Trading Facials With Aunt

Trading Facials With AuntTrading Facials With AuntOur family gets together on a weekly basis. It was nice, they were like college k**s but even more grown up. One morning I had awoken to see my aunt drunk and sleeping on our couch in the upstairs den. She was completely drunk. I tapped her, called her name, even copped a feel on one of her boobs. She didn’t budge or anything. I had to go for it. I pulled down her shirt as you can see in the pictures.. She was knocked out with her mouth wide open with drool slipping out. I slipped my cock inside just for a little bit didn’t want to go all the way in. I just rubbed my head around her lips and mixed it with her spit just a little. I cupped and caressed her boobs while I was getting somewhat a blowjob. I spilled my load on her lips and a little inside her mouth. I had to finish getting ready so I left the scene of the crime without any incident. I got ready and walked out the bathroom. Wearing my pjs and no shirt walking back to my room. She woke up and I heard her moving. I look over and she just sat up and stared at me. You can tell she had a headache and her eyes still opening. She was staring at my nice fit, young, healthy body. Unlike her husband who had a belly of a 7 month pregnant lady. She wiped and licked her lips knowing she had drool but in actuality it as my cum. She rubbed her head and I couldn’t help but ask if she was okay. Did she want me to drop her off on my way to school? She didn’t say much just nodded her head. I finished getting ready and asked her “Hey since I did the honors here you think you can give me a facial sometime this week?” She said a small “Mhmmm” and gave me a hug and left.Now she works at a salon and she has so much seniority she has all the equipment bahis şirketleri she needs at home. So she said one day after practice to stop by and she’ll be able to give me a facial. She has done them regularly before but this time it was different. I had actually seen her breasts. I have feelings towards her. I can’t help but to imagine her naked. I never saw her this way before. Just the opportunity has arisen and I took the advantage. It was the usual routine, I lay down on the bed and she looks at my face. See where I may break out from. She does her procedures and then finally does this final touch. She asked me to take off my shirt. This was a bit different but last time we did it my entire shirt got wet. So I took off my shirt and she gave me a small little “Yeah you go boy” – “Woo” we laughed it off. It was a cute little moment I can’t lie. So I lay down only wearing my shorts from school because I had just gotten off practice. She wrapped my face with the hot towel to open up my pores. She asked me if it was okay or too hot. I said it’s fine. I couldn’t help to think about her and I was trying my hardest to avoid getting hard in front of her. This process took about 45 minutes so it was after school and practice I would take a nap. She knew this was entirely time consuming so she told me she’ll be back. I hear her close the door and it was only me in the room. With this opportunity I took my dick and stuffed it under my waistline of my shorts. Rather have it sticking straight against my body rather than up. I relax and I began to fade out..Within 5 minutes or so had passed and I was completely comfortable and relaxed. But before I knew it I heard footsteps in the room. Did she not leave? She walked up to the illegal bahis table and whispered if I was awake. Small little “pssst… are you okay?” but it was so quiet I didn’t responded. I continued to act as if I was sleep so she can believe it. She began touching the towel to act as if she was ‘adjusting’ it but then her finger traced my jaw line, down to my chest, a few runs over my abs. She finally got down my V cut and I can hear her slurp her lips as if her mouth was watering. She traced up and down my V cut line until it reached my waistline. She was touching the tip of my head. My eyes open wide thinking ‘Shit maybe my dick is pretty visible still..’ Without hesitation she pulled my waistline up and stuck it underneath my balls. My dick sticking straight up in the air.. I thought she was going to touch it.. Tease it or something.. But next thing I noticed was hot breath and she stuffed my cock in her mouth. I can feel the saliva mask my cock. She slurped it loudly and she wasn’t trying to hide it. It was hard for me to resist any movement so I moved my arms a bit.. slowly.. and she stopped. I thought I had interrupted this entire scene. She was quiet I didn’t know where she was. I took the towel off my face scared to see what was going to be next and she was on top of me hovering. Her entire body. She had a devious face as she lowered her pussy. My cock slide right into her pussy. Nice and slow. Then she began fucking me harder. I hear the screws coming out of the table I thought the legs were going to fall from under us and we were screwed. She pulled her shirt down so her boobs can be exposed just like how she was sleeping. She cuffed my hands on them and made me pinch her nipples as I did while she was sleeping. illegal bahis siteleri I thought I was dreaming this entire thing. She was fucking me wildly but she slapped my face nice and playful to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. She smiled and continued to fuck me harder. Moans were nice and quiet but her facial expression ensured me she was enjoying this entire thing. She sat on my cock and began rocking back and forth squeezing her breasts with pure pleasure and satisfaction. I couldn’t allow her to takeover me like so. So I sat up and hugged her tight and switched our positions. She was now on her back and I was standing on the edge of the table. I’m fucking her hard as she grabbed my arms. I was fucking her hard making her nice breasts bounce up and down with aggression and my dick finally slipped out. We were both out of breath. My balls were against her asshole and my dick leaking juices of a mixture of mine and hers on her pussy. We looked at each other and she asked in a heavily breathing voice “Is that it?.. Is it time?” with a devilish smile with that.. She rolls off of the table and crawls to me. I’m walking backwards as if I was ‘scared’ and finally find the wall. She continued to crawl to me and just licked my balls to my head and stuffed my entire cock in her mouth. Bobbing her head continuously with no hands until she finally knew I was about to cum. She started using both hands and asked “Are you gonna give me a facial again?” with a grin from ear to ear. I looked at her in shock as now I know.. She was awake the whole time as was I. She’s pumping me as fast and hard as she could. She was still laughing at her little joke as I shot my load right in her laughing mouth. She sucked me and I grabbed her head forcing her to take it all letting it be known I don’t wanna waste any cum like last time. I pulled it out and slapped it against her lips.. She then only asked “Time to hit the shower right boy?” – My only response “Only if we give each other facials every week..”

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