The Supper


The rest of that next day sped past. I went home, threw together some microwave dinner (the way of the bachelor) and sat in front of the television to watch the news and later, some inane movie. None of it registered since all I could think about was the next evening and you!

In the morning and early afternoon of the next day, I spent several hours in the office polishing off a report due on Monday and then went for a scheduled – and much needed – haircut and beard trim. I decided to treat myself to some new wardrobe so hit an upscale men’s shop and picked up a lambskin soft velour shirt in pale yellow , some tan slacks that nicely offset it and to top it off, a linen sports jacket in almost a pale wheat color. The outfit was completed with thin silk socks and slip-on brown loafers. Guess I must have wanted to impress you: by the time I got out of the shop, I was $600 lighter but felt great! I haven’t treated myself to new clothes for years.

On the way home with my purchases (it was now almost 4:30), I stopped at the wine shop and picked out 3 bottles of wine – one a light rose, one a very good white and the last, a quality champagne. I meant to be prepared!

I had time to get home and have a long soak in the tub. For some reason I couldn’t define, I shaved every inch of my body and rinsed all the hair clean. My skin felt softer than it ever had and when I slipped my hand to my balls and cock and felt how smooth they were, I almost came in my hand. Oops! Not a good idea.

Dressing and checking myself out in the mirror – not bad for an old guy! – I left the condo and drove to your house, arriving at the appointed hour. Actually, I was about 15 minutes early I was so excited – like I was a teenager on a first date – that I drove around your block several times until I could pull into your driveway. I walked – a little nervously – up to your door and reached out to knock and the door flew open! There you stood with the backlight of the hallway outlining your upper body through the sheer material of your open shirt; it was tied in a loose knot just under your breasts and from the sign of your nipples pushing at the front, you were either wearing a very thin or no bra! Below the expanse of very flat abdomen showing was a pair of low slung palazzo pants in black crepe that reached the floor at your bare feet (such beautiful long toes!) and was tied with a sash at the waist. As you stood there – one hand holding the door open and the other on your cocked hip, you smiled and said “Well you dashing letch! Are you going to close your jaw and come in or shall I be eating alone?” The tinkle of your laughter shook me out of my daze and I brushed by you – this time it was only the smell of freshly washed skin that drifted from your warm body. Shortly after starting work, I had informed you of my allergy to perfumes and smoke and you immediately stopped wearing them.

As I stuttered my greeting and handed you the wine, I remarked on how wonderful you looked and how different from work! “You look pretty spiffy yourself; something new just for me?” you asked coyly.

“Actually; yes” I replied. “I wanted to make a good impression” I blurted out.

“Well, you casino oyna have! Now come into the kitchen and help me finish preparing the dinner and pour us each a glass of that wine, will you?”

I followed you into the kitchen – as well organized as the office – and we completed the delicious dinner preparations and sat in companionable discussion while we ate and finished the first bottle of wine and started the second. I helped you load the dishwasher and it started its quiet hum as you led me into your very comfortable sitting room for coffee and liqueurs. We sat at opposite ends of the long sofa (you only had a couple of antique and quite uncomfortable looking chairs otherwise) and we shared our life stories. As we rested our hands along the back of the sofa, our fingertips just brushed together and it felt like a jolt of electricity had passed through my body. I fought it and pulled slowly away just leaving our hands a hair’s breadth apart.

It seemed like only minutes had passed but when I glanced at my watch, I noted that it was 11:30 and the second bottle of wine was empty and I felt I had overstayed my welcome. “I should leave – it’s getting late” I said as I tried to stand but I stumbled back.

“I think you are a little too tipsy top drive home tonight,” you said. “I have a guest bedroom and you should stay here tonight” Without taking any argument, you helped me up and led me down the hall to a tastefully decorated bedroom with a bathroom leading to a shared bathroom with the master bedroom. “Good night; I’ll see you in the morning, Don” as you reached up and kissed me lightly on the lips and were gone. You pulled the door closed behind you softly and I undressed – hanging my clothes up carefully and fell naked into bed after quickly relieving myself of all the wine. I feel fast asleep feeling a sense of well-being that I hadn’t felt for months.

I don’t know how long I had slept when something awake me fully. There was a stream of flickering light coming through the open bathroom door and I heard a strange noise. As I crawled out of bed and made my way through the bathroom – the door to the master bedroom was open as well – I stepped into the doorway and my eyes fell upon an angelic sight. There, in the middle of your king-sized bed, you were lying with your knees drawn up and spread apart. Your hips were thrust high in the air and your head and shoulders were resting on a pillow. Your face was turned away from me and candles were flickering around the room casting their magic light across your golden skin.

What drew me closer quietly was the long silver vibrator I saw in your hands which were straining between your legs and holding it deep inside your dripping pussy. As you cried out “Please fuck me Don!” under your breath, I came to immediate attention – my cock was rock hard and almost immediately leaking precum! What I next noticed was that you were shaven completely smooth – from around your exposed puckered rear to the lips of your stretched pussy around the pounding metal ‘cock’! It was almost kismet – that night, I had also shaved myself totally as if I knew!

As I drew nearer to the bed, you turned your head and. smiling slot oyna at me said “What took you so long? I have been waiting for what seems like hours for that cock and now that it’s here, I want it NOW!” You reached out and, grabbing me by the outreach of my hard cock, pulled me onto the bed beside you. “Fuck me hard with my little friend and lick my asshole, please BOSS?” you giggled.

Always a believer in good employer/employee relationships, I complied and soon was burying my tongue deep into your ass (loved the musky taste) and was shoving the long slim vibrator as far inside you as it would go! With my free hand, I reached around and quickly found your clit and as I started to rub it, you shuddered in a massive rolling orgasm. Your anal muscles clamped down on my thrusting tongue deep inside you and I had to hold the small of your back so you wouldn’t be hurt yourself on the solid metal vibrator. As you came down, I withdrew the vibrator and threw it aside and you turned over so I lay on top of you. You wrapped your arms around my neck and your legs around my waist and drew me into your lips for a long lingering kiss.

“I have wanted this since the first day I came into your office but I respected your obvious wishes for a business-like relationship. Every night I have come home and masturbated myself to sleep and dreams of us together. Now I have you, I am not letting this go even if I have to quit!” you rushed out in almost a single breath.

Grinning down at you, I assured you “I have hardly slept since we met that interview day. I have had constant wet dreams and had to bring myself off almost every night as well. And remember after you left the interview that first day? Before I left for the day, I had such a hard on, I unzipped myself and stroked myself to a mind blowing climax into a Kleenex right under my desk!”

Once we had shared our mutual frustrations, you pulled your legs high and asked me to sink my hard cock into your cunt and fuck you hard and long. With your legs on my shoulders and your slim ankles crossed and locked behind my neck, my cock slid all the way into you to your cervix in one uncontrolled motion. Your pussy muscles and the power in your legs seemed to be milking my cock as I was held immobile and it seemed like only a matter of minutes that I felt myself boiling over to fill you with my hot thick cum! As it bathed your depths, you cried out as your own series of major orgasms struck and you just kept pulling more and more from me until I felt completely drained!

Still, your muscles kept at me until I could feel my cock miraculously growing to its full erective state again.

“Now, please slide that wonderful cock into my ass! I have dreamed of this for so long!” you moaned.

Pulling out of your pussy with a noisy plop, I positioned my cum-covered cock at your puckered hole and it was sucked right in with your hungry sphincter. You were so warm and tight; like a hand in a warm silk glove gripping and massaging my cock! I was buried to the hilt and, with your legs spread wide as you gripped your ankles, I was able to finally lower my head to devour those breasts and nipples that have been teasing me and canlı casino siteleri living in my dreams for weeks! And what a magnificent feat they are; the nipples have grown to almost 3/4′ long and are much engorged with passion as I suck firmly on them. I open my mouth to try to swallow as much of each tit as I can – the feel of the silky skin on my lips is driving me insane with desire.

Your hips are pumping around my buried cock now so that I feel a swelling in my shaft which fills you even more and then an uncontrollable explosion of cum as I shoot deep inside your bowels. The heat of my cum and the rubbing of our shaven pubes together also drives you to the edge and we cum together crying out loudly our love for each other!

I fall to the side after lowering your legs and we hug and kiss over and over as my cock finally softens and slides from your hot beautiful bum. After we rest for a few moments, you arise and, taking my hand, lead me into the big shared bathroom and turn on the shower as I stand at the toilet to pee. You turn to watch me and, reaching out, hold my flaccid cock to direct the stream of yellow urine into the bowl. After flushing, you sit down and spread your legs as I crouch down in front of you. I reach between your legs and ‘return’ the favor by spreading the puffy lips of your pussy to allow a full stream of your own warm pee to flow. Some strikes my fingers and – hopefully not grossing you out – I lick my fingers and taste my own cum mixed with you. Not unpleasant at all!

We climb into the shower and lathering up, wash each other completely. Although your attentions to my cock have me fully aroused once again (amazing!), you tell me I have to wait until we are in bed – you have another plan and desire to fulfill. We quickly fall back into bed and I soon learn what you had in mind as you straddle my face lowering your freshly scrubbed pussy open wide to my mouth and lips while you lower your body to mine and devour my cock to the root in one swallow. As I pull and suck on the outer lips of your puffy cunt, you are sucking and tonguing my cock like you haven’t eaten in days! Your tongue laps at the precum that covers the dome of my glans and licks around the most sensitive parts of that vital organ. Meanwhile your soft hands are cradling my recently shaved balls and rolling them slowly.

My tongue drives deep into your inviting pussy and then to your clit which I suck between my lips. I replace my tongue in your cunt with three firm fingers and reach to the front of your pussy to press and rub on that G-Spot. As another series of orgasms – both clitoral and from the magic G – shake your body, you open your throat and swallow the rest of my cock as I cum in thick ropey streams that roll down your throat! You continue to milk every drop from me as I continue to lash you clit and finger fuck you deeply. As you are slowing down, I leave my thumb in your pussy and drive the two fingers into your rear end and you groan out around my cock “Oh god, yes! Fuck me!”

It is finally over! We are both exhausted and, at least for tonight, we are spent. We still have tomorrow baby, before we have to face reality and return to work but for now, sleep and a time to restore our energy! I get up and turn off the bathroom light and extinguish the candles and climb back into your loving arms for a blissful night of sleep – the best I have had in forever now that I have found you!

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