time for a change

time for a changenote – this is a work of fiction….*winks———————–things were somewhat different after i split with my ex. yeah, sure i had a lot more space and didn´t have to tidy up crap that wasn´t mine, but not having a nice thick cock there on demand for the last 3 months had left me feeling horny…..very horny to say the least! during that time i must have raised the share price on duracell on my own.so there i was, alone in the house. i´d just taken riker, my liver coloured labrador for his walk, got in and showered, had something to eat and settled down to what had become my nightly routine – put my laptop on the coffee table in front of the sofa, click on a porn site and spend the next 2 hours leasurely stroking myself to a wet, saisfying, but lonely orgasm.the night´s links were kind of doing the job. i was slouched back with my robe open, finger drifting güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri up and down my wet slit lazily, occasionally tickling my clit.riker was under the table snoring, my foot stroking the soft fur of his belly as i watched the couples writhing in passion on the screen in front of me.i felt something pressing against my ankle – i looked under the table and he was laying there with his eyes open, his cock had hardened and had slipped out of it´s sheath and was rubbing against me. my wetness rose, and i felt a delicious flush.dare i? surely just a little something wouldn´t be bad or wrong.i had 2 fingers sliding slowly in and out of my wet pussy and was getting wetter by the minute thinking about if i should or not.i called him, and he sprung up and came over, resting his head on my knee.i slipped my soaked fingers from myself and perabet güvenilir mi held them under his nose. he snorted my scent deeply and began to lick all my juices from my fingers, his long rough tongue eagerly lapping at my hand.i was electrified! my head was buzzing and i could feel my pussy leaking freely and running down the crack of my ass. my clit was a hard sensitive point throbbing with the pulse of my heartbeat. fingers were not going to be enough tonight!i spread my legs wide and patted my wet pussy. he needed no encouragement and immediately began to lap at me, round my wet lips, stroking over my hard throbbing clit and down to my asshole devouring all my juicesthe first orgasm hit me like a hammer! it exploded from my pelvis, rocking my head back, my hips bucking against his eagerly exploring tongue.i spead my legs wider and with tipobet my fingers parted my pussy wide, and his tongue entered me, tickling the walls of the entrance of my cunt with his wonderful roughness. it felt like a seperate living entity inside me sliding in and out, twisting and flickering.i came again, harder than the first time. i felt myself squirt onto his face and i screamed with the pure pleasure and abandonment.when i had gathered my senses i noticed he was lapping less at my quivering pussy. i pushed him back and gathered my robe together. he wandered off and laid back down again. i couldn´t help but notice his cock was fully out of it´s sheath, a good 7″ of thick red shining cock and slightly knotted as he lapped at the precum leaking from its end.my face flushed looking at it.my mind was racing – what did i just do? is there something wrong with me? why the fuck did that feel so good? i´d just had the best orgasms i´d had in years, and it was with my dog!i closed my laptop and started to leave the room, glancing back at riker licking his cock attentively, and licked my lips.i left him to it and went up to bed, sleeping more soundly than i had in months.

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