Transition to Vikki, part 2


Transition to Vikki, part 2Continuing the story of Steven Jennings and how he left his old life behind forever.Returning to the M6 motorway, we headed south towards the M5 and then Taunton, this had taken around 10 minutes, which was spent in silence. Gina cast a few looks in my direction to see if she could work out my current mood. I simply kept driving the Bentley, in and out of other traffic, and occasionally I smiled to myself. She did notice however that whenever I did this I always licked my lips first. She wondered was I thinking of backing out?, was this all too much for me?, did I really want to go further with her and the plan?I, on the other hand, was enjoying the drive, thinking hard to myself about the last hour and replaying in my mind how we’d spent it pleasuring each other. I’d certainly enjoyed it and definitely wanted more of Gina than she’d shown already. I could still taste her, so every now and then I’d run my tongue around inside my mouth and then swallow and smile. I knew it wasn’t the same but it would do for now. Looking round to Gina I saw her watching me, almost weighing me up, waiting for something.I smiled again, dropped my left hand to lightly brush her thigh through the tight skirt and said,”Don’t worry honey, I’m not backing out. We’re still going to the Castle Hotel and spending the night together, I want more, MUCH more. If you are typical of the girls Anna has gathered, then I could happily spend eternity with you all”.I could see the relief in her eyes and thought I’d up the stakes to show my intentions and make her feel better. I asked Gina to call the hotel on the in car phone and put it on speaker. Gina dialled and after a short pause someone answered.”Hello, this is the Castle Hotel reception, Valerie speaking. How may I help you?”.”Hello, this is Mr Jennings, I have a booking for a room for two tonight, If possible I would like to make an upgrade. Is your best suite available?. I apologise for the short notice but we feel like celebrating”.”I’ll check for you now. Mr Jennings”, we could hear on the other end soft clicking as the girl at reception checked their computer system. Eventually she came back on the line “Mr Jennings?. The suite is available if you wish, but obviously it will cost more. Do you still wish me to make the change on our system?”I looked at Gina, she was smiling sweetly and gently nodded. I told Valerie at the other end “Please confirm the booking change to the suite, for one night for two people. We’re currently on the M5, heading south and should be there within the hour. Oh, and could you possibly arrange to have a bottle of your best white wine waiting when we arrive?”.A few more soft clicks came over the phone and Valerie said “Booking confirmed Mr Jennings, upgrade to the suite for one night, for two people. The wine will be there when you arrive, thank you for giving us an approximate time of arrival. I hope you both enjoy your stay with us”.I looked at Gina as she slowly stretched her long legs and arched her back, pushing her magnificent breasts even further out. All the while she was watching me and ran her tongue across her lower lip. I grinned wolfishly and said over the phone to Valerie,”Don’t worry . We intend to !”. Gina ended the call and said “I feel like a bit of music, what do you have?”.I felt in the mood to rock it up a bit. Scrolling through the built in music system I found the album I wanted, Dynasty, selected it to play them in random order and pressed play. Gina was curious but I told her to wait for the music. The first track came on, one of my favourites, X-Ray eyes. Great!!Gina said “I don’t know the song or group, but I do like the beat. Who is it?””It’s Kiss. Just follow the beat and listen to the lyrics. You’ll get the general idea of a typical Kiss song!”.We spent half an hour listening as songs played. Magic touch, Dirty livin’, Save your love, among others. I knew from what had not been played already, which song was left. Sure enough the bass beat started and Gina, who had been getting more and more into the music said “I know this one. “I was made for loving you”. You can get up to all sorts of things to this song”. Now she started moving in her seat and slowly riding up her skirt as she did. She reached the tops of her stockings and had her thighs on full show. Then she started unbuttoning her top to show more cleavage as she moved and sang along. It was all I could do to keep my eyes on the motorway, looking for the turn off to the hotel, praying I wouldn’t miss it or cause an accident. It came along at the right time, just as the song ended. Only 2 more miles!.Following the exit and signs directed us toward the town centre. Looking at Gina I could see her straighten her skirt and button her top. Looking me straight in the eye, she simply said “Wait !!”. I followed the road and then we had arrived in the centre of town. We found the roundabout and pulled up in front of the hotel entrance. Turning off the engine I looked at Gina and asked if she was ready.Gina stroked my arm and said “Yes, let’s go and see what the day brings”.I got out and walked round to Gina’s side to open her door. By the time I got there, a young lad around 19ish, was waiting with a luggage cart.As Gina swung her legs round to get out, he could see her skirt stretched over her thighs and the suspender showing through. Then she gracefully got out and stretched her arms and arched her back. He stared at her with his mouth open as this six feet plus goddess in heels stood right in front of him. She just stood there, arms stretched wide, chest thrust forward and hair flowing down her back, she looked magnificent, and knew it!. Taking him by the arm, I looked at his name badge, it said Colin, and steered him round to the driver door.”Colin!, mouth closed lad, you’ll trip over your bottom lip. Can you park this somewhere safe please and then have the luggage taken up to our suite”. I gave him the car keys and a £20 note, he just stood there mouth wide open. Knowing he’d be incapable as long as she stayed there I took Gina’s hand and we walked into reception. Straight up to the desk, where we joined the queue of other people. I waited until the girl had finished with the current customers. Turning to us she smiled sweetly, and her eyes went wide when she saw Gina towering next to me, with her hand running lightly through my hair. Before she could speak I told her “Mr Jennings and guest. We spoke earlier about the upgrade”. Not taking her eyes off Gina, she reached for the room key and asked if we’d like to sign güvenilir bahis the register. I signed and we were directed to the stairs which would take us to our suite, top floor, at the back, away from the street and traffic noise. We climbed the stairs in silence, both knowing we were going into something from which we could not come back. At the door I looked at Gina, “Ready?” I asked. She stared into my eyes and I could see a hunger slowly starting in the depths of hers. “No going back once we enter this suite”, she said. I simply smiled, pulled her down gently and kissed her. At the same time both of my hands were slowly roaming all over her body, from the breasts, and their surprisingly hard nipples, round to her waist and hips, to rubbing her thighs and then grab her buttocks and pull her into me. As she could feel me begin to respond she sighed, kissed me again with more force than she ever had before.I broke away, opened the doors to the suite. Then I reached for her waist and the back of her legs and picked Gina up. She was taller than me but she was no trouble at all to hold there, I could see a stunned look on her face, but from the way she looked at me I could tell she approved.”Why did you do that?. I’m not complaining, in fact it feels nice to be held like this””Look above the door, what do you see?”Gina looked up, back down at me as though confused, then back up to the frame above the door. I could see that the thoughts had connected themselves together now and she knew what I meant. Still there, above the door, from the last occupants I thought, there were two small silk embroidered horseshoes resting on the frame. Someone must have left them there as good luck to the next people.”Oh!”, she said, “Ohh, OOHHH!!!” as it dawned on her that the last people here were newlyweds. Looking at me with eyes wide, she put on her best innocent little girl’s voice and said “Oooh, Mr Jennings!!. I do believe you’re having naughty thoughts about seducing me. Do you want us to pretend we’re a newly married couple?. I’ve never done it before!” Then she rubbed her free hand up my groin slowly, giggled and said ” Ooh, you’ll hurt me inside, you’re soooo, big! “.Saying nothing, I carried her into the suite and closed both doors with my heel. Then I gently put Gina down and we looked around our suite. The room was large and well decorated, not overly expensive, but tastefully done by an expert. There was a large plasma TV on one wall, with a comfy sofa and chairs placed around a central rug. A small table by the window held a silver wine bucket, in which I could see the top of a bottle amid the ice. Through one door I could see a small dining room, if we wished to eat privately. The other door led to the bedroom, where I could see that Colin had already arranged our two cases. We went in to look at the bed, it was kingsize if not more, but also a four poster, it looked superb. The adjoining bathroom was even better. There was a double spray head, walk in shower and also a nice large double seat bath, for a really good intimate soak. Walking back into the main room I could see the window doors were full length and they opened onto a small private terrace. Opening the doors I walked onto the terrace and looked around. We were in the centre of town, but the terrace was not overlooked by any other room or buildings. There was room for two wooden loungers with pillows and parasols, plus a small table. It looked quiet, peaceful, private. I filed that away, already planning at least one part of the night to come. Gina came up behind me, d****d both arms over my shoulders and down my chest and started lightly making little circle movements. “What would you like to do now darling?”.I spun round and looked up into her green eyes, they sparkled as she said it “Darling?” I replied. “I like the sound of that, I most certainly do”. I leant up and kissed her, one hand stroking the back of her neck lightly, and the other one cupped over a breast. I just held it there, feeling the warmth and its movement as we kissed more passionately. Our tongues beginning to dance with each others and slowly weave around each other’s mouths. Gina broke away first, her chest raising and falling as she breathed. I could see the arousal in her eyes, and knew she could see the same in mine. Standing at arms length, with her hands on both my shoulders, Gina stood looking at me and asked me “What shall we do now to pass the time?”. She alternated the weight on each hip as she said this, leaving me in no doubt as to what she wanted me to say. I wanted to, REALLY wanted to. Gina stared at my groin, the bulge there was so obvious it was almost obscene. But I was thinking if I wear myself out now, will there be enough left in me to please her tonight. Gina must have read my mind because she said,”We can get to know each other now, properly, totally, deeply!, for a couple of hours. It will still leave time to shower, dress and then eat later on and go out for a couple of hours. Don’t worry about tonight, If there’s any problem I also brought some help in little blue tablet form, just to make sure he’ll always perform on demand.”That was enough for me. I just growled at her and started unbuttoning my shirt. Her eyes went wide and she just said “Ohh yes, this is going to be sooooo much fun, for both of us”. Taking my hand, she turned towards the bedroom. I picked up the wine bucket as we went. In the bedroom I was pushed to sit on the end of the bed, Gina told me “It’s time to really show you what’s on offer in your future, if you accept”. With that she started gently humming to herself with eyes closed. She pulled her tie off and silently came towards me, then d****d it around my neck, showing me a birds eye view down her cleavage as she did. Next came her cream top, button by button. Looking right into my eyes as she licked her lips and unfastened each one. Finally the last one was undone, and with a smile which told me she knew exactly the effect she was having, Gina turned her back and pulled the shirt from inside her skirt. Looking over her shoulder at me she let it slide down both arms and onto the floor.Turning around she leant forward and pouted at me, at the same time she used her arms to push her large breasts together. I was struggling to maintain composure by now and physically having to stop myself from grabbing her. I knew this show was as much for her fun as mine. Putting the wine bucket on the floor I took my shirt off and let it join Gina’s on the floor. Her bra was black lace, underwired and see through, türkçe bahis three quarter cup and fastened at the front. I could see that both of her nipples were pierced with little titanium bars with a little ball at either end. They were both standing proud now and I knew that she was getting just as much enjoyment as me from this. I decided to open the bottle of wine, and enjoy it further.Gina was moving her hips in little figure eight movements and cupping her breasts, all the time staring directly into my eyes. I looked at her, and mouthed silently “Take it off!”, whilst I was also taking off the wire cage from the bottle. She saw me making clearly suggestive movements on the bottle and with a moan she unclipped her bra and turned around again. I had twisted the bottle to get the cork almost fully out when she turned back to face me. I saw her stood there, with her fingers twisting her nipples, moans escaping her lips……. And I let the bottle cork POP!!. It flew across the room, Gina jumped and saw the wine spill over the bottle and down the side. She gasped and dropped to her knees, I leant forward with the bottle and let the wine spill over her breasts. I poured enough over them both to make them nice and wet, then slowly started to lick the wine from her breasts. Putting the bottle down I cupped a breast in both hands and sucked deeply on the nipple. Then I began to move my tongue around her breast, clockwise, in little circles, cleaning it of wine, but leaving it oiled up instead with saliva.Gina just held me there, on her knees, eyes closed and head flung back, muttering to herself “Oh god”, “go on”, “keep doing that”, “yes yes”, “just there”, “lick me”, “there, right there with your tongue”, “gently with your teeth” over and again as I slowly and carefully moved back and forth from breast to breast and cleaned every inch of them and her nipples of wine. When I finished she was panting heavily and looking at me with a distant, far away look. I was staring at her, now, moistened breasts and my own face covered in wine.Gina stood, not to steadily, as she still had her heels on. “I had myself in a nice rhythm with that striptease before you popped off and shot wine all over me. I’m not complaining, far from it, I loved what you did !!. But I don’t think I’m in any shape to finish, now you’ve distracted me”.”Never let it be said I leave a lady hanging” I replied. Standing I stood in front of her, my lips nuzzling a nipple as I reached around her to the zip at the back of her skirt. Licking her nipple I slowly lowered the zip and put both hands inside the back to undo the catch. I moved my mouth to her other nipple and looked Gina in the eyes as I slowly lowered the skirt over her wide hips. Gina pulled my head to her breast and repeated her sighs of before. When the skirt had reached the floor I slapped her backside and she stepped out of it and kicked it to one side. I stood back and looked at her. All she had left was her panties, which were new straining to contain her massive girly clit, her stockings, suspenders and high heels.I could see the effect on her, and being honest with myself, I wanted her so much it physically hurt. I quickly stripped myself down to just my boxer shorts and then I went to stand behind Gina. She leant back into me, feeling my bulge with her hand as she did. A moan of desire escaped her lips as she wrapped her hand around it in my shorts. “Yes, so big”, “I want this!. I want it inside me, my mouth!, my pussy!!. GOD I need this please!!”.I moved her to the edge of the bed and pushed her until she was bent over it, her breasts hanging down toward the duvet cover. I stood behind her and admired her backside, two perfect pillows with a crease down the middle. I could see that the back of her panties was pulled up between the cheeks, leaving the butt plug on clear view. I began to stroke her cheeks and hips, at the same time rubbing myself forcefully against her so there was no doubt to my arousal. Gina began to make little sideways rocking motions and thrusts backwards onto my bulge, at the same time saying softly to herself “Yes, yes”. I hooked my fingers into the panties at Gina’s hips and slowly began to slide them over her backside and down her legs. At the same time I whispered in her ear “Gina, I think you’ve been very naughty, time for me to punish you”. With that she cried out “Ooohhhh yes, I’ve been sooo naughty. Please, punish me. My pussy needs to be punished!”. Now I had her panties round her knees, she lifted her legs in turn so I could slide them off totally and she flipped them onto the floor and fell forward on the bed. She lay there on the bed, knees drawn up to her breasts and legs spread, shoulders down on the duvet. Her head on one side and her black hair spread out in a halo around her. She simply looked stunning and I now ached to make love to her. Before it was just primal sexual urges, but now it was something deeper, better.I decided to take her as she lay, there was plenty of time for my turn afterwards. But RIGHT NOW, I wanted to feel her around me, pulling me into her, begging me to go deeper, cum inside her, fuck her like the sexual creature she was. My shorts were now on the floor, so I moved behind her and slowly pulled the plug out of her. It came with a “slurp” and I could see it was three inches long and almost as wide at the base. It drew a deep moan from Gina, so I looked at her still open but now closing pussy and could see it was still leaking lubricant from the plug. I put my face down to her opening and inhaled her smell. A mixture of women’s underwear, perfume and pure sex, I dipped my tongue into her and moved it around in a slow careful circle. Her muscle gripped my tongue and Gina began to make low moans as I tongued her pussy. She stabbed her hips back onto my tongue as I plunged it deeper into her. Pulling her cheeks wide open I licked her crease from back, right down under her to her sac and giant girl clit. I wrapped my hand around it and started to pleasure Gina slowly, my other hand was pushing two fingers into her pussy right down to the knuckle. Gina was now twitching and moaning to herself as I did this. I spent the next 10 minutes alternating between licking and sucking her pussy and penetrating it with my fingers. I had no idea how much longer she could last but I knew I needed it NOW. Crouching over her buttocks I pulled my penis down and back and moved the head of my cock into position at her entrance.Gina felt the intruding organ’s presence and muttered “Not without some lubrication!. güvenilir bahis siteleri Got to be wet first!”. Looking round I settled on the only thing within reach, the bottle of wine. I picked it up and poured some over my now aching penis. The wine on my sensitive head tingled deliciously as I did. When I was good and wet I introduced the bottle to Gina’s pussy. As I did, she moaned like a whore, so I leant down next to her head and whispered in her ear “Have you ever been lubed up with a £600 bottle of 2010 Lucien Le Moine Chevalier Montrachet before?, because it’s happening now!”. Saying that I poured a little over her pussy, a little more straight inside her opening and watched some of it run down her onto the duvet, and the rest blowing bubbles as it ran down into her.”OOH GOD!!, I can feel it dripping inside me. You kinky, delicious bastard!!. Get behind me and fuck me now, DO IT!!”.I realigned my helmet and slowly began to push into her. I had Gina positioned so I was pushing almost straight down, into her bowels. As my helmet popped inside her pussy, she tossed her head from side to side, “Hold there for a moment, and then slowly give me half of it, please!!!”. I paused for a count of 10 seconds and then slowly drove 10cm more into her silky depths. Gina was now clutching the duvet and panting as though she’d finished a London Marathon. I held for another 10 seconds and then drove the remainder of my weapon slowly into her bowels until my balls rested against her cheeks. I let the feelings sink in, I was nuts deep in a silk glove. Every little twitch, every single tiny move of my cock brought a moan or shudder from Gina. By now she had splayed her legs apart and was almost doing a side split onto the duvet, this brought my thrusts into a more normal movement. I could feel her rippling muscles milking me inside her so I bent down next to her head and whispered to her “How do you want this?, slow sensual lovemaking?, frantic sex?, or outright demonic fucking?”.Gina just turned her face to mine. Her make up was smeared across her face and the duvet. She writhed on the bed in her now ripped seamed stockings and looked as though she’d been gangbanged by a regiment!!. She grabbed my face in her hands, kissed me like it would be her last and said “Fuck me, I need to be fucked right now, FUCK ME, FUCKKK MMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!”. At this point any pretence of subtlety or finesse was gone, I began a series of long slow withdrawals to my tip, and then just as long insertions to my balls. Every now and then I would throw in a sideways motion or rotation for variety. Gina now lost all control. She cried, she moaned, she begged for more, “Go deeper”, “HARDER!!!”, “FASTERRRRR!!!!”. Clutching the duvet, twitching her legs, moving her arse around, I had the devil’s own job to stay in the saddle as I rode her. My tempo picked up and I really started hammering it into Gina up to the hilt. I thought I was mating with a devil. “SCREW MEEE, FUCK MEEE, DEEEEEPEERRRRR, HARRDERRR!!!, BUGGER MEEEE!!!!”. By now Gina was crying out loud and whimpering and I was almost there. I could feel the familiar itch in my groin and tip that I was going to blow soon. I’m sure that people in other room must be able to hear her cries and the bed banging against the wall. I let Gina know I was going to cum and that sent her over the edge too. She was pulling her clit as I hammered her pussy and I could feel it coming. I told her to get ready and Gina screamed “YESSS, CUMMM IN MEEE. I WANT IT ALLL IN MY PUSSYYYYY!!!!”. I rammed into her one last time and then held myself balls deep as I fired rope after rope of cum deep in her bowels. Gina howled like a wild thing as she felt me do it and then she shot all over the duvet. I could see her jump as she shot again and again, whimpering as she did.After a few minutes we both settled down to earth and I slowly withdrew from Gina and she turned onto her right side. I could see her pussy still open and dribbling a mixture of cum, wine and body secretions down her cheek. Gina looked at me with a “cat that got all the cream” look and said,”That was amazing!!. Brutal, frantic, almost demonic!, I needed that and I can feel from my well fucked pussy that you needed it too!. Look at the mess!!”. She scooped up some of the mess with her fingers and licked it “Mmm, nice!. Definitely goes well with the wine”, she scooped up more and put her fingers in my mouth, I licked them automatically. I was still buzzing, my head synapses fried. It felt unreal, as though I had watched an out of body experience.Gina could see my confusion “Penny for them?”, she said. Gathering it into some sort of order so I could reply I told her “That was most probably the best fuck I’ve ever had in my life!!. I’ve never felt so attuned with another lover before, it almost frightened me. Almost!” I held her close and we began to kiss again, not casually as before, but this time deeper and with more feeling. Just like real lovers. Our hands began to stroke each other automatically, knowing what each other would like.”What was that you said about wine?” I asked. She repeated her scoop and lick from before and a wicked grin appeared on my face. “What are you up to?, I hope it’s something naughty!!”. I went in the main room, naked, on view to the whole world through the window and returned with the wine glasses. Placing them on the table I retrieved the bucket and bottle from the floor and poured it into both glasses. Holding then glasses out to Gina’s questioning look I said, “It’s my new COCK-tail. White wine and a scoop!” Gina got the message and began scooping the cum and juices from her pussy into the wine glasses, alternating between hers and mine. When there was none left I told her not to forget her shots on the duvet cover. Those were scooped up and added to the wine glasses. We both swirled the cum around with a finger and then lay back on the bed and started drinking our unique, personal vintage.I felt satisfied for the moment, but I could sense Gina wanted her turn. I could see her look at me hungrily and her clit twitched as though with a mind of its own. Putting down her wine glass Gina turned to me and said “My turn now. I feel so goddamned horny I could fuck for hours. Time for me to fuck you darling, I’ll be gentle……. This time!. It’s not every day you get to pop a cherry!. And even better, you get to watch me doing it!”. Pointing at the wall across from the bed, I could see a full length mirror. Gina began to kiss my neck and shoulders lightly as she raked her fingernails down my chest. “We are going to have so much fun my darling. Time for you to join the sisterhood and find out what it truly feels like!!”. With that Gina threw herself down onto my chest and the next assault on my senses began.To be continued…….

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