The simple truth- miami 2012


The simple truth- miami 2012Ok, so I’m in college. love to party, drink, and fuck, and occasionally study. However, i really like fucking. relationships are cool bu t i guess i haven’t found the right girl yet because whenever I get into a relationship i always find myself fucking around with other gorgeous women. I don’t mean for it to happen but it does. I mean what, i have high standard, and am attractive. Girls basically throw the ass at me. Like i said I haven’t found the It girl yet or else i would be able to fight the temptation. But i can’t. I will tell you of one rather hot situation that i got myself into. Names have been changed to protect the identities of people you probably don’t know or care about. But i don’t want no shit so i said it. So I am on spring break trying out the club scene in Miami. I have a girl at the hotel but somehow for the past four days i have managed to wake up in the bed two hot girls on monday and tuesday, a sexy ass tranny on wednesday, and two girls in one bed on thursday. I always manage to get to my girls room soon enough to fornicate with her to allay any fear that she might have that i’m cheating. life is good. my phone constantly blown up with women who want the dick. sometimes it gets hard but I make it. So me my girl and a lot of friends (umm its about four other guys and nine girls[ two of which i have slept with]) go jet-skiing and we don’t know how to really jet-ski so we get this female instructor. lets call her heather. skin the a little lighter than the color of the most exquisite caramel. her eyes were a green that stopped you in your tracks if you were unprepared to gaze upon them. her hair was a blonde so sweet that honey was envious and her body.Oh my god she had the hips of a belly dancer, the never ending legs of a onwin giriş model, the stomach of a swimmer, her breast, there are no words to describe how amazing they looked in her flattering tankini. Her face, oh my god her face was like thats of an angel. her face was round, her lips were big and succulent, she had beauty mark above her lip on the right side. thats basically all the detail i can give you without sounding like something worst than what I am. the moment we saw her all of the other boys started talking about who had dibbs and what not. hehe well even though mine “girlfriend” was right there i still asserted my dominance and said ,”she is mine.”Now on a side note yall are probably wondering how i could do that with my girlfriend standing near me. Well i think it is pretty obvious but me and the boys and the select few female i can call my best friend, speak in this code. kinda like sign language but personalized so that only we understand. Like i said i was like the alpha of the pack so the other boys backed off and were going to let me do my thing.Meanwhile the girls re trying to figure out what the fuck the guys are talking about and why they are shaking their ass like apes.So we walk up to the beach and greet our instructor, then look at me, all the boys and girls because they know “how i am” I guess. so yea everyone introduces themselves before me and i go second to last. i take the longest and made her laugh with my charisma and she is lookinng at me intently by this point. she the moves down to y girlfriend. she introduces herself to heather and adds,”his Girlfriend” i am fully aware of how that makes a girl feel and it is totally work aroundable. so when she turn to go to the jetski i am sure to catch her i and simple wink, out of the sight onwin yeni giriş of my girlfriend.she teaches us to ride and everyone else gets it. I on the other hand take longer get to get some more tome to speak to heather. She is feelng me and i am feeling her. out of sight from everyone else we are flirting up a storm. she says “you go with someone though”. i try to subdue her fears i guess.she gets more and more relaxed. i back off totally from making her want me with works and now i’m just clowning around. i get her back in her comfort zone, wait until everyone is away then m girlfriend comes over.haves left me alone with another girl for the past three hours…. why now when im about to put on the pressure again. she says we are about to leave. babe i still can’t ride a jetski.We have been here for three hours, lets go.c’mon, this was one of the main reasons i wanted to go on this trip. baby, i hungry, i tired, and im hot, if i don’t get naked in like the next ten minutes i am going to have the worst tanlines ever.”ok,ok,ok,” i know that when she starts adding little facts like that, she is either one horny, two questioning my fidelity, or the a mixture of both. i say you start on to the hotel i with catch there in like ten minutes. ok,i agree and unfortunately we kiss, one of those kisses only kissed when you won’t be seeing that person for a while. “don’t make me wait to long”, then she does a desparate measure, she slide her hand into my bathing suit, grabs my cock and then quickly and vigorously kisses me. then she is off and i return my focus to heather. “sorry about that. it’s fine.u sure.yes, multiple girls want your cock.look, let me make it up to your later, we are going to party tonight, due you want come with?nah, i tired of the club scene herehmmmm…. onwin güvenilirmi then what about dinner?well, i don’t know, i don’t want you to have to deal with that under protective chica of’s fine really, she won’t be a problem tonight.i don’t know…….c’mon, she won’t find out, i insist.Well if you insist. tonight at azul at 10:30. umm… ok. got to go handle this situation at the hotel. bye.wait stephon, you forgot something.what.And s the she kissed me. And for a moment, i was in this point we are back on land so i give her my number and she gives me hers.i walk off, just sayin i had known how to jetski well the whole time but i liked heather so… i get back to the hotel and sure enough, my girlfriend is naked on the couch.”baby cant you do something for me”, she ask.yeah.answer this question. Why the fuck was your dick rock hard in the ocean while you were talking to that instructor.In my mind i was saying, shit she noticed that”, but i had to keep my cool or some thing that would make me look bad so i said, ” i was ready to come home and do some fucking”.oh really, and who would you be fucking, me or her. “baby, why are you asking these questions.” I know how this arguement goes so i turn and lock the door.”i’m horny and your not giving me enough attenion” she says with a smile.”well, I’m sorry and we can change that”. i strip and she jumps on the bed. i see that she has masturbated and saw,”well i be damned, you damn near need this cock.i slide in and she feels good, like different from usual. but anyway i have sex with like usual. we go for forty-five minutes and she finishes and then i finish end of story. we are in the bed afterward and we are cuddling and we get a knock at the door.i get up, i’m pissed, so i don’t bother to cover myself. it some guy and he has flowers for brittany. grr… I ask who sent them. he says it was one of her female friends……. im tired of typing now but i will finish his soon. it gets way better so friend me, fav this, and message me if you like.

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