The Skate Park—Transfer of Power


The Skate Park—Transfer of PowerThe Skate Park—Transfer of PowerMornings at the sk8t park were always the best. Still lots of tree shade, but in the summer, still hot as fuck by noon. I was surprised at how many of the guys showed up—it was kinda short notice. Dustin and Kelso were sk8tin around the short track. I was just hangin on the table, waiting for the rest of the guys.Finally they were all there—I gave out a loud and hard whistle—lots of dudes were so jealous cause I could do that. We all were assembled now. Couple were asking “what’s up” Petroni commented that we all hadn’t been in the same place at one time since Dustins 14th b’day. I kinda grinned—looking at my lil bro. “Ya, I guess your right” “That was a pretty kewl moment. So anyways—this is why we are all here. Im sure most of you heard about the mischief we had Saturday with the new jocks from school. “Ya—we heard about Dustin stompin some ass”! It was Jamie Simmons—hadn’t seen him since that day either—when I stomped his ass, lol. “Ya well, he did a good job backing me up. But really—he could have handled it by himself”. “Ya Dillion, so what’s up, yo” ? “Well, I thought about that the rest of the day. Now don’t get me wrong dudes—I still enjoy a good fight. But as I done got to be a little older now, and I aint in school anymore, and I just got my first ‘reaI’ job, I think it’s time to turn the sk8t park over to someone else. “Yo dawg—for reals–who you got in mind for that ? Doesn’t that have to be voted on by the crew”?? “Ya Petroni, your right. Have you paid attention to who is sitting here “ ? “OH fuck—were all here, lol” . “Yep—so if it’s ok with all you guys—lets just skip the formal stuff– the minutes, and the reading, and the sword, güvenilir bahis and all that shit, and get right to it” “Sure Dillion, ya Matt, ya kewl wit me” “OK so everybody stand up. “I Matthew Dillion, as leader of the Tyler Sk8t Park, and Captain of the Tyler Football Crew, having now reached the age of 21, do hereby nominate as my successor, and relinquish my titles to Diamond Dawg Dustin Dillion. All in favor, please raise your right hand, and signify by saying “yae” As I suspected, they all raised their hands. Any opposed (under fear of getting your ass stomped, lol) “ Simmons raised his hand. I just looked at him, staring him down. “Ahh come on Dillion, you know Im just fuckin. I think Dustin would be perfect—and it’s still a Dillion at the throne” I did have a point of order though—in case it comes up later “ I stared at Simmons again, kinda perturbed. “OK—what”? “Well, as you all know, Dustin didn’t follow you into football—he decided on baseball, and kick-boxing at school. Which were all kewl with. But—can he inherit the captain of the crew, if he’s not a football player” ?“I figured somebody might bring that up. So I thought about it last night. When Dustin was a freshman—he did show for a few practices, and so technically made the team. He just decided later that baseball was more to his liking, and a bit easier than following my legacy—which not braggin, but it’s gonna be pretty fuckin hard for somebody to break my 7 records. Therefore, he was initiated into the gang, I mean crew—therefore he qualifies to be voted on, by nomination, to become captain by majority vote—which he has. Further, if you Simmons, as member of the football team vote aye, then he will have it 100%, just like the night we voted to türkçe bahis accept him into the crew—which I think would be very kewl of you”. “So now, fucker we got to vote on your point of order, and then again on my motion. So—all in acceptance in the explanation of the point-of-order, raise your hand and say yae”“Let the records show, that the point has been accepted by 100% of those present. And thank you Simmons” with a grin.“And now, all in favor of Dustin Dillion succeding me as gaurdian of the sk8t park, and captain of the Tyler Football crew, raise your hands, and say yae” There was a moment of silence, as everyone looked around each other, and I paused. I think they all knew better than to say anything at that moment, because once I proclaimed my lil bro—that would be it. After 7 years of reign in both positions I would be relinquishing power. I continued with ‘any opposed’ ? So finally I went on–”Dustin Dillion, having been voted on, and carried by acceptable margin, do you accept the duties so offered to you on this day”?Another pause—I think I caught my lil bro off guard. But after a minute or so, he finally jumped on top of the pic-nic table, and said “YES” Big cheer and lots of clapping. A proud moment, and I think I detected a tear in my lil bros eye, lol. “Then so as the last command I proclaim, and with said power invested in me—I do so withdraw my reign, and crown Diamond Dustin Dillion as protecter of the Tyler Sk8t Park, and Captain of the Tyler Football Crew, and so charge him with the power, privileges, and honor of said post—witnessed by all present”More cheers and clapping and pats on the back, etc. “Now lets sk8t mother fuckers !!Most of the boys headed back to the trails and tracks. Dustin güvenilir bahis siteleri hung back with me, still sitting on the table, me with my arm around his shoulder, playing with his mohawk, which he got way back on his 14th B’Day. He didn’t cut it down until he was about 25, when he too got a ‘real’ job, and then himself transfered power. He was so proud of it. As we sat on the table, he turned and looked me right in the face. “Matthew—when does a dude know when he’s a man”? “Ahhh lil bro—I been waiting for that for some time now” I replied. “Ya ?? so what’s the answer’? “There is only one person on the planet that can proclaim you a man. And that is the man in the mirror”. “HUH ??” “lol, go up to the bathhouse Dustin, and stand in front of that big long wall mirror. And when you are ready, you tell that man in the mirror–‘I am a man’. Then you come back down here. He did as I instructed, and after about 15 minutes, finally returned. He sat back beside me on the pic-nic table, and kinda looked at me out of the corner of his eye. I glanced down at his tanned muscular and hairy legs, and noticed ‘is he getting a boner ‘ ??? I guess he was waiting for some more wisdom from me. So I offered “you see lil bro, it doesn’t matter what your dad, or mom think. It doesn’t matter what your big bro all star jock hero thinks, or you best friend, or girlfriend, your coach, or anybody else. It doesn’t matter how much hair you got on ur ass, or how big ur dick is, or how far you can sling a nut, or weather you decided to eat pussy or ass. All that matters, is what the man in the mirror says. So—did the mirror speak to you lil bro “ ?“It did Matthew, and yes—I am a man “ ! I gave lil bro a big grin, and another hug around his shoulders. After a moment, he looked over at me and said “Hey Matthew—you wanna go down to the south trail, and fuck the park leader up his hairy ass “??I think you can guess how that turned out.So concludes the Sk8t Park Chronicles.

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