Training Daddy’s Daughters Pt. 01


Author’s note: This is a series I’m doing as practice for my next big project, it’s my first foray into the incest/ daddy kink genre, but it won’t be my last. If you enjoy it please let me know; I’m making good progress on my bigger stories, but taking breaks to work on smaller projects like this keeps me motivated and the ideas flowing!

I just got back from dropping Kenzie off at school; I know she could’ve driven herself, but I wanted to see my little girl off on her 18th birthday. She’s pretty much all grown up now, and I’m so proud of the woman she’s become. Soon, she and Trisha will be out living in the real world, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to prepare them for that. When I walk into the house though, Trisha is laying on the couch. She just started college this year and is taking the semester from home since all the classes are online. Staring up at her phone, she’s wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt by the look of it.

While setting down my keys, I decide to check just to make sure. She pretends to ignore me moving towards her, and even once I sit on the edge of the couch she doesn’t acknowledge my presence. Neither of us says a word as I caress up her inner thigh until my hand brushes against her damp folds. I give her clit a moment of attention before slipping a finger inside her warm tight snatch. Hoping I’m only inspecting her, she attempts to continue scrolling, but I can see her bite the corner of her lip. Only when I stand up and begin removing my pants does she finally accept that I’m not going to leave her alone.

Like a good girl, she silently puts her phone away and scoots down to the middle of the sofa while I free my cock. Straddling her legs, I look down at her nipples poking through her shirt. When my gaze makes its way to her face, she meets it with an ungrateful eye roll I fully intend to repay. My cock is resting in the crevice between her legs, and I drag my hot balls up between her thighs until my tip disappears inside her shirt. I press it against her slippery warm cunt and she reaches to lift her shirt. Grabbing her hands away before she can, I lean over and pin them down next to her head.

While she struggles a little, attempting to free her hands, I mull over how I want to fuck her. I know she likes it slow and sensual, but I’m in the mood for something a bit rougher, and besides, she’ll cum either way. I watch her face contort as I thrust into her hard, feeling her wonderful dampness threatening to push me out as she gasps. I bask in the feeling of her pussy gripping me perfectly while I push against her, taking a moment to feel her every movement from deep inside her vagina.

She groans and grunts as I start fucking her, unable to decide if she wants to moan, scream, or cry; it sounds like a mixture of all three. Wanting to last longer, I soften my thrusts, but she looks up at me with lust in her eyes. Her hips push towards the sky, offering her pussy to be taken harder and I oblige. As I’m pounding into her, she begins sliding towards the arm of the couch. Now that I’m confident she won’t be going anywhere, I release her hands so she can steady herself, and I pull her shirt up to see her beautiful breasts bounce freely.

“Have you been doing your homework?” I ask between thrusts.

“Yes daddy,” she squeaks as I fuck her especially hard and rub her cunt while waiting for her answer.

“Prove it,” I demand, shoving two fingers drenched in her wetness inside her mouth.

She sucks as if giving a blowjob, letting me rock them back and forth until they’re teasing the back of her throat. Meanwhile, I continue stuffing her tiny cunt and slapping her tits until the one side is nice and pink. Other than some whining, she takes it all without a fuss.

“That’s my girl,” I say, wiping the saliva off on her face Girne Escort as she smiles up at me in obedient satisfaction. I take off my shirt and throw it aside for what comes next.

“You’re always such a good girl for me, it’s time for your reward. Are you going to cum for daddy?”

Trisha’s pov:

Only good girls get to cum, and when daddy asks if you’re going to cum for him, you always answer honestly because he may only give you one chance before he finishes. If you tell him you’re not ready, he’ll make sure to fuck you longer, but if you say yes, you’d better be telling the truth.

“I’m going to cum all over your big dick daddy, oh god, please don’t stop,” I sexily moan as I reach down to rub my clit with one hand.

My words seem to awaken something inside him. He engulfs me in his powerful embrace, pulling my head against his warm chest and hooking his feet around my legs, preventing me from closing them. His weight laying on top of me makes it hard to breathe and impossible to move, forcing me to feel every inch of his cock plow in and out of me. The heat is almost unbearable; in the moments when he’s deep inside, our pelvises grinding and his balls slapping against me, it feels like I’m on fire. My free hand is digging into his back as he pounds between my legs with an animalistic intent. I know what he yearns to do, the thought of it makes my pussy flutter and spine tingle, he could hold me down like this, and I wouldn’t be able to stop him.

While his unrelenting cock fucks my little pussy perfectly, I close my eyes and imagine. I’ll always remember watching it drip out of the condom the night he started my training; I picture him going balls deep inside me, feeling its warmth leak out of my pussy and down his cock. Thinking about what it would feel like having him pull out afterward, his hot cum dripping from my pussy just like that condom, is enough to make me squeal while I orgasm beneath him. Feeling my convulsions immediately, daddy lets all his weight rest on top of me, clapping a hand over my mouth and holding my arms and legs against my body. My dirty thoughts only make my orgasm more intense, causing my eyes to roll back and curling my toes even harder than normal since they’re all I can move. Nearly lost in the ecstasy of my restrained orgasm, I hold out hope he’ll fulfill my naughty fantasy until the last of my orgasmic high ebbs away, and his thrusting stops. I knew he wouldn’t, but I’m still disappointed when his throbbing shaft exits my pussy and leaves me feeling empty.

“Get up,” he demands, his voice devoid of empathy for my needs any longer.

Standing up, he pulls me out of the indentation that’s formed in the couch and practically drags me to the ground on my knees. I watch as he strokes his thick veiny cock, glistening in pre-cum and my natural lubrication, in front of my face. With his other hand, he smooths down my hair and tugs my head back so that I’m looking up at him.

“Come on, just like daddy taught you,” he prompts while I settle in for my least favorite part. I open my mouth and stick out my tongue for him, exactly how I know he likes it. Without any warm-up, he shoves his cock into my mouth and begins rubbing it on my tongue until his tip is teasing my throat. My mouth is filled with the musty tart taste of sex, making me almost gag immediately. Not wanting to disappoint him, I suppress the urge and go to work. Bobbing up and down, I allow his cock to go a little deeper each time, never letting it leave my mouth until I’m lightheaded. My tongue toys with the head of his cock before moving onto bathing his shaft and balls in my saliva, trying to distract him while I catch my breath.

“Let me see your eyes,” he reminds me every time I look away for too long. I can tell Magosa Escort he’s growing restless by the tone of his voice, so I cut my breather short and go back to swallowing his dick. He groans a little and curses under his breath as my suction returns, making my heart nearly skip a beat. My hands caress the back of his strong thighs while I keep sucking him off, causing his head to tip back in enjoyment and his hands to firmly grip my scalp. I thought for sure that would be enough to get him off, but his stiff member soldiers on.

Displeased as well that I’ve yet to finish the job, daddy eyes my spit-covered face with devious intent. With his hands on the back of my head, his hips begin thrusting in time with my rhythm, his dick threateningly taping the back of my throat. I know what he wants to do, my eyes water thinking about what comes next. Sure enough, as I go down on him, my mouth completely stuffed with cock, he keeps pushing deeper until his tip squeezes its way past my resistance and down my throat.

Ignoring the sounds of my gagging, he asks, “Is this where daddy’s dick goes?”

I nod with his cock lodged in my throat and nearly make myself vomit.

Standing on his toes, he pulls out of my esophagus to give me a slight reprieve as he says, “I want to hear you this time, I can put it there whenever I want to right?”

With tears streaking down my face, I gargle against his engorged head while saying, “yesggh,” my voice viscously cut off as he pile drives his dick all the way down until I feel his wet balls against my chin. My body flounders to escape, but he’s holding my head to his crotch. Ruthlessly, he begins fucking my face in this position by bending his knees, squatting with his dick angled down to pound my throat. I can’t think or breathe any more, my body goes limp as I accept it. His face is in bliss, the feeling of my throat even better than that of my tight pussy made to be fucked.

I’m caught off guard when he stops and tells me to, “fuck your face on your own.” He must be getting tired, but there’s no rest for me. I try to imitate what he has been doing, but I just can’t match his ferocity. My jaw hurts and my throat feels raw as I force his cock as far down as it will go.

Still not up to snuff, he growls, “all the way down,” at me.

Soaked in tears, sweat, and saliva, I put all my effort into going deeper, but I can’t overcome my instincts. To help me along, it feels like daddy slams on the back of my head, his dick shoving its way back down as I gag hard.

“I’m not letting go until I feel your tongue on my balls,” daddy demands.

It’s not hard to do with them rubbing against my face, but I almost pass out lapping at his balls. When he finally releases me, my body is shaking.

“Remember what I taught you,” he says, vigorously stroking himself, “where do you want it?”

Gasping for breath between words, I almost forget what I’m supposed to say. Barely getting it out, I sputter, “Daddy, I want to taste your cum all over my tongue!”

I instinctively stick it out of my mouth, keeping it flat and wide so he has a nice big target. I watch him jack off even harder, knowing I’m not supposed to take my eyes off him. He practically howls as his tip explodes with a stream of thick white cum, the sight of my face enthusiastically waiting for it pushing him over the edge. I feel some splash against my nose before the majority lands in my mouth and on my waiting tongue. The familiar taste of his seed is overpowering, yet I welcomingly let it fill my senses as it beautifully coats my tongue for him.

Looking down at my cum covered face, daddy’s satisfaction is immeasurable. His face glows even more when I gladly do the next part unprompted. Putting on my most endearing expression, Kıbrıs Escort I wiggle my tongue and funnel the globby white substance into my mouth with the rest while trying not to cringe. I play with it in my mouth because I know how much he likes it, mixing all the cum together with my tongue before gulping it down. I try not to let the shudder swallowing sends through my body show, but the feeling of salty gelatinous egg whites sliding down my throat never fails to disgust me. When I’m convinced I’ve gotten it down, I open my mouth to show him that I’ve swallowed it all.

Daddy looks sweaty and exhausted as he towers over me. I keep my face looking content for him, having a feeling he’s not quite finished with me yet. As I suspected, he kneels down and plants a kiss on my forehead. As he pulls away, and our eyes meet, he reaches out to wipe down the side of my nose with one finger.

“You had something on your face,” he teases playfully, holding the white substance up to my mouth.

“Yes daddy,” I giggle, taking the digit into my mouth and sucking it clean for him.

“Good girl,” he compliments, holding my wet face in his hands.

After a moment of awkward silence, he stands up to gather his clothing. I get up slowly, not trusting my legs to bear my weight at first. My shirt, now damp with multiple types of bodily fluids, falls back down to cover my tits and well fucked pussy. I shiver a little as I take a step, intending to make for the bathroom before his cock recovers. Seeing me leaving, he puts down the pile of clothing he’s made.

“Trisha,” he says, stopping me in my tracks. Sluggishly, I turn around, my mind racing with what I might have missed.

“Come here, sweetie.”

The mischievous tone of his voice makes me question even harder as I waddle back to his side.

“Look at me,” he says, calmly putting his hands on my hips.

I should be nervous, but his touch is so soothing that I beam up at him without hesitation. Locking eyes, I think he’s going to kiss me again.

“Lift your arms,” he states without a shred of sarcasm, catching me by surprise. I stare blankly at him before reluctantly putting my hands up; he must be able to see the disappointment on my face because after swiftly pulling my shirt off over my head, he leans in close to my face and fixes my messy hair.

“Quit stealing my shirts, naughty girl,” he teases, dropping the confiscated shirt onto his pile before going in for the kiss I was yearning for. Our mouths interlock passionately while mutually enjoying the feeling of our skin rubbing against each other.

“You said I was a good girl,” I quip, leaning back into his arms now around my naked waist.

“They’re not mutually exclusive; I love how naughty you can be,” he jokes back, grabbing my butt and giving my cheeks a good squeeze that lifts me to my toes.

“Hey, put me down,” I complain, pretending to be upset.

“Nah, I gotta think of a suitable punishment now, that’s half the fun.”

Resting my head on his chest while we rock in our warm embrace, I whisper, “Nothing too harsh, please. You already made my pussy sore, daddy.”

“Would you have cum that hard if I hadn’t?”

“Maybe not, I’m just pointing it out for consideration.”

“I’ll go easy on you; how about no clothes until Kenzie comes home?”

Darting up, “But I have classes!”

“They’re online,” he counters obstinately, putting me down.

“My camera has to be on though!”

Rolling his eyes, “Fine, you can wear a bra, but only for class, and it better be one of your sexy ones!”

I want to die a little on the inside, but I guess it could be worse. I let out a defeated sigh and turn to walk away, but before I’m out of reach, daddy gives me a quick slap on the ass that stings a little.

“Oww,” I exclaim, rubbing my abused butt-cheek.

“Go get washed up, you should be squeaky clean for tonight. Remember, no clothes; if I see you walking around outside of class wearing anything, especially stolen t-shirts, I’ll make more than just your pussy sore,” he orders, only half-jokingly.

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