The Young Summer Gardner


The Young Summer GardnerAnita Clark sat at her Kitchen table and studied the advert that she was composing for the local paper. The advert was for a gardener to look after her very large and secluded garden that surrounded her large Country Manor style house, in the countryside about 1 mile from the small and very peaceful village of Swan Hamlet and about 10 miles from the nearest town.Anita was a very attractive and very wealthy 40 year old Widow. She had been widowed about 2 years ago as a result of a road accident, and since the death of her husband, Robert, she had never got involved with anyone else and apart from the odd holiday, and shopping trip she kept herself by and large just to her self. The downside of this was that from time to time, Anita, got very horny and frustrated, particularly at this time of year, in the heat of the Summer. Anita was a naturist, and as no one could possibly see her, either inside her house or in the Garden she was mostly naked 24 hours a day, and most days of the week, Weather permitting. She looked after herself physically and mentally and had a great body, which had a great tan. The very large Garden, which surrounded her entire house, was apart from the large wooded double gates at the entrance, completely secluded. There was a posting box on the wall, beside the gates so even the Post man, need never disturb her.If there were any parcels for Anita, he would leave a reminder slip in the Post box, and she would collect them from the main sorting office in the town, when she went to the supermarket there. There was another reason why Anita was placing the advert in the local paper. She was hoping that whoever responded to the advert would be an attractive young man, and she was hoping that after a while she could have some fun with him and have some sex.Anita was quite a highly sexed person, who still missed the great sex she shared with her late Husband. She got very horny at times, and had taken certain steps to relieve the sexual frustrations she had from time to time. She had ordered some sex toys on the internet and when things got too much for her she would have some hot solo sex action with her toys. Her best toy was a full sized male dummy, complete with a 7 inch hard cock, and it was this that she played with most, even taking him outside in the sun and fucking herself on him.In fact she was becoming just a little horny at the moment. The Sex that she had with her toys was great, but she needed a real live male cock in her cunt. She studied the advert again. Fit and able person, (she wanted to put Man, but she thought that this was against the law nowadays, and had written down person), wanted to look after large and secluded country garden. Tools and refreshments supplied. Reply to Mrs. A. Clark, The old Manor House, Swan Hamlet, Surrey,” and added her phone number and sealed the letter along with her payment in an envelope for posting that afternoon.Getting up from the table she went up stairs to a spare bedroom where she stored her sex toys and taking her “Big Ray” as she called it, and another vibrator she went back downstairs and out to the rear garden in the hot sun. She went back inside and going to the bathroom, got a bottle of skin oil and a large towel and went outside. She laid out the towel on the dry grass and then laid her “Big Ray” on his back with his 7 inch cock sticking up. Just looking at it, made her large brown nipples tingle and become erect, and her large clitty, inside her partly shaven fanny began to swell.Kneeling over the dummy, she slid one hand over her large erect nipples and played with them, and the other slid down over her smooth flat belly to the thick bush of black pubic hair at the top of her large slit. Her fingers threaded through her thick thatch and down to her smooth shaven slit. She had shaved her slit after the first time that she fucked herself with “Big Ray” her artificial man, as she had sank her body down on the large cock and a few hairs from her fanny had got caught on the penis and it had got a bit painful, so after she had satisfied her lust that day, she carefully shaved her cunt lips, and had kept them smooth and hairless to this day.Her searching fingers traced along her swollen, moist slit, sliding inside the lips and finding her large clitty. Anita had been gifted with a very large clitoris, which even when she was only about 12 years old and had started playing with herself, she knew was oversized. Now at 40 years old, it was almost 2 inches long and very thick when it was aroused, as it was now. She eased a finger inside her aching hole and slowly worked it in and out, spreading her already flowing cunt juices. “Oh yeeeees,” she sighed as her hungry cunt began to get stretched and ready. She withdrew her finger for her cunt and slowly lowered her body onto the waiting 7 inch artificial cock. As she felt it ease inside her sopping hot cunt, her head went back and she closed her eyes.”OH FUCK YESSSSS!” she cried out loud, knowing that no one could hear her. As she slowly rose and fell on the big cock, she took the other hand vibrator she had brought down and opening the bottle of sun oil, coated the vibrator with the oil. Reaching behind and under her, she found her itchy anus, and slowly inserted the throbbing, buzzing vibrator inside her arse as she fucked herself on the artificial cock.”OH GOD! OH GOD!” she moaned out loud as she bounced up and down on the toy, its 7 inch rubber cock plunging in and out of her hungry hot cunt., while she plunged the vibrator in and out of her bottom. Inside her body she could almost feel the two toys rubbing together. Before she lost her husband, Anita really loved to get her arse fucked hard, and it was something that she really missed.Faster and faster she bucked on the toy, her hot, wet cunt spewing out its juices, her other toy ravaging her tight arse hole. After about 15 minutes of really hard fucking of both holes she felt her orgasm building, slowly at first then she was over the edge, her head bent back, her eyes closed as she bellowed out, “OH FUCK!!” as her body was rocked by another great orgasm.She lifted herself of “Big Ray” and withdrew the other vibrator from her anus and lay down on the grass to recover, before getting cleaned up to go out. After about 30 minutes, Anita got up and lifted all her sex toys and towel and oil inside and up stairs. She washed the two toys and dried them and returned them to the spare room. Then she had a quick shower, dried herself and got dressed and getting one of her cars out of the garage, locked up and drove to the town and posted the advert and did some shopping.***Three days later, in their Kitchen 16 year old Sam Kilder and his Mum were discussing how Sam could raise some cash to pay for a new Cycle. It was the School Holidays, and Sam being a very active young boy, was looking to make some money to pay for a new bike. He was very keen on Gardening and had his Parents Garden looking pristine. It was the envy of any one who saw it, although as the garden was secluded, not many people could see in.Sam and both his parents were also Naturists, but were unknown to Anita Clark, although they were aware of who she was. Both Sam and his Mum, were naked now as they sat at the kitchen table. Mrs. Kilder secretly admired her sons great body, especially his cock. Sam had been well gifted by having an awesome penis, almost twice the size of his Dad’s. Even when it was flaccid as it was now it was nearly 5 inches long tomarza escort and hung from a neat bush of thick Black hair. Mrs. Kilder had to admit that she got a bit moist sometimes when she was near her naked Son. What she did not know was that when he was erect, his Penis was over 8 inches long and really quite thick, but that was something Sam kept to himself.Sam had an 18 year old sister Brandy, who was living and working in Florida, and they only saw her once a year. “You could always see if anyone wanted their garden looked after, as after all you are keen on Gardening and it would keep you fit as well.””True,” Sam replied. They were interrupted by the sound of the local paper being pushed through the letter box, and the naked Sam got up to get it once he knew that the paper boy had left. He returned to the table and opened the paper, and after giving it a quick read through he saw the advert that Anita Clark had placed.”Oh well, look here, Mum, there is an advert from the lady who owns the Manor house. She is looking for someone who is fit and able to look after her large garden for the summer.””Well there you go then, here is a chance to make some cash. You better give her a phone before someone else takes it,” his Mum said.”Yep, I sure will, it is only a mile away on my bike.”Sam got up and walked to the Phone and dialled the number in the paper.”Hello, good morning, is that Mrs. Clark?””Yes, hello, my name is Sam Klinder, and I am interested in your advert in the local paper about someone to look after your garden. I am very keen in gardening, and am looking to make some cash during the school holidays.””I am newly turned 16.””Sure, tomorrow then about 9.0am, and I will phone you from my mobile so you can open the gate, thank you, bye-bye.””She wants me to come over tomorrow about 9. 00 am to look at the garden to see if I can manage it, so that looks good.””Well done dear,” his Mum told him.In her Kitchen, Anita Clark, smiled to herself. “Mmmmmmm, a 16 year old, my my, this could be my lucky day.” She touched her fanny as she stood at the window, and felt it give a little twitch. ***The next morning about 9 am, Sam, dressed in a light t shirt and shorts and trainers, arrived at the two large wooden gates at the old Manor House and phoned Anita on his mobile.”Hi, its Sam Kilder, I am at the gate.””Fine Sam, I will be right out.”Slipping on a short halter which she knew showed off her trim breasts, and a pair of shorts, she ran down to the gate and unlocked it, and nearly gasped out loud as her she saw the absolute young Adonis that stood there, hand outstretched. “Hi, I am Sam.”For a few seconds Anita could not find her voice, as she had caught sight of a fair sized bulge showing at the front of the shorts of this young boy.”Hi, I am Anita,” and took his hand. “Come on in.””Thank you very much.”Besides the fact that he was the cutest young boy she had seen for a long time she took to Sam right away, as he was obviously a well educated and well mannered young man, and not some kind of scruff. She showed him round the garden. Sam could see that it was completely secluded and thought that if she went out and he was left on his own, he could work naked, as no one could see him.”What do you think then, Sam,” Anita asked him after showing him all around the Garden and the tool shed, and they had agreed to £ 5 per hour to start with, cash in hand at the end of every day, “I will supply refreshments at 11 and 3 and Lunch at 1 0’clock.””I will take it if no one else has been around. Gardening is one of my hobbies, as I like being out in the Sun all the time, and keeping fit, ” Sam replied.”I can see that,” she said to herself.”The job is yours then, when can you start?””Tomorrow at 9 am, if that is ok with you, Mrs. Clark.””Anita, please, Sam.””Ok then, Anita, I will see you tomorrow.””I will get up early and unlock the gates and the tool shed, and just start where you like.”Anita saw him out and locked the gates again and ran back to the house, her hands nearly down inside her shorts, before Sam was back on his bike, so excited was she.”God, what a fucking lovely boy,” she said out loud as she stripped off her clothes, and standing in the kitchen slid a finger inside her already moist cunt and began to rub her swollen clitty.She sighed as her orgasm grew. She took her huge clitty in between two fingers and began to wank it and tug it. “Oh yeah,” she panted as her big cunt spewed out juices all down her legs. “OH FUCK HERE IT! FUCK!” she cried out loud as her body shook with the her orgasm.***The next morning, she was up early and unlocked the gates and the tool shed, and going out the back, she lay down the in the already warm Sun. For the first time in years she had put in a small revealing bikini, as she thought that it would be better not to be nude, at least not until she had gotten used to Sam being around. Just before 9 am, she heard the sounds of a cycle on the drive.”Well, I cannot fault him for timekeeping,” she said to herself. She lay where she was and soon after, she heard the sound of the petrol mower going round the front of the house. About 11 am she went into the kitchen and made up some iced squash drink and placed them with some sandwiches on the table at the back under the shade, and walked round to the front and waived to Sam to come round the back.A few minutes later the mower stopped and a sweating Sam, dressed only in pair of little shorts and trainers, appeared at the table, where Anita stood, in her small bikini.”God, she has some body,” Sam thought as he looked quickly away, so as not to give the impression he was staring at her lovely body.”It is a great garden, Anita.””Thanks, I think so, it is secluded so I can Sunbathe as I like, if you follow, Sam.”Sam felt his heart jump in his chest. “God she is a naturist too. She might let me work naked if I asked her nicely,” he thought to himself.”That is good, as my parents and I are all into Naturism too.”Anita nearly chocked, “Really?””Yes, our garden is secluded, and large, but not as large as this one though.””That is great as I was afraid if I was naked, then you would be embarrassed.””No not me, I am naked all day at home anyway.””Cool, well I might take the chance if you are ok with it, and if it is too hot for you just you strip off too, dear.””Gee, thanks,” Sam replied, feeling his cock twitch at the idea.Sam had only had a few girl friends over the years, and at 16 had only had 4 fucks in his life, and this was a new type of experience he was getting into. After about 15 minutes, Sam who was keen to get going returned to the Mower at the front of the garden. After it had been going about an hour, Sam was really hot, and taking Anita at her word had stripped off his shorts and hung them on the porch and was mowing the front lawns, naked.Anita crept into the house via the back door and going up to one of the front rooms, slipped off her clothes. She peeked around the curtains, and her mouth went dry at the sight that she saw. “Oh nice, just look at that!” she sighed, touching her cunt. She looked down on the naked Sam as he strode away from her with the mower. She admired his broad shoulders, slim waist and trim rounded boy buttocks, and how tanned they were, and as he strode along, she could see the occasional glimpse of his big thick balls between his buttocks. She could not wait to see what he looked like when he turned at the end of the garden.Wide eyed she looked down as Sam turned towards her and gasped out loud when she saw his huge cock swinging free from a thick little bush of Black hairs as he walked behind the mower.”Fuck me!” she moaned, as her eyes took in his cock.She ran to the spare room where she kept her sex toys, and grabbing a vibrator she got on the bed and laid back, her legs in the air, and slid it into her already very moist cunt. She proceeded to work it deep inside her.”Oh god. I need to cum,” she panted, as she thrust the vibrating cock in and out of her sopping hot cunt, hearing it squelch as it sped in and out of her.Suddenly her body rose form the bed and her orgasm flowed over her, “Mmmm..YES!” she panted in sheer joy.”Oh God, I must have him,” she panted as she gasped for breath afterwards. ” What size is his cock when it is hard, I have never seen such a monster in a soft cock,” she said out loud.***About 12:45 Anita made up some more sandwiches and cold soft drinks, mainly because she knew the boy was not old enough to have strong drink, and also she did not really trust herself, in the hot sun and with a few drinks in her, and the way she was feeling, sexually. Just after 13.00 hrs, hoping that her nipples, were not sticking out too much went out the back door and placed Lunch on the table in the shade, and walking round the front she found Sam on his knees, cleaning the grass from the mower.His fabulous bottom was sticking out towards her, and her roving wide open eyes took in his glorious tanned cheeks and the crack between them, which was partly open revealing his anus and the rear of his thick balls. Anita felt her heart begin to beat faster, and she felt a distinct tingling warmth once again in her cunt.”Lunch, Sam.” Turning where he knelt Sam called back,” Thanks, will be just there. “Anita returned round the back, aware that Sam must have seen that she was nude and so was he so they both had accepted the fact that both Employer and Employee could be naked without any sexual connotations, but she knew that she would not be able to stand being naked beside this awesome boy with him being nude as well, before she became so sexually fired up, she wanted to see what would develop between them.She sat at the table under the shade and soon Sam appeared round the back of the house.”I need to wash my hands, please.””Just go into the Bathroom down here, dear, it is the door next to the Kitchen.””Thank you,” Sam said and disappeared inside, as she gazed at his tight naked bottom as he went through the back door.A few minutes later he returned, his big cock swinging from side to side as he strode towards the table, Anita trying not to make it too obvious that she was staring at it.”So Sam, what does your girl friend think about you spending the day with a widow woman in the Sun ?,” she asked him, trying to make the question seem normal, while all the time she was trying to think up a plan to get the boy in a situation where she would know if he might be interested in her.”I do not have a girl friend at the moment,” he replied, smiling at her. “So that is not a problem.”Anita felt her heart jump. “Well at least he would not feel guilty if he responded if I, made a pass at him,” she told herself.”A footloose and fancy free boy, then?””I suppose that is one way of putting it.”Anita wondered if Sam might be gay. “God what an awful thought. The two of them naked together all day for days on end, just as she had planned and then she found out that he was Gay. I don’t know if I could take that, the state I am in,” she thought to herself.”Before you go tonight, I wonder if you would give me hand with something in the kitchen, you can finish in the garden at afternoon tea, so you are not rushing away if that is ok with you?””Sure no problem.””Thanks, Sam.”Shortly after he returned round the front of the house and Anita gathered all the Lunch things and took them into the kitchen, and put them in the Dishwasher. She crept up the stairs and going into one of the front rooms, she peered out. She could see the naked Sam, working with a hoe along the borders, his big cock swinging back and forth to the movement of his body as he worked.”Oh God, what a fucking sight,” she sighed, touching her moist Fanny lips.She had thought about rearranging the upper units in her kitchen for ages, but had never gotten round to it, so she thought she could pass all the post and pans etc. down to Sam if she stood on the stepladder, as it would have been a long job, doing it all herself.They sat round the back again at 15.0 hrs. and then they both took the dishes into the kitchen. Sam could not help but admire this woman. “She might be 40, but she had looked after her body, and her tits and fanny are just amazing. Her nipples are fucking huge,” he thought as they filled the dishwasher, and hoped that his control over his body would not relax, as he had no idea how she might react if he got an erection.”If you go out to the shed, and bring in the stepladder, and I will climb up and hand you down all the stuff and then we can give the unit’s a good clean, okay?””Yep, sure,” he replied and went out to the shed and lifting up the light stepladder carried it in side, and set it up by the far away upper unit, where Anita was standing. She climber up the ladder and opened the high unit. Sam was quite a tall boy for 16 and at the height that Anita was standing, her big fanny was level with his face.”For fucks sake, what a cunt, Jesus it is huge, and she is hot. I can see the wetness on her cunt lips,” he said to himself, and to his horror, he felt his long dangling flaccid cock begin to stir.”Oh no, I cannot have a hard on now.”He tried not to stare at this amazing sight, but with her huge shaven cunt just inches from his face, it was not easy.”There you go, Sam,” Anita said as she passed down several steel pots.As he reached up to grab them, she looked down his front, and was stunned to see he had a semi hard on. ” Jesus, he is getting hard, and just look at the size of it.” She had not intended to seduce him today, but just to try and see just how he might react by her close nakedness, but she by the way his cock was stirring that he was getting fired up all by himself. She reached up for more pots and once more her big fanny lips almost rubbed against Sam. He could smell her juices. His cock was sticking out horizontally from his body as it gradually got harder. Anita gulped as she handed him down more pans and pots from the cupboard unit.”One more lot, then we will need to move the ladder,” she told Sam, trying to appear normal, while all the time her mind and her hot body were in turmoil.She handed him down the last lot of pots and pans, and Sam moved the ladder along a few feet. It was then that events took a sudden but not an entirely unexpected direction. Just as she was taking the first steps up the ladder again, Anita sneezed, quite violently, causing her to lose her balance and fall against Sam, who caught her in his strong arms and they ended up leaning against the kitchen work top. They held each other close, a naked 40 year old horny woman and a naked 16 year old boy who was getting very horny too.Their lips were only inches apart, and they stared at each other for a few seconds, before Anita could control herself no longer.”Kiss me please, Sam, oh please God, kiss me,” she whispered, her voice thick with lustful emotion. Between them she could feel his giant cock swelling.Sam’s head was swimming with a thousand confused thoughts. He was very horny now and knew that she must be able to feel his almost fully erect cock between them. It was obvious she wanted him. He leaned slowly closer to her and kissed her very gently on her hot, wet lips.”Oh yessss,” she let out a long shuddering sigh.Their lips opened and Sam felt her tongue push inside his mouth, finding his own tongue and rubbing it. His young heart was pounding in his chest. He gently eased his tongue in her mouth, and slid his arms around her. He felt her hands slide down between them and he moved away slightly to allow her hand to grip his monster cock. She gripped it gently, her hand almost unable to get around it, so thick was it. She broke the embrace and stared at this huge b**st of a penis in sheer wonder. It was fucking massive and on such a tall, slim boy, it looked even larger than it was.”Sam, what a fucking size. How long is it?” she gasped.”Eight inches when it is fully hard,” Sam blushed.”Jesus, Sam, I have never in my entire life seen such a magnificent specimen.””Thanks,” Sam mumbled.Anita could plainly see thick pre cum, oozing from the giant head, and this was just too much for her. As Sam stared at her large cunt, he saw the lips open wide and her clitty pop out. It was massive. He had only seen one or two clittys in his young life, and all of them were on young girls near his age. This was apart for the odd glimpse from his Mum when they had all been naked, was the first clitty on a fully grown woman. It was well over 1 inch long and thick and shiny with her cunt juices.She took him in her arms again and they began to kiss passionately, both driven on by their hormones which were by now in overdrive.”Suck my nipples, Sam I used to love getting them sucked hard,” she panted, breaking their passionate kissing. Sam kissed all the way down her neck and on down, until he could see her huge distended nipples. The were dark brown and well over an inch long. He closed his mouth over her right nipple and sucked hard.”OHGODOHGOD!” she cried out loud.Sam released her nipple for his mouth.”I am sorry I hurt you.””NO, NO I WANT TO BE HURT, SUCK THEM HARDER!” Anita cried out gripping his hair with both hands.Sam closed his lips around her right nipple again and sucked it hard.”PLEASE DON’T STOP!” she moaned.Sam moved his mouth to her left nipple and began to suck it hard. He was beside himself with lust for this amazing horny woman. In is limited sexual experiences he had always tried to be gentle and caring with girls, but this sex mad woman was begging him to hurt her. He sucked hard on her huge brown left nipple again.”OH FUCK!” she cried out loud. “Oh yea baby, suck my clit, suck it! Make me cum,” Anita pleaded with him.Sam had only once before kissed a girl on her fanny. It was when they were both 14. Her name as Amanda and they had been going out for 6 months, but had never fucked, but just played with other and rubbed each other, some times naked, and sometimes with their hands under each others clothing, then one night when they were alone in her Dad’s Garden shed, she suddenly knelt down and took his cock, which even at 14 was well over 6 inches long in her mouth, and had sucked it until he could hold back his boy sperm no longer and had flooded her mouth with his thick spunk, and after she had asked him to suck her little fanny.It was very small, and neat and she had shown him how to open her fanny lips and then kiss her swollen little clitty. Sam had gently done as she had asked, and soon after she had cum, spurting a little jet of cunt juice in his face. He remembered that time now as he gazed at the huge wet swollen clitty that was inches from his mouth after he had knelt in front of Anita.Moving his face closer, he could see the thick juices oozing out from between the thick smooth hairless lips and taking the huge clitty in his lips he sucked it hard.”OH FUCK YES! SUCK IT! SUCK IT!” Anita cried out loud as her enormous clitty was sucked hard by her young lover.Sam sucked harder and faster on her swollen little organ, his hands around her smooth, firm buttocks. She thrust her fanny at his mouth as he sucked.”OH GOD I’M CUMMING!” she squealed in sheer lustful joy as she felt her orgasm approach. Above Sam could hear her breathing become laboured and the twisting and thrusting of her body against his face, become stronger.”YES! YES! YES!” Anita screamed as her orgasm hit her with its full force, and she fell against the work top to prevent her collapsing on the floor.”Oh Sam, thank you, thank you, that was awesome, thank you,” she gazed at him her eyes full of tears of joy.”Stand against the work top,” she commanded.Sam did as he was bid. His huge 8 inch plus monster cock standing free and proud from the little thick bush of black hair at its base. Anita knelt in front of him, and taking his giant organ in both hands pulled back the foreskin all the way to expose the huge shiny purple head, with thick pre cum oozing from the slit.Dipping her head she pushed out her long wet tongue and began to wash the tip.”OHGODYES!” the young boy gasped as his cock tip was washed with a warm wet tongue.She spat a few large globs of her hot spit on it and dipping her head she sucked down on it. She had never sucked a real cock since her husband had been killed, but had sucked her many toys many times, but none of them were the size of this fucking monster.”OF FUCK YESS!” Sam gasped as his huge tool was sucked deep into this hot wet tunnel of a mouth.Dipping her head as far as she could she took his tool as deep in her mouth as he could. She had difficulty taking it down due to the great width, but she got 3/ 4 of it in her mouth before she felt the tip touch the back of her throat. She knew now how much she could take in her mouth and proceeded to slowly suck Sam’s throbbing cock. It was like some bit of machinery, so alive and throbbing was it.”FUCK YESSSS!” Sam squealed out as she sucked hard and slow on his mammoth tool. He knew that he would cum quite soon, such was the effect of what she was doing, and also it was some time since Sam had cum, so he knew that he had quite a load of spunk in store. Anita began to speed up her sucking motions, and Sam felt his seed begin to flow.”I CAN FEEL IT! FUCK!” he gasped.Faster and faster she sucked. She wanted to taste the meal of thick boy sperm. “HERE IT COMES!!” he cried out loud, his muscular young body twisting and turning where he stood, his belly muscles tightening into spasm after spasm, then in her mouth Anita felt his monster cock swell and jerk, and an enormous spurt of hot, thick boy cream exploded from its tip, filling her eager mouth, followed by 4 more incredible flows of spunk, far too much for her to swallow, so it flowed back out for her mouth and down her jaw.”Oh my God, Anita that was the best cum I have ever had, mmmmmmm,” Sam smiled down at her, and she smiled up at him, her mouth still dribbling his cum.She got up and kissed him, their saliva and his spunk mixing in their mouths.She led him into the Bathroom and watched as he showered, and then Sam got out and watched as she showered and then they got dressed as it was nearly 5 pm, and she did not want to create any suspicions with his Parents which might spoil what looked liked the beginning of an amazing secret adventure for both of them. When she saw Sam to the gate, as promised she paid him in full £ 5 per hour plus another £ 10 “Bonus”.After a very quick kiss, Sam cycled back home, a very happy and satisfied young boy. Under his shorts, his flaccid cock was still throbbing from the effect of the sucking it had just received. He knew that tomorrow, would bring more happy experiences.

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