The Wife Game


The Wife GameAfter dinner, Doris Blake sat on the sofa with a glass of burgundy wine and watched the evening news. Her husband Tom was at the driving range and her 18 year old daughter Tammy was out with her friends. The 37 year old blond was a stay at home mom; she was pleased with her life and didn’t mind not entering the job market. Tom was a dentist and insisted that Doris did not have to work, although the credit card bills had been piling up lately and he urged her to cut down on her spending.The telephone rang and Doris answered it and spoke to her friend Joyce, “Hi Joyce, what’s up?”Her friend excitedly told her, “There is a new reality show on tonight at 9pm. I read all about the show and it sounds wild. The show is called ‘The Wife Game’ and the wives have to live with other families for three months. Can you imagine living with another family and having a different husband for three months?””No I can’t, that sounds crazy, why would anyone want to do that?””Well, to start with you get $100,000.00 for three months and a chance to win one million. You really get an opportunity to see how other people live and you get to sleep with another woman’s husband.””The only thing that is tempting me is the money. Tom is the only man that I have ever been with and besides, if I sleep with her husband then she will be sleeping with Tom, right?””Sounds like you both could use a little change; just think how exciting it would be. Watch the show and think it over, I will call you after the show, bye.””Talk to you later, Joyce, I’ll watch the show but please don’t hold your breath while you are waiting for me to be on it, later babe.” About 8:30 pm. Tom came home and Doris greeted him with a passionate kiss. Doris saw their reflection in the mirror and thought how good they looked together; he was 6′ and she was 5’5″, he had dark brown hair and brown eyes and she was a blue-eyed blond.Doris told Tom about the show and he opened a beer and gave his wife another glass of wine and they settled down to watch the show. The MC asked the contestants questions and the couple that gave the most correct answers were rewarded by picking the couple that they wanted to exchange wives with. The wives would go to the other families home for three months. When Tom heard about the hundred-thousand and the opportunity to win a cool million, he suddenly became very interested and suggested, “Let’s go on the show! This could be exciting and we could use the money.””You must be insane! Do you really want me to sleep with another man? I know that I don’t want you to sleep with another woman. I can’t believe that you would even consider such a thing! You are joking, right?””No darling, I am serious, just think about the adventure and how much we can learn about other people, not to mention the money. Come on baby, don’t be so close minded; open up and let’s go for it.” Tom answered the phone and told Joyce that he was ready to go on the show and then he put Doris on. Doris stated that she would think about it but doubted that she would do it.The next day Doris was working in the garden when her lovely 18 year old daughter Tammy came home from school. Tammy joined her mom in the garden and asked if she watched the new TV show called ‘The Wife Game’, she said that everyone at school was talking about it. “Yes I watched it with your father and he wants us to go on the show but I think that it is stupid.””Oh mom, please think about it; just imagine you and dad on the show, that would be so cool. I watched it with my friends and we all loved it. I wonder what kind of mother I would have for three months. Think of it as a learning experience and think about the new friends we could make. Please do it mom, it would be such fun.”After dinner Joyce came over and Joyce, Tammy, and Tom pressured Doris to call the show, noting that she could call anytime, day or night. Doris was tired of the constant urging and relented and agreed to call the show thinking that the chances were slim that they would be selected to go on the show anyway. She dialed the number, surrounded by the instigators and was shocked to hear that the show had an agent in the area and would be there to interview them within the hour.The news brought applause from her friend and family. Doris felt butterflies in her stomach and wondered what she had gotten herself into. Fifty minutes later the doorbell chimed and Doris greeted two extremely attractive women and invited them in her home. They were both tall, close to 6′, one was black and the other was a white woman with long, flowing red hair. The women wore business suits with short skirts and complimented Doris on her lovely home. After about forty-five minutes of questions and conversation, the black woman stood and excitedly exclaimed, “You are just perfect for our show, you are exactly what we are looking for. I will book you for a show next month; our people will be in touch with you and we will provide a limousine for your transportation. It was so nice meeting you.”Everyone was excited but Doris, she was stunned. Over the next three weeks Doris learned that the show was taped at different locations each week and all of the contestants lived in the same area. It eliminated cross country traveling and made it easier for couples that bonded and wanted to continue their new friendships.The following Saturday night a limo picked up Doris and Tom and drove the nervous couple to the studio. They were escorted to the stage and were startled to see such a large audience. There were five other couples, one white, two black, and two Hispanic. Doris looked beautiful in her black gown but felt very insecure in front of the large crowd and did not do well with the questions. Before she realized what had happened the show was over and a black couple had won and chose her to be the wife for their family.After the show the two families got to know each other backstage and Doris and Thelma, the black wife, were told that when they got home they were to pack a suitcase and would be taken to the others home. Doris was so nervous that her hands were shaking as she packed. Tom tried to settle her nerves and said, “Doris, this family seems very nice and it is only for three months so try to relax and don’t worry so much.””Relax! How can I relax when I am going to a strange house to live with and sleep with a strange man? They do seem nice but she is beautiful and I have to worry about you sleeping with this sexy, big bosomed woman! What if you like her better in bed than me? This whole thing is scary and I wish we had never gone on the show.””I love you and you love me but the change will do us good. Don’t confuse love with lust; no matter how great she is in bed, I will always love you. So enjoy yourself and we will be back together in three months and we will be out of debt.” An hour later the limo dropped Thelma off and transported Doris to the home of Thelma and Leon Johnson.Leon let Doris in the house and introduced her to his two sons. Lester was 22 and was studying to become a doctor and Trevor was 19 and was an outstanding football player at school and he was working hard to fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL.Leon asked her if she would like a drink and the petrified woman accepted a scotch on the rocks. After several drinks Doris felt much more comfortable and learned that Leon owned his own sporting goods store. The boys went to bed and Leon and Doris drank and danced. Leon felt the blond tremble in his arms and said, “Please don’t be afraid of me, I would never harm you or force you to do anything that you don’t want to do. Please, let’s try to make our stay together enjoyable.”Doris found her self liking this black man, he was not particularly handsome but he was not bad looking either. Leon was 5’10” tall and wore glasses, he was muscular and she felt secure in his arms. She looked him in the eye and stated, “Please be patient with me, I have never been with anyone but my husband and this all seems so strange to me, but it is not you at all. You are very nice and I like you very much.””Don’t feel bad Doris, I have been with others but that was güvenilir bahis before I married and I have been married for 23 years. So you see this is new to me also. We will just take it slow and enjoy each other’s company. You are a very beautiful woman and I am fortunate just to be able to hold you in my arms.”Doris could feel her nipples stiffen as her 34C breasts rubbed against her dance partner. As their eyes met again, the slightly tipsy white woman told him, “You are so kind to say that but your wife is a knockout and I don’t compare to her. She exudes sex, if I were into women I would go for her and I know Tom will be ecstatic to be with her, she is totally captivating. I only hope that he does not forget all about me.””Don’t sell yourself short my dear lady, you are gorgeous and are second to no one. True, Thelma is attractive but so are you; I just love gazing into your beautiful blue eyes.” Leon held her tight and his lips touched hers and they shared a long passionate kiss. Doris melted when she felt his huge, throbbing manhood press against her and she sighed and accepted his probing tongue in her mouth. Her tongue met his and they entwined; she could hardly stand up, her knees grew weak from her arousal and her head was spinning from the alcohol.Leon guided her back to the sofa and they sipped their drinks. Doris tried to talk of other things to take her mind off of her sexual cravings but she could not help but stare at the big bulge in his crotch. She felt embarrassed and her face was crimson. Leon was fully aware of her arousal and helped her to the bedroom while carrying her suitcase with his other hand.He showed her a dresser that was empty and ready for her to use and helped her put her things away. She held back a nightgown and went to the bathroom to prepare for bed. Leon slipped into a pair of pajamas and waited for her to return. When she reentered the bedroom his mouth dropped at the sight of Doris in her flimsy pink gown and he let her know that she looked irresistible. She put her clothes on a chair and climbed into bed. He went in the bathroom and emerged a few minutes later and joined her in bed.Doris had decided to go right to sleep but her inflamed body had other plans. They cuddled and she felt his enormous manhood against her once more but this time it was even more breathtaking as it was flesh against flesh. The little blond housewife could not understand how it could possibly be so large. Leon kissed her neck and down to her pointy nipples and she uttered squeals of delight as he nursed on her rubbery nipples. He kissed her stomach and went down to her thighs as he gently brushed past her hot honey-hole. Leon expertly kissed his way to her tiny feet and sucked her toes and licked her feet. Doris was titillated and goose bumps appeared all over her heated body.Then he went back to her thighs and kissed and licked them with passion. Doris exploded in a rapturous orgasm when his mouth sucked her inflamed pussy and his tongue explored her sopping love-tunnel. Wave after wave of pleasure traveled through her turned-on frame. Her hips bucked back furiously at his pleasure bringing mouth and tongue. She was shaking from the after-shock of another orgasm when he returned to her face and kissed her. Doris could taste her own sex and that aroused her all the more.She instinctively reached down and grabbed his throbbing cock. She was astonished when her hand would not fit around it. “Oh my god, it is so big! I want you inside me but I don’t think that I can take it all in me. It feels like a velvet baseball bat. I had no idea that they came so big!””Get closer girl, have a better look.” He was on his back and Doris sat up and crawled to his erect cock and stroked it with wonder in her eyes. She felt so naughty when she noticed her wedding ring rubbing against the big black hunk of meat. She caressed it with both hands and moved them up and down vigorously on the large shaft. Doris had a far away look in her blue eyes and appeared to be under a spell as she lowered her lips to the bulbous head and lovingly kissed it. She licked up the pre-cum and wrapped her sweet lips around the big cock and sucked it with fervor. She reached another orgasm as the pulsating veins rubbed her sucking lips.Leon sat up and gently laid her on her back and spread her legs wide. Her hands clutched the bed as he inched the monster cock inside her little pussy. His strokes were short and slow at first but she grimaced as he increased speed and thrust his mighty weapon deeper and deeper inside her. She cried out, “Oh my god it hurts, it is so big, I don’t think I can take it, Oh, oh, ou, ou, aaaagggggg!” The pain gave way to extreme pleasure and she began to fuck back. He kissed her on the lips and then sucked her tits; she climaxed again and begged for more.Leon now impaled her with his big cock and she managed to accept the whole thing and moaned with lust, “Yes that’s it, please don’t stop, oh my god, I have never felt so full before. Your big fat cock is hitting places that have never been touched before. I love it, yessssssss, I’m going to cum again, don’t stop baby, keep fucking me, yesssss…!” She wrapped her creamy legs around his hips and bucked wildly; she was out of control and lost in a frenzy of mad passionate lust and reached another orgasm when he flooded her pussy with sticky, white-hot cum.They held each other tight and savored the afterglow of their wild session of lovemaking. They both sat up and Doris noticed him staring between her legs and looked down to see her pussy stretched wide and oozing cum. Her gaping cunt looked so lewd and obscene. Her eyes opened wide when she noticed his cock getting hard once more. This time he fucked her pussy hard doggy-style and then the exhausted lovers drifted off to sleep.Doris awoke to the sound of an alarm clock going off and jumped out of bed and turned it off. Leon got up and said that they had to fix breakfast for the boys. She threw on a robe and prepared a meal for them. After the boys left Doris told Leon that as she was putting on her robe she almost didn’t make it out the bedroom door when she noticed his cock was stiff and ready for action. She explained that her pussy was sore but that she would be ready for him when he returned from work. She told him, “You should be ashamed of yourself; you have transformed a nice white housewife into a big black cock craving slut!”Leon chuckled and asked, “Did you really mean it when you said that Thelma was sexy and attractive?””Yes, why do you ask me that now?””Well, I have never confided in anyone else about this but my wife is bi-sexual and she has had many female lovers. She sometimes feels guilty and has offered me to join in a threesome a few times but I have always declined but with you it would be different. I would love to see you two together and then join in. She told me that she likes you and I know that she would love to have you in bed.””What? I don’t think so, I have never desired another woman and I doubt that I could do something like that. What about my husband? We can’t just exclude him; I wonder if he enjoyed your wife as much as I enjoyed you.””She is a tiger in bed so I have no doubt in my mind that he had a good night. I would love to take you out but they have that rule that the wife is not allowed to leave the grounds of the house that she is staying in or they lose the money. Well, I must go now but I look forward to seeing you tonight. You can always call your husband if you are curious.” They kissed goodbye and Doris found herself alone in a strange house.Doris considered calling Tom but decided to wait. In her mind she relived last night and discovered her pussy getting quite moist. She thought about what her husband told her regarding to separating love and lust and realized that he was right. She still loved Tom and only liked Leon but she could not deny her strong feelings of lust for the well-endowed black man.She drank her coffee and spent the rest of the day cleaning the house and then took a long relaxing bath and dressed in a thin blouse and a short skirt to look good for Leon, türkçe bahis not that he needed any extra enticement but she wanted to look appealing for him. She considered what Leon said about his wife and became strangely intrigued with the idea of being shared with the black couple. Doris felt a twinge of jealousy when she thought of Thelma with Leon and now with Tom. Jealousy was an ugly emotion so Doris quickly dismissed all such thoughts from her mind and fantasized about making love with the voluptuous black sex goddess and was amazed to find herself all worked up and yearning to taste the black woman.Doris went downstairs to watch television and get her mind off sex. She wondered what was happening to her; she didn’t understand how she could desire the wife of her new lover. She wondered why after all this time, she had her first sexual feelings for another woman. She reasoned that it was what Leon told her about his wife and that he wanted to share her with his wife.The phone rang and it was Tom. When she asked him, Tom admitted that sex with Thelma was fantastic and asked what happened with her and Leon. “What the hell do you think happened? He fucked the shit out of me and it was great! So go ahead and fuck the whore, you bastard. Did you call me just to tell me how good she was in bed?””No Doris, I called to see how you were doing. All I did was to answer your question honestly. Before I hang up Thelma would like to talk to you, hold on.””Hi Doris, I bet you loved that big black cock, didn’t you? I like Tom’s 8″ cock more than the 14” monster. It feels so much better; you get all the pleasure without the pain. I told Tom about my interest in women and he said that he would give anything to watch you and me getting it-on. Think about it baby, we can have a ball. Got to go now, Tom wants some more of my hot cunt, talk to you tomorrow, bye baby.”Doris hung up the phone and thought what a nasty woman Thelma was talking to her like that. The woman seemed so crude, authoritative and self assured. Doris was getting wet again and wondered why the sordid woman turned her on so much. The boys came home and she went to the kitchen to fix them a snack. They followed her and offered to help her. She was cutting some cheese on the counter and felt one of the boys pressing against her as he reached over her shoulder. She could feel his cock against her buttocks and felt her pussy juice drip from her already inflamed pussy. He whispered in her ear, “You are one hot white bitch; I heard you screaming in dad’s bed last night and now we want some of that white pussy!”Doris grabbed the tray, managed to walk to the living room and set it down on the coffee table in front of the sofa. The boys were right there and when she bent over a big hand went under her skirt and roughly pulled down her panties. Before she could say anything two fingers entered her slushy pussy and swiftly moved in and out. “Please don’t do this, I am your mother, stop it now!””Listen lady, you are not our mother and your lips are saying no but your wet cunt is screaming ‘YES’, so don’t say that you don’t want it.” Her skirt was taken off and the blouse was tossed aside. Four hands explored her body and sent her into a state of uncontrollable desire. She was so hot that she thought she would explode and indeed she did. She was bent over and penetrated from behind and while she was being fucked, a hard cock was put to her lips and she gobbled it up with passion. The young men exchanged positions and continued to fuck her mouth and pussy.After the young men were spent, they told her to get a shower and wash her cum soaked body off. They also told her that she was one fine peace of ass and that they were glad she was staying with them.Doris sobbed as she showered and hated herself for enjoying the rough sex with her lover’s sons. When she emerged from the bathroom Doris was pleased to see Leon. He guided her into the bedroom saying, “What is wrong darling? Why are you crying?””It’s your sons, they, they… took me…! “”Took you where?””No, they had sex with me, it was awful. Please help me; please don’t let them touch me again.””You stay here and I will go down stairs and take care of everything. I will be right back.”Leon rushed downstairs and confronted Lester and Trevor shouting, “We raised you better than that; what the hell happened? What did you do to her?”Trevor answered, “We just had sex; she wanted it, man.”Leon was fuming and said, “Get the hell out of the house right now. Go stay with your mother and after the 3 months are over I will deal with you; just get out of my sight.” Leon called Tom and Thelma and they agreed to let the boys stay with them.” The young men wanted to argue and complain about traveling 40 miles every day to go to school but they knew better than to further anger their father when he was like that; so they packed some things and headed to see their mother.Leon went to the bedroom and comforted Doris and they ended up making mad, wild, passionate love.Tammy was practicing her cheerleader moves in her bedroom but could still hear the loud sexual noises from her father’s room and she was getting aroused. Tammy was not a virgin but she had only had sex with one man and that was her boyfriend. They were still going together but she caught him kissing another girl and they were arguing. Tammy planned to forgive him but first she wanted him to suffer and beg her forgiveness.The doorbell rang and Tammy rushed down to let Lester and Trevor in. They introduced each other and had a soda. The boys commented about the sexual grunts, groans and screams of their parents and told Tammy that it was the same at their house. Tammy’s curiosity was aroused and she exclaimed, “Really? Mom and dad were never that loud together; your mom and my dad are doing it all of the time but I can’t imagine my mom being that into sex. Mom is so conservative and reserved; I can’t picture her engaged in wild sex, not my mom.”Lester laughed and told her, “You have got to be k**ding; we can’t get to sleep at night because of her screaming and yelling that she is about to cum! She is a sex crazed wild woman. Are you like anything your mom?””That is none of your business. If my mother is like that, your father is responsible. I don’t believe you, my mom is a good woman.”Trevor replied, “Nobody said that she was not a good woman. I like her and she is a wonderful lady but nice women like sex too. Get real girl, enjoying sex does not make you a bad person.” The conversation was interrupted when Thelma and Tom came down the stairs, got a beer and joined them.Thelma said that she was glad that the k**s were getting to know each other and hoped that they get along well. The buxom black woman caught Tammy staring at her cleavage and unbuttoned her night shirt so that the girl could see more of her 40D’s. She so loved showing off her scrumptious ebony chassis, especially to an attractive female. All Thelma wore was Tom’s shirt so when she uncrossed her legs her hairy pussy was on display as well.Tammy was embarrassed, shocked, but captivated also. The 18 year old blond was getting moist between her slender legs as she could not help but to stare at the lewd display of wanton sexuality from the stunning black woman. She excused herself and went to bed and locked her door. Tom and Thelma showed the boys their room and retired for the night.Three weeks went bye uneventful except for the continued sexual noises from the master bedroom. On Friday night Tammy cracked the door to her parents room and could see Thelma sitting on her father’s face yelling “Yes eat that black cunt, suck it all up.” She closed the door and decided to go skinny-dipping in the pool to cool off.The slender blond eased into the water and swam by the moonlight and could not get the picture of the black woman out of her mind. She was so occupied with her thoughts that she did not notice the boys joining her in the pool. They stealthily swam under water and grabbed her legs and lifted her up and then tossed her back into the water. The startled girl was trying to catch her breath when the boys pressed their güvenilir bahis siteleri ebony bodies against her. She could feel the erect cocks pressing her stomach and buttocks and became increasingly aroused.Hands explored her body and fingers found their way into her little honey-hole. Her hands were placed on the two throbbing dicks. Tammy’s body succumbed to their manipulations of her young body and she responded by stroking the dicks vigorously and uttering squeals of delight. A stiff dick entered her smoldering pussy and she was startled when the second dick was shoved in her tight little bum-hole.A strong hand covered her mouth to muffle her screams of ecstasy and pain. As her rear-end became accustomed to the hard cock she humped back and forth with vigor. They were fucking wildly and soon all three of them had cum. Tammy had never felt such intense pleasure and kissed them good night and told them that she was glad that they became closer friends. The well satisfied girl stated that she was looking forward to their next encounter.Over the next few weeks Tammy visited the boys’ rooms because her room was too close to the master bedroom and their rooms were on the other side of the house. On a Sunday afternoon, Tom took the boys gulfing and the girls were left at home together all alone. Tammy planed to go for a swim and was in her bedroom changing into her bathing suite when Thelma burst into her room wearing only a flimsy robe that was open in the front. Thelma boldly announced, “You little slut, I know that you are fucking both of my boys’ and I am going to tell your father!””No please don’t tell him, I will do anything you ask but please don’t tell my dad.””He thinks you are such an angel; I know better don’t I? Get over here and take my robe off.” The intimidated white girl removed the robe with trembling hands and tossed the garment on the bed. Her eyes widened and her mouth hung open when she beheld the beauty of the ebony goddess. Tammy was in awe of the huge breasts with saucer sized aureoles. Her eyes traveled down the flat stomach to the lush pubic hair and puffed up black pussy lips.Thelma tweaked the girl’s small breasts and commanded the girl to play with her large ebony melons. The white girl complied and was bewitched by the size, beauty, and soft feel of the older woman’s tits. Without being told, Tammy put her red lips to the rubbery black nipples and nursed on them like a baby. Thelma was delighted and hand fed the girl each breast as she held the blond head tight to her bosom. Thelma gently pushed the girl to her knees and Tammy was mesmerized by the big hairy cunt. The intoxicating aroma of the aroused sex filled her nostrils, the sight of the fat pussy lips, and her big clit drove the girl crazy with desire and she eagerly devoured the delicious treat.Thelma led her to the bed and the girl and woman engaged in a licentious sixty-nine. The door bell rang and Thelma went to the door and Tammy followed close behind, both women wore flimsy robes. Joyce was at the door; she couldn’t resist meeting Tom’s three month wife and introduced herself and was invited in for coffee.Joyce felt uneasy as Thelma’s robe came open reveling her ample breasts and shapely legs, not to mention the hot pussy that was still dripping love juice. Joyce became totally embarrassed when the sexy black woman told her how good Tom was in bed and how much Doris enjoyed her husband’s gigantic cock. The neighbor was in shock when she heard about Tammy having sex with her two sons’ and how Tammy loved to worship her hungry black cunt.Thelma led Joyce to the sofa and sat her down between Tammy and herself. Joyce was in a daze and all that she had seen and heard had her very confused. The authoritative black woman told Tammy to get on the floor and eat her mother’s friends’ pussy. Joyce had a horrified look on her face and was about to protest but her mouth was covered by Thelma’s and a long tongue snaked into her mouth, her dress was lifted, and Tammy’s tongue darted into her pussy.Joyce was beyond protesting and her body yielded to the sublime pleasure that the two tongues provided. Thelma lifted her dress over her head and discarded it. Then she did the same with the bra and Tammy tugged down her panties. The robes were removed and now all three were naked. The girl continued feasting on the woman’s pussy and the black woman tweaked Joyce’s ample breasts. The woman’s head was pulled to Thelma’s big tits and she willingly sucked them. Then Joyce was put on her back, Tammy continued eating her pussy, and Thelma sat on her face and Joyce eagerly tasted a woman for the first time.An hour and a half and many orgasms later the women dressed and Thelma suggested that Joyce visit her friend Doris and experience her well-endowed husband and introduce Doris to the thrill of lesbian sex before she did. Joyce went home but before she left she said that she would think about it and expressed interest in another sex session with Thelma and Tammy and was delighted when she received an affirmative response from both of them.Time flew by and both families received phone calls telling them that they would be on the show the following weekend. Knowing that a million dollars was at stake, Doris vowed not to get flustered by the crowd and to concentrate on the questions. The limo stopped at the front of the studio and Doris and Tom emerged from the vehicle and Doris was a vision of loveliness in her red gown. They waved to the crowd as they passed by and did the same to the applauding audience inside. Doris felt confident that she would do better this time.The fast paced show was moving along and Doris jumped with glee when another couple was eliminated. The Blake and Johnson families were the only one’s left. The category was ‘Old Time Rock and Roll.’ It was a subject that both Doris and Thelma excelled in. The air crackled with tense anticipation; the MC bellowed the question, “What recording artist had the big hit on the song, ‘Tweedle Dee?”Doris quickly hit the button and answered, “Lavern Baker” and was greeted by a round of applause for her correct answer.The next question was, “Who had the big hit on, Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean?”This time Thelma was quickest and correctly answered, “Ruth Brown.”Next question, “Just A Dream?”Once again Thelma replied, “Jimmy Clanton.””Baby Love?”Doris was first with, “Diana Ross And The Supremes.””Be-Bop-A-Lula?”Doris responded with, “Gene Vincent.””Oh Pretty Woman?”Doris was first with, “Roy Orbison.””Maybellene?”Thelma responded with, “Chuck Berry.” There were many more questions and all were answered correctly and Doris was up by one when it was announced that the next question would be the last, either Doris would win or it would be a tie!The large audience was silent as the question was, “What artist was the first to ever have a two sided hit? Both sides of the record had to be #1 and #2.Smelling the million dollars, Doris responded, “Elvis Presley.”The crowd went wild thinking that it was the right answer but it was wrong. The spotlight and all eyes were on Thelma; she smiled and said, “Johnnie Ray!” She was right on the money and the million dollars was to be split. Elvis did indeed have a two sided hit on ‘Hound Dog’ and ‘Don’t be Cruel.” But Johnnie Ray was first with ‘Cry’ and ‘The Little White Cloud That Cried.’Tom and Leon shook hands and Doris and Thelma embraced; they were all happy and why not? After all, both families were about to receive five-hundred-thousand plus the one-hundred-thousand. Backstage they talked of getting together to celebrate and Thelma sexily whispered in Doris’ ear, “We have some unfinished business to attend to. The good-times have only begun; I have so much planned for us my sweet, and you will love every minute of it!”They were joined by the two women that signed them up for the show and they expressed their desire to get to know Doris better and said that they would take her out on the town to celebrate. Thelma grinned evilly and said, “Well sweetie, it looks like I won’t be the first woman to get into your pants, but that’s alright, by the time we get together you will know what you are doing, see you soon, baby!” Everyone smiled and stared at Doris waiting for her to reply but she just blushed and walked away knowing that her live would be changed forever and many new adventures awaited her.

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