Their Normal Days Ch. 01

Big Tits

Synopsis : A normal day in the life of a sex-slave mother and her dominant son.

Note : This is my first story. I’m open to all suggestions and constructive criticisms.

It was exactly one month ago, Jena, a 40 year old, long-time divorced mother, decided to be an exclusive sex-slave of her one and only, 18 year old son, Rick.

Why and how it happened shouldn’t be of our importance, at least for now. It will be revealed later. The fact is that it happened, and Jena willingly submitted to her son.

But Jena wasn’t Rick’s 24 x 7 slave, at least not yet. Because she was a successful, hardworking manager in her professional life. She very well knew how to keep a balance between her professional Rick had convinced her that he was well-trained, and that he would do nothing which would cause any permanent harm on his mother, physically or mentally. Rick was also a caring, helpful son towards her mother, making her realize now and again that he’d be always by her side, and would never leave her.

That didn’t mean Rick was lenient & easy on his mother, during their kinky sessions, which they usually held once every week. During those sessions Rick had subjected his mother to unimaginable heights of depravity, humiliation and torture. But surprisingly, Jena loved each & every moment of it. She craved more & more for it. In fact, she even encouraged her son to be more ruthless with her, and many times, she even acknowledged her son on the ways in which a master can more efficiently torture his slave.

Today was Monday. It had been 10 days since they both had a kinky session together. All the welts, all the pain, from that last session, was gone from Jena’s body. She was completely healed, and ready for the next one. Jena woke up much early in the morning, as was usual with her, and started with her chores. Uptil now, she was dressed modestly. No part of her body was revealed. She was only about to finish making breakfast for both of them, when Rick, dressed in his shorts, rushed downstairs.

She wished his mother good morning by forcing her close to him, and kissing her deeply. He rolled his wet tongue on her, like a snake, and exchanged his saliva with hers.

When the kiss ended Jena finally broke the ice and said “Good morning Honey.”

“Let’s finish the breakfast first or It’ll go stale. “

Rick obliged.

Their breakfast together was quick, and their conversations were casual.

Afterwards, Rick helped her wash the dishes and clean the kitchen.

Then, just as he was about to say something, Jena interjected, and with a confident smile, said :

“So what should it be today, Mister?”

“Should I remove my clothes and bend over the sink? OR would you like to tie me naked on the kitchen chair? “

“Or would you harass me in my bathroom, when I’m attending nature’s call?”

“Or would it satisfy you to tie me spread-eagle on my bed, and whip me until I faint? “

“Just do something to me, honey. Do something on my body, Use me, Rick. “

Rick replied “I know, mother. It has been ten days since we last played. And I already feel like ten years. So don’t worry. I’ve thoroughly planned your torture this morning, before you go to the office. We still have two hours left. “

“Just go to your bedroom, where I have selected the clothes that I won’t to see you wearing, and come down to the basement. I’ll be waiting for you. “

“Oh…And don’t forget to wear your whorish makeup, and your high heels. “

Hearing this, Jena instantly became joyful and said “You bet it. I’ll be right down there, in half an hour. By the time prepare all the instruments of torture, that you intend to subject me through, and think out all the things that you are going to do to me, to my body. “

With that Jena quickly rushed up to her bedroom to get ready.

Jena was a naturally voluptuous and a plumpy woman. Despite her age, there was no sign of sag on her firm & perky 38DD breasts, or her big and tight, round ass. She had a perfectly flat tummy. A baby-like, white-skin, like that of an angel, and a trimmed, reddish-brown triangular bush of pubic hair, which she kept on the demand of her son.

Like she had promised her son, she descended down the basement after exactly half an hour, and closed the basement door behind her.

She was wearing a lacey-velvet and a translucent strapless bra, which hardly fitted her enormous breasts, and left her shoulders and her upper back area bare-naked, for her son to ogle at.

The strapless bra was complemented with an equally lacey, translucent, velvet colored thong, which partially showed her bush, from both the sides, and unabashedly displayed the roundness of her pouty ass, to her ass.

The nylons and garters that her son had selected for her, were of dark cream color. She had put on a blood-red lipstick on her heart-shaped lips, and as commanded Magosa Escort by her son, had applied a heavy, whore-like makeup on her. And her high-heels were of shining, black leather.

She noticed her son seated on the red couch, in their basement. Standing in front of him, and keeping both of her hands on her thighs, she said with a proud smile :

“See anything you like baby?”

“Or does your slave needs to beaten, simply for not dressing up as commanded?” With that she winked at her son, making him grin.

And then she bowed down to her son, so that he can properly see her cleavage, after which she kept her hands on her hips and pirouetted, to let her son watch her from behind, and finally squatted in front of him, and jutted her ass towards her son’s direction.

Then coming back to normal position, she said something in a slow & seductive voice :

“Slap me, my son. Tear off my clothes. Tie me down and whip my tits & cunt. Fuck my asshole. And remember, whatever you do to me, on me, just don’t stop even if I start crying, or beg you to stop. Show me no mercy my son. I’ll be totally yours, for my whole life. “

Rick could hold no longer. He stood up from the couch, and motioned his finger, calling his mother.

“Come here quickly, whore. “

Jena quickly obeyed his son and stood close to him.

Just as his mother stood in front of him, he raised his right hand and gave her a chilling slap on her right cheek, together with shouting,

“Get on your knees and look towards me bitch. I’m going to slap the soul out of you!”

Jenna’s eyes became teary, her pussy became wet. She almost came to the verge of having any orgasm, everytime her son slapped. She had an deep erotic connection with being slapped, and then dominated. She craved and always remained anticipated for it, even though many times she would start crying.

Gathering back her voice, she replied to her son “Yes Rick…I mean yes master…”

And hurriedly went to her knees.

“Look at me.”

The moment Jena faced him, he started slapping her repeatedly, alternatively on both her cheeks.

He must’ve slapped her ten or twelve times. Once satisfied with slapping her, he inserted his right hand inside the center of her strapless bra. Once his hand was gripped on her bra, he violently pushed his hand back, causing the material to tear away, and causing Jena to jerk towards him.

Once the garment was completely off Jena’s body, and her pendulous tits were at her son’s disposal, he first pressed both of her tits hard, with both his hands, and then started slapping her tits rapidly, causing them to sway from side to side.

Once done slapping them, he commanded :

“Hold your tits for me, and offer them to my mother.”

“Whatever you order, my darling.”

Jena replied very submissively, and with that cupped both her tits, presenting them to him.

Rick pinched both her nipples, twisted them very hard and moved his hands towards the ceiling.

Jena understood her son’s notion, and without saying anything stood up for him.

Rick removed his fingers from her mother’s nipples, but he picked up two mouse traps he had kept on the couch, before his mother arrived down in the basement.

Jena quickly realized what her son was going to do with those mouse traps. A shiver went down her body, but still she was also overwhelmed with goosebumps of excitement, which caused her to grin from one of the corners of her lips.

As Rick came closer to her, she pushed her body forward, and willingly offered her tits to him.

Holding her right breast from the bottom, Rick attached the mouse trap on it, causing Jena to briefly let out a scream of pain & pleasure.

He did the same with her other breast.

Then roughly holding his mother’s head by her hair, he violently took her to the part of the basement where the chains were hanging.

He secured both of his mother’s hands to the chains, and widely separated his mother’s legs, by attaching them to a spreader bar, so that her pussy area was sufficiently available for him, to do as he pleased.

Tied in this manner, in her vulnerable position, Jena said:

“My cunt is burning Rick. First whip my cunt, till I cum Rick. I’m begging you. “

Jena, being a mischievous, nympho slut, was teasing her son.

Rick again slapped his mother again, and said :

“I do fucking what I wanna do with you. You don’t tell me slave. “

“Then silence me by beating me, son. Beat my body red & blue. “

“I will…bitch…I will…”

Somewhere from the darkness of the basement, Rick produced a small, black whip.

He started with her breasts. First he tested the whip on her mother’s breast lightly. Then the intensity of the blows increased. His blows caused the mouse traps on his mother’s breasts to jiggle up & down.

“Ahhh.. Kıbrıs Escort Ahhh…Yesss…Whip them good & hard honey…Whip until I bleed. “

Jena continued to encourage her son to whip her, in a broken voice, with every stinging blow that her son directed at her.

But Rick was cautious enough. Once the red welts appeared on her breasts, he stopped whipping them.

He kneeled down in front of his mother, and pulled down her thong to her feet. And then he started playing with her pussy and her clit.

“Oh yes…. My baby…make me cum…make me squirt. ” Was Jena’s reply.

Once done playing with her pussy, Rick pressed his face on her mother’s bush, and inserted his tongue inside her pussy.

He started licking his mother’s pussy with his tongue, and started wavering his tongue inside her. She even kissed around her pussy area, now and then.

Still, Jena hadn’t come. She was a hard woman to satisfy. But her pussy was wet, the moment her son had slapped her before sometime. So Rick’s tongue and lips were covered with his mother’s pre-cum.

Then he got a very devilish idea. He got up and started kissing his mother, making her taste her own pubic juice, from his mouth.

“Uuhhh…so naughty of you son…I like tasting my cum…from your mouth…”

Once done kissing, Rick even spit inside his mother’s mouth.

But being an obedient whore, she gulped down his spit down her throat, as if she was drinking a beer.

“Spit it more Rick…Spit inside your mother’s mouth some more.” She said in a loud voice, and opened her mouth wide for her son.

Excited at her mother’s suggestions, Rick spewed 3 to 4 loads of spit inside her mother’s mouth, which she kept on drinking continuously.

Then, kissing her mother very briefly, he again picked up his whip, and started whipping her thighs.

Once he saw stripes of red welts on her thighs, he moved towards her pussy & clits.

Without showing any mercy, he brought down blows upon blows of whip, on his mother’s pussy and her clit.

Finally, after many blows she started cumming. Rick didn’t waste the opportunity.

He threw down his whip, and inserted one of his fingers inside his mother’s pussy. When his finger was soaked with his mother’s pussy juice, he ordered her to open her mouth, and made her clean his finger.

She did it immediately, and savored every moment of it.

Finally, Rick removed the mouse traps from his mother’s breasts and released them from the chains, and her legs from the spreader bar.

But only to put his mother in another position. Shortly after their kinky games were started, they had purchased and inserted a wooden sawhorse in their basement. The sawhorse contained a cushion.

He made her lie down on her stomach, on the sawhorse and tied her limbs to the front and rear parts of the sawhorse.

Then coming in front of his mother he removed his shorts, and let his mother see his 8 inch, throbbing erection.

Raising her head from her position, Jena smirked at her son and said :

“I don’t want to suck your cock, son. That would be too gentle. Instead I want you to roughly fuck my mouth with your cock. ” Jena said with her eyes focused on her son’s cock.

“In that case, you are right Mother. “

Saying that, Rick grabbed his mother’s hair, and inserted his cock inside her mouth. He started pumping in cock in and out of her mouth.

Jena was making a variety of erotic noises throughout.

But Rick didn’t allow his mother to taste his cum. Just as he was about to cum, Rick removed his cock from his mother’s mouth.

“Why Rick…Why didn’t you come in my mouth? ” Jena said in a rather raspy voice.

Rick replied “Because I want to cum inside your ass, Mother. “

“Uhh…Yes that would be too good, Rick. “

But surprising her mother, Rick picked up a wooden paddle that was lying nearby. And thumped the paddle a few times on his hand, saying :

“But only once I’m done…paddling your ass.”

Smiling, Jena said “Do it with pride, son. “

Rick went behind his mother, and for a while just admired the view. Besides the hairy bush on her pussy, there were patches of hair around Jena’s asshole too. Most men would ask their women to shave these areas of their body, but Rick had purposefully ordered his mother to keep a certain amount of hair around her pubic area, and around her asshole. He shamelessly loved this dirty view of her mother’s lower body.

“Waggle your hairy ass for me mother.” Rick ordered his mother.

“With my pleasure, Rick.” With that, Jena started wiggling her ass for her son, like a belly dancer. And Rick started moving his fingers on the luscious curves of his mother’s ass. He groped her ass. He pressed it, for his pleasure. He traced his fingers up and down, on the dark crease between her Lefkoşa Escort mother’s ass.

He even went down and started licking the mounds of her ass, and kissing her asshole.

“Don’t you want to paddle your mother’s ass, darling? Make my ass red. Beat it hard enough so that I cannot sit on anything.” Jena pleaded to her son.

“If you say so, mother.”

With that, Rick raised the paddle in air and rapidly brought it down on his mother’s ass, causing a pinkish halo to appear around her ass.

“Ahh…Yes…Hit me more Rick…Ahh…hit me harder…”

Jena kept mumbling something or the other, with each blow that was inflicted upon her.

Finally, once Rick observed that his mother’s ass was protruded in pinkish-red color, he stopped the blows.

He couldn’t hold any longer. He held his hand in front of his mouth. Spitting on his hand, he then rubbed his wet hand on his dick, and jerked his dick inside his mother’s asshole.

“Owww my gawd…Ohhh…yes…”

“Fuck my asshole…son…fuck it fast & rough…”

Motivated by his mother, Rick increased the intensity of his thrusts, like a piston.

Jena wasn’t being fucked, for the first time, in her ass, by her son. Rick had fucked her in the ass, many times during those two months.

But everytime Rick fucked her in the ass, Jena felt like it was her first time. She feeled a totally new kind of sensations & emotions inside her, whenever she was being ass-fucked by her son. So she said :

“Owww…Don’t stop Rick…Tear my asshole into two, with your cock…I don’t care…Just please don’t stop.”

Rick was about to cum.

“Ohh…yes mother…I’m cumming…I’m fucking cumming mother. “

“Do it son…Do it…Just cum in your whore mother’s ass. Give it all to my ass. “

Rick’s load of semen was massive. Alongwith filling his mother’s entire asshole, some of it bursted outside too, from the corners of his mother’s asshole and the corners of his shaft.

“Ahhh…my baby darling…You made me cum again…I’m cumming too…honey…”

But Rick wasn’t satisfied yet. He said :

“Then suck my cock again, whore. Taste your asshole & my cum, from my cock. “

“Bring it to my mouth, son. I’ll lick it clean for you. I’ll suck it dry. “

Rick quickly removed his cock from his mother’s asshole, and brought it inside her mouth, by again grabbing her hair.

Jena started sucking her son’s deflated cock. She just loved the stinky taste and smell of it.

After sucking him dry, Rick untied her, and allowed her to get up from the sawhorse.

After letting her rest for two or three minutes, Rick yelled at her, saying :

“Get down on your knees and open your mouth for me, bitch. I need to pee.”

Jena simply compiled by saying : “Anything you say, darling. “

Once she was in the position, Rick aimed his cock at his mother, and released his pee directly into her mouth. Jena drank most of it. But Rick also aimed some of it to her face, and her tits, drenching them with his piss. Jena happily allowed her face, and tits to be soaked with her son’s warm piss, as if she was being massaged with urine.

“I need to piss too. Can I do it here, my Master?” Jena asked his son.

“Not yet, slave. Get on all fours, and come with me, to your toilet. I want to watch you piss, inside your toilet. ” Rick ordered her.

Quickly she got on all fours, and Rick grabbed her hair, leading her out of the basement, and up in their home, inside Jenna’s bathroom.

Once they were inside her bathroom, Rick ordered her, saying :

“Squat in front of me, and spread your cunt for me. I want to watch you pee, Mother.”

Jena smiled at him, even though in the basement she was brutally beaten by him. She said : “Dirty man. Making your own mother pee in front of you.”

“Here it is darling. Just for you. Watch it closely. “

Saying that she squatted in front of her son, and just as she spread her cunt for him, a golden stream of piss erupted from her pee hole. She was holding her hand in front of her pee hole, all the while she was urinating.

Watching his mother urinating, Rick’s limp cock again started to come to life.

To her son’s pleasure, after she pissed, she brought her pussy wet hand near her mouth and started licking her hand, and sucking her fingers, until they were dry.

“Happy now? ” Jena asked her son.

To which Rick replied “Obviously mom. This was the last act that I had intended for your torture & humiliation, today. Now I simply want to bathe with you. Come, let’s take a shower together. “

“Oh how sweet of you my boy. I’m more than happy, showering with you.” Jena said.

While taking the shower, for the first few minutes, both mother and son said nothing. They just continued to hug each other, kiss each other, and let the cold water fall on their bodies.

When they broke their kiss, Jena looked up in her son’s eyes and said “It was like a dream, being tortured by you, yet again, my son. Please don’t ever stop abusing me the way you do, son. I love you. I’ll be forever with you, wherever you go, completely at your disposal, to do whatever you wish, to me. “

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