The Wife’s Surprise


The Wife’s SurpriseSeveral years ago, we had been married for 9 years by then, when “it” happened. As far as I knew neither of us had ever even considered any adding to our bed. She was a Sunday School teacher and the thought of anything but straight sex with her never entered my mind. One day my younger sister and her boyfriend came by the house. They had her boyfriend’s best friend, Roger, with them and they wanted some “alone time”. So Roger was left with my wife and I watching a movie, smoking a joint and feeling pretty good, when out of the blue he asked my wife what type of porn she liked. My mouth dropped open, as did my wife’s, and she tried to play it off and replied she didn’t watch porn. Roger started naming categories to which her head kept shaking “no no no”, then he said “OK, lets just let fate decide”. He looked at me and nodded like “OK”? I shrugged and suddenly porn was on our TV screen. It (the porn movie) was a younger guy, (like Roger) and a married couple (imagine that). The younger guy was pumping the woman from behind and her husband was sitting on their bed watching and stroking his own cock. The younger guy was telling him how good his wife was and how tight she was. The wife was moaning with each stroke.I kept glancing over at my wife for a bad reaction and also trying to watch the movie, which I’d seen before and was really hot. Roger slid down just a bit so his leg was touching my wife’s. He reached over and guided my wife’s hand to his crotch. It felt like time stopped, but she kept her eyes glued to the movie and her fingers started gently caressing him through his jeans. She kept glancing at me and back to the movie and since I didn’t complain she relaxed a bit and was now squeezing him. He wiggled a bit and unzipped his jeans and guided her hand into the opening. When her dainty little hand disappeared into the opening, my mouth suddenly went dry and I felt flush. She was still going back and forth between the movie and me when Roger leaned back and unbuttoned his pants and his cock throbbed into view. My eyes were locked on my wife’s hand, holding his cock and massaging his balls. I looked at Roger who winked at me and smiled as he rolled another joint. He lit it he offered a hit to my wife, who took a long pull and then looked at me. I smiled as I saw her fingernails sc**** the length of his cock. My mind then registered it. My God , He was twice as thick as me and a good 3 inches longer. My wife’s look said, “I don’t know”, but her fingers kept working his shaft.Roger toked on the joint and then passed it to me and pulled his jeans down and off. He maneuvered around just a bit until his cock was inches from my wife’s mouth. She looked me in my eyes and whispered….”What now”? I made an attempt to speak but what came out was barely a whisper, “What do you want? ” I managed. She looked at me, her eyes almost pleading, and said, “I don’t want to hurt you, or to make you mad”. Before she even finished I added….”BUT?” She licked her lips as if they were dry, looking at me again and then to Rogers cock and back to my eyes and said “I want him,” Roger, pulled his t-shirt off in one motion and said, “Well, She wants me, I want her but it sounds like its up to you. I’m not about splitting up couples, just some good sex. So, if you are game lets do this”My wife laid her face on Rogers belly, his fingers running lightly through her hair, her lips almost touching his cock. I felt a light headed as she looked at me licking her lips again. That’s when I said it, “I want to watch”. Roger said “I think I want to see her boobs man.” She was still fully dressed and she allowed us to pull her blouse off. I beamed at seeing her perfect tits, now exposed to Roger, while his fingers were exploring one already. My wife made a “mmmmmhh” noise as her lips touched his cock. My mind was spinning, here was my wife, a Sunday School teaching WIFE, and she had her lips on güvenilir bahis another mans dick and she was ENJOYING it !!! She licked the shaft from tip to the base as I watched wide eyed. Then she maneuvered a bit, her mouth closed over the head Roger’s cock. Roger exclaimed “DAAAAYYYUUUMMMM”!! She sucked the head for what seemed like hours (only about a minute or three) before she came up for air. As she lay there breathing hard, the sound of the porn snapped my attention for a moment. The screen now showed the woman being spit-roasted, the husband in her mouth and the younger guy behind her. I looked back at my wife and saw her look up at the TV and yes I saw the “want to” in her eyes.Roger was pulling at my wife’s pants. He had them unbuttoned and was attempting to push them down, so I went to help. Now my wife was completely naked and soooo hot. She had once again moved to suck Roger’s cock. He had her scrunched enough so he could finger her very wet pussy. As his finger slid in her I became a bit painfully aware that my own cock was pushing against the zipper on my jeans. I stepped to the side to remove my pants, this gave me a commanding view of my wife sucking his cock. She had about 4 inches of it in her mouth and I actually felt pride as I saw her nostrils flare, trying to get air without taking her mouth off. I stepped out of my jeans and my own cock now sprang out to a full standing erection as I watched them. Roger pulled my wife over into a 69 position with her on top. He wasted no time licking her, and from her reaction his tongue must match his cock. My wife was bobbing her head up and down, saliva dripping from her mouth as she sucked his cock like she was starving. I realized I was stroking myself to her head bobbing and stopped stroking because I imagined myself cumming before they even finished oral. This 69 went on for a good 10 minutes as I watched, amazed at my wife’s oral skills.Then Roger lifted her and seemed to naturally spin her around. He looked at me and asked “Has she ever had a big cock in her?” My head was shaking “No” in response before I realized my wife was saying “yes”. “What?? When , Who” I managed to stammer and she answered “Before we met, once, you don’t know him. Please don’t be mad.” Before I had time to think or say anything, Roger lifted her ass up and she reached back between her legs and lined him up. I was thinking “OMG!! MY WIFE is going to fuck this 10 years her junior guy right in front of me and I WANT to watch!!!”As she lowered herself onto his shaft I saw her mouth open, her eyes close, and her thighs tremble as he entered her. I moved around to get and unobstructed view. My mouth dropped open. His dick looked even bigger going into her pussy. She was so wet that her juices was dripping down his shaft as inch after inch went in. Roger let my wife take over now, he was holding on to her waist as she began to rock. He looked at me , smiling again as he nodded to the tv. It was almost the same scene, the wife was on top, riding the younger guy and her husband was pumping his own stick. Roger pretty much let my wife control things for a few minutes. She had cum at least twice and was building up pace when he whispered in her ear and she looked over at me. She shook her head “yes” and after a few more thrusts he pulled out of her. I watched as inch after inch came out of her now wide open pussy. As the head of Roger’s cock came out, covered in my wife’s juices, he guided my wife’s mouth to his dripping cock. She was licking it like an ice cream cone when Roger told me I should “get some”.My wife looked over her shoulder at me, raised her hips a bit and I slipped behind her. As I entered her pussy, expecting maybe to not be able to feel her, I was very surprised. Her pussy was alive!! Not a bit loose as I had expected, her muscles seemed to grab my dick as I pushed in. She was hotter than I ever remembered and yes, much wetter! türkçe bahis It only took a few seconds before I was fully in and doing my best to “pound her”. When I looked up Roger was rolling another joint as if nothing was going on and my wife had even more of him in her mouth. Roger lit the joint and lifted Pams mouth off his cock to blow a toke in her mouth. I felt myself close, “Oh God ” I exclaimed and Roger beamed, “Go ahead dude, nut in her. I love sloppy.” That encouragement was all it took. With a final thrust, I emptied myself in my wife and she never stopped sucking Roger until I puled out. My own cock now dripping with my cum as well as my wife’s, she pulled off his cock and turned around to lower her mouth onto mine. As she deep throated me with no problem, I heard her moan. I felt my cock throb again in her mouth. Again she switched with me not even being aware., and started fucking Missionary. Roger was thrusting steadily, all of that big cock was now in my wife, and she was enjoying every inch. When I saw her legs wrap around his back and her toes curl, I knew she was cumming again.I had gone to the restroom, washed a bit, fixed drinks for all of us and came back and they were STILL going at it. I announced drinks if anyone is interested, to which Roger shook his head “no” and my wife didn’t even seem to know I had said anything. I watched as he pounded her over and over, watched her bite her lip, watched her quiver with orgasm after orgasm while nursed my drink. Then as if they had rehearsed, she flipped over and he was doing her doggie. Holding her by the waist from behind, her entire body shaking with each thrust. I looked down to realize I was ready for action again so I moved to her mouth. She tried to suck my cock but his pounding overruled that so she just held onto it as he finally grunted and pumped cum into my wife! They fell apart and she rolled to her side. I wanted desperately to see her pussy and she allowed me to open her legs. My face must have shown concern for she reached for me and running her fingers through my hair, told me “it goes back, I Promise”. Her pussy was swollen, stretched and USED and I had to have it again right then!I tried to get Pam to lay on her back but she had other ideas. She wanted me to take her from behind and who was I to argue, right?? I lined up and pushed in.Her pussy was much looser now but still hot and wet. She lowered her face to the sheets, raising her bottom up I was pumping at at steady rate now. Roger had moved to our side. My wife grunted something to him about she thought she was ready. I could see them kissing in the mirror on our dresser. His hands held her again by the waist as she wiggled WITH what he was he doing. He lined his cock up and I don’t know if it was voluntary or what happened but he took my place in my wife’s pussy. Once again his much larger cock was in my wife and I was standing behind her. That’s when I realized I was jerking myself while another man enjoyed my wife. She was taking all of him now, deep strokes with a little twitch every time he bottomed out. Just as I felt myself about to cum I saw movement. SHIT !!! My sisters boyfriend was standing at the door. I had left it open when I came back in with the drinks. He was mesmerized by the sight of my wife’s ass as it went up and down on his friend’s cock. I tried to say something but he raised his hand and made the “shhhh” sign and motioned for me to step to the kitchen.He told me Roger had a reputation for getting women to let loose and it looked like he was living up to it tonight. I was trying to convince him that this was not normal when he told me to relax and enjoy having a woman willing to “play”. He gave me a high five and slipped back off to the spare bedroom.As I came back into our bedroom, making sure I closed the door, Roger was just pulling out of my wife. She was actually dripping globs of cum out of her pussy now. Roger güvenilir bahis siteleri went to the restroom and Pam reached for my hand, “Mad?” she asked. I shook my head “no”. “Excited?” she asked. I bit my lip as I nodded “yes”. She told me she loved me and I told her the same as Roger came back in. ” I could use a nap” he announced, then looked at me, “Your wife has used me up.” but he added “Give me about 30 minutes rest and I’ll be ready again.” My head snapped up, “AGAIN?” I thought.We all three fell asleep on the bed, with my wife in the middle. When I awoke it seemed like I had been out for days, looking at the clock, maybe an hour or so. My wife was awake and smiling at me. We both slid off the bed and into the bathroom. After some kissing and hugging we decided to shower together and after some playing and scrubbing we tried to be quiet as we came back to the bedroom. Roger was propped on his elbow and asked “You gonna let me have her again?” I told him it was up to her but I was for sure up to watch again. My wife gave me the fake “Honey” look, but she was licking her lips already. She gave Roger a little push as she wrapped her fingers around his already hard again shaft, then looked at me as she lowered her lips to the tip of his cock. Her mouth once again wrapped around the head of his dick, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Yes” came from Roger “man you are one lucky dude”. He reached out and began pushing my wife’s mouth a little further down on his shaft. Roger told me that I should be eating that just washed pussy or did I want to wait till he added some flavor.I began licking, amazed that she showed no sign of having been ravished, not only by me but by Roger’s “big dick” several times already. We switched positions several times, me getting deepthroated while Roger licked then switching back. That’s when Roger asked her if she “ever tried anal”. I saw her eyes widen. Yes we had of course, not often and she always said she enjoyed it BUT my cock is small compared to his. I had no idea she would say “Never with one that big but I’ve always wanted to try one, with someone who can be gentle of course”. He snickered and said he was “once known as a gentle giant”. He then asked me if I was OK with him “having some ass?” I could only nod, no words. I mean her ass was tight on me ! He asked what lube we had and my wife had some KY on the night stand. Roger suggested I get her ready with my fingers, so I began rubbing and gently inserting. Soon I had 2 fingers barely in her ass as she sucked Roger. He had another joint and was getting my wife high , then he passed it to me. He pulled her around so her ass was towards him and told me to sit in front of her and for me to hold her. As soon as I was in position I saw my wife’s eyes widen. Roger was entering her ass. She mouthed some words but no sound came out. Then “uggg ugggh OH MY GOD”!! Roger grunted as he pushed deeper. My wife’s mouth was wide open, her eyes wide, her fingernails digging into my palms…”Ugggggggg Its SO BIG” she finally got out. Her face was now once again buried in the bed as Roger was pumping slow, almost not moving. My wife raised her head and look me in the eyes. Saliva was running from her mouth. Once in a while she would say “UGGGGGGGGG and OHHHHHHH”. She was holding the sheet now, actually pushing back at him. WANTING to take him. I stepped around, I wanted to see. OMG!! It was unlike any porn I had ever seen! His big cock was INSIDE MY WIFE’S ASS and she was pushing back on it, moaning and trembling as she did so!!! Then she seemed to open up. He began to pump, harder and harder, deeper and deeper until he was slamming my wife’s ass balls deep. My wife’s voice was a shrill as she screamed, “YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!” and went limp. She actually passed out from the powerful orgasm with him in her ass. Just as she went limp, he cum and trembled. He pulled his cock out of her wrecked asshole, making a popping sound. I just stood there mesmerized as they both fell asleep.The next afternoon when I awoke Roger was gone, my wife was in the kitchen fixing spaghetti like none of this had just happened, but she did walk a little funny.

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