They were taking pics DOGGING pt2


They were taking pics DOGGING pt2She let out a gasp as she felt the tip of my erection against her,hubby looked up from his camera ,she drew his attention by changing pose leaning forward and cupping her breasts up toward him,he went back to taking pics.Her short skirt had ridden up as she leant forward revealing her soft white ass cheeks,pushing two fingers down on my cock i eased forward between her legs,releasing my cock it sprang upward against the warmth of her vagina lips.I rocked forward rubbing my bell end against her wetness,again she gasped and hubby was alert i was up to no good.She looked back at me as hubby came out from behind his camera,placing her hand between her legs she pushed my cock upward and pressed back onto me in one fleet movement,my cock slipped into her wet pussy with ease,again she gasped as i slowly began fucking her.Hubbies mouth was agape as he realized my cock was buried in his wife,”your fucking him ” he exclaimed!That’s what you have always wanted isn’t it,take your pictures.I fethiye escort turned her so that she could lean against the little blue Fiesta,pulling her skirt over ass so as to give hubby the best view.Hubby carried on taking pics from all angles as i pounded against her ass,god she was wet!Her huge tits swung back and forth in rhythm with her large gold hooped earing’s,she was moaning approval yes! yes! the encouragement drove me on fucking her deeper and harder ,her pussy was squelching expelling her juices down my shaft.I could feel her tensing and knew she was about to climax so i drove in and out of her faster and faster,her face was flushed and she was panting,bracing herself against the small blue car as i pushed harder and harder.She let out an almighty squeal and shuddered as she orgasmed sending me wild,i went at her faster and faster until my spunk exploded up my cock,i tried to bury my cock as deep as i could inside her.I held her hips tight as emptied every last drop into her,i pulled escort fethiye out of her revealing her reddened ass cheeks and labia.She held her position leaning on the car as she recovered,her hubby capturing her swollen gaping pussy on camera,as a creamy puddle of spunk welled at her vagina.I instinctively reached forward pushing two fingers into her vagina,catching her unawares she gasped as i hooked out the cum,wiping them over her bum cheeks,for hubby to photograph.She turned facing us leaning back against the car her gash swollen ,gaping and dripping,hubby on his knees capturing the moment.I pulled her to me snogging her,squeezing her breast her nipple felt like a button against my palm.I could feel my cock stiffening as i kissed her,breaking off to whisper in her ear “want to go again”,No! No!,thanks luv but Ive had enough!I looked her in the eyes and glanced down at my cock,she got the message and squatted down taking my cock in her hand,licking my bell end,”god it was sensitive”.Cupping my balls,she fethiye escort bayan slid up and down my shaft,god she was good! I could feel my balls aching but i was so horny.She got my sensitive spot and a let out a sigh of pleasure,she had me now,working me i could feel the cum rising as she quickened on my shaft,just as i twitched she moved her lips to my bell end holding there as another load squeezed out into her mouth.I pulled out sated and drained,looking down she was showing hubby her reward,dirty bitch,dirty bitch he retorted and she swallowed.I put my aching cock away and zipped up,there was a silence,no clicking no groaning nothing,she tottered to the car door retrieving her top from within slipping it on,then reaching down scooped her panties from the seat she stumbled as she tried to stand on one leg while hooking them on.Hubby came round,to her alright luv,yeah never been better,i thought it time to leave,thats the best fuck Ive had in a long while,hope to see you around here again.I still didn’t know their names or ask,I’ll be off now,oh before you go she said how old are you,i am 23 why?,I’m old enough to be your mother.I told her she was hot and i had a thing for older women and hoped to see her around the lanes again.

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