Trans Girl Discovers Her Love of Dick


Trans Girl Discovers Her Love of DickSo heres how it all began…I was a couple years away from 18 and working at a local convenience store. I was 5’9″ 125 pounds with long hair down to my shoulders, I had spent years running so I had a very tight and perky little ass. One day after work when the store was closed I was partying in the backroom with a guy (James, he was a nearly six foot mixed guy with a great body) who would sell me and the other clerks w**d or buy me alcohol. We were drinking and having a good time laughing and joking, he got up from his chair to go take a piss. Unbeknownst to be he left the door wide open, so when I got up to grab a drink I accidently caught a full glimpse of his dick. I was frozen with amazement, his dick was so thick and large in all dimensions, mine was was nothing compared to him. James looked up and glanced over at me, we made brief eye contact before I embarrassingly hurried off to get some water.When I got back to the back office James was rolling up a b***t, he lit it up and as he exhaled said “I saw you looking at my dick”. Oh fuck I thought what do I do… “I’m sorry I stammered with embarrassment”, “it’s all good güvenilir bahis i wanted you to” he replied as he passed the smoke to me. As I hit it he began to tell me that I have a very feminine figure that he had been admiring for quite some time. James asked if I wouldn’t mind getting undressed in front of him, with my inhibitions totally gone I told him sure and got undressed for him. Standing there naked with my tiny dick hard James began to chuckle at how small my dick was as he began to slowly run his hands up and down my legs, stopping just shy of my ass. I passed the smoke back to him, as he hit it he said “I plan on making you my cock sucker you do understand that” he he began to pull out his semi-hard dick from his shorts. I’ve never done anything like this before but I have been dreaming of it ever since I started watching porn, without hesitation I got to my knees and pulled his dick out of his pants the rest of the way and started licking his big beautiful cock up and down just like I had seen in the movies. James sat back and smoked while I teased the head of his dick with my tongue and went slowly up and down greedily sucking his dick, trying türkçe bahis to take as much in my mouth as I could. I was loving every second of this, his hands on the back of my head, his hips slowly thrusting his dick in my mouth, hearing him moan with pleasure telling me I’m a good cock sucking sissy faggot.James instructed me to stand up with him and keep sucking his dick I didn’t know where he was going with this but I complied like an obedient slut. He starts pumping my throat with his dick making me choke and gag and he’s reaching around and grabbing my ass and starting to finger me. His fingers felt so amazing inside of me, he could barely get the one in after fucking my throat to lube his fingers up he finally got the one finger in, gripped me by the pussy and kept fucking my throat, at this point I was a spit covered mess and tears were starting to fall for my eyes from the lack of air. Just when I thought I was going to gag he pulled his dick out of my throat and told me he wanted to come inside of my pussy, without hesitation I got up and turned around, James grab me by the waist and started pushing his fat cock head into my tight virgin ass. güvenilir bahis siteleri Omg I yelped out you’re so fucking thick… he told me he didn’t even have all of the head inside of me yet, he told me to give him my arms so I reach to them back and he grabbed both of my wrists with one hand and with his other arm put it in front of my hips and pulled me back onto his dick. I was trembling with pleasure and pain it, as he ended his cock deeper into my pussy he would let it rest inside of me so that I could get used to it before long I felt his balls pressing against me and I just taken a fat 8 inch dick inside my tight virgin pussy. James begin to slowly thrusts long deep strokes of his big fat dick, he kept fucking me this way for a few minutes before ordering me on my back up on the desk. Again I complied without hesitation, he spread my legs apart and thrusts his cock deep inside of me making my eyes roll back, after a few deep hard thrusts and a loud moan he emptied his balls deep inside of me.As he was getting dressed again he told me that is long as I keep giving him pussy like that I don’t have to pay for anything that he expects me to start wearing panties and dressing like a girl and that the only time I’ll ever get to cum with him is from him fucking me. I was so lost in pleasure I just nodded and said okay sir as he smacked my cum leaking ass and left me there a total wreck.

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