The Vassal Academy Ch. 06


Part 06: Exploration

Thomas and Diane had gone to New York to empty out Diane’s apartment. She was boxing up some of her things and looking at the furniture and said. “Master, that bed is worthless, the dresser a piece of junk.” She shook her head. “It wouldn’t survive a trip down the stairs.”

Thomas was piling boxes on a dolly and glanced at them. “Oh they’re old, but should be OK.”

“Master, I don’t really want them anymore. I don’t want most of this stuff.” Diane admitted sitting on the bed. “I want a few things, but mostly I want to be home. I’m getting depressed here.”

Thomas smiled and started to tug the Dolly out. “Keep packing, we’ll talk about the furniture after we’ve loaded your clothes and belongings OK?”

“Yes Master.” Diane said and looked at her old bed again. She’d gotten it from a sale shop in the neighborhood. She hated it when she got it, right after breaking up with Suzanne. She didn’t really like her roommates, they were a couple, and Diane had always been the outsider.

Diane finished emptying the dresser and boxing the clothes. She wrote a note for her roomies, and then carried the last box of belongings down, loading them into a mini-van that she knew would hold everything she had. With room to spare. Eight boxes was all she had, eight boxes of stuff. It seemed to be hardly worth the trouble to move.

Thomas looked at her for a moment. “Are you sure you don’t want anything else?”

“Yeah, I gave Chuck and Larry an address if they needed anything, or whatever.” She said. “I just want to go home.”

Thomas nodded and got in to drive her home. On the ride back through the slower daytime traffic of New York she stared out the window. “I was never happy here Master, I’ve always hated my life, and always wanted something else”

Thomas said. “It’s hard to find what you’re really meant to do. Sometimes, it finds you.”

“Yes Master.” She turned and looked at him. “Did you know I almost didn’t go to the club that night? I was home depressed and just sitting staring at the TV. I went on a whim, a desperate need to go somewhere. I dressed up and went to the club. A group of five was going into the VIP and I fell in with them, crashing the gate. I’d done that a few times before, often enough that some in there had known me. If had had just stayed home eating ice cream, like I’d planned to, I’d still be in that tiny room in that crappy apartment being miserable.”

“Instead, you have a tiny room in a big old house where we make you run around naked and spank you for misbehaving.” Thomas said.

“Yes Master, and I’m grateful. I think the big difference is that I feel loved, and appreciated at the house. I think that with you, and the other Masters, I know what I’m supposed to do. I never was sure in the city.” Diane said.

“Well, we’re headed home.” Thomas said. “Where you can get out of those clothes you keep pulling at like they’re too tight.”

“They are. I don’t know how that happened. They fit, but they’re too tight to wear.” Diane said.

“I know.” Thomas said. “You’re adapting amazingly well to this lifestyle. Geneva’s pushing hard too. You’re both doing great.”

Diane smiled and said. “I’ve got a lot left to do though haven’t I?”

“Yes Diane, you do. You have cunt training, anal training, sleep training, more ballet, more oral arts, and a couple hundred hours of just kneeling and being present to serve Master. That gets you used to kneeling beside Master in a public or semi public environment.” Thomas said.

“Anal training, Master Devon said it wouldn’t hurt, and that I’d like it.”

“You will.” Thomas glanced at her. “If I’m right, you’ll be begging for it you’ll like it so much.”

Diane smiled a bit sheepishly and said. “I’m not sure about that. I’m figuring I’m lucky if it doesn’t kill me.”

“Tried it before?”

“No Master, I’ve always been too scared.”

“You’ll spend days wearing a butt plug with us. This opens you up, gets you used to having something there. Then when you’re sufficiently open, we’ll take you for the first time. Not gently, slaves don’t need gentleness, but we’re not slamming a semi truck into a dock either.”

Diane smiled. “That about describes the way a friend had it done.”

“Then we’ll give you days where you get no anal training, to give you time to relax and get used to the process. Our system has worked many times.” Thomas said. “Tell you what, I’ll get Jeannette, and show you an anal training day. I’ll have her wearing the belt and plug all day and you can see how she reacts to it.”

“Thank you Master.” Diane said. “I don’t want Jeannette to suffer for me.”

“She won’t. It’s about time for her to get a refresher anyway.” Thomas said. “Trust your Masters, they’ll take care of you.”

“I thought there would be more being tied up and stuff like that. The bondage part of it.”

“Oh we’ll get to that. Right now, we’re focusing on your ability to serve master. We’ll please you as a reward for that service later.”

Diane smiled illegal bahis and said. “Patience and poise right Master?”

“Yes Slave Diane, just so.”

They were turning off the interstate and headed towards the house as they passed Deputy Carter in her Honda sitting and stewing. She recognized Thomas and Diane in the mini van. She could see boxes in the back through the tinted glass. This was it, she had them now. She’d use Devon’s invitation to get in, and then she’d see what was in the boxes, and prove they were smuggling something. Probably kiddie porn or something else really good.

Diane started her car and took off. She headed towards the entrance. She had only been waiting about twenty minutes, which was a shame thought Fate.

She got to the Gate and saw it was already closed with Thomas inside. She rolled her window down and said. “I’m Ann Clark, Devon invited me.”

“One moment Miss Clark.” The guard said smiling and then he dialed a phone.

Ann forced herself to be calm. There were a lot of boxes, and they couldn’t have unloaded them all already. The gate opened and the guard waved her through. She headed up the drive and then her blood ran cold. The Sheriff’s car was right there in front. Damn it to hell. The Sheriff and County Attorney were there too, at the top of the steps to the damn porch.

Ann knew she was truly and completely screwed now. She parked and got out of the car and stood there. Defiant and convinced she was morally justified.

The Sheriff walked to her slowly, obviously trying to contain his anger. He got to her and softly so no one else could hear began to speak. “Deputy Clark, as of this moment you’re suspended pending administrative review.”

Devon called from the Porch. “Ah, Ann. I’m glad you could make it. I wasn’t aware that you were off today. Please, come on up.”

The Sheriff turned around mortified. “Sir, I’m afraid that she’s not going to be here long. I’m sending her back to the station.”

“Why? She’s done nothing wrong. She’s an invited guest Sheriff. If I’m a legitimate Businessman, as you say all evidence indicates, then surely I’m allowed guests, whomever I choose to allow onto my property.” Devon said smiling that charming smile of his.

Ann felt the tension in the air. Sheriff Mitchell cleared his throat and said. “Sir, I’ve previously instructed Deputy Carter to keep from harassing you.”

“I don’t believe Ms. Carter is here on police business sir. I believe this would qualify as personal. Call it a research assignment if you wish.” Devon said. “I’ll thank you again for coming by and letting me know that the documents I provided satisfied you as to our intentions to strictly follow the rules and the law.”

Devon shook hands with the Attorney and then waved at Ann. “Please come up Ann. I’ll have drinks brought in.”

The Sheriff glared at Ann and hissed at her. “You better not be doing what I think you are.”

Ann smiled and said. “Why Sheriff, I’m just visiting a law abiding citizen. Hoping to learn more about his interests, expand my knowledge, that sort of thing.”

Sheriff Mitchell turned and walked to his car and Ann watched her career flush down the tubes. She walked up the steps and said. “I don’t know why you did that.”

“You are a guest, and I did invite you didn’t I?”

“Yes, but you know what I mean.” Ann said.

Devon waved her inside and said. “Please come with me to the office and I’ll make a quick phone call.”

Ann followed him and sat down as Devon picked up his phone and pushed a button for speed dial. “Dominique, how are you?” There was a pause as she answered him. “Yes, The Sheriff was just out here and told me how upstanding I was. That’s not why I called. I would like a favor from the legal brains there.” Another pause. “Well, Deputy Clark was driving up on her own personal private time and in her personal private vehicle wearing civilian clothing when the Sheriff seemed quite miffed at this. Seemed to me, and it was probably a mistaken impression, that the Sheriff believed she was harassing me.” Devon paused and smiled at the expression on Ann’s face. “Yes, I was wondering if the Legal minds could perhaps suggest that who and what a person does on their own time.” A short pause. “Yes, perfect Dominique. I do thank you.” Devon hung up and smiled at Ann.

“Do you have any idea what you’re doing?” Ann asked enraged.

“Yes, I just saved your job, or did as much as I could to save your job.”

“I’m the one that wants to throw you in jail.” Ann said as if explaining this to a three year old.

“I know, and so does the Sheriff. Which is why he’ll call it harassment. On the other hand, if he knows that you’ll be represented by the same law firm that has been threatening him for two days, perhaps he’ll refrain from firing you for now.” Devon said. “Best I could do.”

Ann shook her head. “You’re insane. You’re keeping your sworn enemy at your throat.”

Devon smiled. “If you’re my biggest enemy, I want you right where you are. casino siteleri Right on my ass making sure I’m doing everything legally.”

Jeannette came in with a pitcher and some water glasses on a tray. “Master, I took the liberty of bringing water.”

Jeannette was wearing the see through shirt thing again. Or another one like it.? “They’re going to fire me. If not for harassment, then for moral turpitude or something.” Ann said.

“Would you like a job?” Devon asked.

Ann’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head. “You son of a bitch, you want me parading around naked calling you Master?”

“No, I need a trainer. I’m short one trainer. I could teach you how to train, and then you could train for me.” Devon said.

Ann lunged to her feet. “You couldn’t teach me a fucking thing.”

Jeannette knelt on the floor and looked up at Ann. “Why do you hate Master so?”

“He abuses you. He’s brainwashed you to believing this is what you want.” Ann said.

“I was free. I’d left this scene, this life. I lived for six months in Oklahoma. I was miserable. I even listened to those who said I was disturbed. I went to a shrink, and after banging my head on the wall for six months, I got tired of the squishy sound it was making.” Jeannette shook her head. “I sought Master Devon out, went looking for him. I’ve found him. I’ll never leave him again.”

“Why did you hate it?” Ann asked. She could tell that Jeannette was telling the truth.

“I had to make decisions. What burger do I want. What soft drink. What do I want for breakfast. What song do I want to listen to. There were thousands each day and I hated making those decisions. I was spending my days reading books, trying to find something to occupy my time. I tried dating. I tried hobbies, and I was more miserable after each one.” Jeannette shrugged and held her hands up. “What could I do? Finally, I traveled across country, determined to find Master. I was out, I got therapy, and I hated my life, and hated myself.”

“Perhaps with a little more time.” Ann suggested.

Jeannette shook her head. “I almost took a bottle full of sleeping pills. I was ready to, because I was so unhappy so utterly miserable.” Tears formed in her eyes, one broke free and ran down her cheek. “What saved my life was knowing that my master would be unhappy with my decision. I decided to go back to him, and trust him.”

Jeannette shifted slightly and looked up at Devon. “Master saved my life, and I love him for that. He gives me purpose, and I love him for that. He gives me direction, and value. To him, I’m unique, I’m special. I’m his lead slave.”

“Miss Clark. The only way I’m leaving him is if you have a warrant for my arrest. In that event, you better have a bunch of cops, cause I’m not going quietly.” Jeannette said determination clear in her words, and her voice.

“He doesn’t value you.” Ann said seriously.

“Yes he does. I know it, I’ve seen it.” Jeannette said softy. “Master loves me. Before I was just another woman in Oklahoma. Now, I’m the best slave in the area, probably in the surrounding states. I’m number one, doing something I love to do. I love to see to Master’s needs, and his desires. I love having all the decisions made for me. This is what I am, why can’t you accept that?”

“Because it’s wrong.” Ann said.

“For you, yes it would be wrong to kneel here. For me, it would be wrong to do what you do. I couldn’t be as absolutely convinced I knew what was best for everyone, like you are. I couldn’t do that.” Jeannette said.

Devon cleared his throat and said. “Ann, follow her around for a while. The threat to your job isn’t going anywhere. See what she does, let her show you her life, and listen with an open mind to her.”

Ann glared hate at Devon and stood to walk out. “Come on Jeannette, what do you do all day.”

Jeannette rose and said. “I serve Master.”

Ann spent the afternoon talking to Jeannette and watching her work around the house. She tried to talk sense to Jeannette. “They’re abusing you Jeannette, they’re using you for their own sick pleasure.”

“How many orgasms did you have last week?” Jeannette asked.

“What? None of your damn business.” Ann countered.

“I had at least a dozen, not including the arousal table.” Jeannette said. “That’s a lot of love don’t you think?”

“That’s not love.”

“If married people do it, it’s called making love. If a couple in a relationship do it, it’s called making love. If I do it, it’s not love?” Jeannette asked. “Fine with me, but it was still pretty damn good.”

Ann shook her head. She just had to get through to this woman. “Jeannette, you don’t have to do this.”

“I know, but I want to.” Jeannette said as she finished filing the forms and glancing at her watch said. “Diane should be done putting her stuff away.”

“What was in those boxes, the ones that Thomas brought in?” Ann asked suddenly remembering the mini van and boxes.

“Diane’s stuff. She had an apartment in New York, and wanted to poker siteleri close it down, she lives here now. Most of it is now stored in the Garage, we have an attic there. All labeled as her stuff.” Jeannette said. “She’s probably going to have a short class in Ballet, and tonight she’s got sleep training.”

“So where’s the other one, Geneva at now?”

“In oral arts, with Master Andre.” Jeannette said. “I’m headed that way now, I need to check the area to make sure it’s clean, and check on Geneva’s room.”

“What about Geneva’s room, why do you need to check it?”

“She’s sleeping chained right now, until she learns it’s Masters body to do with as he pleases. Geneva is learning to submit gracefully, and to respect and love Master.” Jeannette said.

“Have you slept in chains?”

“Sure. All slaves do sooner or later. It’s part of our life.” Jeannette said. She smiled. “It’s better than the chastity belt torture.”

“What’s that?” Ann asked.

Jeannette turned and stopped to look at her. “I’ll show it to you. It’s in the cunt training room.” Then she headed off towards that room. Ann followed her gritting her teeth at the name of the room.

In the room Jeannette picked up a belt from a cabinet. “Master designed it himself. It’s battery operated here, and is on a timer of sorts. At random intervals, it activates the probe which is in your cunt, and the tickler which is in your ass, and the hummer which is on your clit.” Jeannette said. “It activates for a few seconds, up to a minute. While you’re wearing it, you’re always being tortured by the thing activating at random, it drives you insane with desire.”

“Jesus Christ.” Ann said looking at it. “This is fucking cruel.”

“Yeah, it’s torture. I wore it for nine hours once, and was twitching and trying to straddle the banisters. It’s really worse than the table, because the table only lasts for a couple hours at the most before you explode in passion. That is one mind shattering orgasm.” Jeannette put the belt back. “Master gave me that when I forgot to put on clothes. He wouldn’t let me come for four days afterwards, to make sure I’d learned my lesson.”

Ann shook her head. “That is insane Jeannette.”

“Oh no. I’d disobeyed Master, and he punished me. He knows I want lots of orgasms, and he always gives them to me. If I’m bad, I don’t get any. If I’m really bad, he forces them out of me, a rapid fire series of little orgasms that never quite seem to satisfy you. They exhaust you, sure, but never quite satisfy you. You’re left wanting more, but your cunt’s too numb to get any more.”

“Don’t use that word.” Ann hissed.

“What word?”

“Call it a vagina, or your sex, or something.”

“If a rose by any other name would be as sweet, wouldn’t a pussy by any other name be the same?” Jeannette asked.

?”It’s degrading.”

“To you perhaps. To me, it’s what it is.” Jeannette shrugged and said. “It’s a cunt.”

Ann rolled her eyes and said. “What about anal sex, that’s dangerous you know.”

“Oh that’s fun. I get the most amazing orgasms from that.” Jeannette said her eyes lighting up.

“It’s wrong.”

“It’s not illegal.” Jeannette protested.

“It’s wrong Jeannette. All of this is wrong.”

Frowning Jeannette said. “You’re not listening, at least not with an open mind are you?”

“Do they hit you? Beat you?”

“Sure, with canes, whips, and floggers. I like them best. they sting all over that way. Oh your skin feels so alive that way. You’re floating on clouds of pleasure when they’re done.” Jeannette said smiling. “If you breath right, you’ll get the endorphins pumping, and you’re in heaven.”

“Jeannette, that’s impossible.”

“No, it’s subspace, it’s in the books, read up on it.” Jeannette answered. Looking at her watch she said. “I need to help Chef soon. Come on, let’s check Geneva’s room and the sleep training room for Diane. Then we can go help Chef.”

“Oh joy of my life.” Ann said and followed. Jeannette checked the cage first, making sure it was working right and then turning the power off again. She checked the bindings and the chains and clapped her hands once. She nodded when a small red light came on and then she walked out of the slave training room Geneva was using.

“What was that about, the hand bit?” Ann asked.

“If a slave is in trouble and calls for help, it activates an alarm in the training wing. We come running to see what the problem is.” Jeannette said. “The sleep training rooms have two sensors. One beeps back at the student to wake them and get them to stop snoring, or whatever, the other alerts us.”

“You sound like they care about the students, while they’re torturing them.” Ann said sarcastically.

Jeannette finally got mad. She turned on Ann and said. “Don’t you even say that we don’t care. We care more than you think. We care more than you’ll ever know what happens to the slaves. That’s why we’re here, to save them. To save them from cruel masters who don’t know what they’re doing, or don’t care.” Jeannette seemed to settle and then she said. “We care about them Ms. Clark. We care so much we don’t get much sleep when a Student is first put into sleep training. One of us, probably me, will be up all night listening to make sure they’re not in real trouble.”

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