There’s Something About Alice (It Can’t Be Right – Pt1, Ch 11)


When I got in that evening, I knew something was wrong, Olivia gave me a look of concern and Nicola seemed on edge. Dinner was well into preparation which suggested Nicola had been home longer than I would normally have expected. Then when we were done and everything was cleared away, Olivia, gave us both a hug and excused herself to do her homework. As a family we were affectionate and not afraid to hug and kiss, this one just felt misplaced.I patted my knees and wrapped my arms around Nicola when she sat down.“Okay, spill,” I said.After a pause, she began, “So, we had a new client in today and as it was potentially fraud, Diane asked me to meet with him. Of course, I agreed.“Well, we were working through what he had been accused of and he started making flirty comments, he isn’t the first and I’m sure won’t be the last. However, I did my usual and shot it down straight away. This is usually enough, but not for this guy. He had come in just before noon, James was at court and Diane had a lunchtime meeting. Debbie popped her head in and asked if I wanted a sandwich, which basically told him she was going out. He gave it a couple of minutes and got up and walked around and sat on the edge of the desk and started complimenting me. When I asked him to stop, he didn’t.“I just closed my folders and got up and asked him to leave. At one point I thought he was going to do something more, but I pointed to the camera in the corner of the room. He didn’t click that we can only record with permission and left.“When Debbie got back, she could see I was shaken up and when I told her, she called Diane who cancelled her meeting and came back. She sent me home and is putting the word out that if firms are approached for a fraud case in the near future to consider assigning a male solicitor. She also contacted the client and told him, in no uncertain terms, that if she saw him again, she would have him arrested for harassment.”I gave her a squeeze and asked, “How do you feel about it?”“I was angry, but also a little concerned, I mean a kick in the balls would have worked, but really anything could have happened and Diane realised it too. So, from now on no one is allowed to be left alone in the office with or bahis şirketleri without a client present.”“Makes sense.”“I did need the afternoon to calm down a little and desperately wanted to tell you about it. But now that’s all done we can get on with our evening.”“Did you tell Liv?”“Yes, of course. She knew as soon as she walked in that something was up,” Nicola smiled knowing how perceptive Olivia was.“Liv,” I shouted up the stairs, “the grups are done adulting, you can join us whenever you’re ready.”~~~~~Christmas was over and too soon it was New Year’s Eve. We closed the kitchens at eleven and were finished cleaning up by eleven-thirty. I had been told that Nicola was waiting in reception, so I buttoned my jacket the opposite way and went out to see her.“Hi sweetie,” she said when I tapped her on the shoulder.I noticed her nostrils moving, so asked, “Shower?”“Shower.” She nodded.On my way back to the kitchen I asked one of the waiters to get her a White Russian and a lager for me.When I got back down, there were ten minutes left of the year. This time Nicola hugged me and kissed me with some affection. It was short-lived when one of the other chefs greeted her and asked if we were joining the other staff. We took our drinks and followed him out to where people were gathering.The countdown started, the couples that were there huddled together and when the sound of Big Ben came over the radio, everyone yelled together.“Happy New Year!”Nicola turned and stood in front of me, with an arm around my neck she pulled me down for a kiss.“Happy New Year, sweetie.”“I’m with you, Nic, of course, it will be. Happy New Year.”We then separated and made our way around the other staff there and kissed and hugged and wished everyone individually our best wishes for the coming year. I also received many complimentary comments about Nicola. The party went on until some of the staff disappeared to get ready for breakfast service. This was when someone kicked my foot to wake me. I had nodded off about three in the morning and a little later Nicola had crawled onto my lap and curled up with me.I had no idea what my blood alcohol was, so asked the night porter if I could order a taxi. Nicola and I undressed bahis firmaları as quietly as possible and slipped into my bed around six. Later Nicola told me that she had been dancing when she noticed I was asleep in the chair.“I hope you don’t mind,” she said.“What? Dancing or sitting on me?”“Erm, yes?”“You can always sit on me, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. My only demand with other people is that they had better treat you with respect.”Nicola smiled and kissed me on the nose. “My hero! Will you ride in with your white hat and save me?“Always,” I replied and returned her kiss with one on her nose.Nicola chuckled at this.“What’s up?”“You know if anyone heard us they might think we were sickly sweet?”“But I’m sure they’d love us anyway. Well, love you and tolerate me,” I replied.After the holidays, Nicola returned to university and I was moved to the bar for a short while. I had a long weekend at the start of February so, Nicola and I celebrated Valentine’s Day a week early, which was not so bad as we did not have trouble booking a table. Visits to Cambridge were always fun and I was happy that I was getting to know Nicola’s friends there too. A few of them got under my skin a little and I would feel her squeezing my arm when I tensed up about something they said or did.Finally, her first year was finished. We packed the car and headed to Portsmouth and boarded the Ferry to Caen. From there it was a two-hour drive to Le Mans where we set up a tent and enjoyed the historic race. When we arrived, we heard of a couple of incidents and then a short way into the race a Mercedes took off and crashed. In the end, the BMW team won the race.From there we drove a couple of hours to Le Paradis. Nicola had a great uncle who had been killed in the massacre there during World War Two. It was a very mixed visit, there was sadness over what had happened. The farmhouse that was at the centre of it was still owned by the same family and they gave us an incredibly warm welcome. It was only a short visit to pay our respects and then we made our way to La Rochelle, where we had a gite (a French self-catering cottage) booked for three nights.When we got there, we took our cases in and then walked along the seafront kaçak bahis siteleri for a late dinner. La Cabane Du Pertuis was a small restaurant with outdoor tables where we ate, overlooking the ocean. After this, we took a walk along the beach, hand-in-hand, before returning to our gite. Along with the drive and fresh air off of the sea, on top of the visit to Le Paradis, both of us were quiet and tired. So, we only had a quick wash and brush up before climbing into bed. Nicola wiggled up against me, pulled my arms around her and it was only moments before she was breathing softly and regularly.Our gite was an annexe to a farmhouse and it was a rude awakening we got when the cockerel crowed first thing. Nicola rolled over and kissed me, slipped out of bed and I had the intoxicating sight of her bum retreating into the bathroom. When I came out after my turn, I was wide awake and one look at Nicola showed me she was fast asleep. I donned a pair of shorts and walked around to the farm and bought a few supplies, fresh eggs, slices of ham off a joint from one of their pigs, freshly baked bread and milk almost straight from the cow. The farmer had thrown in some vegetables to add to my purchases.As I was cooking up the breakfast, I felt a pair of arms slip around my waist and the unforgettable feeling of naked flesh pushing against my back.“Morning, sweetie. That smells delightful!”“Thanks, but you were meant to wait in bed for it.”“Oh, I’m sorry… Sir. How naughty of me,” Nicola finished with a giggle.I turned with the spatula in my hand. Nicola did not step back, just loosened her grip so I could turn. I put my arms around the beautiful woman before me. Nicola looked up at me and I lowered my face to kiss her succulent lips. As I did so, I tightened my grip around her waist, which elicited a soft moan of approval from her. And then I struck. My hand came up and with a flick of the wrist, I brought the spatula down on her bum. Not too hard, but enough to make her jump a little and break the kiss.“Oh, you fucker!”I brought it down on the other side of her bum.As Nicola went to complain again, I gripped tighter and warned her not to complain, “Ah, ah, ah!”Nicola looked at me and I could see her biting her bottom lip.“The first was for the attitude. You can lose that right now! The second was for swearing and disrespect.”I could see it in her eyes, she was laughing her arse off, on the inside and it was about to all burst out.

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