Subject: A Neglected Boy The Twins XXXVI Please support Nifty to keep stories coming. Thanks to all Nifty Staff for their help. fty/donate.html Story is fiction, names fabricated, locations accurate. There may be some sex; it will be gentle and loving. A Neglected Boy “The Twins” XXXVI [email protected] *** There is a special note to my readers at the end of this Chapter *** I could see the seriousness on Jakes’s face as I slid behind the wheel. Kyle, Ethan, and Justin were already in the back and playing with their games when Jake closed his door and showed me what he had just heard from Alina ….. “Ethan’s parents have been arrested in Greece and the Italian police and government officials are at their Villa in Naples and all belongings have been seized and are now in government possession. We need to drive straight through with just a lunch stop and pull into Alina’s driveway.” I didn’t say anything to Jake and we waved to Peter, Neil, Lars, and Lukas as we pulled away. The rug-rats were waving out the windows and screaming . . . . “see you soon, see you soon…..” Jake showed me the directions then clipped the phone to the bracket so I check for new directions as they appeared. It was 604 miles back to Naples if we take the fastest route and we knew Ethan was going to be disappointed not to stop in Pisa. With conditions good, we should be at Alina’s in 11 or 12 hours about 9 tonight. It was not more than an hour on the road when we heard . . . . “Dad ….. I gotta pee” …. Ha, not Justin this time …. it was Kyle but a good time to stop we were just before entering the expressway and a perfect time to explain everything to Ethan. We stopped at this little convenience store just before getting on the Autostrada I took Justin and Kyle into pee while Jake explained everything to Ethan. Ten minutes later we were all back in and turning onto the freeway. I glanced at Jake and he pointed to Ethan with thumbs down and I could see in the rearview mirror a very unhappy and sad face. Soon it was only Jake and I that were awake. We made it to Florence in excellent time and pulled off for lunch. We had a very simple lunch just soup and salad and were back on the freeway in less than an hour. It was just after 9pm when we pulled into Alina’s driveway and right into her garage. Alina ran to greet us and Marco and Lorenzo had big hugs for Ethan, Justin, and Kyle and handshakes for me and Jake and a little kiss on each cheek. It was obvious that everyone knew what was happening and Alina told Lorenzo and Marco to take Justin and Kyle to the kitchen for something to eat. Alina, Jake, Ethan, and I went to the living room so Alina could fill us in on everything that had happened and what will happen tomorrow. ………. Alina explained . . . . “Ethan your father has made arrangements for his American attorney to fly in and be here about 9am to meet with you, Jake, and Kori as special arrangements have to be made to protect your future. Then Jake and Kori need to meet with the Italian government antiquities representative so you can collect all your clothes that you brought from America. You’re such a sweet kid I know this will be difficult but it will be over very quickly and you’ll be on your way home.” Ethan looked lost, his smile was gone and he just asked to go to bed. Alina showed Jake and I to the guest bedroom and wished us a peaceful night’s sleep. Alina had thought of everything and had made arrangements for all the boys to just sleep in the game room. Jake and I knew that Alina was really protecting the boys from any unnecessary involvement. I ran into Jake several times as we continued to check in on all 5 boys about every hour through the bursa escort night. The night seemed to drag on and on. It was just after 4am when Jake had made a check on the boys and returned to our bedroom with Ethan tagging along. Ethan was exhausted, had no sleep and just wanted to know what was going to happen. Jake and I explained that it would appear that his father had already thought things out to make sure that Ethan would be just fine. Tonight, Ethan didn’t look 16 maybe 13 at best, fragile and scared. Jake lifted the covers and Ethan slept protected the remainder of the night. Morning came with a soft knock at the door and Alina in almost a whisper saying it was 7am and coffee was ready. Jake and I quietly crept from the bed trying not to wake Ethan but that was not going to happen. Ethan was more like a shadow this morning and stuck to Jake and I like glue. I don’t think anyone could imagine what was going through his mind. There was a familiar aroma as we entered the kitchen; not only the aroma of those fresh-baked Italian sweet rolls that Maria made but there stood Maria herself and it was big hugs for Jake, Ethan and I then some tears as she tried to explain how upset she was. We understood most everything as Maria spoke in a mixture of Italian and English. For the next 45 minutes Maria doted on Ethan almost to the point of trying to feed him until Alina stepped in and said something about ….. “smothering the child” and we all laughed. There was something missing ….. and then they appeared. Marco, Lorenzo, Kyle, and Justin rounded the door and entered the kitchen all with big sleepy smiles. Ahhhh, Yuk! Was all Justin and Kyle could say as Maria greeted all the boys with big hugs and kisses. Now Lorenzo and Marco seemed to enjoy it or were just being extra nice so to get to the sweet rolls. The kitchen table was full of talk and for Ethan well, he looked more relaxed. Breakfast finished Marco and Lorenzo, Kyle, and Justin were off to play games with some instructions from Alina. Jake, Ethan, and I were off for showers and to dress to meet with the American attorney; first I needed to call Dr. Guermandi. I called Dr. Guermandi and filled him in on what was happening. He said to call him as soon as I was free and he would pick me up and we would go directly to Pompeii so I could deliver my findings and course of action to the group; then return me back to Naples so Jake and I and the boys could leave Italy as quickly as possible. I know I needed to give all my details to Dr. Sue as we would be working together in the future and I was sure she would be disappointed that I would need to return to the states quickly. The call ended pleasantly and Ethan and Jake were all dressed as I headed for a quick shower. Time was passing fast and Ethan looked so nervous as we sat in the kitchen waiting for the knock on the door. We looked at the clock …. 9am, 9:05, 9:15, 9:20 ……. Ethan nearly jumped as we were all startled when at 9:32 there was a sudden loud knock at the door. …………… Alina answered the door and showed the American attorney to the living room. Jake and I greeted the attorney and asked him to join us in the kitchen because Ethan was more comfortable there. Mr. Hallas a friendly man in his 50s was very polite and soft-spoken. He spoke directly to Ethan and when needed to Jake and I but mostly in a very soft relaxed tone to Ethan. He had about 20 pages of documents that he explained one by one and then asked Ethan if he understood and then Ethan would sign each. Then Mr. Hallas turned to Jake and I and presented us each with papers that required our signatures as well as Ethan’s. First, he explained in detail the requirements bursa escort bayan of accepting the terms. Ethan’s father had determined that it would be in Ethan’s best interest that Jake and I would become Ethan’s permanent guardian until he was 21. There was no hesitation Jake, and I signed the papers then passed them to Ethan …………. Ethan hesitated ………. Ethan looked directly at the attorney and asked . . . . “Mr. Hallas, does this mean that Jake and Kori can adopt me?” ……WOW…… and I knew that Jake and I were thinking the same thing … we were thinking Yes; but, … there was a twist. Mr. Hallas explained . . . . “Ethan as things are written at this time the answer is … No; Kori and Jake will be your guardians. When we are back in the states we can meet and return to your question if you wish but for now, let’s finish this so you can get on a plane and go home.” Papers were now all signed and Mr. Hallas politely reassured Ethan that everything will work out just fine. He shook hands and wished us well and said he was on a flight back to the states later this afternoon. It was a relief for all of us and finally Jake and I saw Ethan smile as he asked . . . . “Was it ok what I asked Mr. Hallas?” . . . . Like the rug-rats Jake and I answered in stereo …. Yes! …. Ethan was smiles didn’t say anything didn’t have to say anything it was written all over his face. It was nearly time for lunch so Ethan joined Kyle, Justin, Marco, and Lorenzo for a quick swim and Jake and I had one more thing we needed to do …. Meet with the Italian government official next door at the villa. Jake and I were met by a Carabinieri officer who showed us in. When we stepped inside, we were astounded as everything was tagged with yellow and red ribbons accept the furniture. The government official was very polite and kind as he began to explain why the different colors. What we had thought to be just very nice statues or carvings were really priceless artifacts that had been stolen from a number of places in Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia, and even some from Pompeii. He further explained that all our belongings had been tagged and that we could remove them and asked if we needed help. We were fine but I asked . . . . “How long do you think Ethan’s parents will be held?” . . . . his answer . . . . “With this involving several countries it maybe 3 or 4 years before there is even a trial. Any communication between the boy and his parents will have to be through a lawyer and government officials and not through direct contact. It would be best if the boy were to go on with his life.” Jake and I collected all our things and packed our bags tightly. We carried 4 bags over to Alina’s and four bags were set outside the entrance as we would not be allowed to re-enter. We thanked the government official and were off. All the bags were now at Alina’s and I called Dr. Guermandi and he said to be ready in 30 minutes. I grabbed a quick lunch with Jake and we sat and watched 5 boys swimming; 4 boys naked 1 boy with Hawaiian swim shorts. Dr. Guermandi arrived quickly and we were off to Pompeii. Jake said he would try to make flight arrangements for tomorrow while I was gone. The day went quickly for me 2 short meetings with part of the crew at Pompeii then a general meeting with everyone. I gave Sue a complete copy of all my findings and said goodbye. Dr. Guermandi and I were back at Alina’s at 10pm and to tell the truth I am happy this is all over and looking forward to going home. Jake gave me the best news as he has booked our flight on Alitalia Air at 6:35 am Naples arriving at JFK, New York at 2:30pm. I was relieved and by the looks of Jake and the escort bursa boys so were they. We all had just gone to bed when it was time to get up and head to the airport. It was quick through security but difficult to leave Alina, Marco and Lorenzo who was clinging to Ethan. The flight home was about the same as the flight to Naples but seemed to pass more quickly. We waited for our bags and as we collected everything Ethan and the rug-rats realized we had more now than when we began the trip. Oh yes, the bags were full of new Italian clothes, souvenirs from Italy, France, Pompeii, the Blue Grotto and gifts for a number of friends. With everything packed neatly it was off to the train back to New Haven and we made sure snacks were plentiful for the trip. It was just 8pm when we arrived home and Jake and I couldn’t believe how good Kyle and Justin had been the entire trip. The first thing Justin and Kyle said was . . . . “We’re hungry and can we start the hot tub?” . . . . Ethan was right along with rug-rats and added how about Chinese takeout and that was unanimous. We called the Great Wall of China restaurant and placed a very large order; we were all starving and Jake stayed while I ran to pick up dinner. I arrived back home to find Jake and the boys all in the hot tub and all with smiles. Dinner was on the table and the smiles just got bigger and the laughter just got louder. Soon it became a real party and Jake and I realized that we had not heard this kind of happy laughter since we left. It was so good to see all 3 boys with their smiles and I realized that home, together, is where we belong. Things got very quiet then almost in perfect unison Kyle and Justin asked . . . . “We can go sailing tomorrow?” . . . . Ethan was all smiles but first, we needed to check with Mr. Hallas and ask about how things were with the legal papers and then we could go sailing. We were all tired and it was time for bed. Funny there wasn’t any argument Ethan, Justin, and Kyle took quick showers and were off to their bedrooms. Jake and I were just exhausted and it was a quick shower and just as we were getting into bed Ethan was knocking at our door; he came in and said . . . . “I just wanted you to know that I’m sad and happy at the same time. I know I’ve said things about my parents but I do really love them even if they don’t understand me. I love you both and I hope we will be a `happy’ family.” . . . . Ethan turned toward the door as Jake said . . . . “and we love you too Ethan” . . . . Ethan didn’t say anything just quietly shut the door as he left. I don’t remember going to sleep, I don’t even remember if Jake said anything to me or me to him, I just fell asleep. It was maybe around 4am when I realized Kyle was all hugged up to me and Justin wrapped in Jake’s arms and in a second, I was again asleep but with a smile on my face. To be Continued . . . . . A Neglected Boy “The Twins XXXVII” *** “To all my faithful readers you have become my friends and family. The summer was long, hot, rain, horrendous rain with lightning and thunder and unbelievable wind. I enjoyed bikepacking, camping, kayaking, and most of all returning home. The new school year has started and in addition to my private students I have started an astronomy club; oh the summer found me buying 2 new telescopes anyone interested what they are just ask me. I hope to publish 2 or at least 1 new chapter a week please continue to email me with your thoughts I always enjoy hearing from you. I will continue to add to the “readers” comments page listed below so please check to see what some readers are saying. I am wishing you all love and asking you to remember to be kind to everyone.” *** Jacob R. Lion, Author ….. A Neglected Boy series. Remember if you have enjoyed the story Please send a quick E-mail to: [email protected] Web Page …. bly/a-neglected-boy-the-twins.html Readers comments ……. bly/journal

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