To Serve Her Ch. 02


After staring at the pink collar, I looked into Tammy’s eyes hazel eyes and nodded.

“I need to hear you say it, sweetie.”

Her voice was soft and gentle yet there was a commanding tone to it that made me feel meek.

“Tammy. I would like to serve you as your live-in slave.”

I am not the type of person who makes hasty decisions but there is something about Tammy that I could not resist when she offered me to be her slave. Sure she was tall and beautiful with a lovely figure, large breasts, long legs, and a big black cock. There was something exotic about her that I was attracted to, not just her being a shemale but something else.

“Good. Now kiss the collar to show that you are accepting my offer.”

As I leaned over to kiss the collar, my heart started to race faster and my breathing became heavy. I felt scared of what will happen once the collar was wrapped around my neck; yet at the same time, I felt excited and curious. The sound of the lock being locked sent shivers down my back.

“From now on you will address me as Mistress Tammy; understand?”

Her voice was stricter this time.

“Yes, Mistress Tammy”

“Very good sweetie. Do not disappoint me”

She clipped a leash to the collar; then I felt a harsh sting across my face, Mistress Tammy had slapped me across the face.

“You will crawl behind me unless otherwise instructed. Understand!”

The harsh slap across the face made me realize that things are going to get serious with Mistress Tammy.

“Yes Mistress Tammy.”


I crawled behind her, as she led me to a small bedroom. Inside was a nightstand and a single mattress that laid on top of a metal frame. Mistress Tammy instructed me to get on the bed; after she secured my arms and legs to each corner of the bed frame, she left the room.

Even though I was secured to the bed; I tried to see if I could free myself. The wrist and ankle cuffs were kept me secure to the bed. Naked, exposed and helpless was a bit of a turn on for me. My cock started to get erect. This kind of scared me if Mistress Tammy saw me getting aroused.

When Mistress Tammy returned several minutes later she saw my semi-erect cock, sitting next to me; she started tracing the tips of her fingernails across my chest, gently pinching my nipples. The sensation of her fingertips and pinching my nipples, excited me. I started breathing deep and rapidly. With her other hand, Mistress Tammy started juggling my balls then slowly started stroking my cock.

I felt her wet lips wrap around my cock as she started to suck my cock; then stopping when I was full erect. Her thumb and index finger tightly wrapped around my balls as she started to give them a firm tug.

“Whose cock does this belong to, sweetie?”

As I looked into her hazel, I felt her hand tightening, my heart beating faster.

“It belongs to you, Mistress Tammy”

Without saying anything she placed a bag of ice on my erect cock. The cold bag sent shivers throughout my body and the swelling of my cock became flaccid. After removing the bag of ice, I saw her placing a plastic ring around the bae of my cock. When I asked her what she was doing, she slapped my face then my balls. The slap to the balls was painful; the pain traveled from my balls and to my stomach. A feeling of having been punched in the stomach.

She continued with putting a ring around my cock, then slide it inside a plastic cage. After aligning the cage to the ring; she inserted a small padlock onto the center pin, then locked it into place. Hold my cock she looked at me with a wicked smile.

“Do you know what this is?”

I nervously nodded my head.

Mistress Tammy leaned over to my face and as I stared into her hazel eyes; she told me that there can only be one cock in this relationship, and that since hers was bigger, mine had to be locked up. She also told me that wearing the chastity cage shows that I and my cock belong to her, to use as she pleases.

“This chastity cage is for training purposes; I will be fitting you with a more…permanent chastity cage.”

Mistress Tammy ignored me when I nervously asked her what she meant by permanent chastity cage. She then took out a large metal butt plug, placed a large amount of lube on it and slowly started to insert it into my ass. It was painful as the tip started to enter me; as she continued to press it further inside me, my ass started to get wider.

Suddenly it was fully inserted inside me; my ass clenched on the base. The wide metal bulb felt uncomfortable; as if a baseball was stuck inside me. I gasp and thrusted my hips upward; I begged Mistress Tammy to remove it as tears ran down my cheeks.

But my pleas fell on deaf-ears as she closed the lights and closed the door to the bedroom. My mind started racing as to what I got myself into. Was I in over my head? Should I have told her I lack experience in this life-style. None of that mattered now, I had to accept the situation I was in and hoped that Mistress Tammy is a fair Mistress.

With my arms and legs spread apart; it made falling asleep very difficult but at some point I did. When it felt like I was finally in a deep sleep, Mistress Tammy woke me up. She was dressed in noting but a black silk robe and black bedroom pumps.

“Good morning sweetie. Did you sleep well last night?”

I told Mistress Tammy of my struggle to fall asleep as my eyes tried to adjust to the bright light of the bedroom. Sitting next to me she noticed my erection, rather attempt at getting an erection.

“Well, look at what we have here. It looks like the chastity cage kept you from getting a full erection.”

“I…I am sorry Mistress Tammy.”

Using both hands she gentle rubbed my chest, which felt wonderful, then with one of her hands she cupped my balls and gave them a few light slaps. I tries to move away but the restraints kept me in place.

Mistress Tammy untied me from the bed, then asked how my arms and legs were. After mentioning that they felt sore, she suggested that I do some simple exercises. So I spent about ten minutes doing some push-ups, arm and leg stretches.

“Does my sweetie feel better?”

“Yes, Mistress Tammy. Thank you.”

After stretching my arms and legs a few more times, Mistress Tammy ordered me to get on my knees and follow her to the kitchen. Being on my hands and knees, I did not get a good look at her kitchen or even if the kitchen table was setup for two people.

“I bet my sweetie is hungry. Are you hungry?”

I was relieved that she asked me if I was hungry because I certainly was hungry.

“Yes Mistress Tammy, I am hungry.”

I heard her grabbing something from the counter then placing it in front of me; it was a large dog bowel with oatmeal. As I looked up to her, she told me that as her slave, this is how I will be eating my meals. And so, I started to eat the oatmeal from the bowel, just like a dog would, while Mistress Tammy sat comfortably on the chair eating her toasted bagel with cream cheese, a cup of coffee, and yogurt.

When she noticed that I finished eating my breakfast, Mistress Tammy tossed a napkin at me so I can clean my face.

“Sweetie, crawl under the table; you know what to do.”

After crawling under the table I noticed that she had parted her robe, exposing her fully erect cock. I inched over and gently wrapped my lips around it, then slowly started to lower my head down her shaft until my chin was touching her balls, then slowly lifted my head until my lips were at the tip of her cock; repeating this motion for several minutes.

My mouth felt the vein of her erect cock starting to twitch, I knew that any moment she was about to fill my mouth with her cum. Just then she pulled her cock out of my mouth order me to crawl out from under the table. Mistress Tammy started stroking her cock faster and faster; I eagerly kept my mouth open.

She squirted her cum into my mouth and onto my face; satisfied that she squeezed out the last drop of cum onto my face; Mistress Tammy took out her cellphone and started taking some pictures of my face covered in cum.

I was scared as to what she will do with the pictures; was she going to send it to people I know? Was she going to blackmail me?

“Let’s get you cleaned up, sweetie.”

I followed her to the bathroom, where I watched her fill a 4 quarter enema bag with warm soapy water. After hanging it from a tall pole and clapping the hose; she spread my legs apart. Then Mistress Tammy slowly started to remove the metal butt plug from my ass; the wide based stretched my ass in a painful manner; then suddenly it popped out. I felt relieved that it was no longer in my ass, yet also felt empty without it.

I watched as she applied some gel to the nozzle and slowly inserted into my ass. Once the bulb has entered inside my ass; Mistress Tammy started to inflate it. After ten pumps; she gave the nozzle a slight tug to make sure that it did not slide out.

When Mistress Tammy released the clamp on the hose the sound of gushing water in the tube echoed in the bathroom as warm water started to fill me inside. The feeling of water filling inside me was uncomfortable but also I felt arousal by it.

“Don’t move, I will be back once the bag has emptied inside you.”

As the enema bagged filled me with warm water, my abdomen started to feel bloated. I turned my head, and noticed that the bag was half empty; then several minutes later, the bag had emptied and my abdomen felt more bloated. I wanted to empty my bowels but the inflated bulb kept me from doing so.

Mistress Tammy returned and noticed that the enema bag was empty, with a smile on her face.

“Very good sweetie. You took the whole bag.”

I then watched as Mistress Tammy remove the enema bag from the pole and re-fill it again with warm soapy water and gave me another enema.

“Mistress Tammy, please I beg you. No more, I cannot take it.”

“Does my sweetie want to empty his bowels?”

“Yes Mistress Tammy. Please may I empty my bowel?”

With a stern voice.

“Not until the second bag has emptied inside you, sweetie.”

When the second bag had finished, Mistress Tammy allowed me to sit on the toilet. As I sat on the toilet she deflated the bulb and I began emptying my bowels; which sounded like I had a bad case of diarrhea. I sat on the toilet for at least thirty minutes. Even though I still discomfort in my abdomen; I did feel cleansed on the inside, however.

Mistress Tammy removed the collar and chastity cage, then ordered me to take a through shower. With the shower curtain open; she watched me take a shower, to make sure that I did not use this opportunity to jerkoff since my cock was not locked in a chastity cage.

After taking a long shower and drying myself, I followed Mistress Tammy back to the bedroom where we both sat down on the bed. Taking my hand into her hand, I felt a connection with her. A feeling of love and respect.

“Sweetie, I am pleased that you have served me well so far.”

“Thank you Mistress Tammy, I want to serve you and make you happy.”

She leaned over and with her soft lips kissed me on my lips. I placed my hands on her hips and wanted to pull her closer to me. To make out with her. I wanted to feel her lips pressing against mine. But she gently pushed me back.

“Sweetie, did you forget that you are my slave?”

I felt upset that I tried to make out with her. I felt that I let her down.

“I am sorry Mistress Tammy. I just…”

“Just what, sweetie?”

I took a breath and told her how I felt.

“I am falling in love with you, Mistress Tammy.”

She gently brushed her hand against my face.

“I know sweetie. The more you serve me, the more I will love you.”

We gazed into each other eyes for a few minutes before Mistress Tammy stood up.

“Stay here until I return; time for you to serve me.”

I wondered what she had in store for me and how I will be serving her.

When Mistress Tammy returned, she had a large bag with her. She took out a heavy leather body suit for me put it on. After sliding my arms and legs in the outfit; she zipped up the back then placed a locked on it.

The leather outfit was heavy; like the lead vest you wear when getting an x-ray.

I continued following her instructions without question; even though I was scared of what she had in store for me. However, I was confident that she would not put me in harm’s way.

Putting my arms behind my back, Mistress Tammy slide them inside an arm binder and secured it with the straps that were on the arm binder.

“On your knees and spread your legs.”

After getting on my knees and spreading my legs open, Mistress Tammy used a bar with ankle cuffs on both ends to keep my legs spread open. In the middle of the bar was a ring; where she secured the tip of the arm binder to that ring with a metal clip.

“Hmm. It needs to be wider.”

Behind me, Mistress Tammy expanded the bar two more notches causing my legs to stretch further apart.

“Now open your mouth.”

When I opened my mouth, Mistress Tammy inserted and tightened an O-ring gag. The wide ring extended my mouth wider and soon it started to get sore. Mistress Tammy teased me by inserting her finger in and out of my mouth. Then a heavy leather hood was placed over my head. On the back of my head I could feel Mistress Tammy tugging on the ropes, then unsnapped the mouth piece. Again she teased my mouth by fingering it.

With the heavy leather hood, I certainly could not see anything and barely able to hear anything. I then felt Mistress Tammy putting a collar around my neck which felt metallic, heavy and wide. The weight from the metal collar made balancing on my knees difficult. Being in such restrictive bondage was frightening, especially since I could not hear and see what Mistress Tammy was planning next.

My heart started to beat faster; the ring gag made my breathing difficult. My mind racing with wild ideas as what will Mistress Tammy be doing to me next.

I felt Mistress Tammy carefully put me on my side, then around the bottom of my ass, I felt the zipper being unzip. Mistress Tammy then slowly inserted a butt plug inside my ass. Like before, it stretched my ass then my ass clenched the base of the butt plug. I felt her hands gently caress my ass before zipping up that part of the outfit.

Mistress Tammy then unzipped the front part of the outfit where my crotch was, took out my cock and started to place it into what felt like a metal chastity cage. The cage felt smaller and tighter than the previous one. After helping me get upright and back on my knees; the butt plug started vibrating. It was faint at first then it started to increase in intensity until the humming could be heard.

The vibration from the vibrating butt plug against my prostate was uncomfortable; yet my cock was getting aroused. The metal chastity cage prevented me from getting a full erection, as the ring gag prevented me from speaking clearly.

Mistress Tammy spoke with a louder voice.

“Sweetie, can you hear me?”

I nodded my head.


Mistress Tammy took out her cellphone.

“Yes, this is Mistress Tammy. Inform everyone that my slave is ready to serve me as my cum dump gimp.”

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