The “Wedding” Pt. 02


The next morning was full of sunshine and no clouds. I woke up before Rachel did and, without bothering to put my clothes back on, stood at the mouth of the cave that was our “home”. I surveyed what I could see and noticed that there were fruit trees on the island so I knew we wouldn’t starve. The only thing I needed to figure out was how to fish as I never really learned how to. I also realized that today would have been the Wedding Rehearsal and dinner. It was going to be a tough day but I know that we will persevere.

I turned around and saw my sister starting to stir. Looking at her gorgeous body made me hard all over again but this time, I couldn’t act on it as there were important things to do. I sighed at that thought and went back to the bed and got my clothes on.

When I was fully clothed, I went back down to the plane to see if there was anything I could do to either salvage parts or fix anything. One look told me fixing things was out of the question so I looked for salvage. I went back to where the emergency supplies were kept and found another flashlight and batteries. There was also another emergency blanket so now we can lay on one and have the other covering both of us. I also remembered about the potable water and additional food supplies.

“How did I miss this?” I muttered to myself as I also found the water purification tablets and the first aid kit which will probably come in handy during our stay here on this island. That was the end of the supplies though.

I brought the rest of the supplies from the plane back to the cave. Rachel was up making a meal with some of the fruits from the nearby trees. She had on a summer dress that fell just below her waist. I smiled as she also had on a bikini top that tied around her neck I couldn’t help but feel myself getting hard.

I dropped the rest of the emergency supplies off and sat down next to her. After we ate, we gathered up some wood and started up a fire down by the beach. We sat around the fire and stared at one another.

“Do you think we’ll be rescued?” Rachel inquired as she ate some peaches.

“Probably,” I replied. “It’s just a matter of time before they narrow down where we went down. There’s not that many islands between home and where we were going. The flight plan was pretty specific so I’m betting they’ll retrace the route.”

“What if they don’t find us?”

“If they don’t find us then we’ll make do. We have plenty of food on this island. We do have water purification ability for a little bit at least. Luckily, there’s ways to purify water even without the tablets. And we have one another and, as far as I am concerned at this point, that is enough for me. I love you and after last night, I’m glad we consummated that love together.”

“I know and I’m glad we did as well. I just don’t want our family to suffer for a long period of time.”

“They’re out looking for us and you know it. Dad’s not going to rest till we’re found.”

“I know.”

We sat there eating breakfast in silence for a bit longer. The pears really weren’t that bad. That was when Rachel reminded me what today was supposed to be.

“David? Today was supposed to be the day of the wedding rehearsal followed by dinner. We’ve spent months planning this and now…”

“I know today was supposed to be the rehearsal and dinner sis. Relax. I’m sure your fiancé is out looking as well. You’ll be back in his arms in no time and you two will have a wonderful life together.” I replied. Deep down however, I did not like what I was saying. No doubt I meant what I said but we have gotten closer to one another than I ever thought possible.

She started to tear up. I put my arm around her and held her as she cried. There are a lot of emotions raging inside of me as well but I had to remain strong for my sister. She means the world to me and always did. I looked at her and said, “I’m going to go and try to catch some fish. We can cook the fish with the survival gear and, coupling it with some fruits; we can have a ‘rehearsal’ dinner right here. Unfortunately, there won’t be candles or flowers but with it being a cloudless sky, we could do it under the stars.”

She looked at me thoughtfully and nodded. “That does sound nice and very romantic. I do have the dress I was going to wear tonight. Then again, I have all of clothes for the next few days with me, including my wedding gown.”

“I know sweetheart. Why don’t you come with me? You can tan on the beach while I try to catch some fish.”

“I think we should try to organize these supplies but I guess we could go down to the beach for a little bit. That way, we can continue to watch one another.”

“Sweet!” With that, I got up to gather materials in an effort to fish for food. I used a wire from the plane as well as something that looked like a hook and attached it to a stick and we went down to the beach.

When we arrived down at the beach, Rachel spread out a towel onto the sand. She then took off her dress revealing her bikini. Not only did it bursa escort tie up around her neck, the bottoms tied at the waist. It curved over her ass and fit nicely at her crotch. I couldn’t help but stare as she stretched out onto the towel with her sunglasses on.

I casted my line into the ocean and just waited. Sooner or later, I knew I would catch something. I wanted dinner to be special and I am going to deliver that special meal. I felt a tug on the wire and I immediately attempted to bring in the catch. The fish I had at the end of my line was putting up quite a struggle. I managed to hang on to the line as we fought the old fight. Just when I thought I had him, he managed another effort to escape.

As I was trying to capture this fish, Rachel was laughing hysterically but she was rooting me on. “That’s it David! Get it get it!”

After another couple of minutes, I managed to pull in the fish. It was a decent size fish and I couldn’t have been more proud of myself. I looked over at Rachel and she was applauding. All I could do was smile. Rachel was going to have a special meal. I secured the fish and went back to see if I could catch a few more.

A couple of hours later, I caught four addition fish. With the five fish in tow, we headed back to camp. I put the day’s catch down and smiled. “Well that was fun.” I said.

“I could tell you were enjoying yourself Dave.” Rachel said in return.

“I actually was. I never knew fishing could actually be so much fun. Maybe I will go back down later and do some more fishing.”

“Not until we get this campsite somewhat organized. If we are going to be here for a bit, I at least want it to resemble a home.”

“That we can do sweetheart. That we can do.”

We began by organizing the main part of the cave. We moved the emergency blankets to the larger of the two secondary caves. The bags that we had with us were place in the other secondary cave. We sorted these out and thus we had a makeshift closet. The gown bag was re-hung on a rock face that could hold up the hanger. The bag with my tuxedo in it was also hung up near my suitcase. In all, it was not a bad arrangement.

In our “bedroom”, we found holes that could handle small torches. I went out to find suitable material for torches. An hour later, I returned with the materials and we both sat down around the fire and fashioned the torches. When we had the torches done, we lit them and brought them into our cave. We put both of them up near the entrance to the bedroom so that the air will circulate and not kill us.

When that was completed, I looked over at Rachel and smiled. “This is starting to turn into a wonderful home sweetheart.”

“Yes it is David.” She replied. “I’m becoming satisfied with the arrangements.”

“I’m glad. Things really are starting to come together.”


“Wanna help prepare the fish?” I asked.

“No thank you. Why don’t you go and prepare the fish while I get myself changed for dinner.”

“Sounds like a lovely idea. When you are done, then I’ll also change into something more suitable for dinner.”

“That sounds fine Dave.”

I walked out of the cave just as she walked into our “closet”. I prepared the fish the best I could and started to cook them over the open flame that was our camp fire. I knew you had to watch fish carefully so that was what I was doing. I was on the third fish when I looked up and there stood Rachel, all dressed up for a party.

When I saw her, I completely forgot what I was doing. She had on a gorgeous silk blue dress that fell between her knees and her ankles. It had sequins along her bosom that shimmered in the fire light. She had on dangling diamond earrings as well as her pendant necklace. On her left hand, she had put on her engagement ring. She had taken it off not long after we crashed so that she would not lose it.

“I’m sorry my hair isn’t in curls. I was planning on having curly hair but…”

“Don’t worry about it sweetheart. You are perfect just the way you are.”

In fact, she was better than perfect. That was when I realized I nearly forgot about the fish. I pulled the next fish out of the fire and started laughing. It was nearly burnt but that is life. Rachel came over and stopped me before I put the fourth fish over the fire.

“Why don’t you go and get ready. I’ll take over fish duty while you do so.”

“I’ll get changed yes but you aren’t doing fish duty dressed like that.”

She giggled at the statement which was a very good sign. At this moment, we would be having dinner with both families. Frankly, I never liked large family gatherings but certain exceptions would’ve been made.

“You are the man of the island. At least the other two fish are done cooking.”

“Yes they are. So if you excuse me for a couple of minutes, I’m going to change into my dinner attire and join my date for the evening.” She stuck her tongue out as I left.

I entered our closet and looked around. I nodded in satisfaction as I walked over bursa escort bayan to the suitcase the held my dinner attire and I pulled it out. It was a pair of grey slacks with a grey button down shirt. I also had my suit jacket and shoes. I got undressed and put on my socks, t-shirt, and pants first. I then proceeded to put on my button down shirt. Once I had the shirt on, I put on my tie and shoes. I threw on my suit coat and figured I looked good since there was no mirror to check.

I walked out of the closet and then the cave. There was Rachel sitting by the fire. She actually prepared the rest of the dinner since the fish were already cooked. We used some of the food from the plane and she adorned it with some of the local plants that we knew were edible. I smiled at the dinner plates.

“You know? I was attempting to make a special dinner for us but it looks like we both made it special.”

She looked up and smiled at me. “It’s only fair I do something. You caught the fish and prepared it. Not to mention cooking the fish so I figured I get some of the trimmings done. Like?”

“Very much so.”


We ate by the fire while talking about the fish I caught. Yes the fish tale was getting large but that is the point of telling fishing stories. We also started to make plans to further straightening up the camp. We also made plans for further exploration and making a map so we know where we are at all times on the island. This will definitely come in handy.

After dinner, we cleaned up the mess. Although there was no music, I felt like dancing. I looked over at Rachel and I can see the twinkle in her eyes and knew she wanted to dance as well. I walked over to her, bowed, and said “Miss. Rachel? Would you like to dance?”

“I would love to Mr. David.” She replied with a giggle.

I offered her my hand and she took it. I led her to a small clearing that was just west of the camp. You can still see the camp fire from where we were. I twirled her close to me and we started to dance. People may find it odd to dance when there is no music, but one does not need music when you are deeply in love with one another.

We stared into one another’s eyes and we both could tell what the other one was thinking. We only wanted one another. We did not want this moment to end. I held her close as we swayed to the music that was in our head and our love for one another deepened even more. As I held her, I gave her a kiss on the cheek. She pressed herself into me and we danced as close as we have ever danced.

We danced to a couple of waltzes that were taught to us in school. We also just danced to tunes that we knew. We also just swayed with one another cheek to cheek. In all, it was a perfect night. We took a break from dancing for a bit and just stared up at the stars.

“Stars are beautiful tonight David.” Rachel said quietly.

“That they are Rachel.”

“Staring up at the stars reminds me when we would go stargazing as a family.”

“I remember.”

“This is better even though we don’t have a telescope.”


“Of course! We didn’t have to travel far to get away from the light pollution.”

“Good point.”

We held one another close as we just stood there for a few more minutes. I took her by the hand and we continued to dance. Shortly thereafter, I took her by the hand and looked at her deeply.

“Rachel? These last two days have meant more to me than all the years combined. I never knew how much you truly meant to me till we got plane wrecked on this island.”

“I feel the same about you David.” Rachel replied. “You’ve shown me great respect by making sure that this place is comfortable enough for me. It’s what I expect from someone who loves me as deeply as you do.”

“I know. As I said before, you mean everything to me my love. I want us to be a permanent couple. I know that you are pledged to be married but I know what you truly do like and don’t like. Would you be my ‘wife’?”

“Oh David! Nothing would mean more to me than to be your ‘wife’. You have taken such good care of me and now, more than anything else, I want to take care of you.”

We held her close as I took the engagement ring off of her finger. I got down on one knee and slipped the ring back onto her ring finger. When I looked into her eyes, I can see tears wallowing up. I took her in my arms and hugged her. As we were hugging, our lips found one another and we started to kiss one another passionately.

It wasn’t long before we started moving towards our new home. We entered the cave with me holding her close. I gave her another soft kiss on her left cheek and she smiled. Before we got any further, she stopped me.

“Relax sweetheart.” Rachel said. “I’m in a mood too but you can just chill. Let me get into something more comfortable first. After all, we do have all night.”

“True. We do have all night. You go and get comfortable and I’ll deal with the signal fire.”

“Okie Dokie.”

I stepped out of the cave escort bursa and looked at the signal fire. We’ve had this thing going since we crashed and it hasn’t helped yet. However, I was bound and determined to keep it going as long as we are here. I placed some more kindling on the fire and walked back into the cave.

“Ok David.”

“I’ll be there in a minute Rachel. Let me get comfortable first.”

“Alrighty” she replied back.

I walked into our closet and pulled out shorts and a t-shirt and got out of my dress clothes and changed. When I was done changing, I walked back into the main area and into the other cave where we established our bedroom.

The torches that were at the front of our makeshift bedroom, created a very romantic setting. Rachel was sitting on our makeshift bed wearing a red cami top and pajama shorts. I walked over to her and sat down next to her.

“You definitely look comfortable Sis.” I said as I slid over to her.

“Thank you.” She replied. “You look comfortable yourself.”

“I am. You were right about wanting to be comfy. In this light, it can make romance easier to achieve than wearing dress clothes.”


I held her in my arms and we just sat there, staring at the flickering light. I leaned in and gave her a kiss on her cheek. She turned her face towards me and our lips found each other. As we started to kiss, my arms pulled her even more to me and we started to caress one another as we made out. I felt her hands slide across my leg as my hand slid up and down her arm gently. My other hand came up her chest and cupped one of her breasts and squeezed. A small moan escaped from Rachel’s throat and both went backwards.

We both fell onto the blanket and were deep into our passion. My hands were on both of her breasts while one of her hands grabbed my now very erect and hard cock. I disengaged one of my hands and brought it down and started to massage her clit through her shorts. I rubbed it for a couple of minutes and I could start to tell that Rachel was getting aroused. I moved my other hand down to join its partner, and while we were still kissing, pulled down her shorts.

While I was doing so, she lifted up her butt and I slid them off and then over her knees. Once I got them off, I threw them off of the bed. She rolled herself on top of me and pushed up my T-shirt and she started to rub my bare chest. While she did that, she sat down on my crotch and grinded herself. That was when I realized she did not have a panty on. While she was working on my chest, I managed to lift up her own top and got it off and flung it in the same direction as her shorts. Her hands found my short waistband and she started to pull them down. I also proceeded to lift up my ass and they were sent over the side as well.

She and I laid down side by side making out. I wound up on top of her again and my shaft started to rub against her slit. I moved up and down, sliding my shaft up and down against it and I felt her getting even wetter as I did this. She rolled over and she sat on top of me.

She gave me a crooked smile.


“Well what? I replied.

“Want me on top tonight?”

“Whatever you want sweetheart!”

I felt my dick getting harder as it rubbed her slit. She reached down and maneuvered it so that the shaft was up and guided it into her soaked pussy. When it entered her, I pressed myself upwards while she pushed down. She started grinding on my cock while I sat up and kissed her. While we were making love, my hands continued to caress and massage her breasts. As she rode my cock, I felt her press down on me. While she pressed down, I pushed myself up into her causing her to moan.

I could feel myself expanding more inside her. I could feel her extreme wetness on my cock and I can physically hear the squishing sound with each downward push and each upward thrust as we matched movements. I started to quiver as my excitement started to build up even more. On one of her downward thrusts, I buried my head into her bosom while I pushed myself deep into her.

“Oh Sis! I don’t know if I can hold back!”

“Then don’t sweetheart. Let it flow into me. I love feeling your love flow into me.”

“OH OH OH!” I gave one final thrust into her and I squirted my seed into her. As I came inside, she continued to grind herself on me. I could tell that she was getting close. She was grinding so hard she finally shivered and I felt her juices flow over my cock that was buried inside of her. When we were both spent, she collapsed onto me even though I was still inside her.

“That was fantastic love.” I gasped as I attempted to catch my breath.

“Yea it was my dear brother.” She said softly as she was also catching her breath. “Thank you! You are the best lover a woman could have.”

“And you are the best lover a guy could have.”

“Can I tell you something?”

“Of course you can sis. You can tell me anything.”

“A part of me hopes we aren’t rescued. These past couple of days has been the best days of my life. Not to mention, it awoke something deeper in me. I want you to be my forever David.”

“I want you to be my forever as well Rachel. We don’t have to keep that signal fire lit you know.”

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