The Training Session

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When I was 25, I decided to switch careers. I interviewed for this corporation and was hired in their sales department. I lived in the Chicago area, and they were sending me to Dallas for the month of January to be trained for the new position. If you know how cold winters are in Chicago, you know how happy I was to be going to Dallas during January.

When I got there, I discovered that I would be staying at a very nice hotel that the company owned very close to their training center. There were about 30 people in the training and staying at the hotel. In the first session, we did the normal “getting to know you” activities and I discovered that the participants were from several different states. Most of the trainees were men with a few women and mostly older than me. I was single at the time, and there was really only one other guy from California that was also single. His name was Ken, and he was a very friendly, outgoing person. At our first break, he came up to me to chat some more.

“Looks like we’re the only single guys here,” he said to me. “Looks like you like to workout too.”

“I think we’re the youngest here too,” I replied. “I noticed there was a nice workout room at the hotel. I’m use to working out after work every night…interested in joining me?”

I knew that he would since he was about 5’10” with a very muscular body. With my 5’9″ muscular body, I knew we would be a good match to workout together.

Ken replied, “I would love to join you. We are going to be doing a lot of sitting and will need to burn off some of that energy when we get out of here every day.”

So that became our routine in the first week. We’d sit in the training all day, workout afterwards, and then study at night. The company was very serious about their training…they paid very well and expected us to learn all about the company, their product, and their philosophy about selling their product.

When Ken and I were working out, we spent much of the time talking and getting to know each other. We were both single, about the same age, and no steady girlfriends. At home, we both still hung out with the guys, went out to clubs, and tried to pick up girls. Ken was not shy about telling me about some of his escapades. Since he was good looking and had a great body, I believed his stories and had no doubt women were very willing to go home with him from the clubs. At night, we would meet in each other’s rooms and study together, quizzing each other and practicing some role-playing they expected us to know. After the first week, I felt like he was one of my friends from home that I hung out with since we were so much alike. Our lifestyles were very similar even though we lived in different states.

On Friday, the company gave us some work vans and encouraged us to hit the town to relax after our first tough week. Ken and I grouped up with 4 other guys and headed out to a happy hour at one of the bars in Dallas. We started drinking and having a few güvenilir bahis good laughs. The other guys were great guys also…they were just a little older and married. They told us they missed their wives and some even had kids. Later, we grabbed dinner and then headed to one of the clubs. Around 10, the other 4 guys had had enough and wanted to go back to the hotel. Ken and I decided to stay and told them we’d take a cab back later. We had noticed that some nice looking women were starting to come into the club.

Ken says to me, “I don’t know about you, but I could use a little pussy.”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied.

We continued drinking and met a couple of girls that were pretty hot and lots of fun. We drank with them most of the night laughing and telling each other about ourselves. Ken moved the conversation to them coming back to the hotel with us and continuing the party since it was about midnight and we were getting pretty loaded. The girls went to the bathroom, and while they were gone, we told each other that this was going to work out well. Well, they came back, told us they had to work early in the morning, and had to leave.

Disappointed, Ken and I took a cab back to the hotel. As we got to our rooms, Ken suggested we have a couple of more beers in his room before we crash for the night. I told him I was going to throw on some gym shorts and would be right over. He said he would do the same.

“Well, that sucked!” exclaimed Ken when I entered his room.

Ken was in some gym shorts with no shirt on. I had not seen him without a shirt yet and admired to myself his muscular hairy chest, big arms and tight abs. I had on a tank top with my gym shorts.

“No kidding!” I replied. “Nothing like getting us all horned up and then nothing!”

He got me a beer and we sat down on his couch. “Fucking chicks, man,” he said. “They take sex way too seriously. The minute they realized we were closing the deal, they stopped being fun. Guys just want to have a little fun.”

“Yep, it happens all the time at home,” I told him. “I usually have about a 50/50 luck in closing the deal.”

We both laughed and agreed at that percentage.

Ken then confessed to me, “I am tired of yanking my own chain. I gotta tell you, I have a buddy at home that goes out with me regularly to try and pick up chicks. When we strike out, we come back to one of our places and help each other out.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

He gave me a look like maybe being drunk, he might have said too much. “You know,” he said, “we help each other get off.”

“Really,” I said.

“Yeah, matter of fact, you remind me a lot of him. Same body, same personality, same good looks. Aren’t you sick of whacking off in your room every night by yourself? It’s a lot more fun doing it with someone else.”

That comment hit me kind of hard since I was whacking off in my room by myself. Being drunk and horny, I thought he made a lot of sense even though türkçe bahis I had never done anything like that before with another guy.

“I’m not gay or bi…are you?”

He looked at me, “No, I love getting naked with women, but I can’t stand coming home drunk and horny and having to do it to myself. Don’t take it so seriously. It’s just having fun. I wouldn’t have said anything if I didn’t get to know you this week and know that your a great guy…and hot too!”

My head was kind of spinning at that moment. All of a sudden, I felt Ken’s hand on my leg.

“Hey, we’re just buddies having a little fun. What happens stays between you and me.” Ken was looking at me with a smile. “We can stop whenever you feel uncomfortable.”

He turned toward me and started pulling my tank top up. “Let’s get on the same playing field and get this off. I’ve been dying to see your upper body.”

He threw the tank top on the floor and we turned toward each other. Ken put his arm around my shoulders making us super close to each other. He started exploring my chest with his other hand.

“Nice! Just as hot as I thought it would be.”

His words encouraged me to do the same to him. Feeling his hard pecs and hard nipples, I could feel myself starting to stir down below. We continued exploring each other with our hands, our faces inches apart with our noses sometimes touching. We had moments where we made eye contact as we roamed all over each other’s chest, abs, and biceps admiring each other’s fit bodies. I could hear his breathing increasing as I knew mine was.

Suddenly, Ken’s hand worked its way to my stiff cock pushing on my gym shorts. I spread my legs for him as he began to rub it, letting out a moan. I copied his movements putting my hand on the hardness in his shorts. By his moan, I could tell he was enjoying it also.

As we felt each other’s bulges, we made eye contact again. Ken leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss. He pulled away looking at me to see my reaction. I then leaned forward and kissed him a little longer. That was all it took…he came at me hard, kissing me until our tongues were ravishingly exploring each other’s mouths.

As we are making out, Ken reaches into my gym shorts and starts stroking my hard cock. I continue to follow his lead and did the same to him.

Then, Ken breaks away and stands up. His hard cock is putting a nice tent in his shorts. He kneels down in front of me and starts to pull my shorts down. I raise my hips so he can get them completely off. When he sees my hard cock, he hungrily goes for the head taking it in his mouth swirling his tongue around my mushroom head.

“Oh fuck, that feels unbelievable,” I breathlessly say.

He starts taking more of me in his mouth, grunting and moaning, till he has all 6.5 inches down his throat. I put my hands on the back of his head as he is bobbing up and down. It feels like nothing I have had done to me by any of my past women.

He suddenly güvenilir bahis siteleri stops and stands up pulling me up and leading me over to his bed. He pulls his shorts off and tosses them onto the floor and climbs on the bed laying down on his back with his stiff cock sticking straight up. I crawl up his legs until I reach his thick 7 inch cock and do everything he just did to me wanting to make him enjoy it as much as I did. His moans tell me that he is enjoying it so I keep working at it until I have him all the way down my throat. His hands keep pushing my head down every time I start to come up. I have one hand caressing and pulling on his balls and my other hand exploring his abs and chest.

I hear Ken moaning and talking to me, “Yeah baby, keep doing that! That feels so good!”

I start going to town on his hard cock, picking up my pace. I feel his cock get harder as I am bouncing up and down his shaft.

All of a sudden, Ken lets out an “Oh fuck!” as he fills my mouth with his cum. I swallow his first release as he keeps cumming spurt after spurt. I try to keep up but some slips out of my mouth and down my chin. As his orgasm subsides, I clean up his cock making sure I got all of his load. I look up at him and see him looking down at me.

“Wow, that was fucking awesome. You sure you’ve never done that before?”

I move up his body and passionately kiss him poking him with my rock hard cock. He flips me over putting him on top…”Your turn, stud.”

Giving me that sultry grin of his, he kisses me one more time and then starts down my body kissing and licking all the way to my rigid cock. He start sucking my cock slowly going all the way down until his nose is in my pubes and then coming back up to my mushroom head. He continues to do that which gets me breathing harder. I start telling him how great that feels which encourages him to pick up the pace. I begin to feel my orgasm cumming and shoot a huge load down his throat. He continues to suck me until I am completely dry giving me one of the best orgasms I have ever had.

Ken moves up my body and kisses me putting his tongue in my mouth so I can taste my own cum. He finally rolls off of me as we lay there naked completely satisfied.

“Well, what did you think? Better than getting yourself off?” he asked me teasingly.

“Wow! That was fucking unbelievable,” I answer.

“Cool…then I’m hoping we keep each other satisfied for the next three weeks…game?” he asked.

“Definitely game!” I nodded.

“Ok, we gotta be cool about this. Remember, what happens between you and me stays between you and me. When you wake up tomorrow morning sober and feel weird about what happened, talk to me about it. I don’t want to ruin this friendship we’ve had going all week. Now, you need to go back to your room so we don’t fall asleep. We can’t chance having someone from the training thinking we’re sleeping in the same room together,” he explained.

“Sounds good,” I responded.

Getting out of bed and throwing my clothes back on, I gave him a quick kiss and told him I’d see him in the morning for breakfast. I left for my room thinking to myself, “That was the wildest thing I’ve ever experienced…

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