Tim’s Greatest Desire


This is a true story from years ago about how my I lost my virginity and about my relationships with my best friend and his girlfriend.

I was an average looking guy with a nice personality, but kind of quiet. Somehow, I was still a virgin and it was killing me not being able to lose that tag. Yeah, I had a few girlfriends and we did fool around some, but I never was able to fuck any of them and lose my virginity. My buddy Johnny didn’t hesitate to remind me of it every chance he could and did his best to help me with the girls.

Johnny was a decent looking guy, big and burly and he could get girls. He and I hung out all the time and the two of us would go out drinking and pick up two girls. He would do most of the talking and arrange for me to always be with one of them but things just never worked out for me. I got some hand jobs and blowjobs, but they wouldn’t let me fuck them.

Johnny was sometimes able to get laid, but I couldn’t. What killed me is that Johnny didn’t need to go out and get laid because he had a girlfriend for the last year and a half named Lisa. He could get it from her whenever he wanted.

Lisa was a very nice looking blonde about 5’6″, thin with a really nice looking rack of 34 Cs. Her face was gorgeous and how Johnny ever got her, I’ll never know. Lisa was very nice and outgoing, everybody liked her. Johnny however, was always able to get Lisa to do whatever he told her. She was very intimidated of Johnny as most people were. Looking back at it now years later, while Johnny was my friend, I was a little intimidated of him too.

I always had a crush on Lisa and wished that I were her boyfriend instead of Johnny. He always treated her badly and she put up with him and his antics all the time. She must have known that Johnny wasn’t loyal to her with the number of times that he and I went out drinking by ourselves.

Some times, Lisa, Johnny and I went out to a bar just the three of us. I always felt like a third wheel, but Lisa never seemed to care and Johnny liked having me around. One late Saturday night after the three of us were drinking heavily, we got in Johnny’s truck and headed home. Lisa was sitting in the front with Johnny on one side and myself on the other. Lisa was looking especially good that night and I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits since I drank my first beer. Even though there was a lot of room in the front of Johnny’s truck, every time we turned left, Lisa would brush up against me and I couldn’t help that my dick was rock hard.

She had a lot to drink and she was slurring her words a little. I was sitting there telling the two of them about a girl that I was trying to pick up at the bar, but she blew me off. Johnny made a comment about how frustrated I must be without getting any. Lisa looked at me and teased me “Poor boy, I feel so bad for you.”

Johnny responded to Lisa “If you feel that bad for him, give him a blowjob.”

“What?” she asked Johnny.

‘You heard me, unzip the guy’s pants and give him a blowjob, I don’t care, he’s my buddy and the poor guy never gets anything, go down on him.”

“I can’ t do that.” Lisa told Johnny hesitantly.

Johnny saw a deserted parking lot on the side of the road and pulled his truck over to secluded area behind some trees where it couldn’t be seen from the road.

“Here go ahead Deb, take care of him”

“Johnny, I can’t do that”

“Sure you can Deb.” I chimed in, hoping that she would cave and put those luscious lips on my dick.

“Tim, I don’t know” Deb looked at me unsure about what she should do.

“Yes you can, Deb.” Johnny told her. Johnny looked over at me and told me “Tim, pull your pants down, let her in there. I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped my pants and slid them and my underwear down to my ankles. My dick was standing at full attention. My dick is only about five inches, but is thick.

Lisa reached over with her hand and began to stroke my dick up and down giving me a hand job. She then put her head in my lap and licked the tip of my cock. My head was spinning as she slowly took the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around and around. I pulled her long blonde hair away from her face while keeping a grip on her to guide her on my hard cock. With one hand she grabbed the length of my cock and squeezed its hardness before she began to pull my member. Then she went up and down on me and sucked me gently. I was in heaven, her mouth felt so good. I kept guiding her back and forth on my shaft.

Lisa was wearing jeans and a nice blouse. I allowed my hands to wander and I squeezed her tits through the blouse. I pulled her shirt out of her pants and began to caress her side and her stomach. She wasn’t stopping me kadıköy escort or doing anything to prevent me to do anything further so I reached up her blouse and slide my hand under her bra. Her breasts felt so good. I could feel her nipples, which were very hard and erect. I rolled one of them between my fingers as she kept sucking on my cock.

I couldn’t believe how good I was feeling. I got blowjobs before, but I was enjoying this more than any of the others. After a couple of minutes I felt myself getting close. Lisa must have been able to tell that I was getting close and she slowed down which teased me and made my cock even harder. “I’m getting close,” I warned her. Most girls don’t swallow so I didn’t know where I was going to come. I didn’t care if I shot my wad all over Johnny’s truck.

“Oh God!” I exclaimed and my body began to tense up. Lisa’s lips remained tight around my shaft while I was writhing in my seat. I couldn’t hold back anymore and my cock exploded as my cum gushed out of me like a rocket. I must have shot an enormous amount of cum down Lisa’s throat and I just kept coming. She sucked and swallowed every last drop of sperm out of me. After she slowly took her mouth off my dick. I felt completely spent. “That was so good, thanks.” I told her.

She smiled at him and nodded. She looked over at Johnny and probably wanted to see what his reaction was. After all, she just had his best friend’s dick in her mouth and swallowed his cum. I was kind of wondering what Johnny’s reaction would be. It turned out that watching Lisa suck my cock must have tremendously excited him because he just grabbed Lisa by her head and pulled her over to him.

“Here, my turn now.” He told her.

Johnny pulled his pants down and pulled her over to his cock. His cock was standing completely upright also. His dick was probably just a little longer than mine but not quite as thick. Lisa began sucking his cock and I could see her head go up and down in his lap. I just came but I was getting excited watching her service him. Her mouth looked so sexy when I was watching her suck on me and I was imagining myself still getting sucked on.

I pulled my pants up and got myself together again. After about five minutes of hearing Johnny grunt and groan in ecstasy and hear the slurping sounds of Lisa working on him, I saw Johnny pull Lisa’s head down on his dick as he exploded in her mouth. This time I could hear she was choking a little, but he didn’t release her head until after he completely finished cumming.

She must not have been able to swallow everything from Johnny because she handed him a tissue to clean up a little before he pulled up his pants. Lisa buttoned her blouse and put herself back together.

Johnny then pulled the truck out and began to drive towards my house. We all listened to the radio and it seemed to be a very awkward and tense ride for everybody. We got to my house and I jumped out and left as Johnny and Lisa pulled away. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and I had to jerk off as soon as I got to my room. I shot another hot load of cum all over my stomach as I was envisioning Lisa suck on me and my hands squeezing those tits of hers.

The following Friday night, Johnny and I went out by ourselves and we met two girls. The girls were kind of cute and both Johnny and I thought we were both going to score. Unfortunately, we both got a chance to make out with those girls, but they resisted doing anything else. They gave us their phone numbers and told us to call them later that weekend. I knew that Johnny would never call because he had Lisa and I wasn’t really too thrilled with the girl that I was with, but I was just hoping to get into her pants.

We were both worked up from the other two girls and frustrated from not being to get more. Johnny dropped by his house and picked up the phone. He called Lisa. Apparently her parents were out of town and her brother was away at college. She had the whole house to herself. She went out with some of her friends earlier, but had already came home and went to bed. Johnny had woken her up. I couldn’t hear everything that Johnny was saying to her, but I did hear him say to her in a demanding voice “We’re coming over, so deal with it.”

Ten minutes later, we were over Lisa’s house and she let us in. She had a robe on when she answered the door. We all went into her living room. Johnny helped himself to her refrigerator and took two beers out for he and I.

I sat in a recliner chair in the living room while Johnny sat on the couch. He told Lisa to come over to him and he took her robe off. She was wearing light blue panties and a light blue bra. He brought Lisa over kaynarca escort to him on the couch and began kissing her. He tried to unhook her bra from the back, but she was resistant. He was persistent in his efforts to get her bra off and unhooked it.

“Johnny, Tim’s over there, stop it.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He told her.

“Johnny, stop it, I mean it. You’re drunk, why don’t you guys leave?” Lisa tried to pull away from him.

Johnny just yanked her back to him hard. He was much stronger than her and she just submitted to him as he took her bra off and threw it to the side. He sucked on one of her nipples and got it hard. Her tits looked fantastic. She had big areolas and nipples. They were perfect.

He pushed her down to her knees on the floor in front of him and he pulled her head down and pushed it onto his cock. He seemed to be semi hard but was erect in seconds. Lisa was sucking him, but I could tell she didn’t have her heart in it like she did the previous week. Last week she was drunk and we were able to get her to do anything we wanted, but this week she didn’t seem to be in the mood for allowing us to do whatever we wanted.

Nevertheless, her head was quickly rising and falling in Johnny’s lap. She seemed to be doing it fast probably hoping that he would come and then we would just leave and she could go back to bed.

He pulled Lisa up and forced her to lay down on the coach. He took his pants and shoes off. He grabbed her panties and tried to slide them down her legs. She grabbed her panties and tried to keep them on. He glared at her and she seemed to cower from his intimidating stare. He took her hands off her panties and then slid them down her legs.

I could see that her pussy had well trimmed dark hair. Johnny spread her legs apart with his hands. She was breathing very heavy from apprehension and her tits were jiggling all around. I thought that I was going to burst just watching her lay there naked like that.

I took my pants off and began stroking my dick. I was hoping that she would let me join in on the fun that the two of them were having. Lisa was watching me stroke my dick and I was hoping that it was getting her excited. I don’t ever remember my cock being as swollen as it was now.

Johnny stood by the side of the coach and held Lisa’s legs apart by her ankles as he slowly put his dick inside Lisa’s pussy. She groaned when he entered her. He was pumping back and forth when he told me to come over to the side of the coach where they both were fucking.

I took my pants and shoes off and I went over as he instructed. He told her to kiss me. I leaned down and gave her a deep kiss. She let me make out with her as Johnny pumped inside her back and forth. I brought my breast hand slowly down across her smooth stomach and continued to play with her tits while I was making out with her. She was a good kisser and I was enjoying every second of her. I could feel her hot breath as our tongues became mingled. I began sucking one of her tits and she was breathing very heavy as I did it. Her nipples were all puffed out and erect. In all likelihood, she had probably never had two guys before and she must have been a little nervous and feeling guilty about what was transpiring.

I thought by her breathing she was getting close to an orgasm. Johnny withdrew from her and motioned for he and I to switch places. I came over to the side of the couch as Lisa was looking up trying to see what was going on. Johnny began kissing her and pushed her down to the coach. He was moving his hand motioning for me to put my dick in her pussy. I was completely hard and didn’t need a written invitation.

I went over and spread her legs and put myself into her. She was still wet from the initial fucking that Johnny just gave her. Even though she was wet, she was so tight, her pussy felt fantastic. I couldn’t believe how good this felt. I pumped back and forth two or three times when she tried to wiggle free and push me off her.

“No stop, I didn’t think we were going to go this far!” she explained. She looked very nervous at Johnny and looked to him for help.

He put his hand on her shoulders forcing her back down to the couch and told her “Come on Deb, the poor guy is a virgin, he never has gotten any. Just lean back and let the guy have some.”

“Let me just use my mouth on him, I’ll give him a blowjob and I’ll make him come that way Johnny. Don’t make me do this.”

He instructed her in that demanding voice of his to lean back and be quiet. He told her to trust him that everything would be okay.

He looked at me and told me to keep going so I began pumping again. He was kissing kartal escort Lisa to distract her from what I was doing so I could keep going. I kept pumping back and forth for a couple of minutes. I was a little nervous about the situation in the beginning so it was hard for me to concentrate. I didn’t want Lisa to be mad at me because Johnny was making her fuck me, but she looked so good with her naked body right in front of me.

Johnny stopped kissing her and grabbed his beer and drank it. He sat in the recliner that I was sitting in just watching the two of us go at it.

I couldn’t help but get totally hard and began making love to her again. I now leaned down on top of her and began kissing her as I was cupping her ass with my hands and pumped back and forth. I was doing much of the work as she was laying there. Every few strokes, Lisa would subtly grind her hips into mine. Lisa was grunting and her heavy breathing began going quicker and I could tell she was trying to hide it, but her body was shaking and her pussy contracted tightly around my dick in an orgasm. It must have lasted about thirty seconds or so as I thought I wouldn’t be able to hold out anymore.

I was in paradise. My best friend’s girlfriend who I had secretly lusted for was below me and I had my dick inside her fucking her. Not only that, I was able to make her have an orgasm while I was inside of her.

Johnny seemed oblivious to Lisa’s orgasm. I saw that her entire chest was bright red and so were her cheeks. He didn’t notice that nor did he notice how her entire body had tensed up.

Johnny came over and told us to get up. He told me to sit on the couch and told Lisa to suck my dick. She got down on all fours and began sucking my cock. Johnny positioned himself around her and entered her from behind. The sight of him fucking her while she was sucking me was finally too much for me to handle and I came hard in her mouth as she swallowed my entire load. Lisa lifted her head off my cock and just remained there as Johnny kept pumping her doggy style.

A minute or so later, Johnny grabbed Lisa and laid her down on the floor and got on top of her and began fucking her in the missionary position. After ten minutes or so, he still hadn’t yet came so he got off her and sat back on the recliner. He gently dragged her over with him and forced his cock into her mouth.

He waved for me to come over to her and I came over to Lisa and began fingering her from behind. At this point, I was hard again. I stuck my cock inside her and began pumping her from behind. I reached around and felt her tits as I was going in and out. She wasn’t doing anything this time to stop me from pounding her. She was completely submitting to our desires.

As she was sucking Johnny, I could feel her pussy starting to dry up. I mentioned this to Johnny and he said to keep going. After a few minutes of lightly pumping, Lisa’s pussy once again began to get lubricated from her own natural juices. Pretty soon, I was close to cumming again and I was determined to come inside of her. Johnny had told me once that she was on birth control, so I didn’t have any thing to worry about.

I grabbed her hips with both hands and started pumping very deliberately so that I could enjoy every last second of this. I couldn’t believe that she was servicing both of our cocks at the same time. I was staring at her tits sway back and forth from behind her. Watching her head bob up and down on Johnny’s member and looking at her ass as I was fucking her was bringing me closer to another orgasm. This time I came and I shot my wad up her pussy. As I withdrew from her, I could hear Johnny cum in her mouth. She once again swallowed the whole thing.

She lifted her head from his lap and I was thinking that maybe I could go again after a little while, but she got up and was pissed. She looked at Johnny and told him “Okay, you both came, now get dressed and get out of my house!” I had never seen her talk like that to Johnny before, but he and I both didn’t say a word, we just grabbed our clothes and got out quickly. She was too upset to argue with and I think the two of us were also too tired and drunk to make her relax.

After we got in Johnny’s truck and left, I told Johnny, “I think she’s really pissed, man. Maybe we better go back and apologize.”

“Fuck that. Don’t worry, she’ll be fine. She won’t hold a grudge.”

He dropped me off and once again I had to jerk off in bed thinking about Lisa. I felt so relieved that I finally got my first piece of ass. The one thing I wish I could have done is shoot a load on those tits of hers.

I did see Lisa later that week as I was going to work. I told her that I was sorry for what happened. She told me that she wasn’t mad at me, it was all Johnny’s fault for being an asshole.

The three of us remained friends for another year until Johnny and Lisa broke up. I never got another chance at Lisa again and I haven’t seen her in years. But I will never forget her as the girl that I lost my virginity to.

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