The Secret Room in the Castle


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Bonnie & Clyde

There once was a castle. It had been built by a young king who was incredibly rich and bored and wanted to explore every form of pleasure. The castle was to have a hundred rooms, each one honoring a different pleasure. It was to be built in a giant spiral that mounted on top of itself so it would rise steadily up from the land, higher and higher, ending in ten turrets. This king traveled the world to furnish and perfect the pleasure rooms of this castle. It took 60 years to build and over that time many rumors and fables had sprung up in the surrounding countryside…tales of the pleasures that could be found there, of the strange contraptions people had seen entering the gates, of the mysterious foreigners who had accompanied them. But before the castle was completed the king had suddenly disappeared. It was as if the castle had swallowed up the whole court. Nobody was seen entering or leaving the castle and the final turret was never completed.

Many years passed and a new family had taken over the castle. By now the stories of the castle and the original king had taken on there own lives. The new king thought himself an intellectual and spent his days surrounded by books and maps. He had no time for superstitious nonsense about “pleasure rooms.” “Bah” he would say and wave his hand in the air to show his complete dismissal whenever he heard even the slightest hint of a tale. His wife was equally uninterested, happy instead with the constant reorganization of her jewels and fine dresses. But their daughter was another story. She had been enthralled by the fragments of tales she had overheard from the servants. She had taken to wandering the castle, going from room to room, trying to guess what could have gone on in each one. Now when I say pleasure I am of course including all manner of pleasure…so there had been rooms for music and for food and scents and color…for the pleasures of all the senses. But what interested the young princess was a certain form of pleasure. She was young and innocent…and a princess after all…but she had begun to sense that there must be a sort of pleasure that could cut through the boredom of having everything. She hungered for this pleasure.

So the princess went from room to room. The rooms were güvenilir bahis mostly empty, but the walls still displayed large frescos and tapestries that hinted at what the room had originally been intended for. They started off quite innocently. As the princess went further up the ever winding passages, the rooms became more and more nerve jangling with brighter colors and disturbing scenes woven into the background of the tapestries or painted almost subliminally into the frescoes. They showed all manner of debauchery, naked people in the throws of climactic agony, of women being tortured with nipple clamps, their cuntlips parted, exposing openings being fingered and jammed with all manner of instruments. Men were also shown being misused, their cocks hard and swollen, painfully being manipulated by hands and mouths, kept on the edge of coming until the final climax was so pent up that they writhed in agony as they shot their loads. And both men and women were shown with their arseholes painfully distended as large rods were inserted and played with. The princess looked at these images and felt her body respond. Room after room she stared at these visions of pain and ecstasy and her appetite grew stronger. She was almost mad with sexual longing. She eventually came to the tenth, unfinished turret. She climbed up the last winding staircase and she arrived at a door.

From the ground outside, this turret looked unfinished, as if a third of the wall had not been built. The roof was also partially undone. So the princess almost didn’t open the door, assuming she would just see a barren room and a rather alarming view of the land for miles around… but not opening the door would end her adventure there and then, and that would be quite a let down…so she grasped the doorknob and turned it. The door swung in. The room was dark. There was no daylight. The princess took a few steps into the room, trying to make out what must be covering the opening in the wall. She had gone in just far enough for the door to silently swing closed behind her. She tried to open it again but the knob wouldn’t turn. She didn’t panic, her mind was too full of other thoughts, of the excitement at the possibilities.

The room was pitch black. She felt around the wall closest to her and found a torch in a holder but she had no matches. türkçe bahis She sensed a movement to her left and stopped. She heard the sound of a match being struck and the fizzle of the flame. It cast a small glow that lit the face a man standing a few feet from her. She stared at him trying, to comprehend what this meant, who he was….but she was interrupted by the sound of many matches being struck and by the sense of movement all around her. The room was suddenly alight with candles and torches. It wasn’t a small turret room at all, but some large cavernous chamber and all around her were people dressed in old fashioned clothes. They were busy lighting candles and arranging themselves on furniture. The man who had first lit the match was still looking at her. He motioned her to sit down in a large ornate chair. She dumbly obeyed. After a few minutes everyone was settled and waiting. The man began to speak.

“Welcome to the last room of the castle” he said to the princess. “You have been so very curious and brave to make the journey all the way here. We have been waiting for somebody like you to come and visit us.” he added looking around at the others for confirmation of this fact. The princess followed his gaze and noticed that the courtiers, while looking at her, were touching themselves or each other, rubbing and caressing intimate body parts. The man turned to the princess and continued. “We saw how you enjoyed what is left of the other rooms, how your eyes lingered on the paintings and wall hangings. I saw the fever in your cheeks and the way you licked your lips when you studied the images. Tell the truth ‘princess,’ you liked what you saw. It drove you on, didn’t it?” With a small gesture from the man–the king, two male servants suddenly sprang up and tied the princess’ arms and legs to the chair. They raised her skirts and one of them put his hand up to the nest of damp hair between her legs. He nodded to the king, who then came towards her. He grasped her chin in his gloved hand, forcing her to look up at him. He stared into her eyes and took a deep breath through his nose. “I can smell you ‘princess.’ I can smell your ripe little cant, the juices running down your legs. You’re a little slut aren’t you? You have enjoyed my pictures and tapestries without my permission as you have wandered through güvenilir bahis siteleri my castle…and now you must pay, you must be punished.” he said in a harsh whisper. He let go of her chin and stood back as two women came forward. They cut through her clothing until she was completely naked. The chair was then moved onto a raised dais. Through a series of specially designed springs and mechanisms, the chair was unfolded with the princess still tied to it. It opened up into a large frame with the princess strung across it, arms and legs pulled far apart.

All this time the courtiers had been busily continuing in their efforts to undress and arouse each other. By the time the princess was on full display, everywhere around her there was a writhing mass of human flesh, rubbing and arching, ramming, pinching, licking, blowing, kneading….moans and sighs filling the air. She was intoxicated by the sight. Her cunt juices were indeed running down her legs and she wanted so badly to be touched…to be punished. She new the king was watching her. He could see her body’s response to all this human lust. After some minutes he gestured to the male servants again. They came towards the princess holding a rod of some sort and other implements of sexual torture. They lubed up the rod and slowly, achingly slowly, inserted it in her ass. They put tight little clamps on her nipples that were attached to fine chains that were in turn attached to a large dildo. As they worked the dildo back and forth inside her, the clamps would pull on her hard nipples. As all these little painful ecstasies were being performed the king had taken out his cock and started to stroke it. He watched the servants poke and thrust the dildo and the butt plug inside the princess, he saw her eyes grow wide and her mouth open. He saw how she tried to get more or less, bucking against her restraints. He sensed all the other courtiers writhing in their own orgiastic fuckings. He stroked his cock a little faster. This was pleasure. Why couldn’t this just continue. He felt himself getting close to coming. He went towards the princess, the servants removed the dildo and the king rammed his cock into that tight wet hole. In a few thrusts he came, an explosion of hot cum deep inside the princess. Her arms and legs were released just as she in turn came with a deep violent shudder. She wrapped herself around the king and they sank to the floor.

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Bonnie & Clyde

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