Too Pretty


Back at it again. The same old bar. The same old crowd. Every Saturday I think this night will be different, but it never is. I come here, drink a couple of beers, some guy starts talking to me and I bring him home.

There are worse things of course. I am a 43 year old guy that still gets a lot of attention. And with attention I mean sex. Not because I’m that handsome. I’m pretty tall and I keep fit, but nothing special. The closest thing to a compliment about my looks was from a twink that said I could be a cousin of Clive Owen. It’s also not that I am a good flirt. I don’t make guys laugh with witty remarks or smoothly offer them a drink. It’s because my reputation precedes me.

I have a big dick. It just really is. And I can now honestly confirm that everybody is a size queen. They can’t all handle it, but they are all interested by the idea. People sometimes just want to see it. What can I say? I’m a people’s person. I love to please. It is also a known fact in the scene that I’m a rough fuck. I can’t help it. I won’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, but I like to help boys find their limits.

I feel an arm put around my shoulder.

‘Parkeeeer!’ a very drunk guy says. I think his name is Ken, or Ben.

“I still can’t sit comfortably. You should wear a warning.”

I just grin at him and hope he walks along. Wishful thinking. He continues:

“I’ve told my friend about you. He would like to, eh, meet you.”

Ken or Ben (or Thomas?) taps a guy next to him on the shoulder.

“Theo! This is him. This is THE Parker.”

The guy turns around and I almost gasp. A boy with the most beautiful face stands before me and starts blushing. Calling him hot would be an understatement. No! It would be sacrilege to undervalue this boy’s physique like that. Under his feathery brown hair two big blue eyes stare at me, or actually kind of next to me. His shyness is exaggerated by a flock of freckles around his nose and the big, pink lips he bites on. He sighs and turns to our drunk mutual:

“Ken! Don’t embarrass me. Nice to meet you Parker.”

His slender frame bends towards me. He places his hand on my shoulder and plants the softest of kisses on my cheek. The shoulder under his spaghetti strap is magically glowing with a layer of sweat. Then his sweet scent sneaks into my nose and I think I will faint. Say something!

“Nice to meet you too, Theo.”

Theo moves back and I notice I move with him. This is ridiculous. Then he takes my hand and whispers something in Ken’s (I knew it!) ear that makes them both chuckle. “Let’s go dancing!” Theo shouts and he guides me to the dance floor.

The first couple of songs, we stand in front of each other dancing awkwardly. The DJ plays some generic pop music and Theo still seems kind of shy. I see nobody else than this dreamy boy dancing within arms reach, but it feels wrong to touch him or even come a bit closer. The music pornhub finally changes to something more sensual with a pumping beat. I look into Theo’s eyes and I see him deciding something. He turns around and pushes his back to my chest. His firm butt grinds against my groin and he starts swaying on the beat. He takes my hands and places them on his thighs. Not seeing his perfect face helps me get it together. I grab his denim clad flesh and pull him closer to me. He tilts his head back on my shoulder and I feel his hot breath against my ear. He is saying something but I only register his tight body swaying against me on the music and his sweet scent around us. I get notes of apples.Those really firm, green ones.

Then I hear what he was saying: “Take me home.”

I shut the door behind us. Theo walks to the living room like he has been here a thousand times. The cab ride here was awkward. Having him that close to me and seeing his angelic face again made me shy all over again. I was even pretty sure he would leave as soon as the cab stopped, but he came up with me.

He sits on the couch and smiles at me. Don’t Theo, you are making things worse. He grabs my hand and sits me down next to him. I need to get in his delicious neck again to concentrate so I bend forwards. Theo has other plans and pushes me back in the couch and gets between my legs. He unbuckles my belt, zips my fly down and gets my dick out. I have no idea what’s happening. I’m mesmerized by the tip of tongue that sneaks in between his beestung lips.

“Wow, Ken wasn’t exaggerating. You’re huge.”

I snap out of it and see my flaccid dick in his hands. He holds it in front of his face while he gently jerks up and down and stares at the head. It looks taller than his face and he can’t get his fingers around the whole shaft. Wait until you see it hard.

Wait. Why am I not hard?

Theo puts the wet, divine pillows he calls his lips on my dickhead. He sucks on the mushroom head while he stares at me like those piercing blue eyes. I can’t do this. It feels like walking on white carpet with dirty boots. Like jumping in perfectly still water.

Like having sex with a painter’s muse.

Theo gets to work. He licks the edge of my dickhead, kisses the slit, grabs my balls and gently pulls on them. He swallows so much of me that he gags, but doesn’t give up. A little blood is going there and I really want to get hard for this boy, but nothing will happen as long as I am in awe of him. An idea pops up.

I guide him on the couch with his legs in the air and his head dangling off the seat. I guide my dick to his mouth and push forward. I hear him moaning as he starts sucking again. I yank his top up and Theo unbuttons his jeans to let his dick out. It’s cute, the perfect dick for a bottom. His body is svelte but built, like a ballet dancer. All his skin as smooth and creamy as in his neck. Mindblowing, porno 92 yes, but at least now I don’t get distracted by his face. I gently move in and out of his mouth. It works. I get harder and soon his lips struggle to stretch that far. I feel my cock reaching the bend of his throat with every thrust. His tongue enthusiastically does what it can in the little space it has. I get a feeling this kid can take it. I leverage my weight forward and thrust all of me inside him. I feel a panicky moan vibrating against my dick. The whole length is down his throat now and as soon as I’m enveloped by his wet warmth I feel unchained. The fun can begin.

I pull back until only my dickhead is in his mouth. He takes advantage of the freedom to slobber on it, but I have different plans. I angle back and push myself all the way back in his throat. He struggles a bit to take it again, but I repeat this a couple of times to let him know he is – for lack of a better word – just a hole. He accepts his fate and it doesn’t take long before I hear moaning coming from between my legs. He is enjoying himself as well.

I then make the mistake of looking down when I pull halfway out of his mouth. His gorgeous eyes are red and watery and looking up at me with lust and a little bit of fear. His full lips are stretched as far as they can, but remain soft around my shaft. Quickly I shove myself back in so I can’t see his face anymore.

An orgasm is coming up from my balls, so I get out of him and turn him on his belly. His round ass perks up invitingly. I bury my face between his cheeks and get submerged in this boy’s signature scent. It’s intoxicating. I find his hole with my tongue and start licking around it, pressing it against the tightness. It isn’t long before I can add the tip into him and hear Theo whimpering in pleasure.

When I can’t get his hole any wetter I guide my finger inside him. I can feel he wants it and it slides in pretty smoothly. The second one takes a bit longer.

“Relax for me, baby.” I kiss the small of his back.

It helps and the second finger is in. I move in and out and feel him opening up around my fingers. This makes him overconfident:

“Fuck me already”

“I will. Let me get some lube.”

“Don’t need it.”

“Yes you do.”

He looks at me over his shoulder. First disappointed but he then smirks. I feel like an awkward teenager.

“Yeah. Maybe I do.”

When I come back with the lube he is lying on his back.

“It’s easier for me like this.” and he pulls his knees to his chest.

I try to avoid making eye contact with him when I get between his legs. Instead I’m hyper focused on getting enough lube on his asshole and my dick. I feel his eyes burning on my face.

I line up and push the tip in. Before the head is in, I feel him tightening. He is breathing heavily. I look up and he is staring me in the eyes, waiting for qiqitv porno more. How can I take what I need when this is my view? Focus. I push in a bit more. I feel him relaxing. There is still a lot of cock to go. He caresses my arms, my shoulders and finally he rests his hands on my chest, pinching my nipples now and then. The cheeky bastard knows exactly what he is doing. He bites his lip.


I grab a pillow and put it over his head and push the rest of my dick in at once. A muffled yelp comes from under the pillow. A moment of complete quietness. And then I feel him yield. His tight body relaxes, his hole accommodates me just right and his movements start to slow down. A hand on my underarm, his toes flex and relax, his hips tilting ever so softly. He is ready. And I need to fuck.

I pull out almost completely, the rim of my dickhead pops just from his hole when I push it all the way back in. His velvet softness hugging my dick. I pull out, push back in. I pick up a pace and start pounding him harder and harder. Theo still moves in delicious slow motion. When I give it to him hard, he receives it softly. Where I grab his flesh, he brushes my skin with the tips of his fingers.

I grab his ankle and twist him on his belly. I lay with my full weight on top of him, taking his hands and stretching them way in front of us. I nuzzle my face in his neck, the source of that enchanting smell. I don’t care anymore. I take a big inhale to intoxicate myself with it. The smell has a different effect on me now. It makes me possessive. I need to take what’s mine.

I fuck like I’ve never fucked before. I’m balls deep in this boy, thrusting with all I’ve got. Sweat is sticking between my front and his back. At the same time, something tender and loving is happening. Everything in Theo’s body encourages me to take him. If that’s not clear enough, his voice is.


“It’s all yours.”


I don’t know how long we’re going. It could be 10 minutes but also 3 hours. I feel an orgasm boiling in my underbelly. I slow down just a bit. Staying in him longer at the deepest point. His back arches a little deeper and I give in to the sweet release. I shoot my load deep in him while I collapse on top of him. Greedingly he rides back into me. He frees his hand from my grip and slides it under his belly. With just three tugs he shakes and cums under me.

I take my softening dick outside him. A spurt of cum spills out over his balls. He looks back, scoops some of it up and licks it from his hand while looking at me. His flustered cheeks and provocative glance give me jitters again. I plowed his brains out and he is eating my cum straight from his ass, but this kid still has total control over me. I grab his chin to pull him in and kiss him hard and deep.

We lay down and I fall asleep immediately. I have feverish dreams about tribes of elves that look just like Theo. I want to catch them, but they are too quick and fly away laughing. When I wake up, Theo is gone. The sheets are still covered in his sweet smell. I decide there and then that I will be going to the bar next Saturday, hoping he will be there.

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