The Stepmother


The Stepmother.

When I was 16 my entire family life started to unravel.
My mom was cheating on my dad and he was also cheating on my mom.
Eventually my mom left with her lover to France leaving me with my Dad.
After a few months he sat me down and said he would like for me to meet someone very dear to him.
In walked this gorgeous looking female. She had those long legs, great ass and the best of tits.
She was extremely attractive and had a sex goddess look about her. My dad said they were going to get married the next month.
My dick was hard so all I heard was blah, blah blah.
I could not take my eyes off of her and she also looked deep into mine, not making it obvious to my father.

Anyways, they got married in June. By August they came back from their honeymoon and my dad had to leave for business in Europe.
My room is about six feet down from the master bedroom. That night I could hear her making these crazy sex sounds. She was loud about it too.
She would scream “Fuck me you motherfucker, fuck me right there”.
I jerked off to the sounds of her, fantasizing me being the one she was fucking.

After my dad left, she went out.
I did not see her again until the next night. She came home all drunk and drugged up, looking like a total mess.
I asked her if everything was ok, she looked at me me pure hatred in her eyes and asked ” What the fuck is it to you”
My head bowed in shame. I did not know how or if to reply.
She said: why the fuck are you not in bed.
I told her, in a whimpering voice, it is Saturday night and I normally stay up late watching HBO.
She violently screamed at me to get my fucking ass in bed now, FUCK HBO.
I went up into my room and just crashed on the bed, leaving my room door open, because I was so furious.
I heard her footsteps coming up the stairs and looked into the mirror on my wardrobe and could see her going into the master bedroom. She did not lock the door and slowly started to undress, almost falling over with izmit escort each piece of clothing that she removed.
As she undid her bra, I could not stop staring at her perfect tits, to which I only had half a view of.
She slid her skirt of and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I saw the thong disappear into her ass as she stood back up.
I could hardly contain myself anymore. I wanted to go in there, but was afraid of the consequences.
My fear kept me from going into the room and I soon saw her sprawl face down on the bed. I jerked off to what I had seen and closed my door and went to sleep.

The next morning I got up early, knowing she would be hung over. I made breakfast that morning and was contemplating taken it up to her room.
Again, my fear got the best of me and I restrained myself from going in there. She soon came down in her bathrobe.
My cock stood erect at the sight of her sexiness strolling down the stairs. She sat on the kitchen counter, where I laid out all the food I had prepared, and asked: What the fuck is all this?. I told her that I made her breakfast. She took a sip of the coffee and said she had tasted cum better than that.
To this day, I do not know what came over me, but I started laughing as she said that.
That is the first time she smiled.
She asked what I had planned for the day. I told her I would just be playing video games and not much more.
I asked what she had planned for her day, she looked at me and said, well kid, I might go spending some of that money your dad has.
Then who knows, I might end up getting fucked again.
She looked at me and asked if her saying that made me uncomfortable, I replied with no, but I can’t vouch for the feelings of my dad.
Again she smiled, but with a more devilish look in her eyes, and then said: what papa don’t know wont hurt now would it.

At this point my head was all over the place. I told her I want to kiss her. Out of nowhere, I just said it.
She did not show any emotion to me saying yahya kaptan escort it at all. She just said I don’t fuck little boys.
I told her I am no virgin and I am not as little as she thinks.
She told me to come over to her side. She grabbed me by the waist of my pants and pulled me closer to her.
She pulled my pants and underwear down in one move and looked at my hard throbbing cock.
She said I wasn’t kidding. All those videogames sure enhanced your joystick.
She slid her her robe to the side of each leg, exposing her cleanly shaved cunt.
She told me to get down there and and lick her wet.
I gently slid my tongue between the walls of her pussy and started stroking her cunt up and down. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up in a violent motion, looked me dead in the eyes and said, what do you think this is, kindergarten, eat my mother fucking cunt, like a starving african getting food for the first time. She pushed my head back down between her legs and I roughly started sucking on her cunt. The saliva started dripping from my mouth as I tried to tongue fuck her cunt. All she kept saying was: That’s it mother fucker, get that shit.
After a while she got up and bent over the stool at the kitchen counter. With a calm, stern voice she said, ” Now eat some ass”
I was in there before she could finish that sentence. ” Yes clean it, clean it good, get all that shit mother fucker, she kept repeating.
She then stood up and dropped her robe to the ground exposing her naked body. She then preceded to walk up the stairs and told me to pick up the robe and bring it to her. I got up into the master bedroom, and saw her laying on the bed. Next to her was a bunch of money spread out on top of the bed. I looked around the room and saw the safe was wide open and the contents were ruffled through. I didn’t give a fuck about all that at this point.
She took some of the money from the bed and spread it over her naked body. She told me to come to her. I lay on top gebze escort of her and started deep kissing her. She would bite my tongue every once in a while, pulling it out as far as it could go and then sucking it off. She sat up on the bed, with her back against the rail and told me to feed her my cock. I stood up over her and placed my cock on her lips. In one move she swallowed the entire thing. She grabbed my ass from behind and pulled harder, each time my cock touching the back of her throat. The saliva started dripping from her mouth. She grabbed each cheek of my ass with her hands and spread them as far as they could go. I felt her finger moving inside my asshole. I started ramming my cock into her mouth as her finger penetrated my asshole. Hard and rough I banged her head to the rail of the bed. She pushed me out and away from her and then said to turn around and bend over. I turned around and bent over placing my asshole directly to her mouth. She started eating it out. Shoving first one, then two and then I am sure three fingers in me. I started grinding my ass back onto her fingers and mouth.
She slapped both my ass cheeks and slightly pushed me away. As I stood up she kicked me at the back of my knee, allowing me to fall onto the bed. She then straddled me and guided my dick into her cunt. There was no taking it easy with this woman. She immediately started jumping up and down on my cock, grinding, shoving, pushing, pulling and then grinding again. I could not keep my self composed for very long and started screaming,: I’M GONNA CUM, I’M GONNA CUM. She did not let up though. She kept riding until I could not contain it anymore. I started pushing up into her violently as I started to cum inside her. All the while she kept on pushing right back, until every drop was shot into her cunt.
She fell to my side on the bed and said, with a little more practice, I might just be able to please her. The size it right, but the load needs less flight.
I asked her if she would teach me, and she said, sure why not keep it in the family. We kissed and laid their for a while.
She then got up and went into the shower. I followed her in and licked her cunt and asshole while she showered.

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