The Weekend Away Turns into a Night Pt. 03 – Holiday Time


This picks up a couple of weeks after the weekend away.

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After the weekend away – The story keeps going.

Dan and Hayley had spoken quite a lot about the incredible weekend away they shared a couple of weeks before, and it usually led to them ending up in bed fucking like their lives depended on it. Before that, Hayley had always been quite shy and reserved when it came to sex. She had spent most of her life embarrassed by her small boobs, and due to a bad experience with the first boyfriend she slept with, anal was always a no go, but after that weekend, everything changed. She realised that guys actually loved her smaller boobs, since everyone involved complimented them and told her they were absolutely perfect, especially for a smaller framed girl. Due to this, her confidence grew massively, and the thrill of strangers seeing either her tits or pussy was huge turn on. When she had been on the balcony and found out that the 2 lads in the apartment next to theirs had seen her, she wasn’t embarrassed, she was proud, and that made her horny. The other thing was that since that weekend where she had done anal twice, she realised that it was actually pleasurable when done right, and had since made up for a bit of lost time from when she always refused it with Dan. Almost every time they fucked now, there was some kind of ass-play involved, ranging from his thumb in her whilst he fucked her doggy style, right up to her actually putting his cock in her ass when she was on top and going for it cowgirl style.

Obviously, Dan was happy about the big increase in both her sex drive, and her more adventurous side that was coming out, but he had also been massively turned on when she was exposing herself to other guys, and even more so when he was watching her getting fucked. He always admitted that he loved seeing her when she was being pleasured (when it was by him), knowing she was enjoying herself, and watching her as other guys were doing this gave him the same satisfaction. As they were going on holiday in just over a week, he was thinking that this would possibly present further opportunities for repeat performances, so made a mental note to mention this to Hayley, in order to gauge her thoughts on it. He was pretty sure she would be up for it, but he thought it still better to check.

Being the weekend, there wasn’t much to do, so Hayley was planning on going shopping to pick up a few final holiday things and look for a couple more bikinis. Dan didn’t have anything left to get, so was intending to relax around the flat, probably play a bit of playstation, and generally do nothing. They had be given a huge mirror by Hayley’s mum that she recently decided she didn’t want, so he was thinking he could possibly put that up as well, but at the moment it just stood in the corner of the living room by the door, out of the way. Hayley was in the shower, so he wandered into the bathroom to get a quick perv in at her naked body and see if she wanted anything to eat before she went. Seeing her under the water with her back to him brought back fantastic memories of watching her getting fucked, and when she turned round, he noticed that she had groomed herself the landing strip again, much to his joy.

“Hmm, I’m happy to see that again,” he said smirking. “The all off look is great for a change, but now our little secret is back.”

“That’s what I thought” she replied. “I think that while we are at home, I’ll keep the landing strip, and when we go away for the weekend again, I’ll shave it off, what do you think?”

“That works for me” he said, as he heard his phone ping to indicate a text message had come through.

“Anyway, I came in here to see if you wanted anything to eat before you go out?” he asked.

“No thanks babe, I’m not hungry, but thanks”.

With that, he walked back in to the living room and picked up his phone. The message was from Scott, his best friend for years. ‘What you up to today, fancy gym the PS4?’

Scott was a bit more of a gym nut than Dan, going pretty regularly, but not obsessively, so wasn’t a big lump of solid muscle. If anything, he was similar in size (everywhere) to Dan, just a little more toned in his stomach and arms. Scott was a good looking guy, and never seemed to have any trouble picking up girls, regularly having a girlfriend for several months until something happened and they broke up and he moved on a couple of weeks later. This time though, it was different. He had been with his last girlfriend for almost a year and a half before the split up, and he had been single for about a month since. Hayley had always gotten on with Scott, having known him from school long before she ever met Dan, so never minded when the two guys hung out. He had stayed at their flat more times than they could count, when they had gone out drinking and ended up back there to carry on, so he had also seen her in Escort bayan various stages of undress, even though at the time she had been so embarrassed by this, it had always quickly passed.

‘Yeah sure, you picking me up? What time you getting here?’ he text back, since Dan lived on the way to the gym for Scott.

He walked back into the bathroom again, and told Hayley his new plan for the day, before the idea hit him.

“I want you to let him see you” he said to Hayley with a big smile on his face.

“Really?” She quizzed. “You want your best friend to see your girlfriend naked?”

“Yep, and more” Dan responded. “I think we should have him join us, possibly later. I’ve got an idea if you fancy another challenge?”

Hayley’s mind was now in several places. The thought of “accidently” exposing herself to Scott was a hot one, knowing that someone she knows and sees regularly will have seen her naked made her tingle. The thought of him fucking her with Dan was also a turn on. She loved the idea of having two cocks at the same time like before. Her concern was it is someone she knows. What if he goes around telling people about it, and word gets out she got fucked by two guys at the same time. She was concerned people would think she’s a slut and be different with her, hence why she was happy to go through with it when they were away for the weekend, as the guys were complete strangers. She explained her apprehension to Dan, but they both knew Scott better than that, everyone knew that he had seen her in hardly anything since he was there so often, it would have been almost impossible for him not to have, but he had always been very private about his sex life, only ever sharing details with Dan (and occasionally Hayley if she was there), but no one else.

“Alright, if you’re sure you want to do this, tell me your idea” she asked

“He’s coming round in a bit, so since I’m not ready, I’ll get him to come in. I’m going to go and move that mirror in the living room so that it reflects into the bedroom from where he always sits. I’ll put a small mark on the floor where the prime position is in the bedroom, make sure you leave the doors open and he will be able to see your gorgeous body. I bet at first he looks away a bit embarrassed, but so long as you don’t look back at him, I bet he starts looking for longer and longer”

“Ok, that’s a good one, what about later? How do you intend to get him to join us?” she continued

“Well, after the gym we are planning to play a bit of PS4. Same kind of thing again, but I think you should show us what bikinis have to take away, and the ones you’re unsure of. Do something like a little “fashion parade” of them, and say you want to get a different guys opinion because I always say I love them all. We can go from there. We’ll be back about 3, try and be back by then” Dan explained.

“Alright” she responded, you’d better go and move the mirror if he’ll be here soon.”

It took Dan a few minutes to change the angle slightly so that everything was set. Scott always sat in the same place, so it was easy to anticipate and adjust for. He had just finished putting a small bit of tape on the floor as a marker when his phone pinged again – ‘I’m outside, just finishing a cig’

‘Ah, Come in then, I’m not ready yet’ he replied, before quickly walking into the bathroom a final time and telling Hayley he was about to come in for a bit. He grabbed a quick kiss from her before he left the room, and headed to the front door to let his friend in. As always, Scott walked in with a big smile on his face, closing the front door before moving into the living room and sitting down exactly as predicted. Almost as soon as he sat down, Dan heard the shower switch off, and knew that it was almost show time, in more ways than one.

“Hey bud. How’s things?” he asked as Dan came through from the bedroom and began milling about in the kitchen.

“Yeah not bad mate, I was just having a lazy day before you text me so not got dressed, not cleared up from last night, not done my teeth yet…” Dan replied as he heard Hayley open the bathroom door.

From where he was stood in the living room/kitchen doorway, he could see her walk into the bedroom, a towel wrapped around her hair, and another one loosely wrapped around her to dry herself with. As the door from the entrance to the living room was open, this created a barrier so Scott didn’t see her, but both Dan and Hayley knew that in a few seconds, the position of the mirror would mean he can see everything. She walked to the point Dan had marked, and took the towel from around her, her back to the doorway, so if Scott was looking, he would see her bare ass. As Dan was in the kitchen clearing up the mess from last night’s dinner, he couldn’t see Scott, but Scott could definitely see Hayley. He had noticed her walking into the bedroom in the reflection while he was talking to Dan when he went into the kitchen, and hadn’t taken his eyes off her since, staring at her naked Bayan escort ass as she was drying her legs. Once they were dry, she chucked the towel onto the bed, leaned forward to remove the towel holding her hair, before turning around completely and flicking her hair back in order to start drying it.

Scott had now got a full frontal view of his best friend’s girlfriend. He could see her small tits, her flat stomach, the intimate shaving of her pubic hair, everything. He could feel his own erection growing as thoughts of what he would love to do the incredible body in the reflection. His mind racing as he wished she wasn’t his best friend’s girl, as the thought of going down on her before sliding his hard cock into her was something he knew he shouldn’t be imagining, but he was unable to look away. He had seen Dan naked in the gym showers plenty of times, and knew they were about the same size, but from now on he would never be able to see that without knowing exactly what Hayley looks like naked and imagining it was his dick she was taking. The fabric of his shorts had been pulled tight by the hard dick beneath them desperately trying to free itself from its material prison and stand to attention because of what Scott was looking at.

Dan finished in the kitchen, before walking back through to the bedroom, smiling at Hayley knowing that Scott was most likely staring at her from the sofa. He walked over to her and gave her a few kisses, before putting his hand between her legs and sliding his fingers in the folds of her pussy, feeling the wetness of her arousal at exposing herself. He stood like this for seconds, before moving behind her, tilting her head back to kiss her neck, and sliding a finger into her from behind, both of them knowing that Scott was most likely in the next room, watching him fingering her without being able to say a word. Dan whispered this into Hayley’s ear, before he slid his finger out of her and started getting his stuff ready for the gym. After he had his bag ready to go, he walked back in to the living room, noticing Scott looking decidedly uncomfortable, putting his gym gear down on the sofa and walking into the bathroom to brush his teeth. This left Scott to stare into the mirror again while he was gone, his eyes locked onto Hayley’s nude form as she stood apparently unaware she was being seen. Finally, Dan came back and got his things, and they started to head out. As the door into the bedroom was open, this meant Scott would get an unimpeded look at her if he chose. As much as he tried not to look on his way out, he knew from her reflection that she was still not looking towards the door, and made sure he got one further good eyeful of her up close as they walked out.

At the gym, Scott was clearly distracted by what he had just witnessed, but didn’t want to say anything to his friend. ‘How do you tell your best friend you’ve just seen his girlfriend naked and wanted to fuck her’ he pondered. This was not the only issue he was having to contend with, as because his mind was constantly replaying the image of Hayley naked in his head, his cock was responding, and resulted in his workout having to be completed whilst sporting a semi. After what seemed like an eternity, the guys finished and went for a steam and Jacuzzi, before hitting the showers, where Dan noticed that Scott was less chatty and had his back towards him a lot more than normal. He knew the reason, but decided not to say anything as he wanted to make sure Scott came back to the flat.

When they got back to the flat, they loaded up the PS4 and sat down on the sofa, Scott back in the same place he always sat, the seat where he had been able to see Hayley in the mirror. Luckily she wasn’t home he thought to himself, so did his best to concentrate on FIFA, which Dan was in the process of loading up. Just as they started their first game, they heard the front door open, indicating Hayley was home from shopping. She came in to the living room and said hi, before telling Scott she was glad he was here as she needs his help, but leaving the room before he could ask what for. She went into the bedroom (leaving the doors open again), and pulled out the various bikinis she intended to take on holiday, along with the new ones she had just brought. ‘Ok, lets tease him a bit by showing some barely covered skin, and see how Dan plans to get him involved’ she thought to herself.

“I need another guy’s opinion” she called out, smiling to herself as she started getting undressed on the mark made earlier, knowing Scott would be able to see her again. “As much as I love Dan, and he has got good taste in clothes, he’s not much use when it comes to bikinis.”

Upon hearing that, Scott turned his head towards the door, half to double take at what he had just heard, half to get another look in the mirror. Sure enough, there was Hayley, fully naked facing towards him, bending down to pull up the bottoms of the chosen first bikini, allowing him to see her small breasts hanging down, and Escort get another quick look at her pussy. He turned back to the game and continued playing until she walked into the living room a few minutes later, wearing nothing but the skimpy swim suit. As soon as he noticed her, Dan paused the game, and both guys turned to face Hayley who had moved in towards the middle of the room a bit.

“Any time I ask Dan for his thoughts on my bikinis, all I get is yeah, that’s nice” she explained, “If you were to see my on the beach wearing this, what would you think? Would it grab your attention?”

“Erm, yeah” Scott replied. “It does look good, and yeah, I’d definitely notice you in that.”

At that, she turned around and went back to the bedroom to change into a different one. Dan and Scott went back to their game for a few minutes. Dan told Scott that he told he liked that one and that it looked good on her, but he liked a couple of the others that she was unsure of, so it’ll be good for another guy to tell her they look good. After a few more minutes, Hayley again walked in, this time in a white string bikini, the bottoms loosely tied at the sides.

“What do you think of this one?” Hayley asked. “I’m not sure as it makes my boobs look small.”

“Not all guys like big boobs” Scott blurted out, before he turned to look at Hayley in her latest outfit.

“I got to be honest, I do like that one.” He said as he looked at Hayley. “It really suits you, the way the bottoms hang off your hips pulls attention to your flat stomach, and the top shows that you’ve got great proportions. Not big fake tits, but perfect size for your body”

That drew a smile from Hayley as she turned around and headed back to get changed again. Dan turned to Scott once she was out of the room and spoke to him quietly so that Hayley didn’t hear the conversation –

“Hey man, based on those comments, anyone would think you have a thing for Hayley, is that the case?”

“Err, no,” Scott replied, I was just complimenting her because I liked the bikini she was in. You know I love girls in bikinis, and she looked fit in it, that’s all”

“Right, so if I said to you let’s have a threesome, you, me, and Hayley, you’d say no?” Dan asked.

“Haha, no, I didn’t say that, I’m single, not stupid.” Scott replied, “It’s that you’re my best mate and she’s your missus, so…” he trailed off.

“Ok, so what if I told you we’ve discussed having a threesome with another guy before, and she said she would be up for it, so long as it someone we both trust, like you, would you be up for it?” Dan asked of his friend.

Before Scott could respond, Hayley returned in the third outfit for approval, this time a tropical plant print design on a similar style to the last one. Again, this outfit was met with an approval from both guys, although Scott was now a lot more distracted by the thoughts in his head, where he was pretty certain his best friend just asked him if he fancied a threesome. Whilst yes, he would love to fuck Hayley, especially after what he saw earlier when he could see her in the mirror, she is still his best friend’s girl, which makes her off limits. ‘But, he was the one asking me if I wanted to join them’ he reasoned to himself. Again, after the approving comments, Hayley turned to get changed.

“I’ve got one more I want an opinion on, I only got this today, so I want to know what you both think of this one” She said as she walked out again.

The second she had left the room, Dan immediately turned to Scott –

“I notice you didn’t answer my question”

Scott looked at his friend with his trademark smile, before giving him a response –

“Fuck off” he said while laughing, “You’re winding me up. You think it’s funny that I’ve not been getting any sex for a bit so you’re rubbing it in.”

Dan sat with a grin on his face as he un-paused the game and they carried on for a few more minutes, before Hayley returned wearing the last bikini she wanted their opinion on. As the two guys turned to check it out, Scott’s eyes nearly popped out of his head, while Dan took a sharp intake of breath at the sight in front of them. The outfit she was wearing was the one she had brought today, and was by far the most revealing of them all. It was a see through white mesh, and the actual parts that were there to “cover” were tiny. The top being little more than tiny triangles, with her nipples clearly being visible beneath the fabric, the bottoms almost like a thong, except for a small patch of cloth that covered barely an inch of her front, the recently regrown landing strip extending up past this, impossible to miss. She stood there with a big grin on her face, awaiting a response from the two men in front of her.

“Straight up question, no tricks, yes or no?” Dan asked Scott.

“What’s that? Yes or no what?” Hayley asked.

Scott was sat on the sofa, not really sure where to look. On one hand, he had got a gorgeous girl practically naked in front of him, and he wanted take it all in, but on the other, this is his best friend’s girlfriend, and he doesn’t want them to think he’s a sleaze by just staring at her, so was trying to change his focus to anywhere but the body in front of him.

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