The Social Season


Maybe it’s a hold over from ten thousand years ago when animals gathered together as fall turned into winter. For what ever reason it has held that the fall is the start of the social season for the human species as well.

It was a ritual for me to step out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around my head. Kenny would be there naked on the bed with his strong hard cock in hand. He would say “Wilda you are so fucking sexy. I love to see you naked walking around with those gorgeous tits bouncing for my enjoyment. Why don’t you come over here lay down, spread your legs and let me lick that sweet clean pussy.”

I laughed and asked “Why do you always take things into your own hands? It is always hard before I get a chance to play with it. You know I love to suck your cock when it is soft and feel it grow in my mouth.” Then I would go over to the bed and bent over taking his cock in my mouth. I love to suck cock. For the last two weeks I have only sucked Kenny’s cock. I had not seen nor been with Don since the night I had my first threesome with these two guys.

When Kenny reached for my wet pussy I straighten up moving closer to the bed. Kenny has magic fingers and quickly wiggled two fingers into my pussy. I told him to slide over to the middle of the bed. He did and I moved up and over him with my head between his legs and my pussy positioned over his face. I loved to sixty-nine and feel his tongue lick my cunt as I lowered my mouth down over his cock. I can not speak for all women but there is something special about feeling a man’s cock all hard and pungent filling my mouth. I have been called a “Cock-sucker” and I like the sound of it.
I am a lover of cocks and an expert cock-sucker and I love the feeling and dominance it gives me over men. When you hold his cock between your teeth you have him and his world solidly in your grip.

But when Kenny licks my pussy and wiggles two fingers into my ass then everything is reversed. I loose it and he becomes king and I servant. I become his slave for however long he deems it. I will submit to his will and demands what ever they are.

A few minutes later I tasted sweet warm sperm spurt into my mouth and it sent a shower of emotions through me to my pussy which responded by giving Kenny the rewards he so justly deserved. He came and I sucked him clean, I came and he licked my pussy until I screamed and rolled free of him. My towel had come off my head as I panted next to my lover.

I was in front of my dresser looking for a clean bra and panties when Kenny said “Wilda my love we have been invited to a party next Friday.”

“Oh, where? ” I asked feeling excited that we might be going out.

There is going to be a private party in the Penworth’s house next Friday night and I was asked to come and bring my lady as my guest. But since my regular cock-sucker was not available I thought I would bring you instead.”

I tossed my wet towel at him and he laughed. “Is it formal?” I asked as I hooked my bra and pulled my panties up.

“No, nothing like that. Just casual and sexy.” Kenny said with a hint of something special in his suggestive tone.

“What, what is going on?” I asked excitedly. “What is it you fucker? You tell me what it is all about.” I was smiling and eager to hear his answer.
Kenny sat up on the edge of the bed and looked at me and said “Wilda we have been invited to a real swinging party. There will be as many at ten couples there. Mostly married but there will be a few couples like us that are together but still single. I also believe there might be a single or two that will be; shell we say freelancing.”

“What do you mean? Freelancing; is that like one or two guys that just go around fucking any one that is not other wise engaged?” I had never heard of such a thing but it intrigued me to no end. How this many swingers would collectively fuck and suck in the open and how they would pick a partner or partners in the case of a threesome or more-some I had no idea.

I had of course knew what swinging was all about even if I had never been in to it myself unless you call the threesome yakacık escort with Don and Kenny swinging. It sounded like this might be a real fun weekend. I all of a sudden was looking forward to Friday night…


It was the third Friday night in September and it was hot, muggy and soon to be one very exciting night in my life. My first swinging party. I looked forward to seeing swarms of lathered up bodies all sweaty doing all kind of things to one another. I am a bit of a voyeur and to watch really turns me on. I get to see cocks of all kinds, all sizes and shapes. This alone was reason to go. Kenny was ready and so was I.

Don’t ask me where Kenny got my outfit but it was special made and if I must say so myself I looked sensational. My blonde hair was pulled back and held in place with a clam shell comb made of real silver. But if you looked real close you could see the part of the comb that you squeeze to pull it apart was shaped like two silver cocks. My blouse was dark blue and very loose and very long it reached down to below my waist.
I wore a pair of crazy mixed up sailor pants. You know the old kind with the thirteen buttons all around a flap in front. But this pair of pants was cut off about four inches below my crotch and this thing had a flap in back as well as in front.

My forty double D’s were held in place with a push up bra and I filled up the loose silk blouse. My legs are still pretty good and in good shape. So off we went.

We parked in the rear off an alley and entered through a gate that lead straight to the pool area. There were five couples already there and two of the five couples were in the pool. One very attractive slim lady was nude and floating on her back tits and nipples were stiff and pointing straight up at the nearly full moon. The lights were low but it was still very easy to see. Kenny lead the way passed the pool and up to our host on the patio near a pair of French doors that were open.

I was introduced to a Mr. Fred Allen a local trucking magnet. He freely pointed out that the nude in the pool was his wife. Fred complimented me on my outfit and I noticed his only apparel was a very thin pair of black silk pants. The out line of an erection was noticeable and I noticed.

Mr. Allen moved off and we entered the dinning room where there was a bar set up with every kind of liquor and whiskey. Kenny fixed me a drink and for the next few minutes we stood in the shadows observing this bunch.

A tall heavy set man dropped his clothing and strode naked around this end of the pool and walked down the curved steps into the water. He was hung well and I got a great view of my first cock of the evening and it was a handsome one. His cock swung nicely from side to side as she walked proudly around where I stood.

Linda; Mr. Allen’s wife swam over to be there waiting for the man as he came knee deep in the pool.
His back was to me when he stopped. I then saw two hands come around back to grip the powerful cheeks of his ass. I could only guess what “Dear Mrs. Allen was doing” there in front of all the guests.

This must have been some kind of signal for the festivities to begin. It seemed like everyone started dropping there clothing in place all at once. I was still looking and enjoying the sights when I felt hands start to unbutton the flap in the rear of my sailor outfit. Kenny was about six feet away removing his pants. The cool night air flooded my bare cheeks and the two hands were now reaching up and around me cupping my tits.

I turned to see Mr. Fred Allen smiling at me over my right shoulder. “Nice tits Wilda, I must see these beauties.” He said as he squeezed them. I also felt a stiff pointed cock slip between the cheeks of my ass. Mr. Allen had found my ass and was showing off his manhood for me.

My blouse was soon open and sliding down my arms. Kenny was now naked and helping. Kenny unbuttoned the flap in front. It was not long before I felt two strong cock bump heads between my legs. Both cock were rubbing along my pussy and my pussy was very wet indeed. yakası escort It was exciting for me to think of two cocks rubbing each other as they rubbed along my pussy.

Kenny moved some how and his cock head was slipping into my cunt. At the same time Fred pulled back just an inch or so, so his cock was now pressing into my tender tight ass hole. Kenny worked deeper into me as did Fred into my ass.

I had heard of this thing called a “Sandwich” and all of a sudden I was learning how wild and exciting it could feel. We three slowly lowered to the floor with me on top of Kenny and Fred behind on his knees. God this was so wild I started to cry out that I was cumming.
But I could not tell if it was the cock in my cunt shooting rapturous amounts of sperm in my cunt that had stimulated me to a climax or the wonderful cock that was fucking my ass. As I felt a steady stream of warm sperm filling my ass I thought “My mouth is still available.”

I staggered to the nearest bathroom and clean up the best I could. As my legs found strength I walked out and back down the hall toward the room with a view of the pool area. I guessed that many of the guests had moved up stairs to the many bedrooms that awaited them.

Linda Allen was now out of the pool and walking toward me smiling. “Hi, Linda Allen.” She extended her hand and did I.

“Wilda Raven I am Kenny’s date.” I said. Linda did not free my hand but held on and moved very close.

“Oh, yes Wilda, I saw you entertaining my husband and Kenny a few minutes ago. Did you enjoy that double duo of manhood? My husband gets so excited when he can get a real piece of ass. One might say we are now sisters of the same (Manhood). “Then she laughed. I laughed and all of a sudden we were like sisters of sorts.

Linda took me by the hand and walked me down a long hall and into the kitchen. There she poured me a glass of wine and we sat like two nudes statues smiling and talking about men in general.

“I like Kenny.” She said. “I fine him to be a kind of wild sprit. As if he were still living in the Roman Spa days where every one fucked every one else. But I must say I enjoy threesomes with Kenny and my husband better than any other I have ever been into.” I started to like Linda and I hoped she felt the same. I took time to look her over and liked what I saw very much. I had never tried this woman to woman thing but what the hell. Licking a pussy might be fun. After all I loved to have my cunt licked. So why not share the pleasure.
Linda must have read my blonde Polish head because she said “Come-on; bring your drink and lets see what kind of mischief we can get into.”

At the first door at the head of the stairs Linda nudged open the door so we could see the bed. There were two couples on the bed. I was taken back a bit. As I have told you I like to watch but I was not prepared for this. There on the bed was a woman on her back with her legs spread wide and held up in the air. A second woman was licking her pussy on all fours with a man behind her with his cock pumping her pussy. But the shocker for me was that a second man was behind the first with a cock up the first guy’s ass. Now I readily admit that I do enjoy anal sex and I think that there is something very erotic about feeling a stiff cocking my ass. But I just never thought that maybe guys would also enjoy a cock up there ass. I closed the door and we moved down the hall.

Linda turned just passed the next door with out stopping or looking in. There was the master bedroom straight ahead. She entered and we stood at the foot of the bed and looked at my date and my dear old friend Don screwing two young girls doggie style. I guess these were the freelancers. Any way seeing my two lovers in action was sexy as hell.

I all of a sudden wanted to be the one between them. But I was held back by Linda’s arm on my shoulder. She lead me to a small love seat by the fire place and we sat down. I was still thrilled and highly excited by watching my two lovers screwing these younger girls when Linda turned my face toward her and kissed ataköy escort me full on the mouth.

I had never been kissed by a woman but I did not even think of it as I returned her kiss. I let her tongues enter my mouth and I sucked on it as I would a wonton cock. I reached up and took her breast in my widely excited fingers and twisted her nipples as I like to have my nipples twisted. Linda moaned and I twisted harder. I liked this lady and wanted to show her that I did.
We kissed and tried our best to get our very souls into one another mouths. All of a sudden Linda moved away and quickly slipped off the lover seat. I widened my legs as I saw her moved her beautiful head between my legs. Now you all know by now how much I love to have my pussy licked. Well let me tell you I was not prepared for the excitement, the thrill and emotional high I was about to receive from this female. I do love the male and his tongue but there was something so very special and erotic let alone the taboo of lesbian sex. But here I was reacting to her every lick as I had the very first time I had my pussy licked. When I screamed a few minutes later I think both men stopped fucking and watched us or more rightly me as I screamed, wiggled and gyrated wildly and fell clean off the love seat.

I ended up on the floor with one leg still up over the love seat and the other held straight pointing at the ceiling fan. Linda had only lost her hold on my inner thighs for a second before her mouth returned to my shivering cunt. I more than climaxed I shot my very soul out of my body. I pissed, or rather expelled from my body a river like flow of fluid like no one in history. I flooded Linda’s mouth so much it ran out around the lips. She fastened her mouth to my spurting cunt and tried to drink my honey of he god’s fluid. But she failed and it ran all over every thing.

I felt my ass lift up off the floor as there was a change of the guard so to speak. All at once someone else had there mouth on my pussy. The sucking on my cunt was tremendous and I felt a finger being rammed up my ass so hard I felt another load of ‘Honey” discharge from me. I heard my cries died out and then everything became silent as I moved into this inner space where I reached a peace unknown to me before.

My world was so peaceful I was sure I had died and moved on to some small part of heaven. I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could only feel the clam and peace within me. I floated and felt no presser on any part of my body. I was in heaven.
How long it was before I moved back into the land of the living I don’t know. But I began to feel my body again. My arms moved and I touched myself and came to realized I was not dead but awake and happy to be so. It took a long time to get my eyes open but when I did I saw it was in a sunny room and Kenny was asleep in a chair next to me. He was covered by a sheet looking very peaceful.

There was little conversation as Kenny drove me home. He kissed me and went his own way. I was still in a state of “Fuzz” as I made a pot of coffee.

My brain would not let me collect my thoughts and relive the events of last night. But my body was telling me I had a good time. My nerves told me I had entered a whole new world. I had added a new way of having pleasure to my game. Cup of coffee in hand I slipped into a hot tub of steam water.

It was afternoon when I noticed the note on the hall table. It was left by Kenny. It said he was going to be out of town for a few days on hotel business. There was a phone number at the bottom. No name or anything just a number.

I was feeling better after my second drink at the Hotel Stark lounge. Tony the black bartender sat a third drink by my second. I looked up and he nodded toward a tall handsome man at the other end of the bar. I was looking into bright blue eyes and broad smile. Our eyes met and for one short second we had a meeting of minds. I lowered my eyes back to my drink and waited for the man to close the distance between us.

I knew I was going to get fucked, I knew I was about to suck a total strangers cock and willingly do what ever he wanted for most of the night. Before I smiled up at the man that was now sitting next to me I thought Wilda you need help a great deal of help. So I made a mental note to call a head doctor tomorrow but not to night as I had other things to do.

Love you all; Wilda.

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