Subject: The Straight Neighbour Part 3 This story is pure fiction, and the contents should remain fiction. It contains sex acts between adults and boys. The author condemns unwilling abuse of children in every form. Do not read this if this subject matter upsets you. Just stop and go somewhere else. Comments ail AND EVERYONE, DON’T FORGET… PLEASE DONATE TO NIFTY The Straight Neighbour Part 3 Ben worked at home, and Danny saw him and his two daughters often. Gina was twelve and always with girlfriends. Beth was eleven and always waved at him. His wife Kathy came home irregularly from her job so Danny had taken to going into their house by the back door where one staircase led to the half sunken basement and Ben’s office. The Wednesday after Ben fucked him Danny felt horny and went over. “Hi, Ben. You busy?” “Got some work to finish, but it’s not a rush. What’s up?” Then he saw the teen’s huge salami pushing against his grey sweats. “You’re not wearing underpants.” “No. I thought you’d like that. Beth sure does. She waved at me when she saw me coming over so I rubbed my crotch at her, and she turned and showed him her bare ass.” “I don’t believe you.” “Ask her.” Danny rubbed his cock against Ben’s bare arm. “I think she wants my cock as much as you do. Take it out.” “I think we should stop all this, Danny.” “You want me to let Beth have it instead?” He leaned down and licked Ben’s neck. “No.” Ben took hold of the limp shaft through the thin fabric. “I like what we did. It’s just… I don’t know. I have a wife.” “And you like stroking my cock. You can take it out.” He turned Ben’s head and kissed him. “Hold my balls too, big Ben.” “Kathy will be home soon, and I promised to make her lunch so don’t    get me started.” His other hand went to the giant testicles. “Your balls are… wow. I thought mine were big.” Through the thin cotton fabric they felt even bigger. “Did Beth really show you her bare ass? She didn’t see us together, did she? I mean what we did. God, what if she did?” “Well, she did show me her ass. I could fuck it, but you’re stroking my cock, and I like you even more. I’ve been thinking about having your big fat cock up my ass again. Or should I try Beth’s ass?” He leaned down and licked his neighbour’s neck. “Remember how good it was last Sunday? Fucking me. I think of that a lot.” “So do I.” Ben swivelled his chair to Danny and rolled the teen’s huge testicles in his hand. “Every day.” Danny pushed him back and raised his tee shirt, then licked his nipples. “You taste good, hard salty muscles.” “But it’s too dangerous, what we’ve started.” “I know. That makes it even more fun.” He bent down and opened the slit in Ben’s pyjama pants. “You’re not wearing underpants either.” And he slurped in the rising cock. “I haven’t dressed yet.” Without thinking he ran his hand through the teen’s silken dark hair. “Oh, fuck, Danny –.” “I like hearing that.” He came up and licked a nipple again. “You like that, Ben? My muscle man. I love your chest. Your nipples are hard already.” He stroked the shaft. “Your cock too.” “I want to end all this.” He sighed when the teen reached down and rubbed his crotch. “I got kids.” “And a wife, and you’re hard again?” Danny laughed. “Just like my dad.” He stroked Ben’s cock. “Beth has a snow white ass. No underpants either. She even pulled her cheeks apart to show me her pink ass hole. She probably wants me to fuck it. Think I should?” “She didn’t either. You’re just saying that to excite me.” “You should ask her if that it excites you. You’re her Daddy, and she likes guys. Unlike your wife.” Danny pulled Ben’s cock out of the open fly and stroked the full erection. “Can you work when I’m sucking your cock? I can do homework when guys suck me. Girls too. And I”m kind of in the mood.” “Beth–. God that feels good. She gives me looks sometimes. She asked me if we were friends. She saw us talking on the front lawn.” Danny pulled Ben’s face around and tongue kissed him. “You taste good this morning. What did you tell her? That we’re lovers?” “Of course not. I wouldn’t call two times being lovers.” “But you fucked me like a lover. I know that. Beth might want me to fuck her too. A lot of girls do. Or she might just want to suck my cock like her daddy does.” “She showed you her bare ass? She’s just eleven. Well, almost twelve.” “That’s old enough. I started with my brother way before that, and then my dad. He loves getting fucked.” The teen opened his sweats and flopped out his tennis balls in their smooth shaved scrotum. His huge cock hung over them. When the pants fell to the floor Ben held the testicles. “They’re so big. There’s something about big balls, and yours are huge.” He couldn’t help himself. He fondled the giant sperm balls in their thin scrotum. “And smooth, and…” “And you just love them.” Danny pulled his face to his ball sack. “You noticed I shaved just for you.” Ben licked the smooth orbs. “I love them that way.” “And I love your breath on me. Put them in your mouth.” “Danny.” Ben let the teen hold his head. “You smell wonderful. How can you do this?” “Do what?” He rubbed his limp shaft over Ben’s forehead. “Make me want you so much.” “Don’t know. You’re just like Beth, I guess. Now get my balls in your mouth.” The whisper came to his ear like a hypnotist’s spell. “Come on, Big Ben. I know my BB wants to eat my balls.” “We shouldn’t get started. My wife…” “Eat my nuts, or should I go home?” “No.” Ben opened his mouth. “I want your ass again.” He held the teen’s buttocks. “I can’t stop thinking about you. What about Gina? Have you fucked her?” “No. She’s into girls. Lick my balls.” Danny rubbed his neighbour’s face over his cock and balls where the scent of man filled his nostrils. “That’s my BB.” “God, you smell good.” Ben cradled the huge testicles in his hand and licked the soft scrotum. The other hand crept into the ass crack. “Sweaty and ready, just for you, Big Ben. Now eat my balls since they smell so good. That’s my BB. Get them nice and wet.” “Oh fuck.” He stuffed a giant meat ball into his mouth and ran his finger through the ass crack. “Your ass is oiled already.” He garbled with a mouth full of testicle as a finger went into the teen’s ass. “That’s it. I knew you’d want my ass again.” Ben let the testicle out and licked the other one to get it juicy. “Just don’t start on my little girl.” “It’s up to her, Ben. Not me or you. But don’t worry. I won’t make you jealous. I’d rather fuck you. And she’s got lots of admirers.” He watched Ben struggle to push both giant testicles into his mouth. “That’s it. Chew on those big balls you like so much.” He leaned over his new lover and stroked his cock. “You’re going to have izmit escort bayan their cum soon. I shoot a lot too. You’ll love it.” Ben bit down and stretched the sack as he looked up at his teen lover who said. “Yes, I love seeing your cheeks bulge with my nuts. You look happy pulling on them, like a dog pulling a rag with his master. Not everyone loves them like you do. I think you want all their cum up your ass, or maybe just in your mouth.” Ben was about to spit them out, but Danny pulled his head to his cock root and felt the warm breath on it. “No. You love my balls so just chew on them.” He bent down and felt Ben’s cock. “Oh yeah, I turn you on like a faucet. Better give the thick monster some loving. Let my balls out.” He slowly slipped his testicles out of Ben’s warm mouth and stood in front of him. He watched Ben stare at his growing cock, already over ten inches. “Hold it, Ben. Look at that. Your fingers don’t quite go around it.” “I know what you want.” Ben let go of the shaft, took hold of the testicles and used them to pull the prick head into his mouth. As big as a peach it filled him with a quiet desire he savoured. He looked up at the teen who seemed so modest, almost shy. “You like sucking my cock, don’t you, Ben? I know. It’s so big it scares you sometimes, but there’s nothing I can do. It’s the way I am. And yes, I like watching you.” He bent down and kissed Ben. “I know you’re happy when you’re sucking my cock.” “What am I going to do with you? You make me crazy” “You’re going to start loving sex, that’s what.” He knelt between Ben’s legs. “I love your cock too. And balls, everything about you.” Then he took the thick cock into his mouth, held the testicles and throated his neighbour right to the root. `Oh goddam, baby. Do it.” Ben spread his legs and held the head. Danny didn’t even gag. Ben gently bounced the head up and down. “That’s my boy. Eat my dick. I like watching you too. You love my cock. I know you do.” When Danny came up for air Ben let Danny strip his pants over his ankles. “I do, big Ben.” “But you get me so hot so fast.” He held his balls like a meat bouquet in his scrotum. “So suck my balls now, or you’ll make me come.” “You shaved everything too.” Danny sucked in the two ripe apricot big testicles. “I did.” Ben wanted the teen to make love to him and raised off the seat so a finger could push into his anus again. “Oh, yeah.” He put spit in his hand and rubbed it down the back of his ass crack. As the finger found his pucker he closed his eyes and sighed. Ohh, Danny.” He gasped a little when the middle finger went deep inside him. “Oh, Danny. I love that, how you do me. What is happening? Fuck, I know already.” “I know.” Danny pumped deep and brought the cock head to his mouth. Ben pushed it off and fed his lover his balls. “I’m so close, baby.” He used his ass pucker to suck on the finger inside him. “You need more than a finger, just like Beth.” “I know, but you scare me. Tell me some more about Beth? She showed you her ass hole? I mean, she pulled her ass cheeks apart to show you her fucking hole.” “Yeah. Why? Do you want to show me yours?” Danny stripped off Ben’s pyjama bottoms and waited. Without a word Ben clicked his chair in its reclining position and put his feet on the edge of the desk. Then he raised his ass up. He panted when he felt his lover spread his muscled cheeks. “You like that, Danny?” “You didn’t shave around your ass hole.” “No. I didn’t think of it.” And he moaned when he felt the tongue go up his ass. “Ohhh yeahhh. That’s my Danny. That’s my boy.” He laid back and let the teen tongue fuck him. Danny pushed the hard cheeks wide apart and licked the spreading anal ring. “Look how beautiful you are. And so ready for a fuck.” “That feels so good.” He held Danny’s head and rubbed his anus over the nose and mouth. “How did Beth get started? I mean, do you know who fucked her ass first? And when she started?” “I don’t know. Do you want to start with someone else? Someone smaller than me?” “No. I don’t know. I mean, if we’re going to be –.” “Lovers?” Danny sucked two fingers then slipped them into Ben’s anus as he slurped in his testicles. “Yes.” Ben wiggled his ass on the finger pumping him. “Are we? Yes, we are. That means you’re going to fuck me. You want to, don’t you?” “I want what you want, BB.” Danny pumped two fingers into the softening anus. He knew Ben would soon become an eager man hole. “I want you to fuck me, just like Beth. She can watch you do it. Does she eat ass too, or just cocks?” “I don’t know. Probably. Most guys like it. Ask her.” Danny squeezed up the shaft and licked Ben’s cock head. “You’re drooling, Ben. You’re such an easy turn on. I think I need to suck you off.” Danny eased down Ben’s pyjamas and pushed off his feet. “Kathy will be home any minute. We can’t be here naked.” “I got a tee shirt and moccasins on.” He stroked the neighbour’s thick shaft avoiding the head. “I just love your cock, Ben. And the rest of you too. Your ass hole is ready.” He gobbled in the leaking head. Ben leaned back. When he saw Danny spit into his hand he raised up off the chair again. The fingers rubbed gently into his anus as the teen sucked him. “What do you know about Beth? She spread her cheeks for you?” Ben spread his cheeks too. “You’re getting me ready.” “No, you are. Beth likes Charlie’s little brother, Andy, best of all, He’s a year older than she is, but she sucks all their cocks.” “How do you know?” Ben lifted up and aimed his ass at Danny who pushed his finger deep into his anus. “You want my ass.” Danny milked Ben’s pre cum and smeared it around the anal pucker. “You like that, BB?” His middle finger pumped the anus. “So does Beth.” “How do you know?” “Andy showed us a video of him on his bed. She was on all fours sucking his cock. It’s pretty big too. Then she said, Who told you I don’t like sucking cock? I love sucking cock.” “My little Beth??” “Yeah, and she was loving it. So I figured she does other guys, but it was her first time with Andy.” “You sure it was Beth?” “Of course. I could see her face, grinning and going up and down on his cock, licking and loving and sucking. Then she said, I just have to stay a pussy virgin so don’t put anything but your tongue in there, Randy.” “Who’s Randy?” “Their dad. He was eating her from behind. Now lean back and get you ass up here.” “You like eating my ass, don’t you, Danny?” Ben held the teen’s face to his ass crack. “That’s it. Get your tongue in there, baby. I know what you want.” Ben had closed eyes to imagine the scene. “Oh fuck. My little girl sucks cock.” “And more. The guy behind her stood up, just like this.” Danny stood and pulled Ben’s izmit escort ass closer. “When he got up to her she howled, “Go slow, Randy.” Danny swabbed his drooling prick head through Ben’s ass crack. “Get your legs over my shoulders, Ben.” Ben obeyed thinking about his daughter. “God, that feels good. I see why Beth likes it.” Ben panted when Danny smeared his cock head against his anus. “Could you see how big it was?” “No, but he went up her ass.” Danny smeared his pre cum over the soft anal flower. “Just like this.” He pushed against the anal pucker until Ben jerked back. “Just relax, big Ben.” Ben tried to relax his anus. “Go slow, Danny.” “Just what Beth said.” Ben tried to imagine his daughter getting ass fucked. “Could you see his cock fucking her? Was it big? I want to see her getting fucked.” “Just for a second. Thick, but not as big as mine.” Danny pulled his neighbour’s ass closer and pushed his prick head against the anal ring. “Mine’s the biggest I know of.” Ben panted from ass fire. “My little girl gets ass fucked.” “Just like her daddy wants.” “But you couldn’t see how big it was.” “Not all of it. It was one of those night vision cameras, and it mainly showed her sucking Andy. He must have been holding it, but she was definitely getting humped from behind, long deep strokes too. Randy held her hips and rammed her so hard she had trouble keeping her mouth on Andy’s cock.” “You’re sure it was her?” Ben felt his anal ring stretch as Danny’s cock pressed against him. “I’m starting to burn, Danny.” “Well, yeah, that’s what it’s like. Tight at first, but then little Beth started cock dancing her ass all around it. It was definitely not her first ass fuck like you’re getting. It won’t be long before you’re wiggling your ass on me just like your little girl does on Randy.” “How much you got in me, Danny?” “Barely the head.” “Oh god, boy. You make me crazy, but it’s burning like hell so take it out for a minute and suck my cock some more.” “In a minute.” Danny pushed his apple huge prick head into the tight anus, and Ben howled. “You’re just like Beth.” Then he pulled out, pushed his neighbour’s muscular legs up and tongued the hot anus. “That’s my big brave Ben. You just took the head up his ass.” Ben ran his hands through the teen’s silken hair. “Oh fuck, Danny. I don’t know. You’re so big.” He held the face to his ass crack. “Oh, that feels good. That feels so good. Good boy. That’s it. Spread my cheeks and get your tongue in there. Oh yes. If you were my son we’d do this every day.” “If you like my tongue you’re going to love my cock in there once we get you stretched open. Just like Beth. I wonder if she could take me.” “If you fuck her can I watch?” “Sure.” Danny had never loved a man’s ass hole as much as he was eating Ben. “Your fuck hole is so beautiful, Ben. If you could only see it.” “You said you wouldn’t fuck her.” Ben felt jealous now. “I said I’d rather fuck you, but if she really wants it, it’s kind of hard to say no and disappoint people, you know?” He licked the softening anus. “I like making people happy, and your ass hole is really happy.” “But suck my dick now.” Ben forced the mouth up onto his cock. “That’s my boy. Fucking eat me.” Ben bobbed the head up and down. Danny’s let him use his throat. Holding his head tight Ben stabbed his eight inch shaft up into the tight throat. He felt a little gagging and heard the gurgling, but he pumped until Danny needed air and pushed off. “Oh yeah. Big Ben’s getting into it.” Danny licked the shaft of his spit. “Oh, fuck, Danny. Are you alright?” He lifted up when Danny’s hand pushed under his balls to his anus. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck.” Two fingers pumped him. “I know you want that. Don’t you? To fuck my ass. Just like Beth gets it. Don’t you?” “If you want.” Danny grinned at the helpless ass slut. “You already know you’re going to fuck me, don’t you?” He rolled his ass over the finger. “Oh yeah. You know. You’re going to fuck me. And I want you to. Just like my girl. I’m gonna get ass fucked.” “I know. Or you could fuck me right now? I can lay over your desk and you can fuck me right here, right now. Want to?” He stood and kissed Ben as he stroked his cock. “Come on.” He stroked Ben’s spit wet cock. “You want to. You want to be up my ass as bad as you want me up yours.” “Yes.” Ben stood and deep tongued his new lover. “Fuck. Did I just say yes.” He panted. His hand went from the teen’s ass cheeks to his crack, then into his anus. You’re already oiled up.” “I’m always ready for you, big Ben. My BB needs a man to fuck, and I want his cock.” Ben’s two middle finger slid through the meat ring and pulled it open. “God. You’re so fucking hot. You want me, don’t you, baby? Up your ass. God, you feel beautiful.” “Every day, big guy.” Danny smeared Ben’s cock drool over his prick head. “Just like you.” “But we can’t. Not now. My wife will be home any minute.” “Maybe she should see you in action.” Danny turned and pushed his oiled fuck hole against Ben’s drooling cum slit. “Oh yes. Big Ben is ready to fuck.” He smeared the cock drool around his anus. “So fuck me like Randy fucks your girl. I bet she’d like her daddy fucking her.” When Ben felt his cock head swab the ass pucker he looked down and watched his prick ridge disappear into the warm hole. “Oh, baby. You’re beautiful.” He raised the teen’s shirt and rubbed his nipples. Then he pulled the boy’s hips back to him and felt the anal ring slide down his eight inch shaft. “You like that, don’t you, baby? My big daddy dick up your ass.” “You know I do.” “Call me Daddy.” Ben held the teen tight to his chest and licked his neck. “My big hung boy.” He pumped the teen’s soft anus. “If you were my boy I’d fuck you every day.” “I’m your lover boy, Daddy. But I usually top my real dad. He likes my big cock up his ass.” Their bodies melted together. “Hold my cock while you’re pumping me, Daddy. Yeah. Like that, slow and good.” “I love being in you, Danny. My boy, my big hung boy.” Danny knew what Ben needed to hear.”I love you too, Daddy. And I love you in there. You want to fuck Beth too, don’t you?” “No. I want my boy. I want you.” “But she loves you best of all. She probably wants it, like I do.” “You think?” “Of course. Don’t stop pumping me, Daddy. I want to see you fuck Beth.” “I –, I don’t know. I never thought of it. She’s my little girl.” “She’s not so little. And she loves sucking cock while she’s getting ass fucked.” “How do you know. Does she do it a lot, take it up the ass?” “You can’t get mad at her if I tell you. I probably shouldn’t have told you any of this.” “No. I want to know how much she takes up the ass.” Ben bent his fuck boy over the izmit kendi evi olan escort desk and pushed his cheeks apart. “She’s my girl.” “Do you like what you see, Ben? Your big cock up a my ass.” He knew Ben had to get used to the visual part of sex so he didn’t think it was wrong. “Yes.” Ben pulled his cock out and popped his meaty head in and out of the juicy hole. The anal star was so alive and wanting. “Oh, fuck, Danny.” He slowly buried his shaft in the boy hole again. “I really love doing your ass. It’s beautiful.” “I bet you’d love fucking Beth’s ass just as much. She loves it.” “Does she?” Ben ground around Danny’s fuck hole. “I’d love to see her get ass fucked if she likes it so much.” “She’d probably love you best of all. You are her daddy, and you have a great cock.” Do you think –. Would she want –, would she want me to?” He laid over his fuck boy and moaned as his shaft slid in and out. “Oh god. Asses feel so beautiful.” “She goes over to Charlie and Andy’s house all the time. Randall, their dad, is the only one who eats her ass. That’s how he started training her. Now she loves it.” “It would be so easy, being in the same house. I wonder if she’d want…” “Of course she would. Ramon and Jose, the garbage men, do her ass in the garage when no one else is home.” “How the hell do you know that?” “She told Andy and Charlie that Ramon has the biggest cock she’s ever seen. Now pump that great big, thick, straight, married man’s cock up my ass all the way where it belongs.” Ben laid over his new lover and grabbed his steel hard shaft, thrilled that his fingers didn’t go all the way around it. “I wonder how long it took Beth before she could wiggle on a cock up her ass.” “You mean how long it’s going to take you.” Danny wiggled his ass. “Yes. That too.” Ben spread the cheeks and watched the anal pucker slide along his shaft. “You’re beautiful, Danny. I wonder if Beth’s ass is as pretty.” “It’s softer and whiter, and the hole is really pink.” Danny laughed. “It spread really open for me too, so she must take a lot of cock up it.” “You think?” Ben stroked the horse cock and slow pumped his new boy. “Like your hole is?” `Uh-huh. Daddy Ben fucks so good. I bet Beth would suck her daddy good and hard before she sat right down in your lap with her daddy’s cock shooting up her ass. You just have to ask.” “Don’t be ridiculous.” Ben gently pumped as he stroked up the nearly foot long shaft. “You think I should? You think I’m big enough for her?” “You’re bigger than Andy, and his father.” “You think she’d like my dick up her ass. How do I ask her?” “We can do that together. She’ll like it as much as you’re going to like my big dick up your ass. I’m gonna shoot so much cum up your ass it’ll come out your nose.” Ben stroked the teen’s giant horse cock. “What am I getting into?” “Men. Ass love. And you love ass fucking. Admit it. You want me to fuck you.” “I do. I want to know how it feels.” “Of course you do. You want to feel a man inside you, making love to you, making you a fuck hole, a real lover. Yeah, pump me slow and deep, big Daddy. Yeah, just like that. My dad’s a good fuck, but you’re going to be my ass fuck Daddy. You’re a real turn on.” “Am I.” Ben felt proud and embraced Danny with more love than he’d ever felt before. “I think about your cock every day, what it would be like inside me. And your balls shooting in me.” He panted into Danny’s ear. “Keep talking, big guy. And pumping. You’re working yourself up. I might have to put my cock up your ass.” “I know. I want you in me. I want to be your ass fuck. I want you pumping my ass like Beth gets it. How many guys fuck her ass?” “I don’t know, but I bet there’s room for you, her own daddy.” “You think she’d want me?” Ben stroked Danny’s gigantic horse cock. “God, your ass feels good, your cock too.” “It’s gonna burn, Ben.” “That’s OK. If my little girl can do it so can I.” He slid his hand up and down Danny’s huge fuck organ and pulled on his balls. “I want to watch you fuck Beth. I’ll fuck her too.” “Keep pumping my ass, Ben.” “But your cock is so exciting. I want you to fuck me. I want to see Beth getting ass fucked too. Have you ever fucked her?’ “No.” “You want to? I want to watch.” “OK, but I’d rather fuck you.” Danny reached between his legs and pulled Ben’s balls tight to his ass. “So deep inside, you’re wonderful.” “Am I?” He held Danny’s head and drooled into his mouth as he deep pumped the warm, tight hole. The teen overwhelmed him with desire. He felt almost stunned as he whispered, “When, Danny. When will you fuck me?” “Any time.” “OK.” Ben spread the hard round ass cheeks with his powerful hands and watched his thick shaft pull the anal lining outward until he saw his prick ridge, then slowly slide back in to the root. “Your ass hole is beautiful. I love fucking you. You’re beautiful.” After a minute he whispered, “Am I doing you right, Danny?” Danny always said the same thing, but this time he meant it. “You’re perfect. I’ve never had anyone better.” Ben laid over him again. “I’ve never had anyone better either.” Danny laughed. “What’s so funny?” “You said you only ever had sex with your wife. Not much to compare to.” Ben giggled, too. “Right. But on a scale of one to ten she’s a one and you’re a hundred.” He reached under, stroked the thick horse cock and fondled the giant testicles. “I love your balls.” “I know you do. Wait until I shoot their load up your ass.” “I love your cock too.” “Lucky I’m big or you wouldn’t be interested, huh?” “No. I didn’t mean that. Oh baby. Danny. I think you’re wonderful. I think about these every day.” He stroked the cock and managed the balls. “I got to get this up my ass, be your ass daddy.” “Scary though, huh?” “Yes. All of it.” He held his lover’s cock and pumped some deep strokes, “Except this part. This is the best part of life. You’re the best part of my life. You want me to suck you now?” “If you want, but I kind of like where you are.” “Hi, Ben. I’m home.” A female voice rang out upstairs. “Of fuck. My wife.” Ben pulled out and pulled up his pants. His erection faded immediately. Danny grabbed his sweats and squeezed into the cubbyhole of Ben’s desk as they heard high heels clatter down the basement stairs. Ben pulled his chair up to the edge. “I’m in here, Kathy. I’ll be up in a minute.” “I thought you were going to make lunch.” She appeared at the door to the basement stairs. “I am. Is it so late already? Sorry.” Ben felt Danny’s hand pull his pulpy cock out of his pants and stroke it. “Just let me finish these few lines.” “Are you alright, Ben?” “Yeah. Just fine.” He panted as Danny’s mouth covered his prick head. “Just feeling a little, oh I don’t know, relaxed, tired. I don’t know. I’ll be up in a second.” “Don’t bother. I’ll make caesar salad with the leftover chicken breast. You can finish what you were doing.” She went back up the stairs. IF YOU LIKE THIS STORY, PLEASE DONATE TO NIFTY

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