The Shoestore


“You’ve brought the wrong size” His garlic breath loudly complained.

“I brought the next size up sir, as you requested“ I retorted blandly.

I was down by the guys feet, taking a shoe from near his smelly sock.

I needed a gas mask for this, some men think that washing their feet was a monthly occurrence. I had already been back twice from the stockroom because he kept changing his mind. This sweaty guy was so getting on my nerves!

”Jump to it Bitch, the next size I need”

I was astounded near to tears and about to counter with a tongue lashing but could not give him that satisfaction.

I spied you and my day instantly brightened. You sat demurely across the foot clothiers floor, your slim long legs crossed, patiently waiting for assistance. Our eyes met and you gave me a tender glance and half smile. In that moment you knew exactly what pain and frustration I was feeling ,it effortlessly melted away.

Smelly man kept protesting but, he was blocked out of my senses. I focused on you, as the only true person there. I had to be your attendant quickly. and get rid of him.

“That’s the largest size we have in stock” I lied blatantly.

”Can’t get anymore till after the holiday” I had to avert my eyes as the lie lengthened.

He stared intently searching for the truth; then grabbed his old shoe, clumsily putting it on and left ,muttering obscenities. The shop was closing in on me, people watching, I started to well up, a tear coming to my eye.

In an instant, you were beside me offering calm. I gave you a hug like a lost friend and you didn’t back away. I was far away from pain now in your arms. I composed myself, as all around continued to watch me; as if I were a freak. Hadn’t they seen a tear in anyone’s eye before. I wanted to link your arm and leave the tedious humdrum behind, but you sensed my loss and took control. You continued to gently hold my hand, sitting yourself down, retaining my fingers in yours. I was able to rebuild my composure from deep in your eyes, able to stand unaided. That instant lasted an eternity, everyone else disappeared from view.

You spoke softly to me, I being the only one, who could hear your tender inquiry “feeling better now Honey” you warmly asked.

I ,as if in a dream, mouthed breathlessly “Yes, Thanks, I am sorry to be so weak and feeble”.

”I understand” you said sincerely.

We knew then we wanted to see each other in a more private place, but you were the first to propose it.

“Come see me after you’ve finished, I only live down the road” you kindly seemed to insist.

I mildly complained Maltepe Sınırsız Escort “But I’ve only got a works uniform here I cant go out like this”.

“I have some spare clothes if you require them” you casually informed me.

“Oh if you don’t mind me freshening up there, then fine” I half inquired.

“Not at all. Here’s my address, just come when you finish.

I was so taken by your calmness, I was melting in your eyes

“Sounds great” is all I could utter wanting so badly to give you a hug and sod work.

“Can’t temp you to more shoes can I” giving me an excuse to glance down at your laced up ankle boots, with high heels, wanting to remove the soft leather and kiss your slim calves.

You spied my lingering look. scolding me gently with your bright eyes

“Not at the moment, maybe you can interest me later!

After that; work just drifted past me, nobody could wind me up, not even the most manic shopper.

I was on a cloud, but were you real-I had to admit you were a great fantasy! I felt tired at the end of working. but mentally attuned. I felt dirty in my shop clothes hoping that you would allow me a shower.

I swiftly removed my unwanted panties, I desperately wanted to get out at closing time.. My tight work dress would cover me, for the short walk to your abode. I was getting excited thinking of being able to try on some of your wardrobe and stripping myself of mine.

I arrived at your door slightly breathless. Wishing that I was not intruding on your privacy, clutching a bottle of red wine for us both to enjoy. When the door opened , the warmth in your features caressed me, I felt reassured and knew you were real, not just an apparition of my mind.

“Hi” you said brightly and as I was drinking you into my being, you whisked me into the coolness of your flat. You took the bottle silently replacing it with a poured glass of deep red wine. ”Take this, sit and relax” you commanded. so that I could only oblige. I sunk into a luxurious rather upright high chair swathed in leather ,clumsily spilling some of your cup of friendship onto my dress. I was only able to rub it and curse myself.

You turned to me, watching my panic, simply to bend next to me holding my hand again in yours.

I swallowed the rest of the un-spilt wine, watching as your hand played with mine. You even took one of my fingers gently caressing it with your lips and then teeth. I felt I should withdraw it from your mouth but I did not really wish to. You looked deeply into my eyes then and suddenly regained your composure.

“But I am Maltepe Suriyeli Escort forgetting my hospitality” you blurted “You must forgive my forwardness, I just wished to relax you and I start…”

“No don’t apologize- can I have some more wine though, most of this glass spilt over my shop uniform and your lovely leather chair”

Instantly a new large glass was there deep red as before. You knelt tendering it to my lips so all I had to do was open and swallow with your guidance. This pampering was beginning to get my heart pounding inside my small frame. You sensed my timidity placing one finger to your lips, informing me that I had no need to speak-just to feel the pleasure-hopefully that you were about to give me.

I admitted to myself that after my shoe shop ordeals of the week I would love to give in to your advances.

But had I to pretend that they were unwanted, or show you exactly what a wanton slut I really was. Well I had been encouraged to be silent meaning that you wanted control. What is more I wanted to give it to you. I was going to go with the flow and the wine in my throat was warming me to that cause.

My ankles were now being tied to the chair uprights with silken threads. I ,as if in that dream. was unable to resist the thrill of restraint. I knew you had used this chair before with other conquests and you would be gentle yet arousing.

My ankles were unmovable, my high heels left on ,also the black stockings and garter remained. My pussy was feeling damp, but still uniform covered. You were aware of my thoughts; but you retired to another room.

I had been waiting, it seemed an age. Had you changed your mind and did you no longer want me. I was beginning to feel the insecurity well inside my brain. I am just been used. When ,at last you returned.

You were wearing a black cat suit with your hair tied back, holding a cat of nine like a tail behind you.

You stood over me staring, at my uniform covered cunt. That whip was laid down and a razor produced from the suit that glistened in my eyes. The excitement of being available and vulnerable made my pussy dampen. My inhibitions were vanishing as the wine took hold. The blade approached cutting the uniform down my cleavage making my tits spring out of their harness and in full view of your eyes.

Your eyes started to glow as you noticed my pert upturned hardening nipples, freed from my cheap bra.

:”You have such large dark nipples darling, I just have to lick them and bite them too.”

I nodded in appreciation of your growing ardor. “ Yes bite them hard after this”

You Maltepe İranlı Escort took The bottle and emptied the contents on my exposed tits making it run down my cleavage and on to my velvety needy pussy. The blade followed cutting from cleavage to pussy in one swift line. You saw I had no cover on my minge only the hairs that lay over it. I moved my hands to cover myself up, but you only said:-.

“ Let me watch you play with yourself”

I didn’t need any further encouragement and did as I was told, watching your eyes burn into my damp and now wetter pussy.

“ You like me to watch you don’t you baby” your husky voice asked.

All I could do was to nod my gratefull acceptance.

You were in turn forced to pull the suit zip down so that your large firmer boobs could be seen.

I opened my mouth and you placed your right one inside as I continued to play willfully with my own clit.

You began to sense my cum with your own large breast inside me; then you took away my playing fingers tying them behind the chair. I started to protest but the blade was produced in an instant and my protest subsided.

“ Don’t move a muscle now slave , I am in charge. You will cum soon”

My heart pounded, with long slender legs outstretched and pulsing pussy in your view. You took the knife and began to shave my hairs tenderly and lovingly, until it was hairless to your approval. Your inspection of your handiwork made me so excited that, as the blade withdrew, I started spontaneously to cum all over your chair.

You gave a welcome sheik, sticking your tongue inside me now, as I dripped more and more at your insistence. I had to be told it was good as I felt like such a bad girl to be getting all this pleasure. My spasms were intense and I came giving out a large yell of delight.

“ Oh I had to cum mistress, you made me feel so naughty-I want your tits in my face again please they are so large and succulent much larger that mine. Oh please miss now!”

You let me pull down the ringed zip on your shinny black cat suit, from your tits past your belly button, to your own shaved pussy lips. Yours was the first that I had seen and I had to be untied to worship its curves with both tongue and hands. You knew my frustration and set my hands free. They gladly now touched your own curves which were juicy and wet after their freedom from the hot leather.

You sought the cat of nine now first touching your pussy with its handle while I watched then placing it around my neck. You pulled my tongue towards your wetness and I sucked and licked to my hearts contentment. You were so hot after our initiation together, that I easily had you cuming in my desperate mouth and being your wanton slut forever.

The evening passed into night as we held each other and later retired to your comfortable bed, only to wake up early in the morning again wanting each other, all the more.

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