Together Ssn 05 Ch. 09 – Hindsight

Ava Sparxxx

***All sexually active characters are of age, 18 years old at least, and all activities are consensual. Enjoy!***

At the apartment of Cassie Palmer, 24, in the small living room on a fold-out bed, Nellie Naismith, 19, is attending to his boyfriend, Francis Beattie, 21, squatting down on Francis’ cock, taking the considerable size inside his arse, accepting every inch with every bounce. Nellie looks down on Francis’ face, exclaiming, “Oh, you fill me up so good, bitch, mmm…”

Francis notes the pre-cum dribbling out from Nellie’s foreskin, “It’s good you are enjoying yourself, but look at you drooling from that cock of yours, bitch.” Nellie glances a smirk down at the sarcastic boyfriend, and Francis grips the flailing cock, frantically jerking.

Nellie drops onto his knees, feeling the shuddering from his thighs make him uneasy on his feet as Francis nurses his stiffening cock, and, as it grows, his arsehole squeezes tighter and tighter. Nellie rolls his hips, pumping back onto Francis’ cock, and pumping his cock forth into Francis’ hand, jiggling his belly and his breasts in the fullness of his vigour.

Francis’ breath catches, feeling his scrotum tighten, sucking air through his teeth as he builds, and builds, and builds, and bursts a streaming torrent up into the anal cavity of his appreciative boyfriend.

Nellie slips forward, and pushes his cock into Francis’ gasping mouth, sliding it in and out to moans of satisfaction, letting him know that Francis is enjoying the taste and texture of him filling his mouth. It isn’t long though, from the fullness of their play, until Nellie unleashes his cum to cascade down into Francis’ throat in thick rivers, gulped down, and sucking out every last drop from Nellie before he pulls out, collapsing next to Francis as they hold hands and stare up at the ceiling.

Moments pass in a blur as the nude boys lay side-by-side, until Nellie says, “God, I’m still so fucking horny,” both bursting into a fit of laughter.

Francis lets his boyfriend know, “I don’t feel finished yet either,” both holding their heads forward, chins tucked to chests, peering down at their flaccid, twitching penises.

Nellie admits, “I couldn’t possibly go again. I’m not that fit.”

Francis suggests, “I could take my turn to do the work.”

Nellie smiles, but considers, “Well, yeah, but we’ve been at it for 3 hours. We’ve taken turns. Just can’t shift this.”

Francis has an idea, “I tell you what: we can both relax for a while, and watch some cams? Tanner should be on by now.”

Nellie responds, saying, “Yeah,” sounded disappointed with himself as he continues, “It’s just we said we would do it all day, and I’m just not physically up to it, you know?”

Francis holds Nellie’s cheek, hovering in his eyeline as he comforts him, “I really don’t mind. I understand, and I love you anyway. I can see your heart is still in it, and your body will be again when you’re ready. I’m in no hurry, sweetheart. For you, I have all the time in the world,” leaning down to plant a kiss on his boyfriend’s lips.

Nellie grabs hold of Francis’ head, and pulls him into an even deeper kiss, feeling as if they are melting into a single puddle of sweaty pleasure, bubbling and churning, stewing a steamy sexual treat.

Cassie stumbles into the room, eyes searching, barely interested in the intimacy, tiredly asking, “You guys seen my charger?”

Francis arches his back up to follow Cassie around the room, sitting up beside Nellie as he honestly replies, “I haven’t Tekirdağ Escort seen it, babes.”

Cassie finds the pair of chargers connected to Francis’ and Nellie’s phones plugged into the socket beside the sofa-bed, and Francis asks, “Would you be a star, and pass our phones, babes?,” which Cassie does whilst he is there, and Francis offers to his friend, “Take my charger, if you need to.”

Cassie tells his friend in return, “I might have to, but it has to be around somewhere,” and turns his attention to the TV corner unit at the other side of the room, looking to the rear of it to the sockets on the wall tucked behind, spotting the plug with the trailing charger lead dangling. He unplugs it, saying, “Huh, there it is,” remembering, “Oh, right, yeah,” striding out of the room.

In the time since being handed his phone, Nellie has unlocked it, opened his web browser, searched for Cummings’ Cams, and is now loading Tanner’s stream, casting it to the TV in the corner, turning it on from standby with the quite loud audio bursting from the speaker bar.

Amongst the clean white furnishings softly illuminated by florescent pink light, Tanner Harmon, 18, sits upright, stretching his hands to be clasped between his strong thighs, appearing vulnerable even with his sculpted physique. From behind Tanner comes another male performer, sporting a much larger but more-than-capable physique. Tanner leans forward, gliding his hands from between his thighs with flat palms over the pristine sheets, resting his ear to the cool fabric. His arse is presented to the other performer, inviting him to slide up behind, drooling a long trickle of spittle, rubbing the wetness between the head of his massive member and the twitching sphincter of Tanner’s arsehole, inching it in.

Tanner purrs softly, for an extended duration, feeling the vibration in his throat resonate with the fullness of his rear, feeling the pressure shifting in sympathy with the hydraulic pumping. A thick, burly hand scoops around Tanner’s neck, massaging the hot blood in the arteries as the massive man looms over the tall teen’s back.

Utterly relaxed, Tanner is soothed all over by the hormones rippling to his extremities and beyond, feeling fuller and larger than himself, as if his body is two-sizes too small to contain his consciousness, ebbing into ecstatic contentedness. The crushing contractions of his rectum tease out the thick milk spilling along the anal cavity.

Tanner lays cutely on his belly, kicking up his legs over his back and pointing his feet, as his co-performer pulls out, going to wipe himself off with a wet wipe, treating the teen to a wipe of his arse with a fresh wipe of his own. Clinically clean, and contented, Tanner casts a smile for his co-performer, caught with a sultry stare.

In another studio, Mia Milosevic, 18, is on cam with HigginsXL, much to Mia’s delight as she has been watching him on cam regularly, although she has kept that information to herself, feeling lucky and privileged to share this time with him, sparing no blushes.

HigginsXL is a male in his late twenties, with a huge, muscular physique, and a long, thick, veiny cock that Mia is excited to play with, but unsure of how it will fit anywhere. The hulking bodybuilder is shaved all over, and oiled up at the request of a tipper, who is also asking that Mia be oiled up too, respectfully paying for her to strip naked in addition.

Mia’s first time on camera like this has her heart racing already, eager to please everyone, Tekirdağ Escort Bayan but paralysed by her anxiety, making everything feel as if it’s a dream. As she sits up on her knees atop the bed, HigginsXL comes up behind her, lifting up her blouse that she borrowed from her best friend, Daisy, massaging her breasts in her bra before pulling the polyester over her head and up her arms. HigginsXL helps the teen with her skirt, also borrowed from her friend, teasing it down her legs as she lifts each one in turn until it can be slid off her feet.

The young teen feels very self-conscious about her big belly being on show, cradling it in her hands, almost trying to hide it, all whilst HigginsXL peels off her bra and knickers, baring all to the perverted world. Her breasts hang softly over her belly, with her nipples tight and erect. Her pussy is hidden by the hairiness of her bush, which she was nervous about showing, but was assured by her best friend that is a very pleasing feature.

HigginsXL grabs a bottle of baby oil, holding it around the full-figured girl from behind her as he upturns it, dripping the warming liquid down the teen’s breasts, and over her belly. He then pours the oil into his palm, placing the bottle down to rub his palms together, greasing them up to massage the teen’s breasts from beneath, over the nipples, and all around the heaving masses. He gives attention to the fullness of the teen’s voluptuous belly, massaging down to her hips, and her thighs before greasing up her already wet pussy.

Mia notices on the screen in front of her that a tipper has requested anal, making her blood run cold having reservations about how hygienic it is, worried that it would be unpleasant for everyone, and cause for her ridicule. Despite these reservations, she finds herself unable to voice them, feeling HigginsXL’s hand press to her back, prompting her to drop down onto her elbows. She feels the oiled fingers gliding around her arsehole, then feeling something thick slipping slowly inside it. The sensation isn’t entirely unpleasant, but just feels unbearably tight, like her body is telling her to push it out.

HigginsXL just tells the teen, “Relax, Mia. Let me do all the work.”

In truth, Mia doesn’t know how to relax in this moment. She feels the humungous chunk of meat pull up and down the inside of her arse, stretching it, and stretching it, and she just feels so tense. She tries to breathe as deeply as she can without her chest feeling too tight, and she feels the fullness of her arse and the slapping of the scrotum against her clit and pussy turning her on more and more, breathing, “Yes… Oh, yes… Fuck, oh, yes… Oh, fuck, it feels so good. Yes, yes, yeah, yeah, yeah, ah, ah-hah, ah… nghh, ah, mmm, ah!”

HigginsXL pulls out of Mia, diving to reach for a pillow, turning over the teen, and lifting her up to slide the pillow under her lower back, resting her down on it as he holds her legs up over his shoulders, and pushes his huge meat back inside the young teen.

Settling into her new position, Mia’s breaths quickly return to being laboured, her heart beating furiously, and her pussy aching for attention, so she reaches with a hand to stroke her lips, rubbing her clit vigorously. Her belly and breasts roll and wave wildly with the force of HigginsXL’s thumping of her arse, and the teen soon builds up an intense orgasm, showering the man in a cascade of her juices, squeezing his meat tighter as her sphincter clenches, and he pulls out, spraying Escort Tekirdağ cum all over her big belly, hanging from it in thick globs.

The camming couple enter, ‘away mode,’ and HigginsXL goes to grab some wet wipes for himself and Mia, asking her, “Enjoy that?”

Mia cutely giggles, shyly stroking her hair as she lies there, “Um, yeah, I did,” unable to look at the hunking man as she hastens to wipe her arse first, eager to see if she has soiled herself, or worse, him. The wipe comes clean, and she breathes a deep sigh of relief, asking, “How did you wind up doing this?”

HigginsXL replies, “I’m a good friend of Pleasant. We go back years. I’ve always been there to lend a hand whenever she needs something doing; no questions asked. We trust each other a lot.”

Mia reacts with a mix of shock and wonder, “Wow… I… couldn’t begin to know how that feels. I… I… um…”

HigginsXL wisely states, “Friendship doesn’t wane over time, mistakes can be forgiven, and crossed words can be unpicked. I would do anything for my friends. Could you say the same about yours?”

Mia scrunches her face as she thinks, answering, “I guess I’m not there yet…”

Higgins tells the teen, “In time, you will know who you can rely on. Some people will fall away for whatever reason; your fault, their fault, nobody’s fault. The one’s who will give you their time, even if years pass between you, those bonds are unbreakable. I regret nothing with my friends. I will go to the ends of the Earth with them. You will have that someday with someone, I’m sure.”

Mia asks, “How can you be so sure?”

HigginsXL sighs, and simply says, “You just will.”

Mia thinks on that, “Huh,” getting dressed and ready to return to camming.

Daisy May, 24, sits in the living room of her apartment, visited by Cassie, whom she sits with to catch up with him, “How’s everything at home?”

Cassie informs his girlfriend, “I left the boys to get it on with each other, and Tanner is camming at Pleasant’s studio.”

Daisy adds, “So is Mia; first day for her,” fixing her attention firmly to her boyfriend to probe, “Not what I asked.”

Deciphering Daisy’s true meaning to her previous enquiry, Cassie bashfully answers, “I haven’t been in touch. Everything is so much more comfortable with the guys, with you, with Mia. Being at Cross Town has had it’s challenges too, so why would I go back to somewhere so toxic, hmm?”

Daisy calmly replies, “Cassie, love, I know how difficult it has been growing up with them all. Remember, I was there to see most of it. Just… I don’t want you to have any regrets, losing your family. You can call me your partner, and Mia your sister, and the guys your brothers all you want, but we won’t be your mother, and we won’t be your father, and you have a brother, who is a jerk, yes, but he’s your brother.”

Cassie can barely look at Daisy, turning his head away, choking back tears as he says, “You know I’ve tried, so much and so hard, to make them accept me for who I am. They are unbearably old-fashioned. They don’t understand what it’s like being me, because they are too busy being, ‘normal,’ whatever that means to them. They don’t want me in their lives. I’m done trying.”

Daisy disagrees, “That’s not true. They raised you all those years, including you in every activity, every meal, every day-out, every holiday, and kept you until you were 19, by which time many of our school-friends had been kicked out by their families. They struggle to show it, but they love you, Cassie. Please, try again, for me? Just once more, please?”

Cassie breaks down into tears, and Daisy cups his cheek in her hand, turning him to cradle his head in her chest, as he sobs, “Come with me?”

Daisy strokes Cassie’s hair, softly whispering in his ear, “I will, anywhere.”

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