The Town of Umbolo: The Millers


Carla Miller woke up groggily and turned over to find the other side of the bed empty. She got up and stretched to wake herself up which caused her short nightie to lift up partly exposing her pert bum. She heard a sound from downstairs and hoped it was her husband, Mark, getting breakfast ready.

She walked downstairs and entered the kitchen. There was a pan on the stove and eggs in a bowl, but the stove was off and the eggs, unattended. Her daughter, Annie, was bent over the table wearing just an apron, behind her stood her husband Mark, thrusting his cock vigorously into his daughters eighteen year old pussy.

Her daughter noticed her first.

“Oh mom,” she said breathily between thrusts, “You’re up. I was making breakfast but-“

She let out a moan of pleasure. “Dad came downstairs and I had to-“

She cut off again as she shuddered to an orgasm around her fathers penis.

Carla smiled, and walked over to the table, “That’s ok sweetheart,” she said, brushing a strand of blonde hair out of her daughters face, “I’ll take care of breakfast, you be a good girl and take care of daddy.”

She bent down and kissed her daughter, her tongue snaking into her daughter’s mouth, enjoying the feeling of her daughters tongue caressing her own.. After kissing for some time she reluctantly pulled away and began to make breakfast to the rhythmic sounds of flesh against flesh and grunts of moans of incestuous rutting.

She finished making the breakfast just as her husband finally came, grunting as he filled up his daughters young cunt with his cum. He slumped over slightly kissing the back of his daughter’s neck.

“Thanks sweetheart,” he said panting slightly.

“You’re welcome daddy,” she said smiling.

Carla set some their plates of breakfast in front of them and sat down to eat hers.

“Do either of you know where Jimmy is?” she asked the two lovers.

“He wasn’t in bed with you?” asked Mark, pulling his softening cock out of his daughters quim.

“I saw him go out for a run in the morning,” Annie said, getting up off the table, she took her plate of breakfast and put it on the floor, before squatting down over it. She strained slightly and her father’s cum slowly leaked out of her and landed on her scrambled eggs. Getting up she took a spoonful of egg and daddycum and spooned it into her mouth.

“Mmm..” she said, closing her eyes, “you’re so tasty daddy.”

Her mother laughed, “My daughter is such a little cumslut”

Annie nodded, and then sat on her fathers lap, enjoying the feeling of his soft cock on her ass, “But only for one man.”

Her father put am affectionate arm around her waist and a kiss on her cheek.

“Daddy’s little girl”, he said lovingly.

As they were finishing their meal, the son of the family, James (Jimmy to his mom) walked in, he was drenched in sweat from his morning run.

“Morning guys,” he said getting himself a glass of water.

Carla admired her sons body glistening in sweat. He had always been athletic but since turning eighteen he had seemed to step a level and his body while still lean rippled in muscle. Carla’s eyes were drawn down to his running shorts, where she could make out the outline of his cock in his pants, and felt a stirring in her nethers.

James having finished his water, put the glass down and said “I think I’m going to head for a shower.”

He winked at his mother and left the kitchen. Carla stared in the direction he had left, feeling a growing desire and wetness in her pussy at the thought of her son in the shower.

She turned back to her husband and daughter, who were looking at her with knowing smirks on their faces. Despite herself, Carla felt herself blush. She could feel wetness slip past her pussy lips and knew that when she got up she was going to be leaving a wet stain on the chair, but then, that was not unusual in this house.

She got up hurriedly and put her plate in the sink before rushing upstairs.

Carla rushed upstairs to the bathroom, she could hear the shower running within. The door as expected was slightly ajar and she pushed it open and stepped in. Her son was under the shower, and turned to her with a smile.

“I was wondering how long it was going to take you come up and join me” James said lathering himself up with soap, Nişantaşı Escort “Come in and I’ll get your back.”

Carla lifted her nightie over her head, her nipples stood proudly erect and she practically jumped into the shower with him.

James pulled his mother into her arms, feeling her breasts press delightfully into his chest. he bent down slightly and kissed her, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth before, probing inwards his tongue where he met his mothers. They kissed passionately, enjoying the intimacy as their tongues danced with each other.

James hand roamed over his mother’s smooth back and down to her ample buttocks. He kneaded her ass for a while, before spreading her cheeks and running his soapy hand into her crack. Carla moaned in pleasure into his mouth, and ground against her son’s now hard penis that was pressing into her stomach. James roaming hand now found the crinkle of his mom’s butthole and began rubbing against it before slipping a finger into her warm anus.

Carla separated from her son’s lips and groaned in pleasure.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, moving her hand down to grasp her son’s erect cock which pulsated warmly in her hand. She began to jerk it slowly while her son continued to finger her asshole. She closed her eyes and groaned softly in pleasure.

Finally she could take it no more, going on her tiptoes she took his cock and nuzzled it against her labia. James needed no further encouragement and thrust forward pushing his penis back into the warmth where it was made.

Carla threw her arms around her sons neck, enjoying the feeling of being filled by his manhood. It felt so right having her son inside he, it was like he had been perfectly build to fill her. James moved one of his hands to his mother’s thigh and lifted it up, he kept the other clutching her ass with one finger still penetrating her anus, and began to thrust.

“Oh god, yes,” moaned Carla, “give it to me baby, fuck mommy’s cunt good.”

James said nothing, but continued to thrust with increasing fervour, pistoning in and out of his mother as she panted and moaned into his neck. The shower echoed with the sounds of flesh on flesh punctuated with the occasional grunts and moans of a mother and son united.

The pleasure finally built to crescendo for Carla and she came, shuddering. For James, the feeling of his mother cumming pushed him over the edge, as her walls pulsed on his cock, he made one big thrust before spraying his seed against her waiting womb. Mother and son held each other panting, still connected and enjoying the feeling of the water gently running over them.


Back downstairs, father and daughter had also finished their breakfast and where getting dressed, picking up discarded items of clothing from their early morning fuck.

As Mark pulled on his pants, he admired his daughter’s ass as she bent on all fours to retrieve her skirt from where it had landed under the table. Her butt cheeks where so firm and well shaped and covered in the lightest peach fuzz, and between them her brown hole peeked out almost calling out to him. It took all his willpower not to stop and fuck her ass then and there, but he had promised to take her to the mall, and while she wouldn’t complain about being fucked again first like any good daughter, he didn’t want to be late back. Instead he looked for his shirt and put that on as well. Annie had retrieved her skirt and slipped that on, she didn’t wear panties, her daddy liked to have access to her holes, and she was more than happy to give it to him.

“Ready to go sweetheart?” Mark asked, reaching over and slipping his hand under his daughters skirt to grope her ass.

“Yup, lets go,” she replied reaching up to give him a quick kiss on the lips before scampering out to the car.


There were two malls in the town of Umbolo, one general access and one that was strictly 18+. It was a necessity in a town like this.

Umbolo was founded on the understanding on the purity and happiness of family love. Almost all the families in the town where split into incestuous couplings, mostly fathers paired with daughters and mothers paired with sons. Within the town this was viewed as what was natural and as such was encouraged. In Pendik Escort the spirit of encouraging people in the town to embrace what came naturally, it seemed perverse to restrict people to having sexual relations just in their own homes. It was a natural act and should take place as and when the desire came to it’s participants. However with such a liberated community, children naturally came into being fairly often and in order to shelter them from this until they were ready at eighteen, all public and commercial places where duplicated with one being exclusively for adults to feel at ease.

The 18+ mall, Fertile Square, was fairly busy as they pulled in to the parking lot. The parked next to a car with a man behind the wheel, he seemed almost asleep with his head tilted back and his eyes closed. He shuddered suddenly then opened his eyes and noticed them. Even as he waved hello, a young woman, clearly his daughter, lifted her head from his lap, a single strand of cum hung lewdly from her chin as she too waved a cheery hello.

Mark and Annie waved back as they got out of their car and began making their way into the mall.

“Come on dad,” Annie said, grabbing onto her father’s hand and dragging her towards the large clothing store towards the back of the mall. All around them couples walked together in various states of undress. On a bench to the side a young man sat, his pants around his ankles as his mother rode his cock. Next to them were seated a father and daughter, who judging by the sweat covering their bodies and the cum slowly leaking out of her young cunt, had just finished fucking. They appeared to be murmuring words of encouragement to the mother and son couple, while gently and lovingly caressing each other. Further into the mall they walked past a daughter on her knees eagerly fellating her father’s cock. Her t-shirt was lying discarded next to her and her pert tits were on display as she bobbed on her father’s erection.

Mark felt himself starting to grow hard as he walked into the mall, having his pretty young daughter prancing in front of him, the curves of her ass exposed with every step as her tiny skirt rode up was not helping.

Finally they reached the store they were looking for and Annie darted in and began looking at clothes.

“I’ll wait near the fitting rooms ok, Angel?” Mark said to her giving her ass a quick squeeze.

He didn’t wait for an answer; she was already lost in a shopping daze. He walked over to the dressing rooms and sat by the fitting rooms and waited. He became aware of soft moans coming from one of the dressing rooms which rapidly became more and more desperate before peaking. A short time later a man and woman came out of one of the fitting rooms, the looked like a perfectly normal father and daughter except for a streak of cum that was making its way down the inside of her leg.

It was sometime before Annie came to the dressing room, she had three dresses picked out.. Mark smiled at her as she approached and got up from where he was seated.

“Ready to try them on sweetie?” he asked.

She nodded happily “Yup!” she said leading into one of the fitting rooms.

It was a much larger fitting room than was typical in most stores outside of Umbolo, otherwise it was not atypical. It had a large padded bench along one side and mirrors on three of its walls, The fourth was a curtain through which the father and daughter entered.

Mark went and sat down as Annie put the clothes she had chosen on the bench beside him before rapidly stripping down. Mark marvelled at his daughter: her blonde hair framed a beautifully innocent face, she had a lovely slender neck, that he loved to kiss when he fucked her, her breasts though smaller than her mothers were still sizeable and perky with nipples standing erect on top, her stomach was flat and toned and her clean shaven pussy drew him in like a moth to a flame, with its puffy outer lips and its delicate inner lips just peeking out.

Mark was now completely hard and took his cock out and began slowly jerking it as he watched his daughter. Annie was completely unperturbed by this and selected her first dress to try on. She slipped it on and modelled it for her father. It was a plain blue dress, with a plunging neckline Rus Escort that showed off her cleavage.

“What do you think dad?” she asked.

“It’s not bad sweetheart” Mark replied, still stroking his dick, “The hemline is a bit too low though isn’t it? It’s almost at your knees!”

She looked down at the dress.

“Hmm,” she said, “you’re right dad, it’s too long.”

She took the dress off once more exposing her nubile body to her father’s hungry eyes.

She tried the next dress, this one green, it was made of a thin material and Mark was able to see her nipples clearly through the dress, as well as a hint of what lay between her legs.

“That’s very nice honey, really suits you,” Mark said.

“Thanks dad!” Annie said, pleased, “this one goes in the keep pile.”

She took of the dress and this time tried on a white floral summer dress. It seemed to cup her breasts showing them off nicely. The hemline came to only just below her ass cheeks showing off her bum and her pussy every time she moved.

“I really like this one baby,” Mark said stroking his dick faster.

Annie noticed this and twirled around a few times trying to excite her dad. Finally she bent over and shook her ass for him, causing her butt cheeks to spread with every gyrating which in turn exposed her pretty pucker to her father. Mark let out an almost animal groan and lurched forward grabbing his daughter by the hips. Annie let out a squeal of delight. He squeezed her ass before prying her cheeks apart. Her anus flexed temptingly in front of him but the aroma coming from her pussy drew him in first. Unable to resist he dived tongue first into her hot snatch, licking and tasting her as he plunged his tongue deeper into her wet hole. Annie moaned in pleasure placing two hands on the mirror in front of her to keep balance. Mark moved down further to her clitoris, and began suckling on it, introducing his fingers into her pussy in conjunction with this.

“Oh god daddy,” Annie moaned, “Unh, yes, give it to me.”

Mark worked his fingers faster plunging repeatedly into her warm wetness while his tongue danced on her clit until finally with a cry she came. He felt her pussy contract enticingly on his fingers as she shuddered in orgasm. Slowly he removed his fingers, now coated in her juices, and moved them up to her winking brown anus. He massaged them around her crinkled hole before slowly sliding one and then two into her.

“Please fuck my ass daddy,” Annie begged plaintively, “I need it so bad.”

Mark didn’t have to be asked twice. His cock was almost painfully hard as he stood up. He made her turn around and gently pushed her down to her knees.

“Be a good girl now and get it nice and wet so it goes into your ass easy,” he commanded.

“Yes daddf-” Annie’s words were muffled as she immediately took the cock in her mouth slurping noisily on it. Her tongue danced along it coating it in her saliva as her hand played with the balls whose seed produced her. After getting it good and wet she made her way to the bench and got on all fours on it. Mark stood behind her and positioned his cockhead to press against her butthole. He pushed forward feeling her sphincter slowly expand to allow his bellend access to her rectum.

Annie groaned in pleasure as her father’s dick entered her asshole and slowly filled up her backdoor. Once it was completely in, Mark began fucking her moving his cock in and out of her tight teenage ass with greater speed. He reached around her and groped her tits, teasing her nipple between his fingers. He leaned forward and kissed her neck, she turned her head and he stuck his tongue in her mouth, all the while enjoying the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her tight rectum.

“Mmm,” Annie whimpered, “Don’t, unh, stop, unggh, uh, Daddy, I’m, oh oh, so close”

Mark fucked her harder until with a squeal she came, her sphincter contracted his cock and he reached an almost frantic pace until with a loud groan he spurted his thick seed up her shitter.

His cock slipped out of her with a wet plop, and he turned her over lying down next to his daughter and pulling her to him. They kissed softly for some time, cuddling with each other in a happy post coital glow.

Finally they left the dressing room, dressed again with arms around each other, a father and daughter deeply in love.

“We should get home,” Mark said, ‘Mom and James should almost have lunch ready.”

“And after lunch?” Annie asked.

“After lunch?” Mark said with a smile, “After lunch I’m going to fuck me precious girl some more.”

They kissed happily as the cashier rang up their items.

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