Training for Stud


Training for StudSeveral men on this site have expressed admiration of the superb ejaculations in some of the clips. Like everything, equalling these performances requires dedication and training but while you may not match the fabulous 11 spurts that I saw in one clip, you can certainly improve. Here are my tips for success.The condition of your cock and your balls is very important. Keep your balls cool at all times, go naked in private, go commando everywhere else (no undershorts. Keep it scrupulously clean and your balls shaven as a minimum grooming.Flex your penis muscle repeatedly. This is similar to the woman’s pelvic floor exercise. Twitch your cock on a routine of your own devising and increase the jerks each day. Make it ache, and aim each day to get it stronger. And KEEP IT UP this is just like going to the gym regularly. You keep it up and it will keep up and she will keep it up too.When starting your training, wank yourself incessantly. Wank quickly, come as quickly as you can. You are doing this for training, not for pleasure. A half an hour after the first wank, wank yourself again. You may not feel like it, but make yourself do it. As your cock re-hardens you’ll pick up the feeling again and run to your second orgasm as fast as you can. Then in another half hour, wank again. This is the most difficult 1xbet yeni giriş time and you’ll really have to stimulate yourself. After the third or fourth orgasm, you’ll be coming dry, and you’ll notice a new sensation. Firstly, you’ll be able to keep on having orgasms (within reason of course) and when your cock goes into dry spasm the sensation will be deeper and much more sensual than your sperm laden orgasm. My theory is that without the need to spurt, your orgasm is now more like that of a woman’s as it is my experience that when females do orgasm, they have a more pleasurable feeling than us men. The object of this “deep wank” is of course to exercise the muscles that come into play when you orgasm. The muscles deep in the root of your penis and the ones that make your balls spasm. You will be drained and exhausted, but as in any training, the next time you do it, it will be easier. Do this orgasm work out at least once a week for about two months.Take a zinc tablet supplement every day. It is the only dietary supplement I recommend but you will need it as you constantly drain your sperm and your resources.After about two months of conditioning your genitals, move on to the stud phase of your training. Remember that your sperms are made in your balls. Constantly, and each sperm takes several 1xbet giriş months to mature. It moves from deep inside your gristly balls, out to the spongy bit at the back (where the little tails grow on) and then up your spermatic chords to the glands at the base of your penis. They do this all the time, millions of them, but getting an erection and getting ready to spurt in orgasm pulls extra up on demand. So, give yourself an erection every day as often as you like, but only an erection. This will keep a demand on your balls. Orgasm twice weekly, regularly. Keep a pattern, say Friday and Tuesday. Your balls make enough sperm to enable you to deliver a full count of sperm in your ejaculation every three days. The sperm donor clinics collect from the studs that attend them twice a week, and the donors cannot have any other ejaculation in between.Remember, after your two months of deep wanking, your balls will take at least another four months before your sperm count steadies at what is hopefully your new generous capacity and full breeding condition. In the normal way now, wank or inseminate a woman twice a week unless you are required on show.If you are on show, then you or your woman must decide what performance you will give.For thick heavyweight sperm with a sticky and clingy texture you must stop wanking 1xbet güvenilirmi for about two weeks before your performance. Flex your cock, get a half hard lob on, but do not wank. When you perform, get your erection and wank briskly or have your woman wank you quickly without pausing. Do not delay your orgasm, have her wank you straight into it. You will then have a deep warm sensation at the base of your cock as it disgorges a thick sticky load for her. Probably about 6 or 7gm of semen if your training has been effective.For more spectacular ejaculation, again stop orgasming for about two weeks before your performance but do not stop wanking. You must wank every day but not take yourself to orgasm. This will build up the seminal fluid in the three glands at the base of your penis. Your cock will leak fluid constantly if you have got this right. On the day of your performance, keep yourself in a state of erection, have your woman wank you constantly to within reach of the vinegar strokes. When you are finally brought to orgasm, you will spurt impressively long distance and hopefully about 8 or 9 spurts. The second and third spurt are usually the most spectacular. You will again deliver about 6 or 7gm of your sperm for her.It is hard work, but if you want to be a stud you need to do it. The reward is that the women love it. I do not know of a woman that does not enjoy watching a man spurt his load and many times I’ve known the woman that was handling me at the time arrange for her girlfriends to come and be the audience as she wanked me for show.Happy Training!

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