The Silent Seduction


My step-mother, number four and seven at different times in my life, was never hot to begin with but she had some looks. She had a paunch, her ass was too big for her small frame, and her tiny breasts were not nearly as firm as they had been the first time she married my father, yet her stygian hair and full lips were something to behold.

My father worked long hours over the weekends, usually out of state, as a convention salesman. When he was out of town my step-mother would have company come over and stay. This usually amounted to a couple of male, female, and sometimes mixed sex company. They would stay holed up in her room, the stench and sounds of sex emanating outward into the rest of the house where the only person left in residence was myself.

After a while I couldn’t help it anymore and started masturbating to the sounds and smells. All the moaning and groaning coming down the hall into my room lit the fires of imagination to what was really happening. It was just too much to not get myself off too; spending all week at a job I hated and all weekend not getting laid while she never worked and was having more sex than most people had in their whole lives.

When I’d go to the bathroom I could smell everything and would instantly get hard, which made urinating a long and arduous task as the bathroom was directly outside of her bedroom.

One night, as I made my way to the bathroom as I had many times before, I noticed something was different. The smell was stronger and the sounds were louder as I approached the adjoining rooms. I stepped cautiously in front of her bedroom door and saw that it was ajar just enough to peek in and get my first glimpse.

My step-mother was bent over the side of the bed with her arms tied behind her back, her face buried between the legs of a blonde woman appearing to be in her mid-40s. The woman’s hand was on my step-mother’s head, holding her face there. Behind my step-mother was a man, appearing to be in his mid-50s, pounding away at her. At about every fifth stroke he’d slap my step-mother’s ass.

I quickly but silently moved into the bathroom and closed the güvenilir bahis door. My hard on was bulging like it never had before and my mind raced. All the times I’d masturbated to thoughts of what was being done to my step-mother had not prepared me for the reality of seeing her be fucked. Especially like that.

I grabbed some toilet paper and made my way to her bedroom door once again. They were still going at it so I made my way to my bedroom, closed the door, and stroked myself to the biggest orgasm of my life up to that point. This scenario repeated for a few weekends; her door would be open, I’d see her being fucked, and go jerk off in my bedroom.

Eventually I worked up enough nerve to stand outside of her bedroom door and jerk while I watched everything. I was a scared of being caught the first few times but nobody ever looked my way. It ended up becoming my weekend thrill, something I looked forward to.

During the weekdays she’d started saying things to me that hinted at her knowing I had been watching. When I’d look at her in a quizzical way she’d quickly change the subject as if she hadn’t said anything, knowing I wouldn’t be able to respond with my father home. Each day my lust for her grew, to the point that any time I saw her during the week flashes of her performing sex acts were playing in my mind as she talked or walked by; men and women enjoying her body, doing things to her that only existed in my life via porn and magazines up through that point. It seemed as if in each moment she was morphing from the not-so-attractive woman I knew into the only woman able to sate the sexual desires I had acquired.

One Saturday night, after dinner, her and I were sitting on the couch in the den watching television. I was shocked she didn’t have company over but figured that even she needed a break.

At random intervals she would reach for something on the coffee table and sit back. I noticed that every time she sat back she got closer to me until, eventually, she was right next to me. I could feel her body heat on my skin, thoughts of acts I’d seen her do rushing back into my mind. I couldn’t help but türkçe bahis get hard.

After being close enough that her hips were touching mine she stopped, acting like nothing was different. I was content in the knowledge that my jeans were hiding my erection enough that she wouldn’t notice. Some time passed and, having gotten drowsy, I started falling asleep.

I awoke to the sensation of my erection being stroked through my jeans, an alternating of light and hard strokes. When I looked up, her face met mine, a devilish look in her eyes. She proceeded to confess that she knew I had been watching her. She unzipped my jeans and put her hand into my underwear, stroking and squeezing my cock. I sat there, staring at her face, relief and shock vying for control of my mind as at least one secret was now out in the open.

She pulled my pants and underwear down, pulled her dress off over her head, then straddled me and played with my cock as she told me that it turned her on to know I had been watching her get fucked. She moved the head of my cock to rub the outside of her pussy, then moved in and kissed me with full tongue.

She grabbed my cock and put it inside of her, then used her hands to push me back onto the couch, continuing to kiss me as she took the rest my cock inside of her. She started riding me, hard but with slow, deliberate strokes; showing me a good time while also getting herself off. After the initial shock of what was happening wore off, I got into it and kissed back with the same passion she showed me. As she got closer to climax she started riding faster and harder and I could feel my own climax building. I told her I was going to cum, she told me to cum inside of her; I did while she grasped me tight, shivering. I emptied the last of what I had into her and she fell into me, panting. I asked if she was all right and she responded yes, but that I wasn’t done. She “may have cum once but once isn’t enough”.

We lay on the couch for a bit, shared a smoke and made small talk, then she took me to her bedroom. She lay down on the bed, spread her legs and told me to eat her. I was apprehensive, as I had güvenilir bahis siteleri just cum inside of her, but I kneeled down and started licking. She tasted quite good, and after a bit I didn’t care that I could taste myself in her as all mixed together it was amazing. I took directions from her as I ate my first creampie and soon enough she was orgasming. She made me go one more time, this time rimming her ass, and once more she came all while directing me to how she liked it.

When I stood up and brushed my face off I was hard again. She pushed me onto my back and started sucking my cock. I was getting close to another orgasm when she stopped, came up and kissed me, then told me it was time for me to fuck her right. She moved onto all fours and ordered me to fuck her from behind. I moved up behind her, trying to get my cock in, when she reached behind and guided me. Her pussy felt like an even better heaven from this angle and I started pounding away as soon as I got a groove going.

A couple minutes later I was cumming inside of her deeper this time. When I finished I popped right down to eat her; it tasted so good mixed together before that I wanted more. I had better access to her pussy and ass this time, with a far grander idea of what she liked, and ate her like she enjoyed. She came once more and we took a bit of a long break.

After resting, making small talk and having a few smokes she said it was time for her to be direct with me. She proceeded to tell me she had wanted to fuck me for a long time but held off until I made a move. She hoped that I would take advantage of the two of us being home alone all the time but got frustrated that I never worked up the nerve to do something.

She then gave me a choice; we could make this a one time thing and be done with it or we could keep going. That if we continued she’d make sure I’d experience things most people would spend their lives regretting not doing or trying to attain. She countered that it might be best if I did seek those things out myself, in my own time, but admitted that she wanted to keep fucking and to show me the wide world of sex.

I didn’t hesitate to tell her that I’d love to keep fucking her and I’d be more than willing to do whatever she had in mind.

She embraced me, kissed me, and proceeded to give me the kind of tour only an experienced woman could.

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