The Village 5: Preparations

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The Village 5: PreparationsPart 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: was fitful for Bella. Over and over she relived the events of the past few days. How horrible they were! She had lost her freedom and feared that she would never see her family again. They surely were worried by now but she knew that they would be searching for her. She would try to remain hopeful. She would never give up her will. It was buried inside of her and it burned brightly. She relented to serve this “Master” as he called himself. She would do whatever it took to ensure that he began to trust her. With trust, she was closer to escape. He might get what he wanted from her body but he would never have her heart or her soul.The sun streaked through the massive window in the room. Bella glanced over at Raisa. She appeared to be sleeping soundly. She was so fragile and innocent. Bella knew that she had to make sure that Raisa was going to survive this. She would take her with her when at last she could escape. She wondered about Raisa’s family. Were they looking for her as well? Bella could only hope that soon this would come to an end for both of them.She perused the strong male figure between them in the bed. He had almost seemed tender through the night. He had wrapped his arms around Bella’s body as if to protect her, snuggling up to her affectionately. But there was always the demanding male presence, his cock hard even while he slept, pushed against her butt. She wondered if this man was even capable of anything tender. That had surprised her. She glanced over at Zorg. His body was rippled with muscles and strong. She did not know when she had seen a man’s naked body before, blushing as she gazed down to his hard organ, flashbacks of taking the thick member in her mouth all too vivid. She had to admit that he was strikingly handsome in a cruel sort of way. She stirred to get out of the bed. She was startled by a jolt as Zorg grabbed one of her arms.”Where are you going?” Zorg asked. He opened his eyes, staring at the naked figure of Bella.”Nowhere I guess,” she shot back almost defensively.”That’s right. Nowhere!” Zorg snickered. His cock was hard, these bitches drove him that way. Soon they would take him first thing in the morning as a ritual.Raisa sat up, startled to find herself in a strange bed. She looked down, finding herself naked, a strange man eying her body lustily. She looked around and burst into tears. “Where am I?” She sniffled.”It’s okay, Raisa.” Bella answered. “You are safe.” Bella hugged her, hoping that she could calm her down. She couldn’t do much but reassure her.”Safe from everything but me!” Zorg sneered at the two naked wenches in his bed.Raisa looked like a frightened a****l. She looked down and immediately tried to cover her nakedness, a futile effort. At this point, Bella did not care. This man had seen all of her in the lewdest of ways so what could she do now?Zorg stretched and got out of the bed, his hand reaching down and stroking his cock, seeing the frightened look on Raisa’s face. He laughed. “This will be for you my little wench.” He sauntered over to a rope hanging from the ceiling. He pulled it and the sound of a bell was heard. Jamon and a female servant came scurrying into the room.”Draw my bath. And take my new slaves to the training room. Bathe them, feed them and prepare them for deflowering. Shave this one. He pointed to Raisa, seeing her gasp. You will return them here tonight to serve me. I will check on their progress throughout the day.” Zorg ordered them with a smirk on his face. He would see how they like the humiliation of the servants intimate bathing and shaving of their bodies. Bella glared at him. He met her eyes with a cold stare, walking out, leaving them alone with the servants.Raisa and Bella said nothing. The servants pulled each along out of the room and down the stairs. She knew Raisa feared more than the worst. The poor girl had been shoved into an adult world. Bella wanted so to make things all right for her. She knew she would try as best as she could. She knew she would have to take the brunt of it. No matter how she felt, she would sexually submit to this b**st and pacify him as best she could. She hoped it would make it easier for Raisa. They were dragged down the stairs to what seemed to be the basement.The iron door creaked as Jamon opened it. It was cold and gray inside. Bella heard the scuffling of feet and moaning. She froze. She had no idea what was ahead for her and Raisa but it could not be good. The air smelled musty and of sex. The female servant pulled her down a long hall lit by torches. Jamon followed with Raisa. They turned to enter a room. It was large and cold. There was a huge fireplace in one end with a roaring fire, but it failed to take the evil chill out of the room. It popped and cracked as it burned. There were two large tables in the room with harnesses attached to the middle and bottom of each. Oh no, not tables again thought Bella. She wanted to scream and fight to free herself but the female had her arm in a firm grip and she was not going to let go. Bella heard Raisa gasp.”What is this? Bella! What are they going to do? I am afraid.” roared Raisa in panic, Jamon gripping her arm tighter.”Its okay, my friend. It’s okay. They will not hurt you.” Bella tried to reassure her. Raisa still feared the worst.Hastily the servants worked. They moved both women around to the foot of each table and laid them back on it. Raisa panicked as her naked back hit the cold wood. Hands were fastened into harnesses and ankles also, the thick leather digging painfully into the tender skin of the girls. Bella turned her head and look over at Raisa who was visibly shaking. “It’s okay. Do not be afraid. We are his prized possessions. Do you think he would hurt us?” Bella talked softly to Raisa, hoping to calm her down, trying to hide her own fear as the leather dug into her flesh.”I don’t know.” answered Raisa. Her body was trembling, naked as Jamon stood over her, spreading her legs until they touched the corner of the table. She turned red in shame as he gazed at her naked sex.”Well, he will not. We have no choice right now. We must submit willingly or at least make them think we are willing.” Raisa quieted. Bella knew that all she could do was try to allay Raisa’s fears even though she had no idea what was ahead for the both of them. The female servant’s hands were soft and tender, but she still found herself bound and spread on the table.Jamon and the female servant worked arduously preparing bowls of water, cloths, soap and laying them on the carts next to the tables. Bella caught a glance of some of the gadgets being placed with them. One was bulbous and rather big. It was a strange device about as big around as a broom handle. The base sloped into a flat area. Bella saw one on her cart and one being placed on Raisa’s cart. It sat up straight on its base and it looked sinister. Bella shuttered. She also saw three medium sized tubes with plungers that fit inside of them being placed on her cart but not on Raisa’s. They looked evil.Jamon began barking orders to the female servant. “Shave the young one first. The Master loves his girls bald as a baby. Jamon turned his attention istanbul escort bayan to Bella. He began to squeeze the warm water from the bowl over Bella’s body using one of the soft cloths.It did feel good as it trickled over her sore, ravaged body. She closed her eyes to savor what she could of the feeling, her existence so far harsh at the knees of her Master. Jamon worked the soap into lather all over her body. Her breasts heaved and her sex throbbed again as his fingers touched her intimately. It felt delicious. She was relieved. This was nice. She drifted off as he massaged her body, his fingers plucking her nipples into hardness. She sucked in her stomach as the soft cloth began to touch her naked vulva, tingling with an unexpected pleasure. He cupped her sex with the warm cloth, pushing aside her labia to bath her inner lips with the slick lather, Bella fighting to keep her hips from moving, the pleasure taking over her body. Bella was aroused from the trance by Raisa’s protests.”Please stop. Don’t do this to me!” Raisa begged as the female servant lathered her heavy bush with the soap, just as Bella’s had been. But Raisa was not happy, touched so intimately by another female.”I have to do this to you or I get punished.” The female servant shouted back. She pulled Raisa’s labia, stretching the puffy lip and snapping the sharp razor over the abundant bush to swipe it almost clean in the first pass. She grabbed the other lip, finding it wet, not from the lather, but arousal. She gripped it tight, yanking it harshly, the razor slicing it clean. Two more swipes to get the remaining stubble and Raisa was almost bald.”Raisa! Calm down. You are going to be all right.” Bella barked to Raisa, knowing full well that may not be the case.Raisa calmed down, but her body was tense as the female servant continued to rub her sex intimately. She was feeling the same arousal she felt when Bella had touched her while she was forced to take the thick member of Zorg in her mouth, fighting the urge to let her body go and repeat the pleasant orgasm that raced through her body.Jamon was now toweling off Bella drying up the warm water that had flowed so nicely over her body. Bella thought she could relax now and maybe doze off, her fitful sleep last night leaving her still tired, wanting the strength for the ordeal she knew she would have tonight with Zorg..”Now, Miss Brat” giggled Jamon. You are going to be suctioned and prodded. The more you move the worse it is. You must lay still as I work on you. Then your friend is to follow.”Bella didn’t even know what he meant by suctioned, but she knew prodding, suffering under Zorg’s intimate examination in front of the other men, remembering the fingers that violated her backside. Bella’s body pulled and strained against the harnesses. Her body rose off the table in defiance. “Leave me alone!” She screamed as loud as she could. “Get away from me!”Raisa watched intently, scared for Bella, but she also heard that she would follow.The servants worked swiftly to secure Bella’s thighs open. She felt her legs un-strapped from the corner of the table, but her freedom was only temporary. They grabbed her knees, bending them up until she groaned in pain, strapped to the harnesses around her wrists. Splayed like a frog again, Bella fought them to no avail. She was open and vulnerable again fearing the strange devices on the table near her. She could feel her open her sex was, even her anus was unprotected.The female servant secured her mouth with a gag, only gurgling sounds coming out in protest.”We’re not listening to your whines!” She said smugly. “So you better take it like a woman.” She watched as Bella arched her body on the table demandingly, finding the thick harnesses securely her.Raisa lay without a word, a look of stark terror on her face as her best friend was again bound on an examination table, knowing that it was her fate next.Jamon moved around to the side of the table. He settled his hands over Bella’s left breast. “What a lovely tit. The Master will love punishing them. He began to tweak her nipple with his fingers. He pulled it straight up, her body having no choice but to follow.She yelped into the gag. He began rolling it and pinching it, her sensitive nipple aching in pain. How could he do such a cruel thing to her tender flesh?”We have to get it hard to suction it so you might as well give in, Ms. Brat!” chided Jamon. He loved to tease her, her bound naked body as his disposal.Every pinch of her nipple sent shock waves to her sex. She could feel her clit begin to swell. She could feel her sex moisten. How could the pain turn so quickly to pleasure? She hoped that he wouldn’t notice that she was getting wet.“I can smell your pussy getting wet.” He squeezed her nipple hard, seeing the pained look in her eyes. “Does the pain make you wet?” Jamon produced one of the cylinders with a plunger in it. He could see the fear in Bella’s eyes even though she still didn’t understand what it would do to herShe looked down as he took his finger and dipped it in the water and coated her nipple. It almost felt good as her nipple puckered to hardness, the cold water shocking her system. He placed the end of the cylinder over her nipple, held it into place and began to draw the plunger back. Her nipple rose. It was being sucked into the cylinder, and Bella didn’t understand how it did it. It hurt! Bella shrieked into the gag. Her body trembled in pain as he continued pulling until the plunger was almost out of the cylinder. Her nipple distended into the tube. It was very red. It throbbed, the blood pulsating in it.”One attached!” said Jamon with a sinful grin on his face. Her nipple must be a couple of inches long, trapped in the glass cylinder, a deep red. Master loved them this way.Bella wanted to slap him as she struggled in the harness. How dare he hurt her like this! She had expected this from the Master, but from one of his servants? She writhed on the table trying to shake the cylinder off but it was attached firmly to her nipple. It was almost as if it were glued to her flesh. The twisting and turning of her body just made it jiggle and torment her nipple more. It was a constant pinching. Her nipple only stretched forth more. She could feel the pulsing of her sex as her nipple throbbed.Jamon hurriedly went around the table to her right breast and proceeded to perform the same procedure on it. Bella wiggled and bellowed through the gag as his fingers torment the nipple into hardness. He wet the hard nip with the water, the glass cylinder pressed around the dark areola. He saw her hold her breath as he slowly pulled the plunger back. “Can you feel it grow?” It stretched farther then the last one, turning a deep red as the blood was sucked to the surface.With both syringes attached she screamed her discomfort. The syringes would bob up and down and from side to side only to have her body yearning for release. The feelings in her nipples seared down to her clit. Her clit had swollen until it was huge. She could feel it. It was strutting forth. She could feel its head rise between the lips of her sex almost as the Master’s weapon.”Okay, two attached.” Jamon said to the female servant. “If she will lay back and quit moving so much she might like this!” He leaned over to look Bella in the eyes. “Relax…enjoy it!”Bella stared back into his eyes. Daggers shot from hers into his. She groaned her displeasure and yet no matter how she protested, the pulsing was growing in her loins. She took a deep breath, her nipples throbbing as her chest rose and fell making them shake.Jamon positioned himself at the end of the table between her legs, staring up at her widely split pussy lips. Bella looked down in horror at him. He fastened a leather strap around her thigh and tugged at one of her sex lips, finding her wet.“If the nipple suctioning made you wet, this will soak you,” teasing her. He applied three clamps, digging painfully into her puffy skin. It was left pulled taut and open. He saw her eyes clenched tightly in pain. He did the same to her other sex lip, taking his time, enjoying touching her wet inner lips. She was now spread wide. Her sex betrayed her openly. It was sopping wet, glistening in the light. He could almost see inside her. “Wow! She is a bad girl.” said Jamon. “Her pussy is wet and look at her clit! Have you ever seen anything so big and red?”The female servant replied. “Gosh it is huge! I always wanted one like that but mine is small. It looks like a miniature cock. It still has served my Master well but I always wanted him to suction mine.  I hear once you get by the initial pain, it is very pleasurable.””Well, Ms. Brat, I don’t know why he wants your clit suctioned. It is big enough certainly but if it is suctioned it will grown even bigger and stay that way! You will like having a large clit. It will give the Master so much pleasure!”Bella was snarling and fighting her shackles. No, he wasn’t going to do this was he? Oh my god, she could not bear the thought. She watched in horror as Jamon slid his finger into her orifice and smeared some of her juices over the head of her clit.Jamon placed the cylinder around her clit and pulled the plunger back. Her clit popped into the end of the cylinder crimson and bulbous. Bella’s body lurched forward with the pulling of the plunger.Oh my god she thought. I cannot stand this. Surely I am going to die. She felt the pressure as he clit pulled from her body. The throbbing in her groin increased. Now when she wiggled all three cylinders bounced and bobbled sending shocks through her body. Bella had never felt anything like this before. Her body was on fire. She did not know how long she could stand this before her body convulsed into orgasm. She was ashamed at how her body betrayed her. The carnal sensations were overwhelming her. She fought with all her might to stay in control. It continued to pull, the blood rushing to the tip, as it swelled in pleasure. She wished she could touch it.”Now three attached!” Jamon giggled. “Now only one more thing to do.” He enjoyed the last one best. He reached down as his finger slithered between her sweat drenched cheeks, feeling her body jerk as his finger touched her little brown puckered asshole.Bella pulled at her restraints. Her muffled groans and moans were filling the room. She was being touched in the forbidden place again, sending spicy tremors through her pulsating hole.Jamon loved the way her tiny hole seem to pulsate, Bella unable to control the muscles as his fingers stimulated her sensitive anus. He worked some of her moisture around the anal ring, teasing it, watching as it seemed to dance under his ministrations. He felt her body tense as he applied pressure, the tip of his finger seeking entrance to her backside. Bella could only protest and writhe in the tight bondage. Jamon reached for the other sinister object on the cart.”You’re going to feel my finger in your asshole. I’m going to prepare it to work this butt-plug into your asshole. You need to relax and allow it to enter. Relax your muscles and let it slid in.” He saw her struggle as he took his slick finger and pressed, seeing her anal ring glide open and swallow the tip of his finger, a muffled gasp from her lips as she found herself impaled on his finger. He pushed deeper, finding the muscles of her rectum gripping the tip of his finger.“So hot and tight.” He skewered her asshole on his finger, twisting and turning inside her hot passage, feeling her muscles grip his finger uncontrollably. He pulled his finger out, then plunged it back in again, opening up her with his invading finger. He pulled out, readying the butt plug.Now she understood what its purpose was. Bella was mortified. The horror of it all. There was nothing she could do, her bound body was at his disposal. Her nipples and clit still throbbed as the blood pulsated through the engorged flesh. It was huge, knowing that it would tear her if he pushed it in, determined to fight the rude intrusion with her muscles.„Once I get it lubricated the butt plug will it will fit snugly into place if you allow it. If you fight it, it will hurt. The Master wants your ass ready to serve him. We must train it to open for him.” He had seen many of the girls fight the butt plug at first, clenching their muscles as if they could keep him from pressing it deep inside them. They fought until he beat their muscles down into submission, always enjoying their gasps of humiliation as he forced the thick instruments into their virgin assholes.At the first feel of the object, her tiny asshole began to spasm. She clenched her muscles in her ass tight. Oh, it was too big as she felt the pressure of it on her tiny anus. Even with the lubricant from his finger, her hole felt dry. He was relentless, feeling her tiny hole battered by the thick object, his hand pushing hard. She struggled as long as she could, but he was far stronger than she was, feeling her asshole spread at the onslaught. It began to burn as it sought entrance to her virgin backside. It opened lewdly to accept the bulk of the object. Her hole stretched painfully. She whined helplessly. She tried to clench it shut to keep the object from entering but it was no use. Her asshole finally relented, popping open to accept it. It burned like fire. It filled her as Jamon’s hand continued to push the thick object in her. It was so big that she felt as if she would faint. She screamed into the gag as it slipped into her and she felt her little pucker relax again, slipping over the shaft, keeping it snuggly inside, her doing its dirty deed. It stayed there as Jamon released it.Jamon loved the way her anal ring slipped over the butt plug, pushing deep inside her until her asshole swallowed it up. He knew it hurt her, spreading her insides. Getting her ready for even bigger things, the Masters cock would stretch her even more. “Now that asshole of yours will be trained to open when the Master needs it. It will stay in there for the duration of the day as you will stay here on this table and be suctioned for his needs. What a beautiful sight you are, you slut!”Bella was an a****l. The need rose in her groin, her asshole filled and helpless. She was exhausted from straining and fighting this travesty. She was burning up. She felt consumed by the sensations her body was feeling. She was on the edge. She would die if she had an orgasm for them! No, she would not. She fought to control the urges in her body. She lay there in heat. It consumed her. She was at their mercy. She could do nothing.Hours passed. She had forgotten that Raisa was even there beside her. She had become oblivious to anything going on around her. All she could think about was what her body was feeling. It was overtaking her. Surely she was a slut. The feelings had ignited her soul. It was flaming from the sinful feelings it experienced. She felt dizzy, her eyes closed, exhausted from the ordeal she had suffered, and blackness felt more secure.Jamon had enjoyed his work. She opened her eyes to see him standing over her again.”The Master was here while you were passed out. He examined you closely and applauded my good job. He said that your nipples and clit were incredible and that your asshole was ripe for the fucking! He wants me to teach you how to beg so I shall.”He produced a small cylinder shaped steel object. He turned one end and it began to whir. A wicked smile turned the corners of his mouth. He would love to teach this bitch to beg for the pleasure that he could give her. And then there was her friend.Bella stared. She thought. Oh no…What was this? What more can you do to me? Her body was already aroused to a fever pitch. What else would he do to her? Would he make her orgasm, humiliating her?”This little object is going to make you beg and coo. I know just how to use it to make you yelp. This is going to be fun. You are going to beg me for more!” He motioned for the female servant to come over and watch. “Now Miss Slut, let’s see how long you can endure this,” he laughed. He moved the instrument and touched the tip of one of the cylinders attached to Bella’s breasts. It whirred away making the cylinder shiver. Bella lurched on the table. Her nipple rose and strutted under the vibrations. “Take her gag off. We need to hear her beg!” said JamonThe female servant ripped the gag off. Bella shouted. “No! No! Stop!! Don’t do this!” Her body twisted and turned as Jamon put the gadget on one cylinder and held it there then moved to the other nipple. The torture was unbelievable, the cylinder on her nipples vibrated from the evil object. Her sex started to throb and Bella started to babble are her nipples swelled to unbelievable proportions, the blood pounding in the tips almost like a heartbeat.Jamon looked down at her. “Now we’ll make you beg for it.” He laughed as he moved the steel object down and placed it on the end of the cylinder attached to Bella’s clit. Bella scream tore through the room. He held it there a moment and took it away. He touched it again and moved it away. He did this over and over again. Bella was boiling! He rotated it from each nipple to her clit diligently. He moved it methodically and purposefully.Bella lost control when the strange object was placed on the cylinder that elongated her clit. The vibrations raced through her body, tingling racing from her groin to her brain. She had never felt anything so pleasurable. Her threshold had been reached. She could stand any more. She began to coo, just as he had threatened she would. “Yes! Yes! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease! Don’t stop! Pleeeeeeeease!” Her body began to spasm and twitch. She yelped her approval. She wanted it.She needed it.She LIKED it.There she lay naked on the table. She was open, exposed, wet, throbbing, twisting and turning and yelping on the table. Her nipples stood erect, burgundy, and pulsing. He touched the cylinder on her clit again and removed it. “Noooooooooooo!” She bellowed, “Don’t take it away. Please do it. Yes that’s it…hold it therrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeee!”Jamon twirled the steel object on the cylinder attached to her clit, seeing her juices running freely down her spread thighs. “Yes, beg for me to let you cum.” He pulled the object away from her clit, seeing her eyes pleading for him to return.She struggled to defy him, but she was beyond help, her body brought to the brink, and he controlled her orgasm. She couldn’t stand it any longer. “PLLLEEEAAASSE. Let me cum,” she begged.Raisa was surprised by the anguish that Bella was going through. At first Bella protested what Jamon had done to her body, but now she was like a slut in heat, begging him to release her. She hated to see her that way, knowing that soon it would be her turn, Raisa was not as strong willed as Bella. She didn’t want to be turned into a whimpering slut begging for release. She prayed that she would not suffer a similar fate.He handed the evil device to the female servant. “Bring her off, but let me get ready first.” He was going to use her, her body unable to resist his unwanted advances. He moved to her head, undoing his robe and taking out his hard cock. He gave it a few quick strokes, her eyes watching it grow in front of her face. He pushed his fingers into the corners of her mouth, opening it wide, his cock bobbing on her lips.“Suck it like a good little slut and I will let you cum.” He pushed his cock into the hot confines of her mouth, feeling her lips close tightly around it when the female servant whirled the metal object against her clit. She hummed on his cock, her screams of pleasure choked by his thick cock in her mouth.She didn’t have any choice, her lips breached by his thick cock. Then she felt it again, the object vibrating her clit, touching every nerve in her body. She felt her mouth stuffed by his hot flesh, but the pleasure was too much to bear, her tongue racing to lap at the thick cock. She pushed her torso to meet every touch of the gadget on her nipples and clit. She pumped her bottom in the air feeling the butt plug in her ass. It felt delicious! She was made for this! She could feel her little wet orifice spasm and her anus pucker. She didn’t care any longer, sucking his cock just as she did the Masters, hoping that by pleasing him she would be able to cum. She wanted to show them all. She ground her body into the air, clenching her muscles on the butt plug in her. She begged and pleaded with her mouth, feeling him sliding his hips back and forth, the large head banging into the back of her mouth, making her gag. She only wanted to cum.Jamon couldn’t last much longer, her mouth felt like a hot fire that consumed his pulsating cock. He was ready to blow his seed into her mouth, his balls tingling in pleasure.It was all she cared about. It hit like a thousand bolts of lightning. Her body froze in mid air as she convulsed. She cooed and babbled, her words unintelligible, his thick cock filling her mouth. It didn’t matter what she said. All she could feel was the pulsing of her sex and the sucking of the butt plug deep inside her. It burned, but also felt good as her muscles began to spasm uncontrollable on the thick object that split her asshole apart. She spiraled out of control as her sex pursed and sucked. As her asshole sucked the intruder, and as she squealed her delight. The cock in her mouth began to spurt his seed, filling her cheeks as she sought to swallow the thick, pasty fluid that continued to fill her mouth. Her throat bobbed up and down as she fought to take the thick crème into her stomach, her body shaking as the orgasms ripped through her body, the female servant moving the strange object between her clit and nipples so fast it felt like it never left, the vibrating merging one orgasm into the next until she fainted from the exquisite pleasure. The room spun around, her head dizzy with pleasure, darkness finally consuming her body. Yes! She was a slut and she loved it, her body falling limp.“Is she dead?” Raisa was scared, Bella was going through strange gyrations as they used her bound body, finally seeing her body going limp as they ravished her.Jamon let his limp cock sit inside her mouth, finally pulling it out, leaving a trail of cum on her lips. “No. Just exhausted with pleasure, little one.” His cock was already beginning to harden again. “Now it is your turn.” He picked up another butt plug, this one not as big as the one inside Bella. “And you will service her this time little one,” pointing to the female servant. “When you beg for pleasure, you will use your tongue to make her cum. Only than will you be allowed the release you will cry for.”To be continued

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