Sure did,” replied Mandy smiling, proud of her feat. “It was close though. That was a lot of jizz at once! Were you saving up for something Ethan?”

“Not intentionally. And I certainly wasn’t expecting this to happen!”

“Good. Well I hope you have enough in there for later too.”

“Why? What’s happening later?” I asked stupidly.

“Silly. We said we’re going to get you laid. And you’re going to start with us!”

“Really?!” I asked still not entirely believing what I was hearing.

“Really.” Confirmed Candy, “And we’ll prove to you how serious we are once we get back in the car. We’re just going to go clean up really quick and then we’ll hit the road again!”

As the girls came back from the restroom, they stopped at the car door. Mandy reached into her handbag and pulled out her bra and panties and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “These are for you big boy. You can give them back to me later…” She trailed off in sultry voice that sent erotic shivers all through my body. Candy came over and handed me her underwear as well. “These are for you too big man. You can give them back after you fuck me senseless.” Leaving me no doubt as to Candy’s intentions. We quickly piled back into my car which was difficult as the gifts the girls had just given me had me rock hard yet again.

Once we were back on the highway, the girls showed even more how serious they were.

“Here’s how we’re going to prove to you you’re going to get laid tonight.” Remarked Mandy as she unzipped her hoodie once again, as did Candy. They pulled off their tops completely so that they were nude from the waist up. Their breasts were jiggling slightly from the bumps in the road and I was almost transfixed at the sight. I also became instantly glad I hadn’t replaced the shocks on my car like I’d been planning to.

Mandy leaned forward so her tits were dangling inches away from my hand and then spoke in my ear, “You said your parents aren’t home right, and that you’ve got the house to yourself?”

“Uh yeah that’s right.”

“Good. Take us to your home and Ethan and we’ll truly make this day one you’ll never forget!” Exclaimed Mandy as she sat back in her seat.

“You got it boss. I can’t believe I’m questioning this, but didn’t you two want to go your home?” I asked.

“We do, and there’s time for that,” answered Candy. “But no one is expecting us, and another day won’t concern anyone.”

“Besides,” Said Mandy as she switched places with Candy leaning over my shoulder with her heavenly tits dangling enticingly close to me, “We want to make this a special day for you.”

“Yeah I can see that now. I still can barely believe it though.”

“Well believe it,” responded Candy. “You’re such a good guy Ethan. And you’re not a “nice guy” either. You always treat us with respect. You never try to perv on us when most guys do, even the ones that know we have boyfriends. And your door is always open to us when we want to chat or come over for a bite to eat, which you’re always offering. You’re a really stand-up guy and this is the least we can do to show our appreciation.”

“On that note,” interrupted Mandy, “How soon till we’re there? I am so horny right now.”

“Uhhhhh…about an hour away.” I answered.

“Good. Then in that case, I think we’ll do some more prep work…” Mandy said as she opened up her shorts and lowered her hand to her pussy. She immediately started moaning as she began to pleasure herself. Candy followed her lead with her moans being much louder and erotic. My cock was all but ready to burst at the sight and sounds coming from my backseat. So much so, that I barely noticed my foot pressing down on the gas pedal.

Normal, I’m a fairly defensive driver despite my young age. Not that I drive like a little old granny, but I mostly follow the speed limit and I’m not reckless by any stretch of the imagination. But now, before I realized it, I was going way over the speed limit. I slowed myself when I got so far over it would have resulted in a massive ticket and a towed car if I’d been busted by a cop. Still, I drove faster and harder than I ever had before and we made it to my home safe and sound in forty minutes instead of the seventy I’d guessed earlier before the girls started jilling themselves off in my backseat over and over again.

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