Tonya , JZ Ch. 1


Tonya arched her rear off of her dorm bed, the humming of the silver vibrator muffled as she buried the smooth shaft into her pussy. Her long legs were spread with her feet planted apart against the baseboard, knees bent. Her rising mound meeting the humming vibrator allowing for a deeper penetration, the thick strip of deep red pubic hair was matted to her vulva by the moistness generated by her frantic masturbation.

This was the first week of classes for Tonya, now in her sophomore year at MU, and the stress of getting back into the school had her body aching for some sexual release. Her roommate, JZ, a petite girl originally from Cairo, Egypt, had returned for her second year at MU and her second year as Tonya’s roommate. JZ’s last class of the day was all the way on the other side of campus which usually allowed Tonya a short 20 minutes of time before her roommate made it back to the dorm.

On a normal day Tonya would have grabbed a snack and hit the books. The sooner the studying was done the sooner her evening would be free to do as she pleased. Today she couldn’t stand it any longer. She had been back at the dorm for two weeks now and had only had one orgasm and that had taken place in the women’s shower at 3 a.m. with the fear of being caught.

The silver vibrator had been her best purchase of the summer and the one thing she could not forget when packing for her return. Today had been the first time she had actually had the nerve to bring it from the hiding place in the back of her drawer.

Twenty minutes.

Pushing the now slippery vibrator in up to the control knob before sliding it all the way back out, Tonya could feel her frustration building to into a massive, much needed, orgasm. Her T-shirt was pulled up over her small, firm breasts. Thick nipples, hardened by her arousal and touch topped the large, pale, areola. Tonya pulled furiously with her free hand at one of her swollen nipples, stretching it away from her body until the pain forced her to release it, snapping the hard nub back to her round breast, before harshly twisting it and pulling it away from her body once more. The slight, self-inflicted pain serving only to excite her further.

Moaning in rhythm to her own thrusts, she quickened her pace. Her free hand now strumming her clit with abandon, the friction of her two fingers rubbing hard back and forth over the protruding clit and hood. Her juice ran down her ass crack only to be absorbed by her panties that she had not even bothered to remove just pushed to the side to allow her access to her now red pussy. Tonya let go with a loud moan. “Ohhh. Ohhh yeah!.” Her attempts to stifle her pleasure were given up as her body was wracked in a long time coming orgasm. Her ass arched high of the bed, body twisting as waves of pleasure spread throughout the girls’ entire body. Ramming the vibrator as deeply as possible, Tonya, let go of the vibrator and grabbed the edges of her bed as her orgasm ran its course.

Coming back to Earth, Tonya was spent. After a full week of classes and now a great orgasm she could only lay on her ruffled bedding and smile. At last she felt satisfied. She could lay here all night now!

The sound of keys at her door snapped Tonya back to reality. “Oh, shit. JZ!” Tonya had lost track of time.

Tonya quickly swung her legs off of the bed in an effort to look like she was changing or something, anything but to get caught by JZ masturbating. As the girls legs swung over, the silver vibrator slipped from the wet confines of her pussy and clattered across the small dorm room floor to rest at the edge of JZ’s neatly made bed. Unable to grab the vibrator, Tonya fixed her panties and pulled her shirt down, turning towards her open dresser drawer as if looking for a pair of shorts.

“Hey roomy! How was class today?” JZ strolled in with görükle escort a smile on her face. Her thin lips perfect on the girls’ olive skin and sharp facial features.

JZ pulled the baseball cap off of her head, allowing the shiny dark locks to fall to her shoulders and tossing the cap onto her bed before turning to her closet at the foot of her bed.

JZ’s back turned; Tonya quickly pulled on a pair of tight running shorts while eyeing up her vibrator lying on the floor. Not so much that JZ would see the vibrator, because most college women had one, but this one was clearly used with the evidence fresh all over it.

“So, what’s the plan for tonight? We going to clubbing or what?” JZ called from over her shoulder while rummaging through her closet.

“Umm. Yeah that sounds good. Umm. I think The Laguna is having a big bash tonight.”

Turning quickly around, JZ was grinning, “Bikini contest. $200.00 first place! What do you think?” she asked, pulling her shirt up over her head to reveal a blue lace bra and smooth, olive skin?

Tonya fidgeted nervously, “Yeah, that does sound fun. I guess you think you can win this year?” Tonya had seen JZ try three times last year only to be runner up every time.

“This time will be different.” She said, shimmying out of her snug jeans down to mismatched red silk boxers.

“Nice match.” Tonya pointed out. “Good thing you’re not being undressed by some big football player, he might fall over laughing.”

“Very funny. Have you seen my sandals?” JZ asked dropping to the floor before Tonya could say anything.

Tonya knew she was in trouble. She and JZ set down rules last year that anyone busted doing anything that she wanted kept secret had to do whatever the other girl said for a day. JZ had submitted to Tonya three different times last year while Tonya had not been busted for anything.

She winced as JZ picked up the silver vibrator.

“What do we have here?” She asked sarcastically, holding the juice covered vibrator up in the air.

“Oh, that’s mine. Here, give it to me, it must have fallen out of my bag.” Tonya snatched at it, only to have JZ pull it away from her.

“I don’t think so.” JZ eyed up her friend from under her dark eyebrows. “Unless you wanted the entire campus to know about your silver friend here.” She grinned evilly. “Or how deep you had it inside your pussy.” She said, embarrassing Tonya further. “Look at this, you can see how deep it was in your pussy by the bottom ring of juice. Or was it in your ass?” JZ Laughed.

Tonya knew what an ass lover JZ was. Both girls had their first lesbian experience last year but not with each other even though Tonya knew JZ wouldn’t kick her out of bed if it came down to it. She was a little nervous and didn’t want to say anything, afraid that it would worsen her punishment.

“Remember, I went easy on you last year.” Tonya pointed out.

“Sure you did. Especially the last time.”

“You did my laundry. Big deal.”

“Yeah. I did your laundry on a Sunday afternoon dressed in the outfit that you picked out. Remember. The half shirt that hung just low enough that you could only see the base of my tits. Unless I moved that is. And. And one load at a time wearing the half shirt and the pair of sheer panties you picked out.” JZ reminded her.

“Mmm. Yeah, I remember now. I bought them two sizes small just to see them ride up your ass and split your pussy lips.”

“Yeah and…”


“…and walking past the lounge where 15 horny guys watched football. That one guy called me for months.”

Both girls laughed.

“Ok. What’s it going to be? Your laundry?”

“Hmm. I don’t know, I’m going to think about it for a few minutes. I will get you good though.”

Tonya had taken it easy on JZ until bursa escort bayan she came into the dorm and caught her with the pizza guy late last year. The sight of her ass in the air, in only a pair of boxers had turned her on fiercely. She knew she could get the girl to do what she told her no matter what on that one.

She had stood at the door of her room for a moment before pulling her camera out and snapping off a quick pic. JZ had been so caught up in sucking the pizza delivery guy she hadn’t noticed until the camera flashed. She turned her head to look at Tonya, a string of saliva dangling from her lower lip to the tip of the pizza mans hard cock.

“Oh my god, it’s not what you think.” JZ said, starting to get up from between the pizza mans legs.

“Oh, yeah, you’re definitely not sucking off the pizza guy.” Tonya laughed at her roomies predicament.

The pizza man grabbed JZ’s arm as she started to get up, “Where you going? A deal is a deal.”

“What’s going on?” Tonya asked, knowing this wasn’t JZ’s boyfriend.

“Nothing!” JZ was quick to answer, “Just get out of here for awhile.” She pleaded.

“No way. It’s our room. Remember?”

The pizza guy shifted, grabbing his thick cock and smacking it against JZ’s cheek, “Hey, you keep sucking and I’ll explain.”

JZ rolled her eyes before wrapping her thin, dark lips around the large pink headed cock and snaking her tongue up the underside of its shaft.

“Your friend here called for a pizza,” He said motioning to the unopened box on the desk, “but when I got here she couldn’t find her check book. I guess she was hungry, so I told her she could suck me off and I’d give her the pizza.” The guy shrugged, enjoying the slurping mouth that bobbed on his dick.

“Hmm. Now I know what to do if I ever go broke.” Tonya said, watching her humiliated roommate.

“What’s that, suck off the pizza guy?” He asked.

“Hell no. Deliver them. A girl can appreciate good oral sex as much as any guy.”

Tonya sat down on her own bunk. The interruption and subsequent conversation had basically made JZ start all over again while Tonya watched. This was the first time she had caught her roommate having any sex even though she had tried for months only to arrive to a room that reeked of it. She had her where she wanted.

“You should have made her fuck you. She would probably have done it.” Tonya was out to embarrass JZ.

“Really.” Pizza guy asked.

Taking a breath, JZ answered, “Don’t count on it, next time I’ll have my check book.” She said, before taking the thick cock half way down her throat while working the base of the shaft with her other hand. The man began thrusting, his balls tightening.

“That’s it bitch. Here comes your fucking tip. Suck it!”

JZ could feel the first pulse of the guy’s cock. Wanting to avoid having cum in her mouth she tried to pull it out only to have the pizza guy force her back down on it. The thick cock lurched once more and then exploded. Thick strands of cum hit the back of her mouth forcing her to gag. Pulling away, the last shot from the guy’s cock hit her cheek with a smack. Coughing she lurched away, spitting the mouthful on the floor.

“You fucking bastard!” She spat, back turned.

Tonya and the pizza guy both laughed.

“Get the fuck out, prick!”

“Enjoy your pizza.” He said, zipping his pants and closing the door behind him.

“What the fuck are you laughing at bitch?” JZ asked Tonya, smiling while wiping the cum from her mouth. “Pretty funny, huh?” She said, calming down.

“What’s funny is how good these pics will look on the Internet.”

“That is not funny!” JZ said.

“Hmm. Well, I guess you will be doing what I say for a day.”

“Not again.” JZ sighed.

“This time it wont be silly. bursa escort This time your going to be so humiliated.”

That’s what got JZ in trouble and finally, after months, she could have her revenge on Tonya.

“Well? What’s it going to be?” Tonya asked her pussy now moistening.

“You have to do what I say right. For a day right?”


“I’ll let you off easy. Just for the rest of today do I own you.”

“OK.” Tonya said.

“Here.” JZ tossed the vibrator to Tonya, “Clean that nasty thing up.”

Tonya grabbed and reached for a discarded towel on the floor.

“No.” JZ said, “Clean it up with your mouth. You saw my sucking technique, I want to see yours.” She sat on the edge of her bed, “suck it girl.”

Tonya leaned back on her own bed, determined to enjoy the show and maybe even embarrass JZ. She brought the silver tip, covered in her own secretions, to her lips, dabbing her tongue across the tip.

“Mmm. This does taste good JZ. Wanna try?” Tonya asked, sliding a hand into her tight shorts. Tonya’s fingers laced their way through the covered patch of pubic hair and into her damp slit. “Mmm. I’m rubbing my clit for your JZ.”

JZ realized she was still wearing only a bra and boxers, her hardening nipples showing through the thin material of her bra. Her own pussy was itching now at the sight of Tonya sucking on the cum covered vibrator and watching the girl fingering her pussy.

“Am I making you hot ‘Z’?” Tonya pulled her fingers from with her shorts, juice glistening across three of them, “Mmm. Wanna taste?” She asked, liking her fingers like a Popsicle. “Low calories. I promise.”

This was supposed to be JZ’s turn to have the fun and turn the tables on Tonya.

Tonya pulled her legs up high and spread open. Her hand returning to her pussy only this time on the outside, rubbing it through her shorts. The vibrator was deep in Tonya’s throat, all of the way to the last ring of caked pussy juice that she had put on their herself. Clamping tightly with her lips, she withdrew it slowly, sucking and slurping all traces of her pussy off of the silver vibrator.

“Am I making you wet?” Tonya asked.

“Not hardly. I am way more interested in a hard fucking than watching your little red pussy all open and smelly.”

“But are you wet. Is your pussy all wet? Is that fine Arab hair all moist with juice?”

“I said no.” JZ replied, lying.

“Betcha it is.”

“Its not!”

“So it’s a bet!”

“Fine! It’s a bet!”

Tonya sat up from her lewd position. “Let’s see it.”

“I’m not showing you my pussy.” JZ tried to get out of it.

“Fine. Stand up.” Tonya ordered.

JZ Complied. Reluctantly.

“Hold still.” Tonya ordered, walking around the back of the girl. “Raise your arms.” She did.

Tonya quickly slipped a hand into JZ’s loose fitting boxers. Before JZ could pull away, Tonya had her hand tucked in between her legs where she couldn’t close them. JZ wiggled to no avail as Tonya’s searching fingers found her hairy slit. Tracing a finger down JZ’s slit, Tonya discovered JZ’s inner pussy lips had already flowered out in arousal allowing her to easily slip the fingertip between them and into the moist folds of her soaked pussy.

“I win!” Tonya proclaimed victory.

JZ had stopped struggling and was enjoying the finger in her slit. Tonya slipped her entire finger in as deeply as the angle would allow her then quickly pulled her hand out of JZ’s boxers.

“You win.” JZ said, flushed. “What do I owe you.”

This was one of the girl’s games also. If you lost a bet, you didn’t know what you lost until the winner told you. It wasn’t like the ‘big game’ but they had fun with it.

“Lick it!” Tonya held her finger up to JZ’s face. “Come on and suck some of your pussy off of my fingers.”

“That’s gross, Tonya.”

“Yeah, right. It might be good, it’s the same finger I had in my pussy.”

JZ took her roomies finger and sucked the whole thing into her mouth, running her tongue over and around. She truly loved the taste of her own pussy.

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