The Seductive Stanholmes – The Beginning


A new employee of mine, and I hope a new friend, by the name of Rick Maxwell suggested that I might enjoy sharing my erotic exploits online as a form of entertainment and relaxation. I’ve decided to give it a go so; here I am.

I am a Sensualistic Dom in my mid 50s and married to a lovely Pet by the name of Barbara who is 13 years younger than I am.

{For the record; I’m Barbara’s Dom in the boudoir and in a sexual sense. In every other way, she is my equal. She is a powerful and extremely intelligent woman. She is my friend, my lover, my confidante…my life. I pity the person who would ever wish her harm. (If she didn’t eliminate them, I surely would.) Without her, I’m quite positive that I would not be in such a financially comfortable state of being.}

I am in good health, just shy of six feet in height and my build is fairly average for a man of my years. Grey hair took on my sandy blonde locks and was, mostly, victorious. I have no children and have never, really, regretted that decision.

For those of you with more prurient interests in their reading material, you will have to bear with me as I give some autobiographical history before moving on to the more…tantalizing subjects. I promise that future stories will be more…focused on sexual pleasure. But, if I plan to write a series of stories, it’s important to know who I am and what makes Barbara and I the people that I hope you will come to nurture a fondness for.

The extremely “condensed version” of my biography is as follows: My name is Marcus Aurelius Stanholme. (A bit ostentatious, I know. My mother thought the name would make me seem like an “important person”.) Though my father died when I was young, Mom gave me a fulfilling, if unremarkable, childhood filled with love and support.

I was married, at a very young age, to a girl I was never in love with. It just seemed the right thing to do at the time. Drinking, drugs and carousing flushed that relationship down the toilet along with any dignity I pretended to have at the time. {To be honest, the best thing she ever did for either of us was to leave me.}

For the next few years, I “circled the drain” while taking a variety of mundane jobs to survive and generally being an ass. My father was long dead when my mother passed away, suddenly, leaving me alone in the world. This caused me to “hit rock bottom”. My father’s brother, Jesse Stanholme, saw me at Mom’s funeral and said; “you need help, son”. And so, with his aid, I entered rehab and finally got clean and sober.

Upon “graduation” from the clinic, he offered me a job in one of his string of sporting goods stores. After a year of being an actual useful member of society, he took me aside and told me that I was the only member of the family that showed any kind of potential in the business. He let me know that he respected the fact that I had only ever visited with him out of familial love and that I had never come to him for monetary support, even when I was at my lowest point. Unmarried, and with no children, he asked if I would like to move in to his handsome old home and share the duties as master of the household. It was there that I learned the art of being an “adult”. He was a fine man, a great mentor and a true friend to me.

My love life was non-existent, but my time was well spent with Uncle Jessie, who became the Dad I never knew but always wanted. We grew quite close. Too soon, he was taken from me by a heart condition that he kept hidden from the world. He shocked me, and the few remaining members of our family, by leaving all of his assets in my name. I did the only thing I could do; what he’d taught me to do: I stayed sober and kept the businesses running.

That, in the most concise way, is my past. Now I shall tell of the beginning of my future.

I met Barbara Avery, by accident, a little over 15 years ago. Now, when I say we met by accident, I’m being quite literal…not figurative. She backed her coupe into my Lexus when I was leaving one of my stores. Though it was a very low-speed impact, it was jarring all the same. I jumped out of the car and ran to her door. Knocking on the window, I asked; “Are you OK”?

She rolled down the heavily tinted glass and I was completely dumbfounded. Dark brunette hair framed her face with long, wavy, flowing tresses. Sparkling blue-grey eyes were framed by attractively sensible looking glasses. And the face…

Her face was stunningly beautiful. Regal yet, humble. Fresh yet, experienced. Fair skinned and with the hint of a freckle or two. Innocent yet…

“My God”, she said breathlessly. “I’m so sorry. I should have looked more carefully before backing up. Are YOU ok? I have full coverage. I…” She got out of the car and I could see the rest of her. She was wearing “office” clothes consisting of a relatively plain blouse with a skirt reaching to just below her knees. Tall, (matching my own height), but a graceful figure of womanhood. She was, and still casino oyna is, bountifully curved in all the right places.

I interrupted her. “I’m fine.” Glancing at the damage, I could see that my bumper only had a small dent and she had lost a tail light. Nothing major. “Tell you what. Have coffee with me, just to be sure we’re both alright, then we can forget it ever happened.”

I won’t share every detail. Coffee turned to dinner and dinner turned into…

We had everything and nothing in common. She told me about her modest, yet happy, upbringing as an only child. She told me that she worked as an executive assistant to some “higher up” in an accounting firm and that she had a knack for finance. She shared her past experiences with men; that she was single but that she’d been engaged twice to men like I used to be. “Players”. This, inevitably, turned our conversation to more personal matters. She said that she’d been experimenting in BDsm but again; she only seemed to meet the wrong kinds of men. Men with little imagination and less respect for her. I found her to be quite refreshingly open, extremely intelligent and simply captivating.

After dinner, she joined me on a long walk in a park near downtown. I shared all that I could think of, about myself, with her…my childhood, my loss…my struggles with addiction to drugs and alcohol; my subsequent clean time and my current position and unplanned for financial comfort and… that I was an aspiring Dom. Then, she reached for my hand. “May I”, she asked?

“You already backed into me once today. It kind of got me excited.” I quipped then I took her hand in mine.

We circled the entire park multiple times, over the course of… (You know; I have no idea how long we were there.) We walked and talked about anything and everything. Before long, with our fingers still intertwined, she stopped us in our tracks. Turning me to face her, she asked again…”May I?”…then she brought her lips to mine and kissed me… deeply… as if we’d been together forever. Pulling away, she knelt; right there in the middle of the sidewalk. With her head bowed she inquired; “how may I serve you, Sir?”

The most un-dominant thoughts raced through my mind. I was flabbergasted that a woman of her grace… her intellect…her sheer beauty was offering herself to me. Although we’d only just met, it was as if she had been with me all of my life. A wispy shadow in my dreams… seeking me out… with me trying to reach her but always falling short before waking.

I took her hand, smiled and first addressed her by the nickname that has stuck for all these years. “Come, my Pet. We’ll finish this lovely Friday evening at my humble abode.”

She rose to her feet, looked furtively into my eyes and asked; “Should we drive separately sir?”

“Only if that makes you comfortable, my Pet.” {From that point on, I rarely called, or call, her by her given name.}

We drove back to the spacious old house that would one day, in the not so distant future, become our home. On our way there, she laid her palm upon my crotch and could surely feel the stirring beneath the khaki cloth. She did nothing to further excite me but the warmth and soft pressure were titillating.

Maneuvering into the arched driveway, I parked in front of the doors. Turning to her I said; “If you cross that threshold with me, I have a feeling that I may never let you leave. Are you quite sure you want this? I would be happy to drive you back to your car…or take you home, if you wish. It’s your…”

She interrupted me with another deep kiss then said. “Lead the way, Sir. Let me join you on the path of your passion.” That was when she smiled the most devilish smile that I had ever beheld. That smile, alone, caused a deeper stirring in my loins and a fire to ignite in the deepest level of my soul.

I circled the car and held the door for her. Silently, we approached the door but just as I raised my keys to the lock, it swung open and Carson, (who was my “chief of household” at that time), was standing there in his bathrobe. “Welcome home, Sir”, he said while smiling and straightening his thinning grey hair. “Will your guest be staying with us this evening?”

“He always does that”, I said to my Pet. “It’s like he’s psychic. Carson; This is Barbara…um…this is awkward. What is your full name dear heart?”

We all just stared at one another until she spoke up. “Avery. Barbara Celeste Avery. Barb is fine. It’s a pleasure to meet you Carson.” She reached out her hand and, being the perfect “gentleman’s gentleman”, Carson lifted it for a chaste and polite kiss.

“Charmed, Ms. Avery. Shall I set out refreshments in your sitting room Sir?”

“Thank you”, I replied. “Just cold drinks, if you don’t mind. I’ll give her the tour and we’ll be retiring after that.”

Turning to my Pet, I held my elbow out to her. “Shall we?”

I showed her around the large home letting her know that I slot oyna hadn’t had the heart to change the décor since Uncle Jesse died. I wasn’t even sure if I’d keep the place except for the fact that he had built it from his own blueprints.

{I’m sure that more details about the house will emerge at a later date. Suffice it to say that my Pet and I have made extensive modifications to our abode to update it and make the place our own.}

When we got up to my rooms, Carson was standing by the open door to the sitting room adjoining the master bedroom. “Will you be needing anything else this evening Sir…Ms.?”

I looked at her, she shook her head, then I replied. “No, thank you Carson. I think that’ll be all. Sleep well.”

“Thank you, Sir. Goodnight.” Then nodding to our guest, “Pleasant dreams, Ms. Avery.” He then walked away.

When I turned, my Pet was already in the room. Stepping in, I closed the door behind me. A few steps into the room offered another surprise. I beheld her on her knees once again. With eyes to the floor she whispered; “What would be Sirs pleasure”?

Now, how does one reply to that? How could I ever believe in “love at first site”? (But I did at that moment.) How could I possibly dream that the feeling might be mutual? (I was to learn that it was.) I may be an impulsive fool but Uncle Jesse always told me; “If a man is to acquire what he truly desires, life is too short to just ‘hem and haw and dawdle’. He has to grab hold of it before another fool beats him to the punch”.

It was at that particular juncture in my life that I finally knew exactly how I felt…what I had to say… and I felt totally comfortable in saying it. “My Pet. Tonight I have found something I didn’t know existed. I found the remainder of myself. If you are ready to join me on my path, I am ready to guide you.”

Slowly, she raised her eyes to meet mine. A single tear was rolling down her cheek. “If Sir will forgive my impudence, I believe that I have fallen in love with you. Please allow me to join you in your journey.”

My heart was ready to explode. It was all that I could do not to sweep her up in my arms and declare my deepest feelings… But; we were establishing our ground rules; our “dynamic”, if you will. Instead, I went to my closet and retrieved a few of my ties, a couple of belts and an old silk tee-shirt. (I was unskilled and under-equipped. At that point in my life, I had actually only studied the world of BDsm in books and dabbled in it a few times. I really didn’t acquire the proper accoutrements until my love came along.)

I tossed the various items onto the bed before stepping in front of her kneeling form. Placing a finger under her chin, I said. “Sir desires that his pet disrobe for him…” She rose to her feet quickly and began to rapidly unbutton her blouse. “Ah, ah, aaahhh…”. She stopped abruptly and looked at me with pained eyes. “Slowly, my pet.”

She smiled then nodded her understanding and stepped back the tempo of her movements.

I was dressed in khakis, a plain collared shirt and a sports jacket. I walked to the sideboard, grabbed a bottled water. I set it on the end table by the settee. I then sloughed off my jacket and tossed it to the other end of the little couch before taking a seat on the closer end to enjoy the show.

She pulled the tail of her blouse from her skirt and parted it, shrugging it from her shoulders revealing a lovely black lace demi-cup bra that barely contained her ample breasts. Reaching to her hip, she unbuttoned her skirt and lowered her zipper slowly until she allowed the entire skirt to fall to her ankles. Her lacy panties matched her bra and she was wearing very sexy thigh high stockings. {Her heels were 2 and a half inches high, which is why she matched my height.} When she lifted a foot to remove her footwear, I stopped her.

“Leave the shoes, my pet. They excite me. Now, turn around slowly. I should like to see more of my new acquisition.”

With a blush, she slowly turned for me. Smiling over her shoulder, she ran the flat of her hand over the curve of her hip and onto the contour of her perfect ass. (My cock was beginning to stir.) When she was once again facing me, she stepped over and resumed her kneeling position beside me.

I cupped her cheek and she nuzzled it into my palm; closing her eyes as she did so.

“You are, simply the most stunning Pet I have ever encountered”, I said before rising to my feet. I stepped over to the bed and picked up the silk tee then moved to stand behind her kneeling form. Gently, I used it to blindfold my lovely pet. “I believe that blocking one sense can heighten the others.”

Taking her hand, I raised her to her feet and guided her to sit on the edge of the bed. I took the opportunity to run my hands over the silky flesh of her shoulders before leaning down to kiss the nape of her neck. Goosebumps rose upon her flesh and she softly moaned as she sat, with perfect posture canlı casino siteleri awaiting my next touch. That touch was the back of my fingers running softly down the front of her body, outlining her perfect breasts then moving down each side of her abdomen. The goosebumps grew more prominent. I then continued down the length of the firm, yet silken, flesh of her thighs.

I stated, in no uncertain terms; “Sir enjoys petting his kitten. He will always treat her with the loving touch she deserves.” Noticing the clasp at the front of the bra, I reached to unbuckle it. The cups flew back against the strain of the elastic. This revealed to me the treasure of her glorious 36-D breasts. Her nipples were hardened buttons against the dark pink background of areolas covered with goosebumps. I pinched them both… rather hard, and she gasped but did not protest.

Leaning over, I suckled, first one, then the other. When her hands rose to grasp my hair, I grabbed her wrists roughly. “Sir is not finished. Never interrupt him!” I pulled her to her feet, spun her around and with a hard push between her shoulder blades, she was face down on the bed. I moved around to pull her fully up onto it. She struggled until I brought the flat of my palm down squarely on her ass with a loud smack! “Settle down”, I commanded her.

She whimpered; “I’m sorry, Sir… I didn’t mean to…”

“SILENCE”, I roared. “We still must settle up for this afternoon’s…incident. You must be punished for your carelessness.”

With that, I grabbed one of my ties and fastened her left wrist to the headboard. Stepping around the bed, I tied the other hand. “Now, lift your hips!” She pulled her knees up, complying with my command, and I placed a large bolster pillow beneath them. With another slap to her derriere, her hips lowered upon it. Quickly I secured her ankles and stood back to look at the masterpiece that was, and is, Barbara Celeste.

My God! What beauty…what elegant curves…what a squirming, willing, alluring canvas for the strokes of my leather. And, with that thought in mind, I reached for my “spanking belt”. Two and a half inches wide, and made from supple calfskin, it is soft but not limp. Doubling it, I raised my arm and brought it down with a firm swing. The lacy panties absorbed too much sound to give me the full satisfaction of proper aural feedback. (Though; her squeal was delightful.)

“This will never do!” I grumbled as I stepped over to the bedside table. Rummaging through the drawer, I found my trusty folding knife. With a “click”, I extended the four-inch blade. She quivered at the touch of cold steel against her hip as I slipped the blade between the lace and her flesh… then I pulled. The slice was quick and the material sprang away. Crawling up on the bed, I did the same to the other side. Taking the waistband, I pulled them away and was again blessed with a magnificent sight.

Her ass was a vision of that which sculptors dream of re-creating. The perfect curvature from her spine, and the exquisite roundness, of her buttocks was making my cock harder by the second. To top this off, she was as cleanly shaven; as smooth as she was when she came into this world.

This was going to be faster than I hoped. My cock was raging against the pressure of my pants. I took a moment and stripped. Yanking my shirt open sent buttons flying across the room, not that I cared. I kicked off my shoes and socks and was down to my briefs in a flash so I could get back to the matters at hand.

I lifted the belt for another swing. This time, I got the auditory satisfaction I was looking for. A resounding *SMACK!* was the result of the swing.

My Pet yelped. “I’m sorry Sir. I’m sorry my car damaged yours.” *SMACK* “And, I’m sorry I interrupted your petting.” *SMACK* “Please, Sir…I truly am appalled at my actions.” *SMACK* She began to whimper as the red striped welts rose on her magnificent ass. *SMACK* Her whimper became a deep moaning. *SMACK*

Her musky scent rose to fill the air with her heightened lust. Glancing down, I could see that she was glistening with pent up passion. I put the belt down, removed my briefs and crawled up behind her. Reaching my arms under her hips, I wrapped them up and around her thighs.

My tongue lapped at the free-flowing result of her arousal. The tang of her juices made me start dry humping the bedding. I was completely lost to my passion, I couldn’t help myself. Kneading, and spreading her soft round cheeks, still quite warm from the belt, I began to fuck her with my tongue. In and out, I plunged into her depths…drinking her in. Her moans were growing louder in rhythm with the bobbing of my head. Her thighs were trembling but I held on tight. My cock was pressed between my belly and the mattress but I could feel the dampness that was leaking from it.

As the walls of her pussy began to quiver with her oncoming orgasm, I pulled back and removed my arms from beneath her. She let out a pleading whimper when I stopped.

Rising to my knees, I reached for the belt and let fly another salvo of lashes as I told her; *SMACK*”A Pet does not cum before her Master.” *SMACK*…*SMACK* “Is that understood?” *SMACK*

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