The Youth Chip Ch. 02

Double Penetration

Authors Note: All characters are 18 or older

Just a reminder that this is a story in a “freeuse” world. Also sorry it took so long for chapter 2, Covid happened etc etc. Writing is just a hobby for me so I don’t always have time to devote to it. This one was also harder for me as I am trying some different stuff in this chapter, particularly at the end. Feedback is always appreciated so let me know what you think of the chapter in the comments! Last chapter I got some good feedback about things like “How would gay people live in a freeuse world?” that I plan on addressing in later chapters and it’s cool to see people interested in the story! Anyways. Enjoy!

Lisa pulled her chair over to Steve’s desk while he grabbed her lunch and placed it next to his. Steve opened up his laptop and navigated back to the campus websites pornography section and was impressed by the sheer number of categories. He had never heard of most of them. What was a gangbang? Double penetration? That sounded like it might hurt. He scrolled through the list for a few moments before looking over at Lisa.

“What do you want to watch?”

“Well why don’t we just start from the top? Click on Anal.”

Steve shrugged and did so. There was a huge selection of videos to watch so after scrolling for a bit he just clicked on one at random. The video started with a couple getting back from what looked like a date. The guy was tall and dark haired. He was dressed in a nice button down shirt with dress slacks and shoes. The girl had mocha skin and fluffy curly hair that was dyed pink at the tips. Her dress was a flimsy summer dress with a low cut that showed off plenty of skin.

Steve and Lisa watched and ate as the video played. The camera followed behind the couple as they got up to the apartment door and started kissing. It was a deep passionate kiss and the man’s hands roamed all over her body as they kissed. He raised her dress so he could fondle her ass directly, showing to the camera that there was nothing underneath the dress. Steve again noticed how his gaze was forcefully drawn to the firm curve of her butt and the way it stood out clear and defined from her body. He had never noticed things like that before but now he couldn’t help but stare as his cock began to rise again.

The woman in the video’s ass was smooth and round. She was in great shape and her long legs and firm ass were toned and well defined. The way her ass gently but prominently curved away from her hips was something he found he could not look away from. But then man let her dress fall back down and opened the door to the apartment. He took her hand and pulled her into the entrance.

The camera followed the couple and the second she closed the door the man was upon her. He slammed her forcefully into the closed door as his hands roamed across her body and he began to kiss down her neck to her bountiful bosom. She was letting him do as he pleased, her hands raised gripping the top of the frame of the doorway, her eyes were screwed shut and her mouth was slightly open as she moaned lightly. The man was clearly as fascinated with her ass as Steve was and he quickly raised her dress above her hips again and his hands began groping every inch of it. Steve watched intently, his half eaten lunch forgotten on the desk next to his laptop. Lisa was watching just as intently and neither of them said a word. Steve reached over and rested his hand on her knee stroking her leg softly. The man pulled the woman away from the door frame by her hips and spun her around. He then guided her upper body down with one hand while the other held against her stomach prevented her from moving her legs. He left her bent over at the waist, her ass prominently raised and her heavy full tit’s swaying against her light dress threatening to spill out. The man tore off his clothes as quick as he could before walking to her side, crouching down, and gripping first one tit then the other firmly. Then he popped them out of her dress and pulled the dress down so it was just a ribbon of fabric across her waist. Then he stood up and walked behind her and brought his hand down sharply across her ass with a loud slap.

Steve and Lisa started at the sudden violence but the woman on screen reacted by moaning loudly. Lisa said “did that-” but was cut off as the man’s hand came down on the woman’s ass again and again. He stood up and then stood behind her as he rained blows harder and harder, leaving red hand prints across both of her cheeks.

“Does that feel… good? She seems to be enjoying it.” Lisa said

“Seems like it would hurt me? But… what do I know.” Then he paused and asked “Do you… want to try it?” Steve paused the video while she considered. Neither of them had put on clothes since their earlier experimentation and Steve was finding it weirdly hard to look her in the eyes, his gaze kept being drawn to the curve of her small but perky breasts, the way her canlı bahis nipples stood firm and hard. His eyes were drawn to the cleft between her legs where he could smell that her pussy was wet with arousal.

Steve didn’t realize he had blanked out while staring until Lisa snapped her fingers in front of his face.

“Earth to Steve, Earth to Steve. Please respond.”

“Oh. um. Shoot sorry I um, got distracted.”

“While staring at my pussy?”

“Yes? Sorry. I knew before the chip was removed you were pretty but now… I just can’t look away from you. I knew adulthood would be a big change but wow, I did not understand how much it would change little things too.”

Lisa blushed for a moment before saying “Well back to the spanking. Let’s do it. But I want to go slow. I think if you just start hammering me like that guy it might be too much. Maybe start gentle and then ramp up? We can treat it like a science experiment. See if it feels good at all and then how hard you can before it is just painful”

Steve shrugged “Alright sounds good to me. How do you want to do this?”

Lisa got up from her chair and leaned over on his bed, pointed her ass at him, and said “let’s do it here and you just start gently ok? Like a light tap at first.”

Steve walked over to her and rested one hand on the small of her back and the other on her butt cheek. He couldn’t help himself and rather than start off with a spank he just gently groped and caressed her ass and then began to run his hand across the curves of her backside. He once again marvelled at how beautiful she was and how weird it was he had never seen how perfect the female form was before.

“Well? Lisa looked over her shoulder at him and Steve realized he had gotten lost in caressing her ass. He looked over at her and saw that she was not really all that mad at the wait. There was a heat in her eye’s that Steve was beginning to recognize as arousal. Without further ado he raised his hand but just before he slammed it down he remembered they were “experimenting” and brought it down gently, just a light tap.

Lisa giggled and said “well alright you can do better than that”. Steve felt that heat come back into his groin and he grinned before he slammed his palm down on her ass much harder this time. There was a loud crack as his hand hit her ass and Lisa yelped and tried to jump up but his hand on her back held her down.

She glared at him and said “what happened to gentle steps?”

Steve grinned at her and shrugged “Sorry you said I could do better so I did better. What did it feel like?”

Lisa pondered for a moment before she said “I am not sure. It definitely hurt but not too bad. It mostly just surprised me? And now my skin kind of tingles but in a nice way? It was a really intense sensation but I can see how it might be nice in the right circumstances, like if you were already touching my pussy or something I bet it would be an interesting contrast? I read pain and pleasure can mix pretty well but I couldn’t figure out why anyone would intentionally get hurt before. I guess it kind of makes sense?

“Do you want to try?” Lisa asked. She started to get up but Steve kept her pressed down with the hand on her back.

She looked over at him and said “what are you do-hnggghhh”

His hand had reached between her legs and stroked her clit which caused her to gasp and moan. Steve found he sort of liked the feeling of holding her down and decided to take advantage of her position. He kept one hand pressed firmly on her back, not enough to hurt but enough to prevent her from getting up easily while his other hand danced between her legs.

However he was still getting used to the female anatomy and her writhing quickly became the uncomfortable sort as he pressed harder and harder into her sex.

“Too much!” She gasped and tried to writhe away from him. “Gentler please”

Steve didn’t respond but he did slow down and ease off her clit. Her moans settled back down and Steve decided it was a good time to experiment. He tried different pressures, and rhythms while he watched her writhe and moan. He carefully watched her body language and slowly learned what she liked and what she didn’t like. After a few minutes she was barely comprehensible as she lay face down into her comforter while his hand stroked her pussy to the best of his ability. When he finally felt like she was about to come he removed his hand from her pussy much to her disappointment but before she could complain that hand came down hard across first one asscheek and then the other. Four quick and hard swats rained down upon her ass, 2 slaps for each cheek. Then he dived back between her legs and began to rub hard and fast on her clit.

Lisa did not have time to react to any of it as she was too lost in all the intense sensations but she made her feelings on the matter known by cumming hard on his fingers. Steve mused to himself that bahis siteleri the experiment was a success. It seemed Lisa liked being spanked. He slowed down his finger rubbing her wet pussy as she came down from her orgasm but he started up a steady rhythm of slaps that rained down on her firm ass.

Once her hips started to wiggle a little more actively, showing she had recovered he started to rain down blows harder. One hand hitting her ass as hard as he could, the other rubbing at her slippery pussy. He kept going through several orgasms but eventually her ass was red and bruised and while she was not stopping him he decided she would regret going further in the morning and he stopped the steady spanking, his hand was beginning to hurt anyway.

Steve walked up behind her pressing his very hard cock against her ass and reaching around to cup her small breasts as he pulled her up off the bed and into his chest. He let her catch her breath as he ran his hard length gently up and down between her ass cheek. He wanted desperately to thrust into her inviting pussy but he remembered his promise to Allison and held himself back. Eventually Lisa was coherent enough to turn around and pull him down into a deep kiss.

“Why did you stop?”

“Your ass was starting to get pretty bruised, I figured if we kept going you might regret it in the morning.”

“Fair enough. Honestly I already sort of regret it, My ass is burning. But it felt so damned good when you were touching my pussy. Holy shit that was intense. When you touched my pussy and spanked me at the same time it was like my body just got lost in the sensation. The pain sort of turned to pleasure and each time you spanked me it was like a mini orgasm it was so intense. That was awesome and you will be doing that again.”

He smiled and gave her a light kiss and said. “I am glad you liked it. It was certainly fun to watch you cum hard like that.”

I know! I never wanted you to stop though I think I am sort of glad you did though. I don’t really want to sit down right now…” She looked over at the chair in front of the laptop and then back at the video, paused on the screen. “Plus I feel I should return the favor. Want to get spanked?”

Steve shook his head. “No I’m ok. I don’t think that sounds fun for me.”

“You sure? I mean i was not sure and then once you really got going…”

“Eh, maybe later.”

Lisa looked disappointed but let it go. She reached a hand down to his now softening cock and began to rub it back to full mast. “Well how about I return the favor another way then.” She got down on her knees and began to rain kisses down on his cock, taking her time to gently lick and adore it. The last time she had blown him she had something to prove, she wanted to get Allison out of his head but this time she was just returning the pleasure he had just given her.

She was still awkward, having only even heard of the idea of sucking cock this morning, but she was quickly learning to enjoy the act. She loved the way Steve moaned and twitched when she slowly licked the underside of the head of his cock, she loved the way he jumped and pulsed in her mouth when she tried to shove him down her throat, she was still not capable of the whole thing but she tried her best. She reveled in the power she had over Steve as she licked and stroked his cock. His body danced to her every move and for the first time in Lisa’s life she found a physical activity she really wanted to get good at. She idly wondered if there was a gym class for sucking cock.

She found it hard to bounce her head on his cock the way Allison had and the way he clearly liked. Her jaw got sore from trying to stretch around his behemoth and her body quickly followed, unused to the physical exertion and using a muscle group she had never exercised before. Her knees were scraping against the dorm room carpet even though it was clearly padded in anticipation of this very act. But Steve’s little moans and twitches were enough for her. His pleasure became her only concern as the aches and pains faded from her mind. Lisa fell into the act of blowjob and soon it was too much for Steve’s untrained stamina. Lisa got what she wanted as his cock pulsed and poured his creamy load into her mouth. She again found the taste divine and she lost herself in savoring every drop as she tried to swallow it all down before he drowned her.

Steve fell back onto the bed and collapsed. “Holy shit. That was amazing.” Lisa crawled up next to him and kissed his neck lightly as she ran her hands across his hard chest.

“I’m glad you liked it. I certainly liked doing it.” she giggled softly. They lay back into the bed, adjusting so they could rest on the pillows and soon they found themselves drifting to sleep despite their best intentions.

Steve woke up a few hours later feeling spent but rested. He looked down at the sleeping form of Lisa who had curled up into his chest. bahis şirketleri He revelled in the feeling of warm skin against skin, she was just so soft and smooth. Steve felt a deep satisfaction well up inside him as he watched her breath in and out.

Something about the circumstance just felt right. Steve couldn’t remember every feeling so peaceful and content and let the feelings wash over him and then suddenly he was angry. Why had he been denied this for so long?

His life before the chip’s removal had been good, he had felt love and affection from his family but never anything like he was feeling for Lisa. And after just a couple days! Hell earlier this morning he had been concerned she hated him and now she was sleeping against him resting peacefully. The feelings were so damned intense and so sudden, It hadn’t even been a full day since their chips were off. But his feelings were so strong and vibrant. It was as if his whole life had been a grey tone and now someone had introduced color.

Already in his first day of adulthood he had experienced more than he ever could have imagined. He began to feel sad, sad for the past that couldn’t feel the way he felt now. The old him that wandered through life in greyscale. It was when he started crying that Steve realized something might be wrong. Suddenly his heart was racing too fast, his blood pounding in his ears, he leapt to his feet, waking Lisa and scrambled over to the intercom for the RA’s to send for help. He slammed the call button and held down, the call tone ringing loudly.

Lisa scrambled up herself confused and scared by the sudden movements “What’s going on?” she asked her voice filled with confusion.

Steve turned to her, his face stained with tears and scrunched in a rictus of terror. “I don’t know! I don’t know what is wrong with me!”

The intercom noise finally stopped and Allison’s voice came through the intercom. “Steven? What’s going on are you ok?” She had clearly heard his response to Lisa and asked “Should I come over? Do you need something? What’s wrong?” Her voice was filled with concern.

Steven reacted to her voice and swung back to the intercom. “Something is wrong with me! I can’t stop feeling things. It’s too intense. I feel like my heart is going to explode. What is happening to me?!”

“Shit.” Came Allison’s voice through the intercom. “Steven, you’re having a panic attack. You’re going to be fine. Heightened emotions is one of the effects of having the youth chip removed. Your hormone production is picking up to a normal level too fast for you to handle. I have some medicine that will help. I will be over in just a moment. Lisa watch him. He is in a volatile mood right now.” With a beep the intercom cut off. Steven backed off from the intercom and slumped down against the wall, his head hanging in his hands.

Medication? What will it do? Will it bring me back to before? I don’t want that. I don’t want to go back. No no no no.” Steven mumbled to himself rocking back and forth a bit. Lisa approached slowly not sure what to do in this situation. Honestly the sudden change in personality was scaring her quite a bit but Allison had asked her to watch him and even said it was a medical issue so she knew she had to help. She placed a hand on his shoulder lightly and asked “Steven? Is there anything I can do?”

He didn’t respond at first and then he suddenly reacted by flinging her hand off of him with a slap to her wrist and backed up against the door fear writ large across his face. Lisa recoiled at the sudden attack and fell backwards crying out and she landed hard. Steve realized what he had done and rushed over to her.

“Oh my god are you ok?! I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you. What the hell is wrong with me. Oh god what is happening!” Then he kneeled down and pulled Lisa in close to him and began to sob holding her head against his chest. Lisa just sat there bemused and scared, not entirely sure what the hell was going on. After a minute or two the door slammed open and Allison came running in with her cart, still naked and still covered in dry cum pushing her cart in front of her.

“Oh hell Steven. You got it bad huh? She pulled out one of the drawers on her cart and pulled out an orange bottle filled with gel capsules, she pulled out one of the capsules and set it down into a little paper cup on the tray of the cart. She poured a cup of water and rushed over to Steven and Lisa still curled up in the middle of the floor.

“Steven I need you to swallow this ok?”

Steven looked over feeling wrung out and tired but still wired and afraid at the same time.

“Are you going to put the youth chip back on me?” He asked, still crying slightly.

“What? No! What gave you that idea.”

“Well you said this happens sometimes when the chip is taken off and I thought… maybe you would have to put it back on me…”

“No Steven, this is temporary. The chip inhibits a lot of things and one of those is the hormones that men and women generate naturally, you are getting too large a dose too quickly right now and it is making you a little crazy.”

Lisa interjected “A little?”

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