The Substitute


William Worthy was a forty-one year old divorced man who lived in a comfortable house with his daughter Maggie. He had always thought of him self as a thinking man. He thought about things a while before he did them. When he graduated from college and his father offered him an opportunity to learn the hardware business, he thoughtfully considered it for weeks before accepting.

He did not enter the business an “owner’s son” but as a bright young man who was willing to work and to learn. When other workers explained something to him, he absorbed it and used it. He was accepted as one of them because he was. When a dirty job was done, it was just as likely to be William as any one of the other guys. While keeping up on the work in the store, he also was his father’s student in the office. He learned the business and his father was sure that William loved the hardware business as much as he did. When his father suddenly died from a massive heart attack, he took over the business

William had met the only woman he was ever serious about while he was in college. Jennifer Jannings was beautiful in the classical sense. She was five feet five and had a smile that would light up a room. Her shoulder-length golden hair framed her face perfectly. Her breasts were not overly large but were plentiful enough to draw the attention of every man she met. She had a tight round butt that fit perfectly with the rest of her body. One of the many things Jennifer liked about William was his willingness to take it slow. They dated for over two years before he asked her to marry him. She said yes without a second thought. She was the only person to call him Bill and he was the only one to call her Jenny.

Things were going so well for William until he received that fateful call when their daughter was six months old. “Bill, I need you to come home. Can you come now please?” she said pleadingly.

It was about one in the afternoon and the store was fairly busy but the supplication in her voice was urgent. “Sure, I’ll be right there,” he said.

He drove home wondering what was wrong and was shocked to find Jenny standing just inside the front door with her packed bags on the floor around her.

“I have thought this over and I have come to a decision and I have to tell you up front that the decision is final. I can no longer be your wife and Maggie’s mother. I thought I could do it but I can’t. I just can’t do it. You have been a perfect husband and father. My leaving is not because of you. You have been nothing but great but I’m leaving because of me.

“I’ll be at my mother’s house. If and when you have papers to sign, mail them to me and I will sign them and send them back. I will not refuse to talk with you but I ask you not to call. When you dissolve the marriage, I am not asking for nor do I want anything.”

“Jenny…” he said as painfully as if she had reached into his chest and ripped out his heart.

Jenny interrupted him. “There is nothing you could say that I haven’t already said to myself,” she stated. “Bill, it isn’t you. I’m just not capable of continuing as mother and wife.”

Just then they heard a car horn outside. “There’s my taxi,” she said. “Could you help me with my bags?”

“You don’t need a taxi,” he said. “You have a car.”

“I’m not taking anything but my clothes and luggage,” she replied. “Will you help me with the bags?”

“I won’t help you leave güvenilir bahis Maggie and I,” he said. It was the first time that he had refused her anything.

He went into the nursery and picked up the smiling baby from her crib. He held her close to him and with tears in his eyes he said, “Well Maggie honey, it looks like it is just you and I but we’ll make it.”

He hired a woman to watch Maggie during the day and he was the devoted father at night. Mrs. Henry kept that position until she retired two years ago when Maggie was sixteen. William decided that Maggie was old enough and had the personal responsibility to be on her own after school. He also noticed that she was developing into every bit as beautiful woman as her mother. In fact, Maggie looked like her mother did when he met Jenny eighteen years ago.

Even though Maggie was modest, there are times when two people living in the same house will see each other with little or no clothes on if even for a brief amount of time. There was the time a little over a year ago that William was in his bedroom and saw Maggie scurrying to the shower without any clothes. Another time, he had heard noises coming from her bedroom and had gone to investigate. She was in the midst of a bad dream and had worked her pajama top up so that her breasts were bare.

That was the first time that William was aware of any other than fatherly feelings for his daughter. He entered Maggie’s room and lowered her shirt before awaking her. He took her by the shoulders and shook her awake. At first she was fighting him but as she became aware of the familiar surroundings of her bedroom, she hugged him.

“Oh Dad, thank you for waking me up,” she said. “That was a terrible dream. These bad people were chasing me.”

She continued to cling to him and he comforted her. “Well there, it’s all right now,” he said patting her back. Outwardly, he was calm but for the first time he could remember he was acutely aware of her firm breasts pushing against his chest and his raging hard on.

“Daddy, will you lie down and hold me for awhile?” she said as she scooted over making room for him. “I feel like such a little girl for being scared be a dream but will you?”

Against his better judgment, he lay down on Maggie’s bed and she snuggled up to him. He was lying on his back with her head on his chest. He could feel her breast on his side and when she put her left leg across his thigh, he could feel the heat emanating from her virginal pussy.

She kissed him on the cheek and said, “Daddy, I love you.”

He said, “I love you too, honey.”

As soon as her breathing become slow and shallow indicating that she was sleeping, he extricated himself from her hold and made his way to the bathroom. He took his hard cock in his right hand and stroked frantically. While he was stroking, he was thinking of his daughter who looked so much like his ex-wife. Or was he thinking of his ex-wife of whom his daughter reminded him. Whichever way it was, he knew that seeing his daughter’s gorgeous breasts had turned him on and her closeness had resulted in his shooting those ropes of white creamy cum that he was now rinsing down the drain.

He felt ashamed of himself for thinking of his daughter in a carnal way but he assuaged his guilt by rationalizing that seeing her breasts had been an accident and he in no way caused it to happen. However, the next evening when türkçe bahis Maggie came into the living room wearing only an oversized tee shirt and panties, William felt a tingle in his groin. He covertly watched her as she sat and lay on the floor. He could make out her nipples through the thin tee and once or twice he thought he could see her blond pubic hair through her panties. He knew he had a problem when he began masturbating almost every night. Everything she wore turned him on and every time she hugged him the feel of the closeness of her body caused an erection.

On Saturday afternoon, Maggie and her best friend Tiffany from next door were at the pool. When they heard him come home, they came into the house. They were excited and Maggie said, “Daddy, you promised me that we could have a party for my eighteenth birthday and it’s coming up in two weeks,” she stated. “We were wondering if we could plan it. It will be fun for us and it would take the job off of you.”

“Well, I supposed that would be all right,” he said. “What did you have in mind?”

“We could have about twenty boys and girls from school,” Tiffany said.

“We could have it out around the pool so we wouldn’t get the house all messy,” Maggie chimed in. “We would have it on Saturday afternoon so you would be here to chaperone.”

“O.K.” he said. “But keep me informed of your plans.”

The girls rushed out to the pool area where they had been sitting before William came home. As he looked out the window at them, he noticed that the girls looked as if they could have been sisters. Tiffany was already eighteen by about six months. Her breasts were a little larger than Maggie’s was and she was more mature than Maggie was. He wondered if maybe she was no longer a virgin.

He was confused as to what had come over him. Three weeks ago, he would have had only fatherly thoughts of his daughter. Now he was daydreaming as well as night dreaming about fucking her in every conceivable scenario. During the day, he would masturbate to thoughts playing with her body and her playing with him. During the night he would have wet dreams which were ore vivid and more explicit and always included penetration into her velvety tight love canal.

The day of the party finally came and partially nude boys and girls were frolicking around and in the pool. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and behaving themselves. Tiffany’s mother and father had come over for awhile but had left. William was trying to be a good chaperone by being seen but not intruding on the party. He had taken a seat at the table at the window and soon was lost in a daydream.

“She’s a virgin, you know,” he looked around to see Tiffany taking a seat at the table. “And besides that, she’s your daughter.”

He tried to feign innocence and asked, “What makes you think that I was looking at Maggie?”

“Well, for one thing, she’s the only girl that you can see from where you are sitting,” she said. “And I’ve been noticing how you’ve been watching her lately.”

“She’s my daughter and of course I take an interest in what she’s doing…” Tiffany placed her left hand under the table and grasped his rock hard dick.

“I suppose that this is just the natural reaction of a concerned father?” she asked. “Mr. Worthy, if you want to have sex with a young woman, leave your daughter alone. I’ve always found you very sexy and I’m on the pill. I don’t güvenilir bahis siteleri screw around but I’m not a virgin.”

“Are you offering to have sex with me?” he asked as if he had not heard what she had said.

“Yes,” she said. “In fact, we can go upstairs now, if you like.”

A beautiful young woman with her hand on his cock and just offered him sex. He looked out the window and saw his eighteen year-old daughter in her new blue bikini that showed off her features well. He looked back at Tiffany in her matching pink bikini. His usual thoughtful manner was thrown to the wind. He said, “Let’s go.”

They almost ran up to his bedroom and locked the door. Tiffany took charge. She pulled his tee shirt over his head and his trunks to the floor. She said, “Why don’t you get into bed?”

While he was lying there watching her, she removed the bra of her bikini and rubbed her breasts with her hands causing her eraser-sized nipples to harden. She pushed her bikini bottoms to the floor revealing her golden haired pussy to William.

She moved to the side of the bed and showed wisdom beyond her years when she said, “Daddy, I’m scared. Can I get into bed with you? Will you hold me?”

Before he could answer, Tiffany crawled into his bed and wrapped her arms and legs around him. She rubbed her thigh across his cock and reached down and took it in her hand. She was impressed with its size. It was about eight inches long but it was thick. He was much larger than either of the two boys that she had had sex with.

“Daddy, is this what you have sex with?” she asked. “Will you show me how to use it?”

“Yes honey,” he said taking control. He moved over her and took first one hard nipple in his mouth and tortured it with his lips and tongue and then took the other nipple into his mouth. She began moaning as he kissed his was down to her pussy. He ran his tongue up and down her pussy lips and settled in on her clit. The hood quickly receded revealing a large clitoris. He clamped his lips around it and began licking it. He placed one finger in her tight pussy and slowly moved it in and out. She started producing more juice and as she became slicker, he added a second finger.

He timed his fingering to his licking and soon Tiffany was bucking against his mouth. Her body began trembling as she went into her first orgasm. When she was coming down he moved up her body so that his cock head was at the entrance to her pussy. He pushed gently into her and found a very tight vagina. It was tight but not so much that it offered a lot of resistance.

He took it easy and when he had it in all the way, she said, “Oh Daddy that feels great. Do you like your daughter’s pussy?”

“Yes honey, I love your tight pussy,” he halfway grunted.

Tiffany was lost in orgasmic bliss as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her body. It was lucky for them that no one came upstairs during the time they were fucking because they were not very quiet.

Tiffany repeated over and over, “Oh Daddy, oh Daddy, oh Daddy!

William said, “Oh God Maggie, I love you so much.” He shot what felt like a gallon of cum deep into Tiffany’s pussy.

They held each other as they were coming down. Tiffany was the first to speak. “Any time you want to fuck, call me,” she said. “I had a first today with that oral thing and that magnificent cock of yours can do no wrong. In the future, we can role-play or we can just make love. Either way is fine with me.”

William thanked her and helped her exit his bedroom without being detected. He lay across his bed feeling good that he had found a substitute for his daughter.

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