Subject: The Thrilling Chronicles of the Daltons 5 he Thrilling Chronicles of the Daltons Volume 1: Stranded Chapter 5 The captain has never recovered his conscience since the first night at the camp of the savages. He wronged the boy he ought to protect. Now, whenever he shut his eyes, all he could see was a woman entrusting her son to him and the night he stimulated the boy to his first orgasm. He was lethargic all morning. He spent most of the day inside the tent. While the 35-year-old man genuinely feels remorseful, the boy he thought he abused grew accustomed to his company. The boy would often snuggle close to him, seeking comfort. But the captain is too apologetic that he could not even pat the boy’s back. Not with the hands he used to give the boy a handjob. Back to the same spot where it all had started, he could not help but dread tonight’s impending acts of obscenity. Frank, what he learned as the boy’s name, is sitting on his lap again. The boy looked at him and threw a genuine smile. It melted the captain’s heart. Even after what he had done, the boy did not despise him. The captain finally let go of his guilt and firmly embraced the boy so that his chest and the boy’s back were united. — The savages had them worn awkwardly handcrafted golden cuffs with very intricate engravings. Each engraving depicts an unknown object that varies pair by pair. The Daltons’ cuffs have what seems to be a kind of bird. “It’s cool. We have the same motif, dad.” Sebastian showed his father. “Woah! I think it’s real gold,” Zach said after biting the cuff. “These savages are rich!” Indistinct words came out of the savage chief’s mouth. The brutes cheered after. They repeatedly tapped their spears on the ground and let out an ear-piercing howl. Then, the brutes unanticipatedly went in front of the men and seized anadolu yakası escort the boys from their laps. Santiago panicked and tried to pull his son back from the brute but failed. The boys were abruptly put down on the ground just before the men. Sebastian went closer, embraced Santiago’s waist, and perched his face on the man’s muscular abdomen. His father leaned down to stroke his agitated body. The man shielded the boy with his legs for further attempts of snatching his son. The brute chief is shoving his boy’s face on his crotch. He untied his loincloth, revealing a completely brown gargantuan curved phallus with an enormous head. Surprisingly, the 14-year-old boy began licking the chief’s lollipop head. The brute sentinels coerced the other men to do the same thing with their boys. For the first time, Santiago was hesitant. He had never made Sebastian blow him. It was always him giving the boy a head. Defiling his son’s mouth is a thing he has never imagined doing. To his shock, Sebastian’s face that was previously on his stomach moved lower and was now whiffing the man’s crotch. “Bastian, no,” Santiago weakly said. “Please, dad. I have been wanting to do it for you too.” Santiago swallowed hard. There was a grim expression on his face. His son moved back dejectedly. The man could not bear his son to be disappointed in him. He kissed the boy on the head, ignoring the shrewd piercing of the spear on his back. “Alright then. But that is if you still want to.” “Hell, yeah!” Sebastian perked up. “Language, boy.” “Oops, sorry.” the boy chuckled. “Okay, go on. This brute behind us is killing me.” Santiago sighed as the spear wouldn’t stop assaulting his back. The boy did not need more encouragement. He dove his face back into his father’s crotch ankara anal escort like a hungry wolf cub. He clumsily unfastened the cloth covering his father’s erection. Santiago tenderly caressed Sebastian’s hair while the boy freed his father’s pale straight veiny phallus surrounded by hair darker than the brown hair on Santiago’s head. It was of the same shade as the hair that started growing on Sebastian’s pubis. Santiago was delighted in his son’s gentleness. The boy was copying the movements when his father was orally pleasing him. Sebastian obviously shows that he is not in a hurry. He took time sniffing the area around his father’s manhood, balls, and groin. His father had obliviously spread his legs wider. It made it easier for the boy to lick his father’s orbs. Sebastian admired how big his father’s testicles were. He gave it both a quick peck because he could not wait to spend another minute in foreplay. He yearns for Santiago’s great rigid pole. Sebastian used his hands to retract his father’s foreskin for the first time, unveiling a pink, captivating spear-shaped head. He deliberately licked it with his tongue, and Santiago nearly jumped out of bliss. Once the boy had tasted it, the boy could not stop licking. Sebastian caught that every time his tongue met with his father’s frenulum, the man’s body would jolt. So he directed his lapping on the v-shaped area under the phallus. “If you keep doing that, I won’t be able to hold on longer,” Santiago said, leaning toward the boy so only he could hear. The last thing Sebastian wanted that time was for it to end so soon. He went back to kissing Santiago’s shaft and orbs. The boy was so into getting acquainted with his father’s manhood. “Ow! Your teeth!” Zach cried out beside them. He has an average-sized phallus surrounded ankara anal yapan escort by thick, curly hairs. His brother is having trouble avoiding those hairs. The younger boy finds it disgusting because his brother is not a fan of taking a bath. Watching the two brothers made Santiago’s manhood throbbed harder. The alluring sounds of sucking and slurping around him amplified his arousal. Among the boys, it was Lennard who had the most boisterous sucking. It sent the receiving savage man in the state of euphoria, mouth wide open. Santiago’s manhood twitched, and a dribble of clear liquid oozes out. Sebastian was quick to lick the substance and was drawn to its peculiar taste. He continued his affectionate kissing to his father’s peehole. Santiago could not take it anymore, so he put his hands behind his son’s head and gently pulled the boy to his phallus. Sebastian opened his mouth instinctively to finally welcome his father’s phallus head. Santiago did not let go of the boy even when Sebastian started engulfing his glans. The man’s eyes rolled at the back of his skull as he discovered his son’s innate skill. He felt no teeth at all scraping his sensitive glans. Once his phallus started sinking into the boy’s mouth, Santiago panted. Only his son could bring him in such a state of arousal. Sebastian joined the synchronized bobbing of heads on the men’s laps. He pauses to cough a couple of times when his father’s pointed glans hit his throat. Then he would do it again, eager for the manly reward in the end. Several animalistic groans have already been heard, and multiple mouths have been fed from other benches. Zach came after and gave Zane his first taste of man milk. Santiago felt his orgasm building up. His muscles spasmed as he shot jets after jets of man milk in his hungry cub’s mouth. The boy impressed him by entirely swallowing the heaps of mature semen. When Sebastian had finally set his father’s phallus free, Santiago lifted the boy through his armpits, and he sat him back, athwart on his lap. He brought his own lips to the boy’s conspicuously crimson and swollen lips from the fiction, and he let it linger there.

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