Tina#2#3 Dianne First Visit


OK talk about Dianne

Tina and I were sitting on the couch after a great lovemaking session. She had stopped by and awakened me with a surprise hand-job where she got me to cum all over her tits. We finished it off with a great standing fuck in the shower. Now, enjoying that special calm and good feeling that follows a strong and draining ejaculation, I was very anxious to hear what Tina felt was so important to tell me.

Me: “So, what do I need to know about Dianne. She seems like a nice lady.”

Tina: “We are very alike, her and I. We are both in the same situation; trying to get away from two real asshole exes. As you know, she lives next door and we’ve become very close over the years; close like sisters.”

I let her know that I understood and that I wanted to know more.

“Do you remember that first night that we met at the restaurant?” I nodded in agreement. “I caught you ogling my butt while I was cleaning out the ice cream cooler. “I fondly remembered that. “Well, that was her waitress uniform that I was wearing. You can see now why it was so short and didn’t fit me right.”

I thought back on that night. Tina was right, I was ogling her butt and she looked so good that night.

“Well, like I’ve been saying, Dianne and I are very close. We share a lot and I mean a lot. Before you ask, yes I share a lot about you with her.”

Me: “Everything? Like what we do and stuff like that?”

Tina: “Not at first. But after we got ‘together’ a few times I did let her in on a few details. It was a little like sharing with her and, maybe, a little like bragging,”

Tina got me to agree to a ‘sexy visit’ with her and Dianne at the next opportunity. It took a few days before that could be arranged; here are the details.

Dianne’s first visit

It was just before lunchtime on my first full day off following my midnight shift; Friday morning. I had slept through the night but I was still adjusting myself back to normal (day shift). I was about half way through my first cup of coffee when I heard the front door open. As usual, I walked to the top of the stairs and looked down to see Dianne leading the way up with Tina right behind her. They were both looking good.

Dianne greeted me at the top of the stairs with a slightly open mouth kiss on the lips and a little body contact. She moved on into the living room as Tina reached the top. Her now famous whole-body hug was accompanied by a nice long, wet kiss.

I offered coffee and Tina volunteered to make it. Meanwhile, Dianne walked to the sliding glass door and looked out over the common area. She was standing there in her tan yoga pants and pullover sweater. It suddenly struck me, as she stood there, that she had a killer ass. In fact, her outline showed a well-shaped woman and I was anxious to see more.

Tina brought the coffees into the living room and we all sat on the couch chatting for a little while. Finally, after a short silent mobil porno period where the conversation had trailed off, Tina suggested: “What do you say we all get a little more comfortable?”

Tina stood up first. She put out her hand to Dianne and, once standing, led her back to my bedroom. As a shift worker, I have to sleep during the daytime. So, I have window drapes that, when pulled, make my bedroom very dark; even on bright sunny days like today. There was a small lamp lit on the night table but the room was mostly dark.

I followed the two women down the hall and stood in the doorway as Tina showed Dianne where everything was. There wasn’t really much to see; just the bed, a bureau, a night stand, a hamper, one chair and the closet.

Tina: “Should I go first?”

Dianne: “How about we go together?” She turned to look at me: “We all go together, OK?”

I nodded my agreement and stepped into the room. I shut the door and it got pretty dark. With only that one feeble lamp on the night stand we could see each other pretty well, but the glare of daylight was gone. You could almost imagine that it was night outside; only the illuminated alarm clock gave anything away.

Tina started to unbutton her blouse and I pulled my pocket T-shirt up and off. Dianne followed suit pulling her sweater up and off. The girls selected specific area to drop their clothes; Tina by the bureau and Dianne by the night stand. Me, being the slob that I am, I chose to littler everything that I removed wherever I was at the time. So, the T-shirt ended up on the floor just inside the door.

Tina looked her magnificent self standing there in just her bra and slacks. Dianne had herself a nice set of appropriately sized tits, still housed in her bra. I kicked off my sneakers and started to unbuckle my belt. I slid my jeans down and stepped out of them (Yes, leaving them where they were). I stood there in just my jockeys and my socks. I decided to leave the socks on in the hopes that one of these beautiful women would be able to ‘knock them off’.

Dianne sat on the chair while sliding the yoga pants down her legs and off. She folded them in thirds before placing them on top of her sweater. As soon as Dianne was up, Tina took a seat and carefully removed her slacks. This was really getting interesting now. The three of us were now standing around my bedroom in our underwear looking at each other. Let me tell you, they both looked really good; so good that I was starting to react.

I walked over to where Tina was standing and kissed her lightly. She responded and hugged me close kissing me back. She whispered into my ear: “Give her your best.”

I whispered back: “You’re sure that you are OK with this?”

Tina: “I couldn’t be any more sure. Now remember, the full treatment. I’ll be watching and taking notes; so, don’t leave anything out.”

I kissed her again and turned toward Dianne. My interaction with Tina had alman porno the expected effect on me. My jockeys were tented out a bit and Dianne was staring directly at it. I didn’t want to scare her or put her off so I just stood there and opened my arms. After a few seconds, she walked up to me and put her arms around me hugging me close. My erection was pressed right up against her tummy. I lifted her chin and kissed her as gently as I could. Dianne responded with a very forceful kiss with lots of tongue.

Tina took a seat on the chair and watched intently. Dianne reached up behind herself unsnapping her bra. She let it fall to the floor. I could now see a marvelous pair of tits with nice dark areolas and erect nipples. How many kids did she say that she had?

Dianne surprised me by reaching down and grabbing my now fully hard cock through my jockeys. I put one hand on her shoulder and guided her over to the bed. She put herself down and I lay myself down next to her; we were facing each other. I kissed her again and then slid myself down so that I could nuzzle and then kiss her nipples. When I did this, Dianne let out a long low moan. It sounded like she was getting relief from the long dry spell that Tina had told me about.

I started to suck a little on her nipples. Dianne seemed to really like this. She put her arms around my head and held me close against her chest for a few moments. She eventually let me go free and I resumed paying courtesy to her girls. They were almost as big as Tina’s and apparently just as sensitive. I continued for a few more minutes before I slid one hand down her torso, tickled her mound a little, put my hand between her legs and pressed on her thigh. She got the message and opened her legs a bit. This allowed me to rotate my palm and grab a big handful of pussy. Dianne moaned again, a little louder and a little longer. I slid her panties down and off. I dropped them on the side of the bed; I’m not very neat, remember?

I moved my body so that I was kneeling between her legs. I kissed and licked her nipples one more time before moving down to put my tongue into her belly button. This made her giggle a little, just like Tina. I took the opportunity to take a quick peek over to where Tina was sitting. She was focused on what I was doing and when she saw me peeking at her she smiled and gave me a ‘thumbs up’ signal. I guessed that I was doing everything that I was supposed to and both women were appreciating it.

I then moved on down kissing Dianne on her neatly trimmed mound; another moan. I laid myself down on the bed between her legs and gently lifted them, one at a time, putting her calves over my shoulders. This allowed me easy access to all her important parts which now got my full attention. I probed around with my tongue until I found her fully engorged clit. When I ran my tongue across it Dianne let out a little squeal and then a longer moan. I went alexis texas porno to work kissing, licking and then sucking on her clit. I put my hands, palms up, under the cheeks of her ass and squeezed her buns causing her to rock her hips. Dianne eventually got the idea and she was soon grinding her pussy against my face while I continued to give her clit my full attention.

I moved one hand from her butt and put my middle finger into her vagina. I only put my finger in as far as the first knuckle, but Dianne’s reaction was dramatic. Her moaning was a little louder and her rocking against my face was now more like thrusting. She was holding my head with both of her hands. I could feel her fingers tensing against my scalp.

All of a sudden Dianne went over the edge. She cried out a little; a long squeaky cry that surprised me. She bucked against me and I could sense some additional moisture in her vagina. She was able to ride the orgasm for a long time and only slowed down after more than a minute or so. Her breathing was heavy and she seemed warmer than before.

I raised my head to look up at her face. Her eyes were closed but she had a big smile on her face. I lifted myself up, slid my jockeys down and off and put myself back down between Dianne’s legs. She immediately wrapped her calves over mine while she reached down between us to guide my cock to her vagina. One push and I was half way in; another and I was fully seated inside this fine woman. I waited for her to start the fucking.

I took another peek over to where Tina was sitting. She had her heels up on the seat of the chair and her hand down into her crotch. Tina was masturbating while I was having sex with Dianne. Wow, this was really amazing. I had a hard time believing that it wasn’t a dream.

Dianne started moving under me. I pushed into her and she moaned again. I withdrew a little and pushed back in; more moaning. Dianne opened her eyes, looked at me: “Give it to me good, I really need that right now.”

Without any delay I went to ‘full fuck’ mode pounding into Dianne with all that I had. She met every stroke with her own thrust and we were wailing away when that old familiar tightening of the balls told me that the end was fast approaching. I kept at it and Dianne went over the edge again, just as I got there. We came together with me feeling like I was pumping about a quart into her. The aftershocks lasted for a few moments then everything started to quiet down.

I was still inside Dianne when I felt the bed sag on the one side. It was Tina sitting next to us. She was rubbing my neck and shoulders while Dianne was using her nails on my lower back. She still had her calves hooked over mine but I could feel myself starting to fall out of her. Dianne kissed me again and took her legs down allowing me to leave.

I lifted up. Dianne moved to the side. I laid down again, this time on my back. Tina laid herself down on my other side. I put my arms around both of them. Tina had shed her bra and panties so I was now in bed with two beautiful naked women. I decided that I must be dreaming but figured ‘what the hell’. I reached down and took a tit into each hand. We all fell asleep for a little while.

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