Trainer meets His Goal PT11 Blacken


Trainer meets His Goal PT11 BlackenMatt couldn’t help himself, and he turned his computer back on and went again to Marc’s website. He scanned the various links, and he quickly found all of the links of Lisa and Marc that had been created over the past week. What’s more, he found the link that showed Lisa and Jeray’s night together. He watched parts of all of them, and he felt as if he had been hit by a truck. His heart ached, he was close to being sick t his stomach, his head was throbbing, and tears blurred his vision.How could this have happened, so quickly, so completely. It was as if his life as he had known it was now gone forever. His beautiful wife had been seduced by Marc, she had become addicted to him and was being completely manipulated by him. Seeing Lisa responding so passionately to Marc and then Jeray was stomach wrenching for Matt. And as angry as he was at her for this infidelity, he realized that he had been doing the same exact thing to her, except for months now.But in this case, Matt was dealing with a racist who hated white men and who sought to humiliate them by seducing their wives and then rubbing it in the men’s faces. Marc had texted Matt a second time after Lisa had left for work. The text taunted him and sought to humiliate him further.”Matt, you saw how she responds to a real man with a real cock. And to think that you never believed she’d have the slightest interest in a black man. But, you saw the videos. Not only does she have an interest, she can’t get enough of me. I’m not complaining though.Do you even think you have a slight chance of winning her back, now that she’s experienced not one, but two black cocks? She still loves you, but will she if she finds out about Kate? You’ll have to do as I say. I want you at my place on Saturday night. Be prepared to share. By the way, my gay friend will be there and he wants you. So, remember to be nice and maybe you’ll be able to clean Lisa up on Saturday after I’m done with her. In fact, after you’re done with my gay friend, maybe you’ll want to clean me up too!”Matt thought about Marc’s text repeatedly during the nearly six hour flight from London to Boston. His mind’s eye replayed the images of Lisa and Jeray and of Lisa and Marc as they made love repeatedly. He was sickened by the thoughts of what Lisa had done with these men. But each time he began to hate her for her actions, he caught himself, realizing that soon Lisa would know that he and Kate had had sex that was every bit as hot and steamy as what she had had with Marc and Jeray. There just weren’t any videos of it.And, Matt hated himself for what he had done, but he hated Marc more for what he had done to Lisa, what he had made her do with Jeray. He had seduced her and then dominated her. It was partly her fault. But Matt suspected that Marc was now controlling Lisa, probably using the videos to manipulate her. After Matt cleared customs, he made his way to the arrivals pick up area and immediately spotted Lisa. His anxiety level was very high, nervous that perhaps Marc had told her about the affair he had been having with Kate. His stomach was turning with anxiety as he saw Lisa spot him, smile and wave. Seeing Lisa’s beauty and thinking about how much he loved her, he was sickened by the fact that he might lose her because of his own actions, because of his affair with Kate. But also on his mind as he watched his beautiful wife walking quickly towards him, was the image of her naked body intertwined with her new black lover. The image of her body tensing and twitching in excitement as she reached climax after climax as Marc’s thick black cock pushed in and pulled out of her pink pussy.When she threw her arms around him and kissed him, it was as if nothing had happened. She smelled the way she always did, her kiss was as fresh and passionate as it always was, and yet as he kissed her back, all he could think of was the image of Marc holding her tightly, and kissing her passionately as her head bobbed each time Marc plunged his massive love shaft into her. Matt’s anxiety was not lost on Lisa.”Matt, are you okay? Are you feeling alright?” She asked sincerely, sensing that there was something very different about the way Matt kissed her and hugged her. He seemed almost tense.”I’m fine babe. It was just a shitty flight, gave me a freakin head ache, sorry. How was your week? I missed you a lot you know. I really love you babe, more than you know.” And with that he kissed her and held her hard, his eyes tearing.”Whoa, Matt! That was hot!” Lisa said with a smile, liking Matt’s kiss. For her part, she wondered if he could sense anything different about her. Could he somehow smell Marc on her, even though she had showered twice to ensure that Marc’s scent was not on her. She had douched herself repeatedly, getting all of her black lover’s cum out of her love canal. And, she was waiting for Matt to see and inquire about her gold ankle chain with the gold letter M attached to it.They walked to the parking area and loaded Matt’s bag into the car, and he drove them to a restaurant on their way back to their townhouse. Lisa smiled at Matt, realizing again how really handsome her husband was, knowing that most women would die for a chance to be married to a stud like him. And, she felt hot with guilt and shame for what she had done with Marc and Jeray. She wondered if she had somehow gone crazy during the week, but knew that it was more than a dream.She knew that Marc fully intended to have her for himself, to use her, to satisfy himself and his friends with halkalı escort her. And she also sensed how Marc despised Matt and white men in general, especially white men who happened to have everything going for them, men like Matt and Kristen’s husband Kevin. She knew that Marc would do his best to humiliate Matt, to let him know that now they were going to share Lisa. And, she felt that if she tried to break away from Marc, he would use the videos of their sex against her. She would put nothing past him. Yet, at the same time she was having these thoughts, Lisa’s body was reminding her about how sexually exciting and fulfilling it was being with Marc. He was a magnificent lover, and she knew that sex with him was the best she had ever had. He had aroused her and satisfied her like Matt had not done in years.At dinner, Lisa was surprised at how calm she was, amazing herself because she was worried that she would be so nervous that she would do something to make her husband aware that she had spent an entire week being unfaithful to him, fucking first Marc and then having a magnificent night with Jeray. But, Matt seemed not to notice anything. If anything, he was acting more affectionate and loving and attentive to her than he had in a long, long time. This only served to intensify her guilt. How could she be unfaithful to a man like this. He truly loved her, and what had she done to him? She wondered if she could ever break free of Marc.She wondered if her body would allow her to say no to his advances. She was pretty sure now that he was using her for the sex and for the purpose of humiliating Matt. But she knew in her mind that she would find it hard to resist Marc’s sexual advances, even if she did not respect his motives. He was that good in bed, and so was Jeray for that matter.Worrying that Matt would ask about her gold ankle chain first, she lifted her leg slightly off the floor saying, “Matt, do you like my new addition to my jewelry box? It’s a chain that some of the women at the club have bought with their lover’s initial attached. I noticed a few of the girls with them and I thought I’d get one with your initial.”Matt’s heart sunk when he saw the chain on Lisa’s beautiful leg. His stomach dropped because he knew that Marc had bought it, and it was another way for Marc to be in his face about how he had seduced Lisa, and that she was no longer just Matt’s wife. She was Marc’s pussy as well.”Babe, your legs don’t need a thing, but I like it, if you do.” He couldn’t bring himself to say more. He smiled and went on talking about his trip and told Lisa about how Kate’s husband had dumped her. All the while, his stomach was turning and his head was pounding as he felt his hatred and rage toward Marc building.Lisa was a little surprised to hear about Kate’s husband. She was a little worried in fact. She always suspected that Kate had a thing for Matt, and now that her husband was out of the picture, she was worried that Kate would make a move on Matt. She was then stunned by what Matt told her next. It was as if he had read her mind.”Look babe, I know I didn’t tell you this, but I need to now. Kate went to London with me last week. We were both assigned to the same job. I didn’t tell you because I know she bothers you, and I didn’t want to upset you. But, believe me Lisa, she’s nothing to me. I love you, and you only. So, I knew if I told you Kate was going, you’d be jealous and pissed. I’m sorry. And she knows that I don’t have any interest in her, okay? So, I just wanted to let you know that now.Kate’s eyes widened in disbelief. Matt had just revealed that he had travelled with Kate, and he had kept it from her. How many times had this happened? She was pissed at first, but he assured her that it was the first time they had travelled together. After they talked, maybe as a result of her own guilt and of his sincerity on the issue, she believed him and felt her own guilt swell, realizing for the first time in years, that Matt really did feel deep love for her.Underneath it all, Lisa wasn’t sure why, but she suspected that there was more to the Kate story than he was saying. She just had the sense. But, she also felt a certain relief in the way he was talking to her and looking at her, because she felt that if there had ever been anything going on between Matt and Kate, it wasn’t going on now, and her husband truly loved her. This at once calmed her, yet further heightened her guilt. She didn’t know how she could continue on, with her guilt killing her but knowing that Marc could manipulate her if she did not do as he wanted.”You know Matt, Marc has asked us to come by for drinks tomorrow night. He’s asked Kristen and Kevin as well. Kristen’s joined his club now, and she’s become a totally new person, you wouldn’t believe it. Maybe this side of her was always there, and I just didn’t see it. But, she’s like really into fitness, and even more.”Matt pretended to look puzzled. What do you mean; she’s shown a different side? You mean she’s like just totally passionate about fitness, all of a sudden?” Matt had seen the web site with Kristen, and he knew that she too had given her body to several men, most of whom were black during the past week. And, Matt had also seen Kevin and how pathetic he looked on the site, sucking Kristen’s lover til he came. And, Matt’s stomach churned with anxiety because he knew that Marc was going to try to manipulate him into servicing his gay black friend, and probably taksim escort taping it and holding it over his head.”Well, yes she’s passionate about fitness, but she’s also done some other stuff that I never thought she would do, but she’s really gotten into it during the past week and she and Kevin seem to be having a good time with it.” This was Lisa’s way of easing Matt into the swinging or wife sharing that she knew Marc would bring up the next night at his place. She wanted Matt to be prepared, and she wanted him to think that it was much more common than either of them had ever thought.”What are you talking about exactly, babe? Are she and Kevin both going to Marc’s club?” He continued to play dumb.”Well actually, Marc and his friends, and actually a lot of the people at the club are into swinging, or wife swapping, and it seems as though Kristen and Kevin joined the club and got right into it in a big way. I mean, I was really surprised when Kristen told me, but it seems as though both she and Kevin have already swapped or had threesomes with a few people in the last ten days. What’s more, quiet little Kristen would amaze you. She says she loves it, and so does Kevin. I mean, he’s so quiet, who would ever think. I guess he even got into some bi stuff with one of Kristen’s lovers. Who would have thought?”Whoa! I can’t believe it! I mean, I know people swing and swap, but not Kristen and Kevin. They just seem too conservative and quiet. So, do you think Marc is asking us with Kristen and Kevin because he wants us to swap or swing too? Is that what you’re saying?” He made it easy for her.”He didn’t say as much, but I think Marc likes white women, and I am pretty sure he’s had sex with a lot of the women at the club, and I would not be surprised if he’s even had it with Kristen. But yeah, I think he’d like to see if we’re open to it. I’m not sure exactly what he has planned, but nothing would surprise me with him. He’s a great trainer, but I get the impression he’s done a lot of swinging and swapping on his own.Matt looked directly into Lisa’s eyes and asked, “So do you think he’s invited us over so he can get into your pants? I doubt he wants me. Has he come on to you? Do you think he wants to do a threesome with us or see us swap with Kevin and Kristen? I mean, I’m not sure what’s up here. And babe, are you bringing this up just to warn me, or do you have some interest swinging with Kevin or Marc yourself?”Lisa’s eyes widened. “I’m not sure what he’ll say or want to do, but I just figured I would float it out there. I mean, I love the work outs and the club, and I’ve never really thought about sharing my handsome husband with another woman, but a lot of couples do it, and we don’t have to but I don’t want to go if it’s going to make the night awkward for all of us. But, I thought I would warn you ahead of time. We don’t have to go, Matt.”But Matt knew that they did have to go. He had to go because Marc would tell Lisa about his affair before he had a chance to, and Lisa had to go because Marc would surely use the videos against her. “Wow! Who would’ve thought? I don’t know babe. How do you feel? I don’t want to share you, but we’ve never talked about this. Do you want to share me, would that turn you on? Or, do you want to try a road test with another guy, with Marc? I saw the way he looked at you before I left for London. He definitely wants you babe. Do you want him too?Lisa blushed. “You know, until Kristen told me how exciting it was, I guess I never thought about it, but now I have, and I guess I would try it if you would. I’ve always been pretty conservative, but if she could try it, so could I. As for you, you’ve already had way more experience. And, I’m not sure how I would react to seeing you with another woman, or with a guy for that matter, like Kevin. But, if you wanted to try it, we could. Would that be something you could do?””Babe, I can do anything you want to do. It sounds like Kristen has planted the seed, and you want to try it with someone other than me. Maybe Kristen likes it so much because Kevin’s got a tiny dick, who knows? But Lisa, I can hold my own in that department. I might not be hung like one of those black dudes, but I am close to eight……..and you excite me so much, I stretch to ten when we do it.” Matt finished with a broad smile. “But babe, are you sure you want to do this? This has come out of no where, is someone putting pressure on you, is Kristen or Marc? Matt knew the answer to his question, and he looked into Lisa’s eyes, but she could not hold his gaze, and she looked away.”Matt, we don’t have to, really. I guess Kristen has kind of said they all are doing it, that it’s no big deal, and that she really likes the variety, so does Kevin. She said he’s done stuff she never thought he would. She said the first time it happened was right after she went to Marc’s place the day after she joined his club. She and Kevin stopped by, and smoked a little, drank a little, got relaxed, ant boom! Before they knew it, they were screwing someone else.!”We can think about it, and go if we want, but we don’t have to do anything. But to be honest, I think Marc does want to do it with me. He’s always giving me looks. And he is kind of cute you know, even if he is black.” She finished with a smile, looking for Matt’s reaction.”Lisa, I love you a lot! I’ll do whatever you want, whenever you want. Just remember, at the end of the day, it’s you and me baby, just you and me.” He said this, and it tore into Lisa’s heart, knowing şişli escort that she had been fucking Marc all week, and she was afraid of what his plans were for the future.Lisa smiled and took Matt’s hand. “I love you Matt – a lot! At the end of the day, it’s just you and me, no matter what!”Matt and Lisa finished at the restaurant and drove straight to their townhouse. That night, Matt made love to Lisa in a way that was reminiscent of their first time ever. As her handsome and very muscular husband lay atop her naked body, Lisa was blown away by Matt’s passion for her, his attention with his mouth to every part of her body. He began by kissing her gently at first, then his kissing increased in intensity, as she felt his fingers slide to her pulsing pussy lips, touching her softly, circling, and finally sliding into her drenched love canal.As he continued to kiss her, his fingers explored her pussy, causing her to tingle and twitch at his touch. His mouth covered hers, his tongue probing deep into her mouth, dancing with her tongue. His left hand gently touched her right breast, pinching her nipple softly with his fingers. For her part, Lisa was stunned and loving it. Matt had not shown her this quality of loving for what seemed like years.Her body was racing ahead of her mind; her pussy was dripping with excitement. Her hands were stroking up and down her husband’s muscled torso, squeezing his ass cheeks, his upper muscled thighs, his beautifully trim waist, and running up and down his broad back. Where had this Matt been all of this time, but he was back, and she loved it. She could feel his thick manhood, and while it clearly was not what Marc’s was in terms of size, it was nonetheless a full and thick eight inches of white manhood which she had fallen in love with the first time she let it take her virginity.His fingers continued to encourage her building orgasm and Lisa wanted his beautiful white cock which was thinner at the head than Marc’s was, but it tapered out to a very thick shaft at its base, and felt so wonderful when it was buried to the hilt of her vagina.She tried to move her body into position under Matt, trying to give him the hint that it was time for him to fuck her with his white love wand. But he would have no part of it. Instead, he shifted his body, placed his hands behind her knees and raised her legs up, giving his mouth free access to her now glistening wet vagina. His fingers rotated on the nub of her pussy as he inserted his tongue, lapping her juices, twirling around her labia, darting into her vagina. His eyes took note of the hickey on her inner thigh that Marc had left, as if a sign to Matt that he had claimed Lisa’s cunt for his own. But Matt ignored it. Instead, he licked and massaged his beautiful white wife until he felt her hands grasp the back of his head, pulling it into her womanhood.Lisa’s body shook with the orgasm. It trembled, it twitched, it spasmed and shook. But Matt continued to lick. She cried out for him to stop, as her vagina throbbed and pulsed with pleasure, but he ignored her. She didn’t want him to stop, but she was embarrassed by the depth of her orgasm. Never before had she reached this point with Matt – or with anyone else.Still holding his wife’ legs in the air, Matt positioned his thick, milky white veined shaft at the edge of Lisa’s love canal. He pushed its head just through the outer opening.”Please, Matt. Fuck me! Now! I want you in me Matt. Please!! Ever so slowly, Matt pushed himself into his wife, retaking, reclaiming for his own, her violated white cunt. With ever inch of her husband’s cock, Lisa’s excitement grew, her body was responding like a c***d being teased with candy, wanting it all but being given only a little at a time.”I love you, babe. I really do! I want you to know that. You feel so fuckin’ good to me, Lisa!” And with that, Matt drove the rest of his white shaft deep into his beautiful wife. She gasped at first because he seemed like a different lover. He cock seemed thicker, harder. But then she remembered the familiar feel of his hard and beautifully toned white body as he settled atop of her and retook her love canal. He held still at first, savoring the feel of his beautiful wife’s womanhood. And then he began fucking her, slowly, methodically.He raised himself up at an angle above her and looked into her eyes as he fucked her. She was sweating beneath him, and was clearly on her way to another orgasm, one which she was afraid would happen before he reached his own. Her body was moving, jerking with each plunge of his white love shaft.”Matt, fuck me hard! Please, fuck me hard! I love you!”He smiled and rammed himself hard into his wife/lover. She gasped and he then slammed in and out of her now drenched vagina, watching her as she gave into her new orgasm. Lisa lay back, her hands placed on Matt’s waist, holding his muscled mid body. She closed her eyes and relished the feel of her incredible white lover, driving out any thought of Marc. This was the Matt she knew years ago, and he was back, and she so loved his feel.Finally, while Lisa was still twitching with her climax, Matt’s body tensed, and he shot his thick strands of gooey white cum deep into his wife/lover.”I love you babe. I really love you!” He collapsed onto his wife and held his thick white manhood deep within her. He did not soften. Lisa wrapped her arms tightly around Matt’s beautiful body, and she savored the feel of her husband/lover. Tears streamed down her face.” I love you too, Matt.” I really do!They stayed that way for a long time. Finally, still very hard, Matt pulled out of Lisa. “We have to talk, babe.” Lisa looked into his eyes and she somehow knew that he knew about Marc and her.”I know we do, Matt. I love you a lot, and I’m afraid, and I’m sorry.””Me too. I’m afraid, and I’m sorry too.” He looked into her eyes, and she saw the tears on his face.

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