Timmy’s Tribulations


Timmy came from a family where brain cells were in short supply, and to put it mildly, they were a bunch of dumb-fucks. Timmy had three siblings, two older brothers and one a year younger than him. The two older brothers were both plumbers, and his younger brother was so stupid that Timmy’s parents even believed that he wouldn’t even be able to get a job sweeping streets.Unlike his brothers, who all looked like their dad, Timmy was the best looking of the bunch and took after his mother. Unfortunately, being of smaller of stature he was like a magnet to the rough bi-curious guys in the neighbourhood. Resultantly, giving a blowjob certainly beat the hell out of having a thick ear or fat lip.After failing his penultimate year at school, Timmy got a job as a cashier in a neighbouring town. Timmy was very happy to get away from his family and start his own life. He did not miss the pawing of these guys who only ever used him for their own selfish gratification. He was simply used as a fuck-toy by them, and found the quickie sexual interactions with them rather unfulfilling.Timmy was rather attractive. He had an excellent body with a lovely bubble butt. His petite frame was very fair, and his skin, flawless. Timmy’s crowning glory, however, was a mop of golden blond hair.The apartment he rented was skanky, but it was all he could afford. His landlord was a bulky alpha, named Godfrey. Given the fact that Timmy was under twenty-one, Godfrey had insisted on retaining Timmy’s identity document and driver’s licence as collateral. Uncomfortable as this made Timmy, he simply had no choice in the matter.Sadly, some people are just born shit magnets, and Timmy was at the head of that class. After two months and three written warnings at his new job, Timmy was fired for having a bad attitude.Upon explaining this dilemma to Godfrey, Timmy was surprised by how relaxed Godfrey was when Timmy was unable to pay his weekly rent. Timmy even felt that he may have misjudged Godfrey and that he wasn’t such a bad guy after all. Not only did Timmy have a roof over his head, but bags of groceries and pocket money was now also regularly being left in his apartment. Naturally, Timmy was trying his best to find a new job, but given his brief and unsuccessful employment history, this was proving to be impossible.What was also perplexing to Timmy was that Godfrey appeared to be revelling in Timmy’s misfortune, and it was almost as if Godfrey wanted him to fail. In addition, Godfrey’s behaviour toward Timmy now seemed to be increasingly salacious. Every time Timmy would bemoan the fact that he had once more been unsuccessful in finding a job during the day, Godfrey would sympathetically hug him. As these hugs became more and more intimate, Timmy began to realise that Godfrey would soon start taking things further.In what psychoanalysts would most probably refer to as a form of Stockholm syndrome, Timmy found himself becoming ensnared by this new comfortable existence. In all honesty, Godfrey was certainly not the Prince Charming of Timmy’s dreams, and also reminded Timmy far too much of the Escort Sarıyer boorish guys from his past.With every passing day, however, Timmy knew that his financial position was drawing him further back into the abyss, which he thought he had escaped from. Interestingly enough, however, the prospect of what was unfolding began to frighten Timmy less and less.Godfrey had a very open-minded approach to sex. Although he predominantly fucked women, Godfrey never suffered from gender paralysis when it came to sex. He was equally comfortable fucking both men and women.Godfrey owned several apartments blocks and in the preceding years, he had often got lucky with gay tenants. Three years before, he had rented an apartment to two guys. The one worked night shifts and the other had a daytime job. Before long, he was fucking both of them. What amused him most about them was that they were unaware of one another’s duplicity. Sadly, they moved on after several months.Subsequently, Godfrey had not been too lucky until Timmy’s arrival, whom he was totally sure was gay. Best of all, being the control freak that Godfrey was, Timmy was heaven sent.Three weeks after Timmy had still not been able to find another job, Godfrey’s true motives were revealed, as Timmy had anticipated.“Listen, buddy,” Godfrey said, as he once more hugged Timmy after a fruitless day of job searching, “You’re building up quite a tab. I think it’s time for me to take control of your situation.”“What do you mean?” Timmy asked, innocently.Godfrey’s reply, however, was about to floor Timmy completely.“Well, I know a couple of guys that would happily pay to have sex with you,” Godfrey casually stated.As a flood of former memories now rushed through Timmy’s mind, in a last-ditch attempt, he rhetorically asked, “Why would straight men want to have sex with me?”“Well, for them, action in the bedroom is not exactly flourishing, and the temperamental bitches they live with mostly wear their pyjamas back to front, if you get my drift.”“Huh?” Timmy asked with a frown, not fully comprehending the metaphor.“Jesus, boy, you’re really not the brightest pebble on the beach…  these guys aren’t getting laid at home any longer,” Godfrey concluded, with an air of exasperation.“So, why would they want a guy to relieve their needs?” Timmy persevered, grasping at straws.“Because these guys need sexual release, Timmy.” Godfrey answered in a fatherly manner, before continuing, “You’re young and pretty, and your two holes will offer them the unfettered access to the gratification they require.”“But what if they misuse me?” Timmy asked, in a final attempt to postpone the inevitable.“I won’t let them… Boy, why would I allow them to damage the merchandise?” Godfrey said with total reassurance.As his words sunk in, Godfrey quickly added, “All the money they pay will belong to you. I will keep it secure for you in my safe and who knows, in a few months you may have paid off your debt. After that, you are free to leave whenever you like,” Godfrey concluded, magnanimously.In a rare moment of lucidity, Silivri escort bayan Timmy asked, “But what’s in it for you?”Godfrey was initially stunned by Timmy’s clarity, but soon became equal to the task, before gripping hold of his crotch and answering, “Well, buddy, naturally I’ll have free access to the merchandise at all times. Think of me as a ‘quality controller.’ It goes without saying that I must make sure that my customers are getting produce of the highest quality.”A myriad of thoughts now raced through Timmy’s mind. He had begun to find Godfrey more appealing and maybe the Stockholm thing was finally taking its full effect. Timmy was enjoying the freedom and security that he had never before experienced. With the sanctuary of his apartment and the sustenance of his living conditions, ironically, his captivity felt like the weirdest kind of liberation in his brief existence. Timmy had also instinctively begun to trust Godfrey and knew that his sexual acquiescence was a small price to pay for his current state of comfort.“Tell me what you want me to do?” Timmy asked, having now fully given into the machinations of his new ‘master.’Godfrey was beside himself with excitement as he mentally saw the white flag waving. All his plans had now fallen into place. After pushing Timmy onto his knees in a show of dominance, Godfrey lost no time in unbuckling his belt and pushing his trousers and underpants downward.‘Oh, yeah, payback time has just commenced. I love it when a plan comes together,’ Godfrey lustfully ruminated.Timmy was stunned by the thickness of the uncut cock before him, but shortly began to put his mouth to work.Godfrey had every intention of putting Timmy through his paces. Of course, he wouldn’t be too rough initially, because he had to break the little foal in without scaring him. Godfrey did, however, need to make sure that the two customers he had in mind, Dennis and Alvin, would be satisfied with the service he was about to offer them. Dennis, in particular, had told him that he liked rough sex and that his wife had frequently complained about his coarse approach.Naturally, with both men, there was an obstacle to overcome, because Godfrey believed that Dennis and Alvin were essentially straight. With his powers of persuasion, nonetheless, Godfrey knew that this would be a minor hiccup. In addition, Godfrey was a master manipulator, a skill he absolutely thrived on.In addition, the thought of coercing these guys into sating his voyeuristic pleasure as he watched Timmy getting solidly fucked by them, was simply the cherry on the cake for him. Once Godfrey had ripped their blinkers off, he was sure that they would be begging to come back for more pleasure.As Godfrey reverie ended and he focussed on the blond head lapping on his genitals, he immersed himself into the pleasure of the moment.‘Fuck, yeah,’ he figured, ‘the little bitch is now totally under my spell.’Soon, Godfrey commenced administering light slaps to Timmy’s face. As they intensified, he was overawed that the boy didn’t start protesting.‘This Topkapı escort little whore likes the rough approach,’ he intoned in his mind, before reasoning, ‘why don’t I escalate the process and see how he responds to a bit of spanking?’After Timmy had been turned and placed on his stomach on the bed, Godfrey was further delighted when Timmy started whimpering as Godfrey’s rhythmic arm swayed to and fro administering slaps.‘Jesus, this little bitch is in seventh heaven,’ Godfrey thought, as Timmy’s hips swayed on the bedcover like a sidewinder on hot desert sand.The hypnotic undulation of Timmy’s hips was totally mesmerizing, and all Godfrey wanted to do was confine the creature like a seasoned snake catcher. Finally pouncing, Godfrey impaled the creature like Saint George in a mythological contest of life or death. This, however, was not a battle of good over evil, but instead, one of carnal supremacy.As Timmy gasped and groaned in total subjugation, Godfrey’s ecstasy knew no bounds.For Timmy, all the discomfort he felt was assuaged by the adrenalin pumping through his system, as pain became like an elixir to him. Shortly, when Godfrey lowered his torso and his ravenous lips and febrile tongue commenced daubing Timmy’s neck and ears, Timmy was completely overcome with lust.Godfrey now began to pound Timmy’s backside with gusto. This first outing was turning into a tour de force and it was as if all the pieces of Godfrey’s plans had fallen perfectly into place. Later, when Godfrey’s balls began to twitch with insistence, he simply gave in to their craving for release.Roaring, Godfrey erupted into Timmy’s portal.Once Godfrey had returned to his apartment, he was overjoyed by the events of the evening. Godfrey really didn’t need the money from Timmy’s ‘enslavement’ and having Timmy as a fuck-bunny, more than served his needs. There was, however, another dimension to Godfrey’s machinations.Godfrey was a voyeur of note and watching Timmy getting fucked excited him incredibly. For Godfrey, mental stimulation was the greatest precursor to physical stimulation. Godfrey loved the build-up that watching fornication engendered in him. He would often watch porn for prolonged periods and then relieve himself manually once he had gorged on the visual stimulation. What now excited him most was the potential of watching live porn in the build-up to his gratification.Naturally, henceforth an added bonus would now be, using Timmy once his visual stimulation had been sated. All in all, it was like a new sexual dawn had miraculously materialized in his life.Over the following few days, Godfrey’s ‘quality control’ with Timmy ensued prior to his meeting with Dennis.In the past, Dennis’ financial fortunes had ebbed and flowed and Godfrey had often come to his rescue. Having the upper hand, therefore, Godfrey was not concerned about Dennis’ reaction to his bizarre proposal. Dennis would obviously never provoke Godfrey’s displeasure given their history, and Godfrey derived a perverse pleasure at the thought of goading Dennis into his web of visual debauchery.With meticulous strategy, Godfrey now went about orchestrating his plan. He told Timmy that his first customer would be stopping by for a few drinks later that day, and after receiving a text from Godfrey, Timmy should pop into his place and bemoan the fact that he once again had not been able to find employment.

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