The Vice Principal Ch. 01



When John Anderson first applied for the position of vice principal at Aphrodite’s Preparatory School for Girls, it had been as a joke. A recent graduate of State with a double degree in psychology and teaching before swinging through law school, he’d never really thought about being any sort of school administrator. He’d intended to teach business or something similar, but not at a local school and certainly not at an all-girls school. He knew of their reputations for having stringent teaching standards and he also knew, despite being only twenty-six years old, that teaching at an all-girls school could only mean one thing.



He had decided to take the summer off after graduating law school, choosing to relax instead of looking for a job immediately. He had managed to save up some money while in college and had sent out a few applications for teaching positions in local high schools, but nothing he’d seriously considered. Besides none of them had replied. That meant he couldn’t get a job for the upcoming school year and would have to wait.

Content with that plan, he had just begun to relax and really enjoy the warm weather when something came in the mail that changed everything.

It was a Wednesday in late June, just a few weeks after John had settled into his new apartment when the mailman came by and delivered the mail. Having been enjoying a nice beer in the shade of his front porch, John thanked the man and went inside to see what the good news was today.

On top was the usual drivel. Clothing ads, coupons to local stores, alumni mail, and donation requests from his school

Already? John thought with a shake of his head.

Then he reached the bottom of the pile and stopped.

It was a pamphlet for a new private school in the area. John’s parents had told him a little bit about it and had suggested he get a job there. But they had only told him bits and pieces’ where it was, how big it was, and who they knew who had applied to work there, and it hadn’t interested him in the least.

What he saw before him, though, changed everything.

The cover of the trifold pamphlet had a solid pink background with the title Aphrodite’s Preparatory School for Girls scrawled across the top in fancy, looping red cursive. Underneath it read, The area’s first comprehensive school for young ladies to help mold them into the leaders of tomorrow. Our top-of-the-line staff have degrees from the most prestigious universities in the world and are dedicated to the success of their students.

In between the title and this message was a picture of a building that looked more like a castle than a school. It had a certain appeal, though, as John could see that it had certain modern aspects integrated into it.

Below all that, in small print at the bottom of the cover, was a small disclaimer. It said, All students pictured are real students who have agreed to pose for this pamphlet. They will be attending in the fall.

Mildly intrigued, John opened it up. As went with the travel plans and other life decisions he had made, he wasn’t really looking for a job. But hell, he was only going to be a few years older than some of these girls and maybe a few of the ones they had pictured would be hot. After all, there had to be a few moms and dads who had relatively attractive girls who they wanted to send to this school right?

The inside left him gawking. The girls inside were stunning. They all wore tight, stereotypical catholic school girl outfits, plaid shirts, short ties and navy blue skirts, to boot. Each girl was radiant, the dozen or so photos arrayed across the page showcasing several stunning girls of different ethnicities, who he guessed were the seniors at the school, making them 18 or a bit older. These girls, these purported students who would supposedly walking the halls of this building in a few months, were goddesses. He was a red-blooded American male who knew attractive when he saw it. These girls exceeded that.

As his gaze swept over the page, he couldn’t get over how hot these girls were. Firm breasts, tight stomachs, strong, long legs and round, perky asses greeted him in every picture despite the photographer’s best to make the focus on the group of girls pictured. It wasn’t that it was intentional, it just seemed, to a horny, single bastard like John, that every picture had some shot of a girl or two where just a little too much skin was showing. Not that he minded. The smooth, creamy skin and flawless muscles made him unconsciously lick his lips. The flowing brown, red, black and blonde hair was a rainbow of awe for John, the shimmering locks framing full lips, wide smiles and captivating eyes.

John scanned the rest of the pamphlet before he flipped to the back and saw a small section at the bottom that caught his attention. Vice Principal needed, it said and listed a number.

More as a way to earn a quick laugh than anything else, John gave the number a ring. Within ten minutes, bahis firmaları he had earned an interview with the school’s principal the next day. Four hours after the interview, John learned he had the job.

Two months after that, he found himself in his brand new office, door locked and reclining in his great leather computer chair as Sindy Graves enthusiastically rode his cock.

Chapter One

The late afternoon sun filtered through the filmy curtains, setting the room ablaze with a light red hue that spread across the room. John leaned back in his deep chair, the wide leather seat much larger than he had required. As John had found out, the previous vice principal had been a massive man, over six and a half feet tall and four hundred pounds. Consequently, the furniture left behind was very large.

The mahogany desk in front of him was very large and even though John was just over six feet tall, he still felt small behind it. There was plenty of leg room underneath it and enough space for all the papers and other school crap he wanted scattered across its varnished surface. His office was vast, with two long, deep couches and several similar chairs. The plush carpeting had only been recently installed, something John had specifically asked for so he could walk around his office barefoot. But that wasn’t his favorite part of being the vice principal.

No, the gorgeous teenager riding his cock was his favorite part. She was absolutely stunning, her firm C-cup breasts bouncing with each drop of her perfect hips. He could see the faint outline of a six-pack on her tight stomach and the arms gripping to his shoulders were strong despite their slimness. His hands were clasped on either of her fantastic ass cheeks, clutching each muscular orb as she drove herself up and down.

He could feel her pussy walls begin to spasm and knew his orgasm wouldn’t be far behind. With a sudden movement, Sindy, or Sin as she liked to be called, gripped John’s shoulders and pulled herself to him, mashing her lips to his for a deep kiss. It lasted only a few seconds before she threw her head back and let her orgasm overtake her, her mouth open in a silent scream. With her chest forced out and her pussy going into sopping convulsions, John leaned forward and nibbled on her nipple, squeezing both breasts to heighten her pleasure. He could feel her wetness beginning to seep out of their joining and knew his release was going to be coming within seconds. He was never able to withstand her orgasms despite his best efforts, the exquisite heaven that was her pussy overcoming his resistance every time they had sex.

“I’m going to cum,” John choked out.

Fast as a flash, Sin was on her knees and had her mouth descending over his cock. As her lips slid down his shaft to its base, her tongue undulated in a way she knew drove John wild, its slippery length seeming to touch nerve on his cock. He only survived two of these undulations before he blew. Sin didn’t miss a beat though, her throat massaging John’s cockhead as blast after blast of cum shot straight into her stomach. As his orgasm subsided, she slid his cock slowly out of her throat, the last few dribbles of semen landing on her tongue. Several seconds were spent in blissful silence for both as Sin swirled her tongue around his cock to ensure she retrieved all of his seed and that he was thoroughly clean. Satisfied with her work, she let John’s softening cock slip out of her mouth with a small pop. She smiled up at John from her knees, the light shining off her radiant teeth.

“All gone!” she said happily.

John leaned back in his deep chair and smiled down at her. “You’re one kinky cumslut, Sin,” he said, running a hand through his hair. He loved that her name could be shortened to Sin. Almost as naughty as her.

“I know,” Sin said as she stood and sat in his lap.

He loved the way her ass felt on his legs and he loved it even more when she kissed him, which she leaned in to do now. It was a deep kiss, her full lips pressing firmly and fully against John’s as her tongue slithered into his mouth. He loved the way she kissed with such unbridled passion. It belied her youth and allowed John to think of her as more than one of his students for more than a few seconds. Yet it always came back to him, the illicitness of this relationship only furthering his excitement.

Breaking the kiss, John brushed her hair back. Sin let out a huff. “Fuck,” she said. “My parents are going to be here any minute.”

She slid off his lap and began dressing. John watched as she slid on her black thong, followed by her skirt. Next came her lacy black bra and her tight white shirt. Sliding her tie over her head, she settled it into place and slid it up until it was as perfect as when she had walked in thirty minutes ago.

“How do I look?” she asked, turning and popping her hip so her ass stuck out.

“Sinful,” John replied with a smile.

“That’s what I like to hear,” she said. “Could you write me a note kaçak iddaa please?”

She finished with a pout and John laughed as he reached into his desk to retrieve a legal pad.

“What’s in it for me?” he asked as he ripped off the note.

As Sin approached, she made a great show of thinking it over. She bent over, showing a delicious amount of cleavage. He spared it a long glance before looking up to meet her lust-filled eyes.

“Well, let’s see,” she said thoughtfully, placing her hands on John’s desk. “I won’t tell my parents that you were shoving your cock into my pussy or that I drank down your cum.”

John raised an eyebrow and gave her the “get-real” look.

“How about this,” she said, a smile returning to her face as the thought began to develop.

“I’m Head Girl on my floor, right?”

John nodded. Out of the thirty girls in the senior class, only six girls were being housed on the fourth floor of the high school dorm. The freshmen had the first floor, sophomore had the second, and juniors had the third floor. It was the smallest of the groups, but the board of directors had been adamant that the floors would fill up over the years. Sin, through a random draw, had been named Head Girl. She was currently one of only a half-dozen girls on the campus. The other girls were all younger than ten and were under the watchful eye of professional nannies hired from the richest families in England.

“So that means I’ll have lots of sway over the girls on my floor, right?”


“So I’ll see what I can do to convince them that riding your cock and drinking your cum is the best way to spend the year,” she said.

Sin glanced at her watch again.

“Fuck,” she said.

She grabbed the note from his hand and glanced at it. It was some drivel about discussing responsibilities of being Head Girl and organizing class schedules. With a leap, she hopped onto the table and grabbed John’s tie. Pulling him close, she gave him a deep, firm kiss with her pouty lips before sliding off and dashing for the door. She opened it, blew him another kiss, and slipped out.

“Think about what I said,” was the last he heard from her before the door slammed shut.

Turning around in his chair, he gazed out the window. His office overlooked the great courtyard that had been installed in front of the school’s main building. A large fountain with two angels slowly burbled and on its side was a Mercedes SL550. Sin’s parents. Damn they were rich.

John had heard they were new to the area, the dad being a big-time surgeon and the mom some hot-shot lawyer. They had incredible money, as their car easily showed, but John didn’t think they had their focus right. They had called and paid a great deal extra to drop their daughter off early. They had given her a great deal of money to spend on food, but as John knew very well, Sin had spent it on a great many other things, chief among them being lingerie and other things that were definitely not food and other necessities.

He swung around to his desk and turned on his computer to review student files. The principal, a doting old man, was away until the start of the school year, which was in two weeks, and John had been left to take care of the final staff hiring and the students’ arrival. He had printed out rosters for all the students, but had not finished the final rooming assignments. He had placed most of the students, but at Sin’s suggestion had decided to… reaffirm his decisions. There were to be eleven other students on her floor, and as she had both insinuated moments ago and had told him a few times in bed, she was not above enjoying the touch of a woman.

John gave a half-chuckle as he opened up the roster program, his mind wandering back to his first encounter with Sin.


It had been a just over a week ago and John had been in his apartment. He had heard the moving truck arrive, but hadn’t thought much of it. He had assumed it was more of the construction guys, who had been finishing some final details in the lobby to his building. After that, he had heard much of the usual swearing and banging as things were moved, and only once he looked out the window and saw the two BMW 750i’s did he realize that a student was moving in. He remembered then that he had received an early deposit of $10,000 for a family to have their daughter move in early. He knew her name was Sindy, but that was all.

John spent a great deal of time reviewing the headshots of the girls who were attending, a requirement made by the principal, and had masturbated many times to some of the prettier ones. Some of the girls in the senior class were rather normal in their appearance, but there had definitely been some that stood out, but he hadn’t really bothered to get their names. Yet.

Uncaring for the time being, he started his workout. Ten minutes after he finished, and was about to hit the shower, John heard a loud crash from right below his room. Despite his desire to cool down and kaçak bahis play video games, his conscience had reared its ugly head and John had descended to see what the problem was. He had arrived at Sindy’s door to the sound of quiet sobbing and had poked his head in.

He was startled to see a stunning blond kneeling on the floor in booty shorts and an incredibly revealing sports bra. Her stunning body had left him speechless, the late afternoon sun streaming in through the windows to illuminate her flawless skin, tight muscles, and mouthwatering curves. Forcing himself to look at the problem and not the girl, at least for a moment, John’s gaze found the emptied dresser and drawers everywhere. Without even needing to be asked, John had set the dresser right side up and began fitting the drawers in place. It was then that Sin found her voice.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“I’m John Anderson, your vice principal,” John replied. “I live on the top floor, the fifth floor, of this building and heard the crash. I apologize for not being more dressed, but I just finished working out.”

John had started to clean up other things that had taken damage or fallen apart in the crash, and he could almost feel Sindy’s gaze ride along his body. He knew he was good looking and in good shape. He had been a football and basketball player in high school and even had scholarship offers for both. But the fun of playing sports was just that for John: fun. He had never wanted to take both any more seriously than he did in high school, and had stuck to that despite many coaches calling him throughout college to reconsider. One thing he had done, though, was to stay in shape. At 6’2″, John could bench press over three hundred pounds and run a mile in less than six minutes. He was in peak physical shape and he knew it.

He let her silently admire him for a few more moments before turning his attention to her scattered garments.

“Can I help you pick these up?” he asked, indicating her clothes with a sweep of his hand while his eyes lingered on some of the more revealing undergarments lying at his feet.

“Okay,” Sindy replied. She dropped her eyes to the floor as she began to pick up her clothes.

“What’s your name?” John asked as he slowly gathered her shirts.

“Sindy,” Sindy replied. “S-I-N-D-Y, Sin for short.”

“Well, Sin, it’s nice to meet you.” John extended his hand and they shook.

“I’m sorry for making such a god-awful racket,” Sin said as they continued to pick up and fold her clothing. “I’m just a little stressed.”

“Why’s that?”

“I’m new to the area and my parents don’t have much sympathy for me. They drove here, looked at my room and told the movers to return to their place as soon as they were done unloading the stuff. My parents are kinda rich, so the movers just put the stuff in here and left. I had to arrange it all on my own.”

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that,” John replied, “but you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Like I said, I live upstairs and as your vice principal, I feel it’s my responsibility to make sure that I solve any and all problems you have.”

“Oh really?” Sindy cocked an eyebrow and gave John’s strong, handsome body another strong once over. “All problems?”

John glanced up from the last shirt he was folding and met her smoldering gaze with one of his own. He had decided as soon as he had accepted this job that he would be willing to take risks. The girls in the pamphlet had been stunning beyond belief and he was only a few years older than many of them. He’d come to the conclusion that if any of the ones who were legal wanted to try something out, he wouldn’t stop them. There was a part of his mind that found it a tad icky to be checking out girls who were only fourteen or fifteen, as that seemed rather young when looking at the age only. Yet looking at the older girls and their lithe, curvaceous, seductive forms very quickly locked him in on several of the senior class girls. They were hot. They looked like adults. And John had gone far too long without sexual contact. Did that make him a scuzzy bastard in many people’s minds? Sure. It made him out to be a pedophile. But they weren’t the ones who were twenty-six and entering a land of pristine female flesh ripe for the picking. He was. He planned on taking advantage of that and it seemed that Sindy, from the way she was looking at him and letting him handle her oh-so-soft underwear, would be a more than willing first subject.

“All problems you feel like letting me assist you with,” John replied, the tone of his reply matching that of her question.

He could see a slight flush creep up the back of her neck, but the seductive smile that glimmered across her face told John that she was enjoying the nature of this conversation just as much as he was.

John’s hands, having been folding clothes for a few minutes now, had accidently strayed to the filmy negligee, G-strings and thongs that were on the floor. He had just grabbed a black lacy bra with neon green designs across the demi-cups when Sin snatched it from his hand.

“Hey mister,” she said in a falsely accusatory tone. “The guy doesn’t get to keep my underwear ’til the second date.”

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