The Underground


London is the only place to live in England for me. The crowded streets and bars, packed buses and the tube. Yes, the tube, underground, subway. Whatever you want to call it, is my hunting ground. To most people rush hour is a chore to be avoided if at all possible. To me, it is an essential ingredient in my favourite sexual fetish. The close contact with a complete stranger, the interaction, no matter how fleeting of sexually aroused bodies, is my drug of choice.It doesn’t have to be the underground, any crowded places, places where the general public are unaware of the sexual encounter being carried out near them. For me, that’s the thrill, often it is a brush of a hand, a furtive grope. But on some occasions masturbation that can give me, and sometimes my partner of the moment the climax we both seek.When did my fetish begin? Difficult to say, it is a need that has grown over the years. As a young woman, tolerating a hand on my backside on a crowded dance floor. To the intense need for public masturbation, I now need as a mature female Side Escort in her late thirties.Today should fill my needs perfectly. A journey on a crowded tube, an hour in a busy art gallery, in my role as a journalist covering the latest exhibition. The jostling in a crowded bar after the event. The prospect of my day had already created an itch in my groin. I had thought of resisting the urge to masturbate in my morning shower. I wanted the yearning for release to build to such a pitch that my body would be screaming for satisfaction. But I knew from experience that a morning climax would only leave me even hornier.My shower was a source of another fetish. The glorious feeling of my cunt being filled with water. I have orgasmed from a vaginal enema many times. The showerhead I use was carefully chosen. It is long and slim and can be slid deep into my cunt. The combination of warm water and the almost painful needle-like jets, coupled with shower gel rubbed into my clit is enough for a shattering orgasm. manavgat escort bayan In only five minutes my body shook in climax, water ran from my cunt, down my legs in a glorious stream. Shower water, cunt juice, and piss in one copious emission. By the time I had returned to my senses and dried myself, I was even hornier than before.One thing I had decided on was my apparel. A white blouse with a casual open neck that would allow the odd furtive glance at the skimpy bra just about encasing my 34b tits with, what would certainly be, hard protruding nipples.The skirt held a secret, it appeared to be a smart calf-length flowing design. Its secret was, what seemed to be pockets, were, in fact, slits allowing easy access to the top of my thighs. Often I would slide a hand inside for a furtive touch of my clit or cunt. But the real purpose was to allow a stranger’s fingers to work their magic.As was my habit, I glanced in the full-length hall mirror as I left the house. At five foot nine, my firm Escort alanya body appeared quite slim, in was particularly pleased my bottom had retained its rounded, but firm state. My long dark brown hair only enhanced my height.Fifteen minutes found me parked in the multistory car park and heading down the escalator to the underground station and heading for the circle line platform.The journey from Tower Hill to the Edgware road was thirty-five minutes. Ample time to be groped by horny males on a crowded train.I deliberately stood in the busiest area of the platform to ensure the carriage I would get into would be jammed packed with early morning commuters with no possibility of a seat. Glancing up at the message board showed me the train I wanted was five minutes away, not long to wait, but on that day my first encounter would happen before that.The scent of expensive aftershave alerted me to his presence, he was very close. On a crowded platform, this was not unusual, but I sensed he was almost touching me.The feather-light touch of his hand on the left cheek of my bum was so light it could have been accidental, but I doubted it. To be sure I pushed back slightly to send the groper code to him. I knew if he was a player he would understand if not his hand would immediately withdraw and an embarrassed apology would result.

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