The Slumber Party


The Slumber PartyTiffany and Monica rang the doorbell of Beth’s front door. The door opened and there stood Tim who is Beth’s sexy brother. Both girls have had a crush on him for the last couple of years. All three checked each other out quickly.“Beth, your friends are here! Come on in girls.” He said as he watched the two teen girls wiggle by himTiffany brushed against Tim and then looked and gave him a smile. Beth came down the stairs and gave a little squeal at the sight of her two friends. The three girls had been close since they were in the first grade. They had grown up together. Now they were getting ready to graduate and soon they would be headed off to different colleges so they were spending as much time together as possible.The three had gone through many events together; adolescence, first kiss, first dates and most recently they each lost their virginity. They all felt that fucking was the best thing they had discovered and each was anxious to have sex with other guys. It seemed it was all they talked about and particular which guys they would like to fuck.The girls quickly retreated to Beth’s room where they quickly began to talk about guys.“Your brother is looking hot as hell!” Tiffany said with a giggle“Yeah, he is a real sexy guy! Is he getting any or could I give him a hand?” Monica laughed“Hell, I would do better than a hand! He could fuck my pussy all night long!” Tiffany added“Well I have to admit he is a hot guy and if was not my brother I would ride him like a horse all night long.” Beth said as she giggledThe three continued to talk about things but mostly the conversation came back to sex and guys. “So Monic you went out with Brian last night, did you get some cock?” Beth asked“Well I sucked him and he had no staying power he popped so quick that I never even got a good rhythm going. He has the smallest cock I’ve ever seen. He was probably less than five inches. Too bad he is really a good looking guy but with a small dick and quick trigger he will never take care of my needs.” Monica answered“Damn, I was hoping he would be a stud! His daddy has money too!” Beth said as the other two laughed“Maybe you should fuck his daddy. Then you would have your sugar daddy!” Tiffany laughed“I would rather have a guy with big cock than one with big money.” Monica giggled“I would rather have a big cock and the guy is rich! A girl has to be practical!” Beth said with a wink“So which guy do you know that has the biggest dick?” Tiffany asked the other two girls“Steve Johnson! He is about seven inches.” Monica said as she held her hands apart showing the size of the cock“Well that is bigger than Ted’s.” Tiffany replied by spread her hands about six inches apart“What about you Beth? What’s biggest cock you have seen?” Monica asked as she noticed that her friend had become rather quietBeth just sat there and bit her lip as she tried to decide whether to tell what she had recently discovered. The other two girls looked at her and could tell she knew something that they did not.“Come on Beth! What do you know?” both girls echoed“Well I know a guy who has a really big cock.” Beth said slowly“So did you fuck him?” Monica giggled“No! I did see him stroking it.” Beth giggled“So who is it?” Tiffany asked“My brother!” Beth saidTiffany and Monica just sat there with their mouths open.“How big is he?” they both blurted outBeth spread her hands apart about 12 inches.“Holy izmir rus escort Shit!” Tiffany screamed“You have to be k**ding!” Monica added“No it’s true! He was in the living room alone late last night and looked from the top of the stairs and could see him jacking off.” Beth giggled“Wow! Did you see him shoot his load?” Monica asked“Oh Yeah, it was shooting all over the place!” Beth said with a smile that said she had been impressed by the event“Damn! Now I’m even more jealous! Your brother is hot and he has a really big cock!” Tiffany saidWhat none of the girls knew was that Tim was standing outside of the bedroom door listening to the girls talk about his cock and that they wanted to fuck him. Tim had loved checking three girls out over the years and if he told the truth the night before he had been jacking off thinking about fucking all three of the girls including his little sister. Up to this point it had only been a fantasy but now he had the real opportunity to fuck his sister’s two friends. Tim pushed on the door and entered the room.“Maybe you would like to see it for yourselves?” he said as he entered the room and the three girls looked at him“Tim! Were you eavesdropping on us?” Beth said in a startled way“Yeah and I heard you all talking about how you spied on me when I jacked off last night. I also heard that Tiffany and Monica want to see my cock.” He said with a laugh as his sister blushedHe stepped forward and opened his jeans. All three of the girls could clearly see the bulge of his cock as it started to get stiff. Tiffany reached out and ran her finger over the outline of his cock. He loved the touch of the blonde’s finger as it rubbed his dick. Monica also reached out and pointed at his impressive bulge.Tiffany and Monica looked up at him and they both smiled a sexy smile at him. Beth was up on the bed looking at her two friends playing with the bulge in her now exposed brother’s underwear. Beth felt her pussy getting wet at the sight and she looked at her brother who winked at her.“Show us your cock!” Tiffany said“I will but I want to know are you ready to get fucked Tiffany?” Tim replied“Yeah baby! I will fuck you!” Tiffany said with a sexy grin“Hey! I want some too!” Monica moaned“Plenty for both of you!” Tim said he dropped his pants allowing his cock to be proudly displayed“Holy Shit!” Tiffany said with admiration“That cock is huge!” moaned MonicaBeth smiled at her brother as she watched her two friends admire the twelve inches of man meat. Beth wished that he was not her brother because she would love to get that cock up her pussy.“That thing is fucking big I bet we cannot even get all the way in our mouths!” Monica said as she watched Tim proudly stroke the cock“I am going to try my best! Let me have some of that!” Tiffany said as she scooted forward and wrapped her lips around the big dick Tiffany stretched her mouth open and took as much as she could. She came back and looked at Monica.“How much did I get in?” she asked her friend“Less than half. Now I want to try!” Monica said as she took the cock and pushed her mouth down the shaft and then she gaggedTiffany and Beth watched as Monica sucked on the cock but she too could only get about half in her mouth. Tim was groaning at the feeling of the two sexy girls sucking his big shaft but just as big a turn on was watching his sister with a look of desire izmir rus escort bayan on her face that said she wanted to suck her brother’s cock.“I saw something in a porn movie that might work.” Tiffany said as she rolled onto her back with her head at the edge of the bedShe opened her mouth and Tim smiled as he pushed his dick into her pretty face. They all watched in amazement as more and more cock slid into her mouth.Monica watched in admiration as her friend had her mouth fucked by the big dick. She looked up at Tim who was smiling at her as he pumped Tiffany’s mouth.Monica pulled her friend’s top down exposing her large tits. She had always been a little jealous of her friend’s perfect tits. Beth listened to the sloppy sound of Tiffany being face fucked by her brother and she found herself rubbing her pussy through her pants.Suddenly Tiffany started to gag on the big cock and Tim was forced to pull out of her mouth. Monica did not miss her opportunity to happily suck his dick as Tiffany pulled herself together. Tom held Monica’s head as he pushed his dick and out of her mouth. He could feel her tongue rubbing the bottom of his cock as she gently sucked on him. He again looked at Beth who now had her hand in her pants and was obviously rubbing her wet pussy.Tiffany was now right beside Monica and the two girls started to take turns sucking Tim’s dick while the other licked and sucked his balls.Beth stood up and took off her pants and lay back on the other bed. She began to openly rub her pussy as she watched her two friends’ sucking her brother. She wondered it would be like to have that wonderful cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Just the thought was nearly enough to make her cum.Tiffany slipped off the bed and onto her knees so that she could suck Tim’s cock better. She looked up at the handsome young man and she felt her pussy flooding with juice. She could not help but wonder what it was going to be like to feel that cock pushed deep into her pussy. Monica was taking her turn on the cock and Tim reached down to feel Tiffany’s big natural tits.“Those fucking tits are amazing!” he groaned as Monica worked his cock with a quick pumping motion“I think you should fuck my tits!” Tiffany giggled as she watched the cock slip from her friend’s mouthTim put the cock between her magnificent boobs and she squeezed them around the cock. Tiffany looked up at him as she moved her tits up and down his cock making him moan. Monica reached over and gripped her friend’s wonderful big tit and helped to hold Tim’s cock in Tiffany’s cleavage. Monica loved the feel of her friend’s tit in her hand. She never imagined how sexually exciting it would be to feel her tits. Tiffany was shocked at the feel of Monica squeezing her tit.“Fuck this is so fucking sexy!” moaned Beth as she watched her friends and brother touching and kissing each other.“Hell Yeah! This is fucking awesome but I think I need to put the cock in a pussy. Who wants it first?” Tim groaned“Please fuck me first” screamed Monica as she lay back on the bed and spread her legs and looked at Tim“Alright but if you get the cock first you need to lick Tiffany’s pussy!” he said with a lustful smileTiffany was shocked at the suggestion of having Monica eat her pussy but Monica just looked at her and smiled and then licked her lips with a sexy look.“Come on Tiffany let me izmir rus escort be your first girl!” Monica said as she reached out and stroked her friend’s legBeth was pushing two fingers in and out of her pussy and was cumming as she watched Tiffany lower her pussy on to Monica’s face.“OHHHHHH!” Tiffany moaned as she felt her friend’s tongue work her pussyTim smiled as he gripped Monica’s legs and then positioned the cock head at her vaginal opening. He pushed and watched as the head entered the girl. Her pussy was hot, wet and tight. He pushed harder and his cock sank into Monica. Time heard all three girls moan as he started to pump her pussy.Tim gave her a moment for her pussy to accommodate him but then he started to pound her. Tiffany watched as she could see the cock dripping with pussy juice as it slid in and out of her friend. She looked to see Beth jerking her hips with another orgasm. Then Tiffany felt her pussy convulse with an orgasm. “Oh God! I coming on a girl’s mouth!” she thought as she moanedMonica was lost in sexual heaven as she felt the large cock pushing in and out of her but the taste of pussy just made it all so much sexier. She already knew that she was going to want sex with another girl as part of her life. She felt Tiffany shake with an orgasm and her own body joined in.Both girls collapsed from their orgasms as Tim looked at them. Beth could see his cock jerking with excitement.He pulled Tiffany into a doggie position and she looked over her shoulder as he positioned his cock.Monica grabbed her ass and held it as Tim started to push into her tight pussy. Tiffany flinched as she thought about the giant cock that was about to be pushed into her.“Fuck her Tim!” Monica shoutedTiffany felt the cock slowly but steadily pushed into her. Never had anything so long entered her. Beth was moaning as her brother started to hammer his cock in and out of Tiffany. She could hear the steady sound of Tiffany moaning and the slapping sound of her brother banging the pussy.Tim grabbed her by the hips and pounded her mercilessly as Tiffany started to cum on his big cock.Tiffany could not take anymore and begged for him to stop.Tim grabbed Monica and pushed her onto the floor. He pushed his pussy coated cock into her mouth as Tiffany moved to join her. Tiffany took the cock in her mouth and loved the taste of pussy and her friend’s saliva on the cock.Tim reached down and grabbed Monica by the ankles and pulled her up so that she was nearly on her head. He spread her legs and Tiffany positioned the cock to enter Monica’s pussy. Tim pushed and the cock moved deep into her in one long hard push. Tim pumped the pussy like a mad man. All three girls could not believe how hard he could fuck and all three kept creaming on fingers or that wonderful dick.Beth was beside herself as she was cumming again and she so desperately wanted to feel that cock pound her.“Fuck I need to cum!” Tim said as he released MonicaTiffany sucked his cock into her mouth and marveled at the flavor of pussy. Monica was now beside her and was sucking the side Of Tim’s cock as she worked it with her mouth.Tim Pulled back and stroked his cock rapidly and then the sperm erupted onto the two girls as they squealed with delight.“Fuck you two really look sexy!” Beth saidTiffany and Monica slowly stood up and walked to the bathroom to clean up.Tim looked at his sister who was sitting with her legs spread wide.“I’m going to fuck you later but that will be just between us.” He said as she smiled in anticipationThe End(A word from the author; just another passing fantasy about wild sex. In other words just another day in my perverted life! If you enjoyed a thumbs up and as always I love to read comments and messages.)

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